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RecapRadio: Tyler Shinn, Carson Beebe, Aaron Simpson

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This is a brand new version of RecapRadio featuring some of the best of our interviews with fighters fighting all across the nation.  This episode features interviews with RFA 4 fighter Tyler Shinn, Tachi Palace fighter Carson Beebe, and UFC welterweight Aaron Simpson.  You can either use the player below or download it and listen to the podcast on your mp3 player of choice.


Tyler Shinn I’ve Found A Groove Since My Last Fight

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Tyler Shinn - via Viaero Event Center Official Facebook Page

Tyler Shinn – via Viaero Event Center Official Facebook Page

Tyler Shinn is fighting for the fourth time as a professional and his second for RFA when he takes on Chris Holdsworth on Friday, November 2nd at RFA 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We sat down with Shinn to talk about his opponent, his previous fight for the organization and his goals as a fighter.

How’s things going today?
Things are going really good. Just getting the day started.

You have an upcoming fight for RFA against Chris Holdsworth. He’s known for his jiu jitsu and I know you have good jiu jitsu as well. How do you think your jiu jitsu skills match up with his?
I’ve watched his matches. I’ve never competed against him. As far as my skills matching up against his, I think it makes for a real exciting fight when we go to the ground. I think me and him going to the ground is inevitable. I think it will be there eventually based on how we both fight. As far as how we match up, I’ve been wrestling since I was five years old. I give him a little edge on jiu jitsu, but mine is getting there. I’ve been doing it non-stop for quite a few years now and with my wrestling and jiu jitsu I feel confident on the ground. I know he is a black belt but this isn’t a gi tournament and a lot of other things factor into it.

When I was doing the research on both of you I was amazed at how talented you both are in jiu jitsu and I would give the edge to Chris. But then I look at your wrestling and what you have done and how you use it in fights. The one thing that always impresses me with wrestlers is how heavy they can feel and how it negates a lot of things a jiu jitsu guy looks for. You said you are expecting this fight to get to the ground. Do you think it will be from you initiating a takedown or more from an exchange and someone gets hurt?
All of the above. I think it will go to the ground from me shooting for a takedown. I am going to go out there and I don’t have a solid game plan. My game plan is to see his reaction is. I imagine there isn’t a whole lot of feeling out as we are both aggressive fighters. I think that forward pressure that he tries to bring and me standing my ground will lead to an exchange. It could be either of us shooting. If he shoots I’m not the kind of guy who will just sprawl and walk away, I am going to try and get a front headlock and get his back.

Your last fight was for RFA as well when you beat Cody Land in the third round. How do you feel about your performance?
I feel I have gotten so much better since that fight. I was impressed with how I performed in that fight. I set a very high pace. I wore him down to the point where I got a submission in the third round. I think I have improved since then. I fought a very one dimensional fight with takedowns. I was impressed with what I had been through at that point. I have really embraced jiu jitsu and found a groove since that fight. I think it is crazy and that between that fight and this fight I have made the biggest improvement as an athlete since I was five years old.

I was impressed with the fight. Some people including the announcers were a little critical, but to see someone in their third fight have the control and of mind. He wasn’t giving many openings, finally you broke him down and got the submission.
At that point I had him broken down and finished it.

As I said, this is your second fight for RFA, what’s been your experience so far fighting for them as they are making some big waves?
I like fighting for that show a lot. They are a new show but are doing a lot of great things. They are becoming a powerhouse show if you aren’t fighting in the UFC. I think this show is a great outlet because we are on AXS tv, they just bought Titan. I am happy.

What are your goals for 2013?
I haven’t thought much past this fight. Chris is a task to not take lightly. I’d like to compete in jiu jitsu tournaments. Hopefully get this win and then I have one more fight on my RFA contract. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I would fight someone from this card as my next fight.

Where can the fans find you at?
I’m on twitter @shinndig00 and on facebook.

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
Lion Gear, Scrap Soldier, 3B Bail Bonds, R1 MMA, Defiant Martial Arts, Body By Vi, and my training partners.

Sergio Pettis – I haven’t fought someone like him

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Sergio Pettis - via Concede MMA

Sergio Pettis – via Concede MMA

Sergio Pettis will be fighting for the first time on television when he takes on Jimmy Jones for Resurrection Fighting Alliance 4. The night of action will be shown on HDNet and MMARecap caught up with Pettis to talk about his upcoming fight, his goals to get into the UFC and more.

How’s it going today?
It’s going good. I just got done with my first training, heading to my second one right now.

Are you one of those fighters who trains like three times a day?
Yeah at the start of my camp I like to train three times a day, then as it gets closer I drop to two a days. It’s hard to cut weight and train and I try to avoid injuries.

We are about three weeks out from your fight for Resurrection Fighting Alliance against Jimmy Jones. What can you tell me about Jones?
I just watched a couple of his fights on youtube. He’s a taller 35er. He likes to come forward with his jab. He’s got decent jiu jitsu. He’s an all round good fighter. His wrestling I think is his weak point. I am going to try to keep this fight standing, just a little bit closer so he doesn’t get that reach on me. He’s very talented. I haven’t fought someone like him and he hasn’t fought anyone like me.

Some guys are really good at using their length at keeping fighters on the outside. Being the fact that there is the reach and height difference do you plan to fight more in the clinch with him, or still try and find your range to land full power shots.
I’m a range fighter myself. I train with my brother who is about the same size as Jones, maybe a little bigger. I’m used to fighting all these lanky guys at the gym. I am going to try to keep it close cause he has a good jab. I am going to say all this and then react different to how he throws it and see what he does.

So you got the call to fight for RFA, what was your thoughts on fighting for this up and coming organization?
It’s awesome. I just fought for a Tachi Palace contract. They weren’t offering what I wanted. It wasn’t much pay and fighting some big names. I got a call from RFA and I saw that Tyson Griffin was on there and a lot of big names are on it. It’s my first time fighting on television. This kind of feels like the WEC a little bit.

Looking forward on your career do you have a time-table for when you would like to be fighting in the UFC?
Yeah I wanted to fight before I turn twenty. I am still young and there’s no reason to rush it. I have so many years ahead of me in fighting. I am just taking my time and just going with the flow right now. If I reach it, great, if not, I will set another goal.

Where can the fans find you at?
Twitter @sergiopettis, I’m on facebook, and Instagram @sergpettis93

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
Torque clothing, US Metal Finishing and Carmin Construction, Roufus Sport, Combat Corner and everyone from Milwaukee.