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Who's next for the lightweight title?

Who deserves the next lightweight title shot? Heading into UFC 136 there were still a lot of questions being asked about the lightweight division in the UFC. Questions like what would happen if Edgar and Maynard fight to a draw again, what if Maynard wins or who’s next in line? But a lot of those […]Read More »

What impact will a flyweight division have on the UFC's bantamweight fighters?

What a difference a year makes in the eyes of the fans of the sport and in the UFC. Last year around this time, Zuffa, the parent company to the UFC, announced that it was going to fold the WEC into the UFC and that we would now have seven UFC champions with the addition […]Read More »

Will the UFC buy out Bellator at some point?

This week’s Ask MMA Recap question comes to us from Sean Dunn and asks an intriguing question. Sean asks, “Do you think the UFC will buy out Bellator at some point?” With Dana White recently stating that he has no problems with Bellator and that he only goes after promotions that “start a fight”, one […]Read More »

What's the difference between a Professional and an Amateur MMA card?

I see several events in my area and I assumed they were all the same thing. But then I noticed that some of the events advertise themselves as an amateur event while others a professional event. So what is the difference? That’s a good question Michael and most fans probably don’t realize that while they […]Read More »

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