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Gym Profile: Team Top Notch Fitness

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Address: 226 Stone Rd.  Villa Park, IL 60181
Phone: (630) 439-6870
Business Hours: 11am-9:30pm Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday

Classes Offered:
Classes are offered for both fighters and non-fighters. Classes offered include Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, no-gi jiu jitsu, and wrestling.

Kids ages 8 and up are welcome.

Other programs:
Private lessons are available

Contact Matt for any special promotions currently running

In the movies you always see gyms that have these great fighters but seem like little holes in the wall.  Team Top Notch Fitness is likely the inspiration for these.  Yes when you walk in there is a nice sitting area and a small kitchen, but just past the two rooms lies the heart of the team; the gym.  When you enter the gym you see nearly wall-to-wall green wrestling matts, both on the floor and up two walls.  On one side are shelves of equipment, both for the fighters and the non-fighters.  The entire area is surrounded by heavy bags of varying sizes and shapes.  Continuing around there is a large ring to get work in.  This is unusual for an mma gym, but with a primary focus on Muay Thai, it makes perfect sense.  On the other side of the ring are some weights and cardio machines completing the workout area.  Strung around the ceiling are flags of nearly every country, likely with a story of training in each location.

On any random night there will be upwards of fifty students crammed in, kicking pads, working combinations and sweating.  It’s hard not to want to just punch or kick a bag when you see this many students all doing just that.  There’s a reason they are all there, putting in hard work, and it makes one question why they aren’t participating along.

FCE Cross the Line 2012 Poster

Fight Card Entertainment: Cross the Line 2012 Recap and Results

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FCE Cross the Line 2012 PosterFightcard Entertainment put on their 44th show, Cross the Line 2012 on Thursday February 16. The night of action took place at Joe’s Bar on Weed Street in downtown Chicago. A total of eight amateur mixed martial arts fights and one women’s Muay Thai fight went down inside the steel cage.

All proceeds from the event will go to the Jeff Dunbar fund. MMA Consultants (the sanctioning body) donated all of their time, Kage Concepts donated all of their proceeds, the doctor on staff donated his time as well as several others. In addition to all the staff that volunteered their time, several items were up for raffle raising even more money for the trust fund.

If you blinked you probably missed the first fight between Gerard Mills and Jeremy Rennels. Both fighters came to the center of the cage and threw punches. Rennels then went for a takedown and got the back of Mills. Rennels snuck his arm under the chin of Mills. He adjusted his choke and Mills tapped as he knew it was just a matter of seconds before he would go unconscious.

Middleweights were up next as Ezekeio Sidney took on Hassan Umer. Sidney taunted Umer with his hands down and looked to strike. Umer quickly shot for a takedown and Sidney tried to counter with a guillotine choke. Umer however went to side control to escape the choke and did. From there he worked small punches and then switched to north-south and locked in a choke. He shifted his shoulder deeper into the throat of Sidney and forced a tap out.

Team Top Notch’s Rueben Marquez took on Team 110’s Eric Jachimiec in an exciting bout. Marquez worked leg kicks early, but Jachimiec looked to counter with left hooks. Marquez attempted a flying knee but couldn’t connect. He then opted for a different tactic as he took Jachimiec down and quickly passed to mount. Jachimiec tried to turn and shrimp out of the bad position, but Marquez held his base. He nearly finished the fight with a keylock and when that wasn’t working he transitioned to an armbar. With Jachimiec belly down, the submission was in deep quick and Jachimiec tapped before the snap.

One of the most exciting fights to ever happen inside the FCE cage featured bantamweights Danny Flores and Ceaser Ordorica. Both fighters came out swinging with Ordorica landing the better strikes. He caught a kick by Flores and took him down and rained down punches from within Flores’s guard. Flores escaped and stood up but Ordorica continued his assault. Flores started to find his range and the crowd was extremely excited by the damage that started to appear on Ordorica’s face. With five seconds left Flores landed a flying knee that sent Ordorica down to the canvas. He pounced and landed several punches. The ref halted the fight just before the round ending bell sounded prompting a minor confusion at first.

The first fight to go past the first round featured lightweights Trevor Adeszko and Rafeal Reyes. THe first round Reyes landed the better punches and caught kicks from Adeszko to take him down. Reyes worked punches while on top of Adeszko, but Adeszko was able to stand up each time. In the second round Adeszko wanted to counter the strikes of Reyes and then scored a big takedown. Reyes was able to stand up but ate a big knee. Reyes wanted a takedown of his own and ate a lot of punches from Adeszko without a successful takedown. The third round Reyes took the fight to the ground right away, but Adeszko escaped and took the back. He nearly finished with a rear naked choke, but when he couldn’t he opted to punch Reyes in the head multiple times. Reyes was able to stand, but Adeszko still had his back as they were standing. Adeszko landed two big knees that collapsed Reyes. Two punches later and the ref was forced to stop the action.

Lightweights were definitely putting on great fights as Otis Brumfield and Darrel Edmonson was a back and forth battle. The first round Edmonson controlled the action with his punches and his ability to catch kicks by Brumfield and throw him to the ground. Edmonson had his back and was throwing big bombs to the body and head of Brumfield but couldn’t finish as Brumfield was able to escape. The second round Brumfield ate a big right hand that sent him stumbling. Edmonson tried to capitalize on the damage but Brumfield escaped and landed a big knee. Brumfield then took the fight to the ground and quickly got the mount. He was working an arm triangle choke from the mount as time expired in the round. With the fight appearing to be tied up, both fighters came out swinging. Edmonson was the fresher fighter and it showed as he was able to get the takedown again. Brumfield escaped and was quickly dumped on his butt after another caught kick. Edmonson got the back again and tried to slide his arm under the chin of Brumfield. When the choke was finally in deep enough, the sound of the bell rang and the fight was over leaving the fight up to the judges. MMA Recap scored it 29-28 for Edmonson and so did all three judges.

Team Top Notch’s Nick Nagle came out strong against Trevor Rose. The two quickly exchange punches, before Nagle went for a takedown. Rose grabbed a guillotine and Nagle looked to be in trouble. Nagle tried to escape, but Rose held onto the choke through a stand up and a massive hip toss takedown. The two stood up and Rose tried to adjust his guillotine for a standing guillotine when Nagle landed an accidental low knee. After the restart Nagle landed a side kick and the two clinched. Nagle with another takedown and worked to get Rose’s back. Once he had the back it took just a matter of time before the rear naked choke was applied and Rose had to tap.

The co-main event featured a women’s Muay Thai bout between Jessica Heuer and Vanessa DeLa Garza. The fight was extremely close through out all three rounds. Both DeLa Garza and Heuer were able to land big punches and kicks through out. In the first round DeLa Garza sent Heuer stumbling with a counter right hand to Heuer’s leg kick. Heuer was able to get up right away, but she had no answer for the counter right through the entire fight. Heuer was the aggressor through out the fight always pressing forward, but DeLa Garza was able to land more strikes. The fight was extremely close with DeLa Garza winning the first round and Heuer likely winning round two. The third round was again close, and the judges were split in their decision awarding the fight to DeLa Garza.

Bryan Ortiz and Azamat Shogenov headlined the night of action in a bantamweight fight. Both fighters entered the cage undefeated and both left the same as the fight was ruled a no contest. Shogenov swarmed Ortiz from the start landing punch after punch followed by kicks. Ortiz stumbled and while he was a downed opponent he ate a kick to the head. Referee Rob Madigral called a timeout for the illegal strike, but the fight was waved off and ruled a no contest as Ortiz was ruled to not be able to continue.

Quick Results
Jeremy Rennels defeated Gerard Mills by rear naked choke at 0:13 of round 1
Hassan Umer defeated Ezekeio Sidney by north south choke at 0:52 of round 1
Rueben Marquez defeated Eric Jachimiec by armbar at 2:33 of round 1
Danny Flores defeated Ceaser Ordorica by TKO at 2:59 of round 1
Trevor Adeszko defeated Rafeal Reyes by TKO at 2:09 of round 3
Darrel Edmonson defeated Otis Brumfield by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28
Nick Nagle defeated Trevor Rose by rear naked choke at 1:45 of round 1
Vanessa DeLa Garza defeated Jessica Heuer by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 30-27
Bryan Ortiz and Azamat Shogenov ruled a no contest at 0:20 of round 1

Mike Santiago at CCC 3 - photo by Karly the Photographer

Future Stars – Mike Santiago

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Mike Santiago at CCC 3 - photo by Karly the Photographer

Mike Santiago at CCC 3 - photo by Karly the Photographer

If you are at an event and you see the name Mike Santiago on the card, you know you are in for at least one exciting fight.  This young up and coming lightweight fighter has been apart of several cards here in the Chicago area and we here at MMA Recap think he has what it takes to move onto the next level.  MMA Recap’s Brent Todd caught up with Santiago to discuss his career a bit, but first a look at what has transpired so far.

Santiago made his professional debut in April of 2010 at Jake the Snake Promotions.  He took on a huge task for his first pro fight in Brian Van Hoven who at the time was on a five-fight win streak.  But Santiago proved he belonged and earned a unanimous decision over the more experienced fighter.

His next fight was one that was marred in a bit of controversy.  At XFO 35 he earned a split decision over Jake Murphy.  Even when we were in attendance, from our view point we had scored it for Murphy.  However upon re-watching the fight from a different angle, it was clear that Santi was the victor.

Continuing his career, he found another challenger in Donavan Winters.  Only this time Winters was able to get a TKO victory over Santiago early in the second round.

Wanting to bounce back, he took on Ramon Barber at Ruckus 4, needing just a second over four minutes to force the ref to stop his assault on Barber.  He continued showcasing his striking ability at Hoosier Fight Club 6, this time needing less than three minutes to finish off Jeff Green.

A huge test was next for Santiago as he took on Eric Kriegermeier at Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3.  Santiago looked small compared to Kriegermeier, but he was getting the better of him for the first round.  Santiago threw bomb after bomb, but Kriegermeier proved impossible to put down and Santiago had spent most of his energy.  Kriegermeier was able to turn the fight around to his favor, but when his hand was raised, the crowd was cheering for the fantastic fight both men had put on.

Santiago’s last opponent was Zach Underwood at NAFC in May of this year.  Many assumed Underwood would be a striker as he trains out of Duke Rufous’s gym, but even Santiago thought Underwood was good off his back.

What got you into fighting?
No one got me into fighting.  I’ve wrestled since I was about four years old all the way through high school.  Through out high school I started watching all of The Ultimate Fighter shows and realized I wanted to fight.

Your last fight against Zach Underwood you won a unanimous decision, talk to us about that fight.
I won a unanimous decision against Zach Underwood.  Coming off a tough loss against kriegermeier I got really hungry and got right back into training.  I didn’t take a break at all.  My trainer Mac told me about the fight against Underwood and I knew I wanted to get back in there.  I saw he had been on a Strikeforce card so I knew he wouldn’t just be a walk over.  I couldn’t find much footage of him on the internet for me to study, but coming from Rufous Sport I assumed he was going to be a stand up fighter.  It turns out he was pretty slick off his back.  The game plan was to just WIN and secure the W.  Even with his slick ground game I was able to grind him out for all three rounds and get the unanimous decision victory.

I know you have a fight in June, who’s your opponent and what do you think of him?
I am fighting on June 4th in El Paso Texas.  It is a week out from the fight and I am supposed to be the main event.  But a few guys have already backed out of the fight so I am not sure who my opponent is yet.  It doesn’t bother me that I don’t know who I will be fighting.  I love the sport that much that I just go out there with a smile on my face and do what I love.

You train out of Team Top Notch Fitness, which has some phenomenal strikers. What’s a day of training like there?
Training here is great.  I love it and couldn’t ask for anything better.  Whether it is my training partners or my main trainer, I couldn’t ask for anything else.  Top Notch is not just a gym to train at, it’s one big happy family.  We are all there to help one another.  Whether it is for a fight or anything outside of the gym we have each other’s back not matter what.  A day here usually consists of strength and conditioning first.  We usually start around noon or so with a three mile run and then into lifting or circuit training.  After that we take a break to eat and relax.  Some of us will go to Jewel and get some grilling materials for lunch and have a nice healthy meal.  After lunch we start up again with a little bit of everything each day.  It’s not just stand up or grappling, we do it all.  We will do a few rounds of grappling followed by Muay Thai pad work, then end with some sparring.

Anyone you want to thank?
I would first like to thank my trainer Mac Ramos.  He is the one that got to where I am with fighting today.  I appriciate everything.  Then I would like to thank my training partners Rick Lamas, Gio Moljo and Tim Hemingway.  I would like to thank LVRG for my new sponsorship.  Of course I need to thank my family and friends for all of the love and the support they show me when it comes to fighting.  I always want to thank MMA Recap as you guys have been there for nearly every fight.

Ricardo Lamas Joins Us Tonight On RecapRadio

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Ricardo “The Bully” Lamas will be our guest tonight on RecapRadio.  Join us at 8pm CST as hosts Brent Todd and John Petit talk about the Strikeforce & TUF cards as well as XFO 37 and more.

The player below should stream the show live, but if not, visit  Before the show airs, the player will play any of our previous shows.

Ricardo Lamas

Recapping With Ricardo Lamas – I’ve Learned To Fight Smarter

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Ricardo LamasRicardo Lamas is set to take on Dave Jansen on August 18 at WEC 50.  The lightweight fighter splits his training camps between Team Top Notch in Chicago and MMA Masters in Miami.  MMA Recap’s Brent Todd caught up with Lamas to discuss his career.

How’d you get into fighting and mixed martial arts?

I wrestled when I was younger, all through high school and all through college.  When I graduated I still had that urge to compete.  I was working at a health club and that’s where I met Mac.  He kind of split off and opened his own gym.  His focus was boxing and Muay Thai and mixed martial arts is something I always wanted to get into since I saw my first UFC.  It was in the back of my head as one of those things I wanted to do.

You are scheduled to fight Dave Jansen on August 18, what are your thoughts on him as an opponent?

I think he’s tough.  From the fights I have seen you know.  He beat Crunkilton, he lost to Shalorus.  He seems like he’s wanting to stand like he did against Shalorus and if he takes it to the ground he’s good there too.

Are you training anything differently for him than normal?

No.  When I train for a fight I just work on everything so I can be a well rounded fighter.

Where do you think a win puts you with regards to the WEC lightweight division?

Hopefully it will start getting me up there.  I am not worried about getting up there too fast.  I just want to keep putting wins together and eventually get up there.

What are your thoughts on the current WEC champion Ben Henderson?

He’s a good guy and hard to put away.  We saw that against Cerrone.  He’s a good fighter, a young fighter and he’s got room to grow and only get better.

You were 5-0 when you got the call up to fight in the WEC and ironically enough it was against another person from the area Bart Palaszewski.  Was that a fight you were trying to get before the call up to the WEC?

That fight came by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting it at all.  And while Bart is from the area, I didn’t think it was a fight that would happen as he had gotten signed and I was still fighting local shows.  I didn’t even have a say in that fight, my trainer got the call and just accepted it.  I got called up on a Tuesday by him and I thought he was joking around.  He said you are fighting Saturday and I said ok where.  He then told me in the WEC in Corpus Christi, Texas.  I just told him to stop messing around but it was true.

Which one of your fights has been your favorite?

There’s been a few, but my first title fight as a pro was against a hometown hero type guy out in Rockford.  But I was still able to bring a good crowd with me and then I won and those people just exploded up and the rest of the crowd emptied out very quickly.

Which fight did you walk away from and said “Man I need to work on this aspect of my game”

My one loss to Castillo.  It isn’t like there is a big whole in my game, I just got caught.  I was being stubborn and wanted to stand with him and I should have fought a little smarter.  I should have looked for takedowns but I didn’t.  I learned a lot from that fight.

Are there discussions with you moving from the WEC to the UFC’s lightweight division?

There’s always rumors flying around.  We were at a fighters summit in November and it was asked to Dana White and he didn’t answer it with a definitive.  I would be happy if it got folded over so long as I kept that Zuffa contract.

What do you like to do in your off time?

Rest and eat a lot.  When I have a day off, I am lazy.

What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

There are a lot to chose from.  But I have to go with the Special K Vanilla Almond.

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?

my teams, chicago mma training centers, mma masters in miami

I want to thank my Teams, Top Notch MMA, Chicago MMA Training Center and MMA Masters in Miami.  I want to thank my brother and my dad.  Rev Gear has been a good sponsor, MMA Warehouse, and everyone who has supported me.  I have had a lot of local sponsors who have helped me and they need a big thank you.

Questions from fighters for fighters:

Who’s the hottest female fighter in the midwest?

In the midwest?  Oh man I don’t know that many.  The only one I can think of is Felice Herrig so I am going with her.

What’s going on through your mind as you enter the cage?

I try to keep my head as clear as possible.  Like when we get to the venue there’s a lot of butterflies going on.  Not nervous, but anxious.  As I walk out to the cage I just go through the gameplan and when I step inside the cage I just start reacting versus acting.

Why did you decide to become a fighter?  Was it for the fame, did you think you are a tough guy or was it for the chicks?

I have to pick one of those?  None of those are really why I got into it.  Fame – I don’t really get recognized that much.  Tough Guy – Yeah I would like to think I am a tough guy.  Chicks – You know what I found out about this sport you get more guys coming up to you than anything.  So I guess I will go with Tough Guy.

Top Notch Fight Team

Recapping With Mac Ramos At Team Top Notch – I Want My Guys In The Big Show

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Top Notch Fight TeamTop Notch Fight Team is one of the top mixed martial arts schools in the Chicagoland area.  Boasting fighters such as Ricardo Lamas, Mike Santiago and others the gym is going in the right direction towards owner Mac Ramos’s goal.  MMA Recap’s Brent Todd caught up with Ramos to discuss the gym and what his fighters go through.

So when was Top Notch formed?
It was formed in 2001

How did it come about?
After my fight competition years I decided to retire and train new guys.

What all is offered at Top Notch?
We offer Muay Thai as we are a Muay Thai school.  And we do boxing, mma, jiu jitsu and wrestling.

What makes training at Top Notch different than training at the other gyms?
Overall we focus on the most important things in a fighter.  Their conditioning, their stamina and the mental game.

There’s a large stable of fighters who train at Top Notch, who are some of the current fighters we should be on the lookout for?
Ricardo Lamas is fighting on the WEC card, Mike Santiago is fighting for XFO in August and again in September for Ruckus.  Also we have Demetrius Williams who has seven fights so far as an amateur and will be turning pro soon.  He’s going to be a good 125.  We also have Tim Hemmingway who has a lot of fights from a different team and he didn’t get the proper training there.  He’s a heavyweight and he’s about to make his mark.

What steps do fighters need to take to become successful in this sport?
The mental game is the key.  It’s either you want it or you don’t.  You have to want it.  You could have all the other tools, but without the mental you are done.

What are you goals for Top Notch in the next couple of years?
I want to get my fighters to big shows.  I want to get my guys all spread out amongst the big shows like UFC, WEC and Bellator.  I prefer to get my guys to there.

Any other thoughts?
Just be on the lookout for my guys.  We will fight anyone and we don’t turn down fights.

Keoki Cypriano

Recapping With Keoki Cypriano – I Was Born To Scrap

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Keoki CyprianoKeoki Cypriano is about to have the biggest fight of his career at Bellator 25.  The young fighter, born in Hawaii and now training at Top Notch in Chicago, Illinois, recently sat down with MMA Recap’s Brent Todd to discuss his career.

What got you into mixed martial arts and fighting?

Fighting in general pretty much came from being raised in the Hawian islands.  You know it’s pretty big and you are raised to fight.  It could be because someone doesn’t like you or the way you look so.  There’s a lot of pride in Hawaii and people just scrap.  From fighting on the street all the time, that’s what led me to mma.  I went to a gym who was a jiu jitsu blue belt under Carlson and he boxed for about 13 years and we tried out.  We got our butts handed to us and that made me want it that much more.


So what brought you to Chicago from Hawaii?

I made my pro debut in Hawaii.  I fought three times over there and I was 3-0.  I ended up meeting a girl while on a cruise ship and she was originally from Chicago.  We got pregnant and I decided to do the right thing and move up to Chicago to be a daddy.  I came up here and said I wanted to make a run at mma.  I checked out five different schools and I didn’t feel that bond at most gyms.  I followed Mac at Top Notch and he got my first fight here in less than two months.


What was going through your mind when you got the call that said you would be competing on a big show like Bellator?

When they called I was so stoked.  It’s finally come that I can fight on a bigger show.  I am tired of fighting on the local shows or even out of state because so often a fight falls through at the last minute.  I’ll train and train, and then the guy pulls out because he doesn’t want to scrap you know.  Unfortunately out of state the judges and referees haven’t been too kind to me.  I feel like it’s my time to shine and why not take advantage.


Is this just a one fight deal or could this fight lead to a possible tournament slot next season?

I think if I have a good showing and show that they can market me then it will lead to their next tournament.


What are your thoughts on your opponent Eric Kreigermeier?

I was really studying for Mark Miller cause we both like to stand and bang.  I heard he’s a south paw and has good wrestling.  I work with all american wrestlers too.  If he’s willing to stand and bang, oh man.  It’s going to be fun.


What was the reason that the fight between you and Miller got pulled?

I was told that I didn’t have enough sanctioned fights.  A lot of fights out of state weren’t sanctioned for whatever reason.  The state didn’t count those.  I was kind of bummed about it being pulled.


What is your actual record including the fights that the state doesn’t recognize?

I am 5-2 right now.


You are coming off two losses to the same person, why was there the immediate rematch and what are your thoughts on Kelvin Hackney?

The first one was a real controversial call.  In the first ten seconds he came in lagging his jab.  He obviously didn’t know much about me because he stepped into my pocket and ate a big right.  It was a flash knockout and if it was in the UFC they would have called it and the fight would have been over.  I followed up for the kill and missed and from there he got a double leg takedown and laid and prayed on me for the rest of the fight.  He wasn’t doing anything and I was even telling the ref to stand us up, but he didn’t.  But whatever it happens.  Then I heard they wanted to do a rematch and I took that fight immediately.  This time he says he has a better game plan and he didn’t.  He shot for the takedown and did the same thing.

What aspect of your game would you say is your strongest?

Yeah I love to stand and bang.  That’s where my heart is.  I am willing to go to the ground.  I train everything.  To be the best you need to be well rounded.


You train at Top Notch, what’s an average day here?

Oh man I have Mike Santiago who is like me.  He sits in the pocket and hits hard.  He’s young with good wrestling.  I have Ricardo Lamas who’s explosive and has extremely good wrestling and his ground game is phenomenal.  Then I got other guys in the gym who have good Muay Thai.  A normal day in the gym is strength and conditioning, pad work and then straight to sparring.


What are your goals for the next year or so as far as your career is concerned?

My goal before this Bellator fight came about was to take a late fight in August and then I am going to go back to Hawaii for a little bit to train out there and take another fight in Hawaii.  Then I plan to come back and work my wrestling because lets face it, the midwest is all about wrestling.  If you can stand and trade and have good jiu jitsu in Hawaii, you are fine, but that doesn’t work here.  My goal is to take it one fight at a time.  Look at Pat Curran, he took full advantage of the opportunity.  I’ve been coming up about the same time and I know one day our paths will cross.


What do you like to do when you aren’t fighting or training?

I spend time with my family.  I have one little boy Keoki the third.  He’s been in Top Notch since he was two weeks old.  He’s like a little mini me with Mac.  Other than that I love hitting the weight room and swimming.


What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

Honey Bunches of Oats or Honey Graham Oats.


Any sponsors or people you want to thank?

I’d like to thank Joe Fortis of 2 Guns Management, my chiropractor down in Bollingbrook Dr. Jeff as he makes me train better.  My family for supporting me and Top Notch for bringing me in.  And Jeff Neal at Carlson Gracie in Naperville


Questions from fighters for fighters:

Who’s the hottest female fighter in the midwest?

Come on man.  I have to go with Lil Bulldog.  Felice is definitely the hottest in the midwest.  She’s gotta be the most popular female fighter in the midwest too.


What’s going through your mind as you enter the cage?

When I hear my music go off it’s a warrior chant.  Its very spiritual and it pumps you up.  They used that music back in the day when they would go to war.  What goes through my head is my family, my career, and what I want to do in the fight.  Once I get in that cage I am fearless.  All my fear goes away and I am ready for war.

Fightcard Entertainment Announces “No Mercy”

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FCE LogoChicago based Fightcard Entertainment has announced the teams for their upcoming event “No Mercy”.  “No Mercy” takes place on Saturday October 17 from the Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois.

“No Mercy” will feature four teams of five fighters competing against each other.  The teams included are Team PAC, Team No Comment, Team Top Notch and Elite Fight Team.

The five fights will be in the featherweight, bantamweight, lightweight, welterweight and middleweight weight classes.

The winning teams will move on to fight each other at the December 10 event that will take place at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago, Illinois.

Also scheduled for the night will be Ron Ermillio taking on Jeremy Godina for the FCE middleweight title.