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RecapRadio: Tyler Shinn, Carson Beebe, Aaron Simpson

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This is a brand new version of RecapRadio featuring some of the best of our interviews with fighters fighting all across the nation.  This episode features interviews with RFA 4 fighter Tyler Shinn, Tachi Palace fighter Carson Beebe, and UFC welterweight Aaron Simpson.  You can either use the player below or download it and listen to the podcast on your mp3 player of choice.


Carson Beebe – Constant pressure, Constant Punishment

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Carson Beebe - via Suckerpunch Ent

Carson Beebe – via Suckerpunch Ent

Carson Beebe signed to Tachi Palace recently and his first fight is against Rolando Velasco on Saturday November 15th. In addition to training for his upcoming fight, Beebe is in the process of finishing up school and opening up a gym with his brothers. MMARecap caught up with Beebe to talk about his fight, his gym and more.

How excited are you? You have a big fight for Tachi Palace on November 15.
I am very excited. This is a big step up for me. Moving up to a bigger organization, tougher competition, and we are ready to go. Tachi Palace has some tough guys ready to fight.

They are known for their lighter weight classes. They had a good 145 and 135 division, then the UFC merged the WEC and a number of talent from there went. Then they started focusing on the 125lb and now that the UFC has flyweights, they signed some of their guys. It seems like this is that last step to get to the UFC.
That is the goal. We hope it goes that way. I’ve been talking to my management and we are thinking with a couple of wins at Tachi which is a reputable organization will get me there. Hopefully a title or a belt will put us in a really good situation.

Looking at a couple of Velasco’s fights, he looks to have some heavy hands and good jiu jitsu. What’s your thoughts on him?
I’ve looked at him a little bit. But I don’t focus too much on my opponent. It’s good to know what he is good at and what his weaknesses are, but I come in with the game plan of constant pressure, constant punishment. I know he has some heavy hands. I want to beat him up on the inside.

When are we going to see Carson Beebe say that he isn’t going to go for a takedown and let his hands do the talking?
Before all of my fights I always say I want to stand and bang with this guy. But then that cage door closes and you start to scrap game plans go out the window. So if someone can stop my takedown you will see me stand and bang. If it is working on the feet we will stay there, if it is working on the ground we will stay there.

I wasn’t sure how much your brother’s influence was after he got his first knockout at Colosseum Combat.
He’s getting good with that big right hand. I make sure to yell it a lot.

You’ve won two fights in a row via guillotine choke which snapped a run of decision victories for you, what improvements have you made in your game that has allowed you find the finishes against some difficult competition?
The stretch with a lot of decisions I was in school and wrestling. Primarily my training was with the wrestling team. My wrestling looked really good. I wasn’t getting the sparring and jiu jitsu training and explains why I wasn’t finishing fights. The training just wasn’t there. Now I am over at ATT Evolution with Tyron Woodley and he’s getting my grappling and standup where it needs to be.

Is school going to be done after this semester and when do you plan to come back to Chicago?
I graduate in December and my brother and I are opening up a gym in La Grange called Beebe Trained. I will be back home training at Gilbert Grappling and getting the gym going.

Beebe Trained, that’s a phrase you guys have been saying for a while. Is that sort of a family thing that goes back to your wrestling days?
We’ve been training people for a long time. It’s always been our dream to get a gym going. Right now our dreams are coming to fruition. We opened up a brand new facility. With the talent and experience that we have between all of us we have a really solid and accomplished coaching staff.

The schedule isn’t out yet, but you are going to be one of the instructors, is this going to be a cross training with Gilbert Grappling?
Yeah we will have a partnership with them. We aren’t sure yet with what we are going to do as we are in the preliminary stages.

When is the gym open?
We already have our wrestling programs running. We have a bunch of high school kids coming in and getting an extra workout. Practices are going three days a week. In December when I get back we will be starting the submission grappling classes, kickboxing fitness, and straight up fitness and personal training out of there too.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Fleyes Gear and Intimidation Clothing, FCA Wrestling, Suckerpunch Entertainment, Colosseum Combat, and everyone at Lindenwood Belleville Wrestling.

Breaking News: Carson Beebe Signs With Tachi, Fights November 15

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Carson Beebe - photo by Brent Todd

Carson Beebe – photo by Brent Todd

Carson Beebe has been on a tear since his short time on The Ultimate Fighter. He’s gone 7-0 since then, most recently submitting James Porter by guillotine choke in the second round at Colosseum Combat. It was only a matter of time before a bigger promotion took notice of Beebe and signed him and now it appears that chance has happened.

Beebe will be fighting on the November 15th Tachi Palace Fights against Rolando Velasco in bantamweight action. Velasco is riding a two-fight win streak into the fight, having submitted both of his opponents in the first round.

Tachi Palace Fights is known for their support of the lighter weight classes as several flyweight, bantamweight, and featherweight fighters have gone on to sign with the UFC. Should Beebe be victorious on the 15th, he will likely fight for the Tachi Palace title against Ian Loveland.