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Jeff Curran Talks About His Three Fighters Competing At Bellator

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Jeff Curran may have a fight coming up, but that isn’t preventing him from doing another job he loves and that is coaching. Team Curran has three fighters competing at Bellator 60 on Friday March 9 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond Indiana. Curran gives his thoughts on Cory Galloway’s professional debut, Mike Corey dropping weight and his cousin Pat Curran’s title fight.

Team Curran Looks To Showcase Skills At Bellator 60

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On Friday, March 9 at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, three fighters from Team Curran will look to showcase their skills. Cory Galloway will be making his professional debut, Mike Corey will get his chance in the Bellator tournament, and Pat Curran will be facing Joe Warren for his featherweight title.

Galloway had a successful run as an amateur competing in the XFO. He went 7-1 with redeeming his lone loss in his last fight at XFO 42 against Pedro Velasco. Velasco nearly finished Galloway with a submission, but he was able to escape and put Velasco into a submission of his own.

Corey has arguably one of the most telling stories when it comes to trying to get a shot in the Bellator tournament. He was originally slated to take part in the season two lightweight tournament, but after suffering an injury, his teammate Pat Curran stepped in. Curran went on to win the entire tournament and fight Eddie Alverez for the lightweight title.

Corey since fought for the promotion at Bellator 57 against Chris Horodecki. The fight went to the judges’ scorecards and was ruled a majority draw. The fight was supposed to have the winner move onto the next lightweight tournament but with the draw, neither fighter did.

Corey was then given a chance on the prelims against Bobby Reardanz, but when an injury forced Wagnney Fabiano out against Ronnie Mann, Corey stepped up to the plate.

Finally Curran will be getting his long awaited title shot against Joe Warren. Curran won the summer series featherweight tournament with victories over Luis Palomino, Ronnie Mann and Marlon Sandro. It marked the second tournament Curran had won.


Gym Profile: Team Curran MMA

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Team Curran Logo - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Logo - photo by Brent Todd

Address: 110 W. Woodstock St. Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Phone: (815) 356-0454
Business Hours: 9am-9pm Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm Saturday, Closed Sunday

Classes Offered:
Team Curran MMA offers a variety of classes depending on each person’s skill level. Both gi and no-gi jiu jitsu are taught as well as Thaiboxing, boxing, wrestling and sparring.

Classes are also available for kids starting at age three.

Weight Room:
Team Curran has a fully stocked weight room including free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines and treadmills.

Other programs:
CrossFit Crystal Lake is also housed at Team Curran for an additional membership fee.

Private lessons also available

Contact Eric Hartwig for any special promotions currently running

Team Curran MMA just moved into a brand new location and the details make the gym look like a place to train.  Walking in there is a large area of workout equipment to the right with an area for the cross fit classes that are offered.  To the left there is a full size cage and a ring, accompanied by two areas with mats for the wrestling, jiu jitsu and Muay Thai classes.  The difference between the two areas is one is set up like a traditional martial arts studio while the other is walled in and has a cage on one side.

Team Curran Full Size Cage - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Full Size Cage - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Cage Mat - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Cage Mat - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Weight Room - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Weight Room - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Open Mat - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Open Mat - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Gym - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Gym - photo by Brent Todd

Felice Herrig versus Little Patricia Vidonic at XFC 17

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Team Curran’s Felice Herrig will be returning to action on Friday April 13th against Patricia Vidonic at XFC 17. The women’s bout is scheduled to be apart of the HDNet televised portion of the card that will be headlined by Luciano Dos Santos versus Eric Reynolds.

Vidonic is coming off the second loss of her career against top 115lb women’s fighter Jessica Aguilar. She was able to take Aguilar to the judges’ scorecards but the decision did not go her way.

Prior to the loss Vidonic had compiled a five-fight win streak finishing three of her five opponents by submission.

Herrig made her promotional debut for XFC in December and lost a unanimous decision to Carla Esparza. Prior to the loss she compiled a 5-1 record in her previous six fights. Herrig holds notable wins over Michele Gutierrez, Jessica Rakoczy, and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc.

Herrig holds a background in Muay Thai with dangerous kicks that stumble her opponents. She will likely use her striking to keep Vidonic on the outside and avoid any takedowns.

XFC 17 takes place on Friday April 13th at the Oman Arena in Jackson, Tennessee.

Bart Palaszewski - drawn by Justin McAllister

UFC 144 Bart Palaszewski versus Hatsu Hioki preview and prediction

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Bart Palaszewski - drawn by Justin McAllister

Bart Palaszewski – drawn by Justin McAllister

To the common fan, the featherweight fight between Bart Palaszewski and Hatsu Hioki probably doesn’t stand out. And that is sad. But the reality is, it is because both guys have only had one fight inside the UFC though both fighters took different paths to get there.

Like Pettis and Lauzon, Palaszewski and Hioki both competed at the same card at UFC 137 in October of 2011. And like Pettis and Lauzon, one finished the fight in the first round, while the other squeezed out split decision.

Hioki made a name for himself competing in Shooto and Sengoku against top competition. Prior to his UFC debut, he put together a four-fight win streak. The win streak wasn’t just against nobodies in the featherweight division as it included wins over Takeshi Inoue and Marlon Sandro.

Prior to the Inoue fight, Hioki lost a split decision to Michihiro Omigawa in a fight many thought he won. Prior to the loss he went 8-0-1 finishing six of his eight opponents.

Hioki’s debut for the UFC was against George Roop and it came with a little bit of controversy. Roop was able to keep his distance and picked Hioki apart, but when Hioki was able to get his hands on Roop fireworks exploded. The fight was a back-and-forth battle and Hioki barely got the nod via split decision.

Palaszewski made not only his UFC debut, but his featherweight debut at UFC 137 against former top 10 lightweight and now featherweight fighter Tyson Griffin. He stated prior to the fight that he was going to knock Griffin out and that is what he did.

Less than three minutes into the fight Palaszewski saw his opening and the Team Curran fighter capitalized on it. He unloaded a barrage of punches knocking Griffin out while standing.

Prior to his UFC debut, Palaszewski went 3-1 in his second stint in the WEC. The run includes a victory over Anthony Pettis and finishes over Karen Darabedyan and Zachary Micklewright.

A lot of people will be quick to give Hioki the advantage in the grappling department. The problem with that is that Palaszewski is a black belt in jiu jitsu, he just doesn’t tend to show off those skills. Even if Hioki does have the advantage on the ground, the question is, can he get it there.

Palaszewski lost a split decision to Kamal Shalorus, a fight that made him look hard at his wrestling. His fight against Griffin many gave Griffin a huge advantage for possibly being able to get the fight to the ground. He never got it there and Palaszewski earned a knockout of the night bonus.

Hioki was able to get dropped quite a bit in Shooto, but because there was a standing eight count, he could recover. Unless Hioki can recover in about half a second, he’s going to have a very rough night against Palaszewski. Thus I am predicting another first round knockout for Palaszewski

Cory Galloway and Jake Nauracy to Make Professional Debut Against Each Other at Bellator 60

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Two local fan favorites will be making their professional debuts on Friday March 9th at Bellator 60. Team Curran’s Cory Galloway will be taking on Torres Martial Arts’s Jake Nauracy. Bellator 60 takes place at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Sources close to the fight broke the news to MMA Recap.

Galloway is the current XFO featherweight champion after defeating Pedro Velasco at XFO 42. Galloway, a Team Curran standout spent his entire amateur career fighting for Xtreme Fighting Organization. He compiled a record of 7-1 while fighting under the XFO banner fighting in both the featherweight and bantamweight divisions.

Nauracy meanwhile fought for several amateur organizations around the Chicagoland area including Total Fight Challenge and Cut Throat MMA. He is the current bantamweight champion for Cut Throat, and will be relinquishing his title for his pro debut.

Bellator 60 will be headlined by two time Bellator tournament winner Pat Curran as he tries to defeat Joe Warren to claim the Bellator featherweight title. The event will also showcase the opening round of the season six featherweight tournament as well as several other Chicago area fighters.

Vince Ramos Training At Team Curran - photo by Brent Todd

Recapping with Vince Ramos – No Excuses

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Vince Ramos Training At Team Curran - photo by Brent Todd

Vince Ramos Training At Team Curran - photo by Brent Todd

Vince Ramos made his professional debut in mixed martial arts in March of 2009. Entering that fight there was a lot of buzz about him due to his undefeated amateur career. He started off his pro career with a bang winning his first three fights. Then in his last three fights he has gone just 1-2.

Now Ramos is back in the gym training harder than ever for his next fight. After learning some things in his last fight against Guillermo Serment, Ramos vows to not let any aspect of his game be left unsharpened before stepping into the cage. MMA Recap caught up with Ramos to talk about his career, his last fight and more.

How’s it going Vince?
I’m doing alright how are things going with you Brent?

It’s going well here I can’t complain. Now I’ve had the honor to watch all of your pro fights, I am curious as to which one was your favorite?
My favorite one was at Ruckus 2

That was against Danny Black in your pro debut right?
Yeah or I would say Ruckus at Navy Pier. That was exciting.

That was a fun one too.
I was so tired and gassed out with my arms that by the end of the fight to get that choke was a relieving feeling.

Your last fight was against Guillermo Serment at XFO 42 and unfortunately it looked like you gassed out pretty quickly in that fight. GIve us your thoughts on that fight.
Honestly I think I prepared right. There’s things I would have changed though. I lacked strength and conditioning training through out that fight and it showed. I think I controlled the first round and it showed. Actually I think I dominated the first, but the second and third round I would give it to him. He fought a hell of a fight and no excuses he was the better fighter that night. It made me re-evaluate what I was doing and I am hoping to comeback a lot stronger next time.

In the past weight cutting has kind of plagued you a little bit, what was different this time around?
Honestly I ordered the Dolce Diet. I am not trying promo it, but truth is, it worked. I felt energized and I was eating to loose weight. He has contacted me a few times personally and the guy is unbelievable when it comes to nutrition. Little tricks he teaches you and it helps you along the way.

I’ve read the book and I couldn’t believe how much food you actually eat and how simple it was.
It’s crazy. I remember reading through the book and thinking, this is a lot of food. I was looking at the stuff and there’s a lot that you take in but the crazy thing is I was taking it in and my weight was going down. I was energized and able to push myself through workouts and practices where I would normally say I was miserable. The week of I was feeling great, I was doing everything right. Unfortunately the lack of strength and conditioning bit me in the but.

When are you looking to come back to the cage?
We are working on some things in April, but nothing is set just yet. As soon as I know, you will know.

Where can the fans find you at?
Follow me on twitter @ramossp145 or on Facebook under Vince Ramos. I try to do a good job updating people with what’s going on.

Anyone you want to thank?
Shout outs to my friends, family, everyone here at Team Curran, Jeff, Doug and everyone who is taking me to the next level.

Jeff Curran Video Interview

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MMA Recap’s Mike Finch caught up with Jeff Curran at the new Team Curran Gym and discussed a variety of topics. Curran talked about the reasons for moving the gym, his fight against Scott Jorgensen, his plans for his next fight, his teammates and more.

Recapping with Jeff Curran – The Pressure Is Really On

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Team Curran founder Jeff Curran has been in the sport for a long time. Having first competed professionally in 1998, Curran has been a part of nearly every major organization. In May of 2011, he took on a late replacement Billy Vaughan and used the fight to propel himself to return to the UFC.   His first bout was against a very game Scott Jorgensen at UFC 137 who implemented what most opponents need to do in order to beat Curran.


“It was a typical Jeff Curran fight. If a fighter can get me to the ground and survive my guard they win a decision. It’s not the way I like fights to go. I feel like him taking me down and riding out a decision was the easiest route. We were supposed to stand and trade, but it didn’t go that way.”

And like many fighters who sign with the UFC, even though it is for a multi-fight contract, a single loss could spell disaster.
“It’s always a gray area. If I perform like crap and lose, they can cut me. They were happy with my performance in my last fight.”

Scott Jorgensen trying to survive Jeff Curran's Guard - photo by Iron Forges Iron

Scott Jorgensen trying to survive Jeff Curran's Guard - photo by Iron Forges Iron

But it is the two-fight losing streak that fighters fear, and for good reason.
“It has been made pretty clear to me that if I lose this next fight, they will have to release me. So the pressure is really on. It was such a hard road back, but I was told by my management that I would get two fights. But one more loss and I am sure they will have to release me. I mean you got guys with less than ten fights in this sport killing it. They are out there taking risks, and if I can’t show that I am with that new breed then maybe it’s time for the next wave of guys.”

As for when Curran is looking to return to the UFC, the date is nearly set as is the opponent, yet Curran must remain mum on it.
“April is the decided upon month. Hopefully in the next day or so we will know the decided upon opponent and date. I have a guy but I can’t tell you. I don’t know if he has agreed to it. We were both a little weary on it. We were both a little skeptical on the idea, but neither one of us can be too picky about who we take at this point.”

Team Curran Logo - photo by Brent Todd

Train At Team Curran For Just $55 Per Month

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Team Curran Logo - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Logo – photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Martial Arts just moved into a new location and now are offering the chance for both new and current Team Curran members to sign up at an amazingly low price. For a limited time, pay just $999 and you will get 18 months of training in any of the martial arts classes. That breaks down to just $55.50 per month.

Team Curran Gym - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Gym – photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Martial Arts offers both gi and no-gi jiu jitsu classes as well as Muay Thai classes for all levels from beginners to advance. Classes are held both during the day and also in the evening to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Additionally, Team Curran Martial Arts has a fully stocked weight room for all of your strength and conditioning needs.

Private sessions in boxing, Muay Thai, and jiu jitsu are available at an extra cost. The new gym is located at 110 W. Woodstock Street, Crystal Lake, Illinois. It is less than half a mile away from the Crystal Lake train station making it easily accessible to all.

Team Curran Cage Mat - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Cage Mat – photo by Brent Todd


Team Curran Weight Room - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Weight Room – photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Open Mat - photo by Brent Todd

Team Curran Open Mat – photo by Brent Todd