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XFO 42 Recap and Results

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XFO 42 took place at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL, on December 10th, 2011.  The night of action saw eight amateur bouts and eleven professional fights.  Read on for the full recap of the professional fights as well as quick results of the amateur bouts.

Anthony Goodwin vs Robert Couillard

The fighters felt each other out on the feet early. Goodwin finished a double-leg take-down into Couillard’s guaround Coullard returned to his feet and Goodwin went for another takedown, but was smashed with a vicious knee instantly knocking him out. Couillard pounced with a huge hay-maker to an unconscious Goodwin before the ref intervened.

Johnny Coleman vs Chris Haney

Coleman caught a Haney flying knee and took his opponent down early. Haney gained top position, and passed Coleman’s guard to back mount. He flurried, and Coleman tapped out due to strikes.

Will Serment vs Vince Ramos

Vince Ramos shot early and briefly got Serment’s back. The fighters exchanged positioning, and Ramos wound up on top. Ramos passed to half guard, and remained on top for the majority of round 1. Round one went to Ramos, 10-9

Ramos was all over Serment with a wrestling attack. Serment is able to earn top position, and passed to half guard. Ramos powered up and returned to Serment’s guard. Serment swept to the top position and the round ended there. It was a debatable round, but we will edge it out to Serment, 10-9

Serment came out throwing heavy punches and snapping kicks, and shot on Ramos. Ramos again proved to the be the superior wrestler and pressed Serment into the fence. A long, stalled-out shot was finished by Ramos, eating up the entire second half of the round. Serment wins the final round on the early flurry, 10-9

Ed Blake vs Matt Tobie

Big kicks from Blake opened the round. He clinched Tobie against the fence and went for a trip take-down. Tobie twisted and landed on top in half guard, but Tobie was swept and Blake passed to mount. A buck of the hips created a scramble for Tobie, and he returned to his feet. The fighters clinched, and Blake successfully tripped Tobie to the ground. Blake improved his position twice and blasted Tobie with a big right hand before the round ended, winning it, 10-9

Blake hammered Tobie with a big right hand early, collapsing his opponent to the canvas. Tobie survived and stood to a clinch. Blake took Tobie down, but Tobie swept him and scrambled to take his back. Blake stood up to avoid, and the fighters exchanged take-downs. Blake was on top, delivering knees, as the horn signaled the end of the round. The round went to Blake, 10-9

Tobie opened up with a flurry, stunning Blake with a right hand. Blake got a take-down, and Tobie nearly tapped him with a guillotine. Tobie swept him with the near choke and flurried from mount, with multiple points near a stoppage. Blake survived the onslaught and stood to a clinch. “10 seconds” was yelled out to the cage, and Tobie breaks away in a flurry, hurting Blake. The round ended before Tobie could capitalize. Tobie wins the third round handily, 10-8, meaning that mmarecap as this one a 28-28 draw

Brandon Wood vs Joey Diehl

The fighters traded glancing one-twos to open. Diehl nodded to the sound of his coach and unleashed a vicious combination. Wood turtled up and was pounded out for a quick stoppage.

Danny Rodriqez vs Adam Ward

Ward stormed out and started putting his hands on Rodriqez, hurting him with a right hand and taking him down with a double leg. Rodriquez stood up, but was blasted with a head kick soon after. He survived, stood again, and was met with a straight cross, knocking him out cold.

Kent Rexford vs Darren Jacoby

The fighters circled early and Rexford delivered snapping leg kicks. Rexford pressed in with punches and Jacoby was clinched against the fence. Jacoby began opening up with his punches and dropped Kent with a big shot. Rexford survived and stood, but got into a firefight with Jacoby. Jacoby landed a full-force right hand, collapsing Rexford to the canvas.

Chase Beebe vs Lloyd Carter

Beebe opened with aggressive striking, but Carter was getting the better of him with quick hooks. Beebe shot and wrestled his opponent to the mat. He took his back and worked him with punches for the rest of the round. Beebe won it, 10-9

Carter began the round with his hands low, circling away from Beebe. Beebe threw a flurry and quickly took Carter down, passing his guard and dominating the grappling. Carter stood, and when Beebe shot on him he locked up a tight guillotine. Beebe stacked him and pressed, surviving the position to end up in guard. He passed and dominated from the top position to win the round, 10-9

Carter tried to suck Beebe into a striking match, waving him in, but Beebe had none of it, finishing a double-leg early. Beebe took the back and controlled the position, later in the round taking mount. Carson was able to stand, but Beebe suplexed him, providing what was surely the highlight of the fight. The round ended, Beebe taking it 10-9, and the fight 30-27

Brandon Adamson vs Kevin Knabjian

The fighters exchanged early, and Knabjian ducked under a head kick from Adamson. Adamson attempted a heel hook, failed, and Knabjian started landing heavy shots. He passed to side control, locked up a kimura, and cranked it for the tap.

Danny Aguirre vs Jake Grigson

Aguirre pressed in with fast punches, but was met with a driving double leg from Griggson. Griggson elevated him and dropped him on the mat, landing in side control. Aguirre returned to his feet, and lit Grigson up with a vicious flurry. Grigson caught a knee and wrestled Aguirre to the mat, only to be caught in a reverse triangle. With a few seconds remaining, Grigson broke free and stood over Aguirre, delivering kicks to his legs and being weary of up-kicks. Aguirre won the opening round, 10-9

Round two opened up with a bang as both fighters pressed and exchanged. Grigson shot and Aquirre answered with rubber guard. He elbowed Grigson repeatedly, and then hit a tight armbar forcing the tap.

Mike Marrello vs Miodrag Petkovich

It wasn’t hard to tell who the hometown hero was as the heavyweights made their way to the cage. A steady “Boo” rang throughout the area as Petkovich walked to the cage. It was followed by an enormous, thundering cheer for Marrello.

Marello opened with a big right hand and take-down attempt, stuffed by Petkovich who snatched a guillotine. Marrello broke free and the heavyweights exchanged, ending in a clinch. Marrello had double under-hooks but did not secure a body lock or do anything with them, and thus the fighters were broken apart. They exchanged single shots back and fourth for the rest of the round, and Marello won it, 10-9

Marello pressed into Petkovich, clearly the more aggressive striker early. Petkovich made him pay for his aggression, catching Marrello with a counter. Marrello shot in on a rushing Petkovich to stay alive, and he recovered. The fighters took center cage again, with momentum shifting from Petkovich to Marrello as the round wore on. At the bell, Marrello caught Petkovich with a clean one-two. Still, Petkovich won the round, 10-9

A clinch was initiated by Marrello early, pressing Petkovich into the fence and landing short body shots. The fight returned to the center, and Petkovich hammered Marrello with a powerful punch. He pounced on his hurt opponent, trying to finish the hometown hero, but Marrello survived and clinched Petkovich to recover. Exchanges and some brief clinch-work again ensued. The ref broke a stalled clinch, and after some brief striking, the round ended. Petkovich won the final frame, 10-9, and the fight, 29-28

Amateur quick results
Stephon Vonaulock defeated Jake Klipp by technical knockout at 1:13 of round 2
Josh Estrada defeated Mike O’Conner by unanimous decision
Alonzo Fuller defeated Tommy Hawley by unanimous decision
Zach Ottow defeated Oliver Vazquez by Unanimous Decision
Pat O’Conner defeated Eddie Escobar by triangle choke at 1:30 of round 1
Andre Feliciano defeated David Williams by unanimous decision to become the new XFO flyweight amateur champion
Cory Galloway defeated Pedro Velasco by arm bar at 1:11 of round 2 to become the new XFO featherweight amateur champion
Richard Dey defeated Vince Romadine via body kick knockout at 3:54 of round 1 to become the new XFO bantamweight amateur champion

Professional quick results
Danny Aguirre defeated Jake Grigson via armbar at 2:19 of round 2
Miodrag Petkovich defeated Mike Marrello by unanimous decision
Kevin Knabjian defeated Brandon Adamson via kimura at 1:44 of round 1

Carson Beebe defeated Lloyd Carter via unanimous decision

Darren Jacoby defeated Kent Rexford, via KO at 4:13 of round 1

Adam Ward defeated Danny Rodriguez via KO at 2:00 of round 1

Joey Diehl defeated Brandon Wood via TKO 0:47 of round 1

Ed Blake defeated Matt Tobie via majority decision

Guillermo Serment defeated Vince Ramos via unanimous decision

Chris Haney defeated Johnny Coleman tap via strikes at 2:25 of round 1

Robert Couillard defeated Anthony Goodwin, KO-Knee at 3:22 of round 1

XFO Trials Poster

XFO Trials Announced For March 3

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XFO Trials Poster

XFO Officials have announced that the next iteration of their amateur event, “XFO Trials” will take place on Thursday March 3 at Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville, Illinois.  Tickets start at just $25 for the event.

Scheduled to appear on the card include several up and coming prospects including Antonio Luna, Justin Seeburger, Matt Paul, Aaron Cooper, Pedro Velasco, and Kevin Switalla.

Tickets are available at Curran Martial Arts or online at

Fightcard Entertainment No Mercy 2010

Fightcard Ent. No Mercy 2010 Recap and Results

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Fightcard Entertainment No Mercy 2010

Fightcard Entertainment held their No Mercy 2010 event last night at the Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois. The event featured four Muay Thai fights and eight MMA bouts.

The night started with three Muay Thai fights. In the opening fight, super-bantamweight Alex Garcia used trips and headkicks to dominate his way to a unanimous decision victory over Corey Forshaw. In the second fight, crowd favorite Olivia Gonzales weathered an early storm from opponent Brittney Jetters in their atomweight bout. Gonzales came back in rounds 2 and 3 with leg kicks and body strikes to get the win with 29-28 on all the judges’ scorecards. The third fight started with both fighters, middleweights Luis Robles and Patrick Parsons, doing a Muay Thai ritual in the cage to some Eastern music. Unfortunately, due to an eye injury Robles sustained by an accidental headbutt at just 1:12 of the first round, he was unable to continue and the fight was ruled a no contest.

Next, the lightweights took the stage, when David Sanchez dropped his opponent Gerard Mills with an early barrage of punches. After some scrambling on the ground and a near rear naked choke by the victor, Mills tapped out due to strikes at 26 seconds of the first round. Next bout featured featherweights Chris Johnson and William Peterson. After an early assault by Peterson, Johnson slammed his opponent to the canvas. The two scrambled and exchanged submission attempts, with Johnson getting the better of it in Round 1. Round 2 started the same as the first, but this time Johnson was able to finish his submission, earning a submission victory at 2:36 of the second round with a rear naked choke.

The 160lbs catchweight bout between Tony Ortiz and Stefan Ivanoff was over as quickly as it began. Ivanov came at his opponent with an array of punches, forcing Ortiz to attempt a takedown, an attempt which resulted in Ortiz being caught in a guillotine and choked unconscious at just 23 seconds into the first round. The only heavyweight bout of the night was pure domination for Sammie Sabbach as he used his superior wrestling to take the fight everywhere he wanted to go. Starting with a takedown that led to Sabbach mounting his opponent, his opponent, Ole Nickels was able to scramble enough to get back to the feet. Unfortunately for him, the fight didn’t remain there long. Sabbach scooped his opponent up for a powerful body slam that once again led to the mount position where Sabbach reigned down punches until his opponent’s corner had no choice but to throw in the towel at 2:00 of the first round.

Down to the welterweight division, Franco Martinez appeared rocked by an early bombardment of strikes from Frank Ciangi, but he proved his resiliency when he was able to sweep his opponent and gain control of his back, where he worked his vicious ground and pound until the referee stepped in to stop the fight at 1:02 of the first round.

In what was probably the closest match-up of the night, featherweights Johnny Torres and Victor Johnson sure put on a show. Torres worked for takedowns and improved his position to mount and back control, dropping leather the whole time. But Johnson’s scrambles were nothing to scoff at as he was able to attempt a rear naked choke and do some ground and pound of his own. Round two started with Torres rocking his opponent with a left hook, immediately followed by a takedown that eventually turned into an omoplata, before gaining mount and dishing out some punishment. The third and final round didn’t disappoint, Johnson starting it off with a flying knee that landed right on the money, though it led to another takedown from Torres. Not content with trusting the judges, Torres dropped bombs from the mount position, forcing the referee to end the fight at 1:07 of the third round due to TKO.

In what this journalist considers the fight of the night, light-heavyweights Ivan Garcia and Quadra Littles nearly brought the house down. The two exchanged takedowns, slams, sweeps, and ground and pound before Garcia was able to take his opponent’s back and attack his opponent from there. The second round saw Garcia scoring more takedowns. Littles swept his opponent and ended up getting caught in a triangle choke. Lucky for Littles, he was able to lift his opponent off the ground and slam him down in what can only be described as Rampage/Arona-esque. Garcia, however, survived the round and even attempted an armbar. Round 3 was all business for Garcia, bolting into his opponent with a takedown that immediately led to the fighter getting the dominant crucifix position where he dropped punches until the ref stopped it at :58 seconds in the third round due to TKO.

On to the co-main event and the first title fight of the evening, Super Middleweight Muay Thai Champion, Mike Reid, defended his belt against Chris Flach. An early sweep from Reid set the pace for the Muay Thai clinic he was about to give. He continued to work his opponent’s body with knees, punches, and kicks until it was clear how little challenger Chris Flach had left. It was then that Reid used a spinning back kick to the liver to drop Flach to the ground, where he stayed, writhing in pain, while the referee counted to eight. Mike Reid wins via TKO at 1:53 of Round 1.

In the final bout of the night, Bantamweight champion Pedro Velasco defended his title against Dave Havice. Velasco tripped his opponent early with a leg kick, but stayed tentative and didn’t follow him to the ground. After a couple of exchanges, the two clinched against the cage where Velasco was able to take Havice down. On the ground, Havice grabbed the leg of his opponent and looked to be working on either an Achilles lock or a heel hook, but it wouldn’t matter. The champion stood up over his opponent and knocked Havice out cold with an undefended punch right on the chin. Two more shots landed on the unconscious challenger before the referee was able to stop the fight at :56 of the first round.

Quick results:
Alex “The Tiny Bully” Garcia def. Corey “C-4” Forshaw by Unanimous Decision(30-27)
Olivia “The Brat” Gonzales def. Brittney “Lil Taz” Jetters by Unanimous Decision(29-28)
Luis “Gumby” Robles vs. Patrick “Pure Punishment” Parsons: No Contest
David “The Hitman” Sanchez def. Gerard “Sparky” Milles via Submission due to strikes at :26 of Round 1
Chris Johnson def. William “Lil Will” Peterson via Submission from rear naked choke at 2:36 of Round 2
Stefan Ivanoff def. Tony Ortiz via Technical submission from guillotine choke at :23 of Round 1
Sammie “Swamp Thing” Sabbach def. Ole Nickels via Corner stoppage at 2:00 of Round 1
Franco “No Love” Martinez def. Frank Ciangi via TKO from strikes at 1:02 of Round 1
Johnny “Triggerman” Torres def. Victor “Smoke” Johnson via TKO from strikes at 1:07 of Round 3
Ivan Garcia def. Quadra “The Tyrant Titan” Littles via TKO from strikes at :58 of Round 3
Mike “The Dragon Catcher” Reid def. Chris “Lion Killer” Flach via TKO at 1:53 of Round 1
Pedro “Clark Kent” Velasco def. Dave Havice via KO from strikes at :56 of Round 1

XFO At The Highlands Results And Recap

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The Xtreme Fighting Organization put on another stellar amateur event at the Tilted Kilt in Elgin, Illinois.  The night of action saw eight grappling matches, one Muay Thai fight, and four mixed martial arts battles.  Read on for a detailed recap of each of the mma fights and quick results for the entire night of action.

The first mixed martial arts fight saw Dennis Sherman take on Bryan Wright.  Sherman opened the round with a right hand that caught Sherman who immediately shot for a takedown.  Sherman quickly grabbed for a guillotine choke, and held onto the hold through multiple stand ups and slams.  Wright was persistent and eventually broke free of the hold but Sherman pushed through and was able to get the dominant position.  After a back and forth of sweeps and reversals, Sherman moved to mount and threw three punches before Wright gave up his back.  Sherman immediately got a forearm under Wright’s chin, but couldn’t secure the hold.  Wright broke the choke attempt, rolled into Sherman and was able to get mount of his own.  Wright rained down several heavy punches before Sherman gave up his back.  Just after the ten second warning, Wright locked in a rear naked choke and forced Sherman to tap with just seconds left in the round.

After the intermission the fans were treated to three mma bouts with the first being Pedro Velasco taking on Cory Galloway.  The fans were not disappointed as the both fighters fought as if their life depended on it.  In the first round, Velasco used Muay Thai knees to land several damaging blows before throwing a massive takedown.  Once on the ground, Velasco pushed the pace and didn’t stop throwing punches until the end of the round.  The second round Galloway found his range and landed jab after jab on Velasco’s face.  Velasco took the fight down, but Galloway would throw up his legs for multiple submissions.  The third round started and both fighters threw caution to the wind and went toe-to-toe.  Velasco dropped Galloway with a right and then pounced.  Working from half guard, Velasco was unrelenting with his punches and the ref was forced to stop the action.

The co-main event saw Johnny Nevette take on Sean Baker.  Nevette came out swinging but Baker quickly avoided the attacks and took the fight down to the ground.  Baker working from half guard, threw multiple short punches that opened Nevette up.  Nevette then turned to improve his position, but Baker quickly got Nevette’s back and locked in a fight ending rear naked choke.

The main event featured Corey Johnston and Doug Zabran in a catchweight fight at 160lbs.  The crowd was heavily in favor of Zabran chanting his name while Johnston came out.  Zabran came out with a big combo to set up an even bigger slam takedown which hurt Johnston.  Zabran quickly moved into full mount and threw punch after punch forcing Johnston to give up his back.  Zabran worked for a rear naked choke, but Johnston turned into it giving Zabran full mount a second time.  This time Zabran didn’t give Johnston a chance to try to escape as Zabran’s punches were fast and malicious.  After several well placed shots the ref did the right thing and halted the action.

Grappling Quick Results
Pete Becker and Gary Jackson went to a draw
Kevin King and Rich Tado went to a draw
Russ Tabaka and Matt Dambrogio went to a draw
Emil Matasreanu defeated Tom McCarty by arm triangle at 3:14
Mike Lukowski defeated Kris Veliasevic by rear naked choke at 4:14
Josh Eckmann defeated Vince Esposito by standing guillotine choke at 1:47
Yousef Al-Gouhl defeated Jordan Bakley by rear naked choke at 2:36
Gabe Salinas and Mike Kelly went to a draw

Muay Thai Quick Result
Alex Alek defeated Mike Phillips by unanimous decision

Mixed Martial Arts Quick Results
Bryan Wright defeated Dennis Sherman by rear naked choke at 2:56 of round 1
Pedro Velasco defeated Cory Galloway by TKO at 0:23 of round 3
Sean Baker defeated Johnny Nevette by rear naked choke at 0:37 of round 1
Doug Zabran defeated Corey Johnston by TKO at 1:34 of round 1

Fightcard Entertainment “Ruthless” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment visited The Sundance Saloon in Waukegan on Saturday March 20 and put on “Ruthless”.  The night saw a total of fifteen and a half fights capped off with a Bantamweight title fight between Dimitrius Williams and Pedro Velasco.  Read on for the full results and recap.

The first fight of the night set the pace for the rest of card.  Juan Zenzero needed only seventy six seconds to defeat John Lovejoy.  Both fighters exchanged kicks before clinching.  From there Zenzero worked a massive ground and pound forcing the ref to stop the fight.

Jeff Clark was set to take on Andy Kaine, but Kaine refused to come out.  By default Clark won the fight

In the third fight, Tyler Badali took on Brit Frankel.  The first round both fighters exchanged multiple kicks.  Frankel caught a kick by Badali and took the fight to the ground.  Badali was able to stand up rather quickly and both fighters worked knees from within the clinch.  The end of the round, Badali sort of got a takedown and both fighters worked for a heel hook submission as time ran out.  The second round, Frankel landed two straight rights that dropped Badali.  Frankel quickly worked to pin the right arm of Badali and from there landed several small punches forcing the ref to stop the fight due to the inability to defend himself.

Hoping to make a better impression than his teammate Andy Kaine, Quinton Sanders took on Mathew Pulley.  After a quick exchange by both fighters, Sanders took the fight to the ground.  Unfortunately for Sanders, Pulley was able to sweep Sanders and got the mount.  From there Pulley worked several shots until Sanders gave up his back.  Shortly after, Pulley locked in the fight ending rear naked choke.

If you blinked you might have missed the next fight.  After a quick touch of gloves between Daniel Ciesnowski and Joey Sydeow, both fighters stood toe-to-toe throwing bombs.  Sydeow saw an opportunity for a standing guillotine choke and took it.  Trying to break free of it, Ciesnowski had a big slam but that only locked the choke in deeper and ten seconds after hitting the mat, Ciesnowski was sleeping.

A big right hand by Jeff Lavalle that just Missed Anthony Woodall.  Woodall countered with a guillotine that threatened Lavalle for a bit.  After breaking free from the choke, Lavalle had a big slam but Woodall quickly stood up.  Lavalle jumped on Woodall’s back, another big takedown and locked in a rear naked choke that forced Woodall to tap.

A quick change up in the fight saw a Pankration match between Dan Mueller and Robert Lee.  The rules for this fight state no strikes to the head.  Lee punished Mueller’s legs with brutal leg kicks, but Mueller responded with some good shots to the body.  Lee worked some good knees from inside a clinch and then after briefly separating, locked in a guillotine choke.  Mueller tried to force his way out, but nearly went to sleep and tapped.

Returning back to full mixed martial arts rules, Jason Montez took on Patrick Fish in a middleweight bout.  A big right hand by Montez dropped Fish.  Montez landed in side control and from there he worked multiple shots.  After a quick transition, Montez switched to an armbar submission and earned the victory.

Edgar Velasco wanted a win bad for his team and he was up against stiff competition in Chad Monyelle.  Monyelle came out with a big leg kick, but Velasco grabbed a guillotine choke and brought the fight to the ground.  Monyelle was able to pop out and Velasco used the transition to stand up.  Once standing, Monyelle had a quick takedown, but Velasco worked a triangle choke and multiple shots to the head of Monyelle.  Monyelle was persistent and worked his way out of the choke and brought the fight back to his feet.  Monyelle tried a spinning back kick, but Velasco countered with a good right hand that dropped Monyelle.  Velasco quickly moved to mount and landed several shots forcing the ref to stop the fight.

In the most exciting bout of the night up to this point, Cory Forshaw defeated Chris Hayden.  For the first ninety seconds, Hayden had Forshaw in trouble after dropping him with a high kick.  Once on the ground, Hayden worked multiple punches and even had in a deep rear naked choke.  But Forshaw was able to roll out of it.  Hayden kept his dominant position and had Forshaw mounted, but Forshaw threw his legs up and slipped out underneath Hayden.  Once back on the feet, Forshaw landed a big right hand followed by a knee that dropped Hayden.  Forshaw continued to throw punch after punch forcing the ref to stop the action.

Continuing the trend of quick fights, Chris Nagy needed only thirty seconds to defeat Aderlain Lopez.  After eating a knee by Lopez, Nagy got the fight to the ground, postured up and started to rain down multiple punches.  Unable to defend himself properly, the ref was forced to halt the action and give the victory to Nagy.

The women were up next and they did not disappoint.  In arguably the best fight of the night Rachel Smith took on Liz Roig.  The first round Smith found her range and unloaded several powerful shots bruising Roig’s left eye and breaking her nose.  Roig caught Smith in an arm bar but Smith was saved by the bell.  The second round, Roig attempted a takedown, but Smith continued a devastating ground and pound.  Roig again worked for an armbar, but couldn’t secure it.  The third round, both fighters exchanged big rights.  Roig was able to take Smith down, but Smith pulled out an armbar of her own.  Roig persisted and was able to slip out of the submission as both fighters worked for a heel hook.  The end of the round saw Smith sit up and land several devastating blows as time expired.  The crowd was on their feet giving both fighters the standing ovation they deserved.

In another exciting battle, Aki Matsuda took on Camron Monyelle.  In the first round Matsuda quickly took the fight to the ground and worked ground and pound for the full three minutes.  Monyelle defended well taking very few actual shots and worked some shots from the bottom.  In the second round, Monyelle was able to get a takedown and worked for a choke but Matsuda broke free and reversed the position.  Due to lack of action, the ref stood them up and Monyelle quickly tried to attack with a high kick.  Matsuda was ready for it and took the fight back to the ground and worked peppering shots as time ran out.  The third round, Monyelle opened his hands up, but Matsuda caught him with a straight right forcing Monyelle to to shoot for a takedown.  Unfortunately he left his neck open and Matsuda grabbed a fight ending guillotine choke.

In a very lackluster fight, Javier Vega took on Matt Mark.  At the start of the fight, Mark landed a low blow on Vega.  After the restart, both fighters showed their footwork and were unable to do any damage as both fighters were quick and elusive.  The second round Vega returned the low kick favor and the ref warned both fighters.  After the restart, Vega took the fight to the ground and spent the rest of the round trying to improve his position landing very few shots but enough to win the round.  The final round, Vega took the fight to the ground again, and worked most of the fight from side control.  Vega spent a good portion of the round trying to pass to mount, but Mark was successful in defending his position.  In the end the judges awarded the fight to Vega.

Bringing excitement back to the crowd, Chris Flach took on Jordan Yunis.  The first round saw both fighters throwing haymakers and kicks.  Yunis got the better of Flach dropping him on multiple occasions.  By the end of the round both fighters were visibly tired and had their hands by their side.  In the second round, Yunis landed a big left that dropped Flach.  Flach shot for the takedown but Yunis grabbed a guillotine choke and forced Flach to tap extremely fast.

The main event saw Pedro Velasco take on Dimitrius Williams for the FCE bantamweight title.  Williams quickly got a takedown, but Velasco stood right back up.  After an illegal elbow caused a timeout, Velasco unloaded a big right hand.  Williams ducked it and had a powerful slam takedown.  But Velasco was able to reverse the position and got the mount.  From there, Velasco unleashed a fury of punches forcing the ref to stop the action.

Quick Results

  • Juan Zenzero defeated John Lovejoy by TKO 1:16 of round 1
  • Jeff Clark defeated Andy Kaine by no show
  • Brit Frankel defeated Tyler Badali by TKO :43 of round 2
  • Mathew Pulley defeated Quinton Sanders by rear naked choke 1:09 of round 1
  • Joey Sydeow defeated Daniel Ciesnowski by guillotine choke :33 of round 1
  • Jeff Lavalle defeated Anthony Woodall by rear naked choke 1:12 of round 1
  • Robert Lee defeated Dan Mueller by guillotine choke 2:03 of round 1
  • Jason Montez defeated Patrick Fish by armbar :38 of round 1
  • Edgar Velasco defeated Chad Monyelle by TKO 2:35 of round 1
  • Cory Forshaw defeated Chris Hayden by TKO 2:01 of round 1
  • Chad Nagy defeated Aderlain Lopez by TKO :30 of round 1
  • Rachel Smith defeated Liz Roig by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Aki Matsuda defeated Camron Monyelle by guillotine choke :38 of round 3
  • Javier Vega defeated Matt Mark by unanimous decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-27)
  • Jordin Yunis defeated Chris Flach by guillotine choke 1:29 of round 2
  • Pedro Velasco defeated Dimitrius Williams by TKO 1:09 of round 1

“FCE Cross The Line” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment Cross the LineFightcard Entertainment capped off their “three shows in thirty days” with “FCE Cross The Line” on Saturday February 20.  The event took place at Showtime Theater in Crestwood, Illinois and the night of action was capped off with an interim middleweight title bout.

The original main event had current FCE middleweight champion Jeremy Godina taking on number one challenger Luke Austin.  However Godina suffered an injury and could not compete.  Stepping up to face the dangerous Austin was Justin Hanlin.  While the night saw only six fights total, the action was non-stop and the crowd was very pleased by the end of the night.

Pedro Velasco vs Steven Kick
Kick comes out with a big high kick and followed it up with a good straight right that caught Velasco on the button.  Velasco quickly looked to clinch and both fighters jockeyed for position with the takedown.  Velasco was the victor and landed in Kick’s guard.  Velasco worked very good ground and pound while trying to escape the submission attempts by Kick.  Kick became over whelmed and gave up his back.  Several big punches to Kick’s head and the ref was forced to stop it.

Matt Collum vs Bernie Mendez
Mendez wanted to come out striking, but Collum quickly took the fight to the ground.  Mendez worked several shots from the bottom and Collum was unable to do much with his position.  The referee stood them up and Collum again worked a quick takedown, this time landing in side control.  From the better position, Collum locked in an anaconda choke and forced Mendez to tap with just 1 second left in the round.

Danny Somers vs Bryan Wright
Wright started things off with a leg kick and Somers wanted nothing to do with that.  Somers grabbed a double leg takedown and landed a massive slam.  Once down on the matt, Somers worked some serious ground and pound from side control to then transition to full mount.  Wright went back and forth between giving his back up and being mounted.  In the end, Somers landed several unanswered shots forcing the ref to call a halt to the action.

Eric Hendricks vs John Stanizewski
Both fighters came out wanting to stand and trade.  Hendricks landed a big shot that hurt Stanizewski.  After another exchange Hendricks grabbed a double leg takedown and scored a massive slam.  Once on the ground, like his teammate Somers, he worked multiple shots until the ref was forced to call the action.

Abel Alvarado vs Dimitrius Williams
In the only fight to go the distance, Alvarado and Williams put on a fairly lackluster fight.  Alvarado in all three rounds went for a takedown and Williams used his superior wrestling to stuff the takedown.  Neither fighter wanted to stand and trade and most of the fight saw the fighters working for the better position while on the ground.  The only round to have a clear winner was the second round and as a result in the end, Williams won a split decision victory over Alvarado.

Justin Hanlin vs Luke Austin for FCE interim middleweight title
Both fighters came out wanting to impose their will on the other.  Hanlin landed a powerful punch but Austin returned the favor.  After some minor clinch work on both fighters, Hanlin appeared to slip.  Austin quickly pounced and landed some big shots before Hanlin gave up his back.  Once Austin had Hanlin’s back, the fight was all but over as he quickly sunk in a rear naked choke and squeezed forcing a very quick tap out.

Quick Results
Pedro Velasco defeated Steven Kick by tko 1:50 of round 1
Matt Collum defeated Bernie Mendez by anaconda choke 2:59 of round 1
Danny Somers defeated Bryan Wright by tko 2:34 of round 1
Erick Hendricks defeated John Stanizewski by tko 1:54 of round 1
Dimitrius Williams defeated Abel Alvarado by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)
Luke Austin defeated Justin Hanlin by rear naked choke 1:14 of round 1

Fightcard Entertainment Final Conflict

“Fightcard Entertainment: Final Conflict” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment Final ConflictFightcard Entertainment put on their twenty-eighth show last night and it was another sold out venue.  Over 600 fans were in attendance at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago to watch the action.

The first fight of the night saw Aaron Beyers take on Jacob Brewick.  It was only one of two fights that went the distance but had many entertaining spots through out.  Brewick took Beyers down with ease numerous times through out the fifteen minute affair much the crowds approval.  Beyers would answer with some good reversals and ground and pound, but in the end Brewick did more damage and won a judges decision victory 29-28.

Chris Garcia showed his impressive jiu jitsu skills against Phil Hunter in the second fight of the night.  After some quick jabs by Hunter, Garcia shot for a takedown but left his neck exposed.  Hunter grabbed a hold of hit, but could not tighten the choke enough before Garcia popped his head out.  Garcia quickly passed to side control before transitioning to an arm bar.  Hunter tried to escape, but Garcia kept rolling with him and locked in a reverse triangle.  Again Hunter tried to escape and Garcia kept on him, this time catching him in a fight ending kimura submission.

The third fight of the evening saw Manny Camacho take on Steven Kick.  In the first two rounds Kick attempted many takedowns and strikes, but Camacho was very elusive and had a very good sprawl.  Camacho utilized a great counter-striking game plan that threw Kick off of his game.  By the start of the third round, Kick had been mentally broken and Camacho took the fight down and forced the referee to stop it after unloading eight unanswered punches.

The final fight before the first intermission saw Joe Zuniga take on LaRoyce Tankston.  Tankston used a series of combos through out the first two rounds to control the action.  Many jab, jab, kick, clinch, takedown or similar variations were used.  Zuniga had some good strikes of his own, but Tankston just shrugged them off like they were nothing.  In the third round Zuniga got a takedown of his own and ended up in full mount.  Several shots forced Tankston to give up his back and Zuniga continued the assault trying to secure a rear naked choke.  Unfortunately time was not on Zuniga’s side and Tankston would go on to win the judges’ decision 29-28.

There were originally scheduled to be a total of five fights for the team challenge.  Pac MMA had to forfeit their 135lb fight due to several fighters being unable to participate for various reason.  This left only four fights in the team challenge and gave Team No Comment a 1-0 lead before the action started.

Pedro Velasco and Johny Torres delivered what the fans wanted to see: a knockout.  After a very brief exchange on the feet, Torres took the fight to the ground.  However Velasco quickly stood right back up and grabbed a hold of Torres’s neck.  Torres tried to slam his way out of the standing guillotine, but it just put the choke in tighter.  Velasco kept shifting his position to try and finish the fight with the choke, but Torres was relentless with his punches and hip movements.  Finally in a last ditch effort, Torres summersaults to escape the choke and does.  Both fighters quickly make it back to their feet and Torres unloads a massive high kick that knocks Velasco out cold.  Torres’s victory ties up the team challenge 1-1.

After the amazing knockout of the first fight, Luis Robles and Omar Diaz knew the crowd was excited.  And both fighters were very anxious themselves as they were pacing back and forth before the start of the fight.  Both fighters stood toe-to-toe swinging at each other not doing much damage.  Diaz shot in for a takedown, but Robles grabbed a guillotine choke.  Robles quickly changes his grip and has an arm in guillotine choke and pulls guard slamming Diaz on his head.  Diaz quickly taps as the force of the choke and slam dislocated his shoulder.  Team No Comment is now up 2-1.

Needing only one victory to secure the team championship, Team No Comment fighter Percy Hicks wanted to deliver that victory.  In his was stood Team Pac MMA’s Chris Sizemore.  Hicks opened the fight with a big right hand that forced Sizemore to shoot in for a takedown.  At this point a mouth guard falls out, but it is unclear who it belongs to.  Hicks quickly pushed Sizemore into the cage and both fighters were looking for a takedown.  Sizemore succeeded and landed in side control.  Sizemore started throwing hammer fists and then was able to trap Hick’s arm in a crucifix position.  Several shots were thrown and Hicks was in trouble.  The ref calls a timeout and Sizemore thinks he won the fight.  Instead the ref stopped the action because Sizemore was utilizing forearm blows (illegal in amateur bouts) and gave Hicks back his mouth guard.  A quick reset and the fight was back underway.  Hicks went straight for Sizemore, but Sizemore sidestepped and then landed a massive flying knee sending Hicks to the canvas ending the fight.  Hicks remained on the canvas for several seconds unaware of what had just happened.  Team Pac MMA has tied the team competition now 2-2.

In the final battle for which team would rein supreme, Quincy Smith took on Danny Morales.  The first round, both fighters were a little hesitant to try and unload anything as they respected each other’s power.  Morales landed more solid shots with some good combos earning him the first round.  At the start of the second round, both fighters went to the center and threw a huge right hand.  Both fighters went down hurt, but Morales recovers quickly and jumps at the situation.  Morales landed four punches and the referee stopped the action.  Smith was holding his eye and yelling that he couldn’t see.  The crowd gets very angry and calls Morales a cheater and the referee pulls all the judges to discuss what the official ruling should be.  After a deliberation, the official ruling was Morales won a technical knock out victory due to Smith’s inability to continue on with the fight.  The crowd really started booing at this point and Morales in his post fight interview said that it was the referee’s job to ensure what was happening and that he wasn’t a cheater.  The win earned Team Pac MMA the team challenge.

Highlighting some women’s mma, Ginger Galardo took on A.J. McAvoy.  The start of the action saw Galardo quickly take McAvoy to the ground.  After a bit of posturing, Galardo was in full mount, but McAvoy just used strength to push up and out of the position.  Once back on their feet, McAvoy showcased her superior striking skills landing several 1-2 combos over and over.  McAvoy faked a takedown only to land a devastating combo that hurt Galardo.  While still standing, McAvoy quickly unloaded several solid shots forcing the referee stoppage.

The co-main event was a number one contenders match for the FCE middleweight title.  Mickey Martin and Luke Austin both knew what was on the line and wanted to send a message to current middleweight champion Jermey Godinia.  Austin started the fight with a big right hand and then clinched.  Martin started peppering Austin’s body while in the clinch and was able to get separation.  Austin again with a big punch only this time it hurts Martin and throws him off balance.  Austin quickly grabs a guillotine choke and has it in tight.  Martin tried to punch his way out, but couldn’t and tapped.

The main event saw Christian Reynoso defend his FCE featherweight belt against Mike Long.  The first round saw Reynoso take Long down multiple times.  Long tried to lock in submissions, but Reynoso was able to either power his way out or punch his way out of the attempts.  In the second round Long opened up with a big flying knee as Reynoso was shooting for a takedown.  Reynoso held on and sort of got it but it was more like Long just sat down.  Long shifted his hips to attempt more submissions, but Reynoso was relentless with the punches and hammer fists.  Several shots landed to the back of the head and Reynoso was warned.  Long tried to roll to escape, but Reynoso went with him and was able to secure Long’s back.  Reynoso worked to get a rear naked choke in while at the same time locked in a body triangle.  Reynoso arches as much as he can and Long was forced to tap out.

Overall the fans left more than happy after a long night of action.  MMA Recap, Dos Lunas Tequilla and Team Finisher MMA Clothing were all sponsoring the event.  Fightcard Entertainment will be back at Joe’s Sports Bar on January 21 for “Counter Strike” which will be the first hybrid MMA and Kickboxing event under the Fightcard banner.  Stay tuned to MMA Recap for videos of some of the night’s fights.

Quick Results
•    Jacob Brewick defeats Aaron Beyers by unanimous decision 29-28
•    Chris Garcia defeats Phil Hunter by kimura 1:30 round 1
•    Manny Camacho defeats Steven Kick by technical knock out :36 round 3
•    LaRoyce Tankston defeats Joe Zuniga by unanimous decision 29-28
•    Johny Torres defeats Pedor Velasco by knock out (high kick) 2:16 round 1
•    Luis Robles defeats Omar Diaz by guillotine choke :29 round 1
•    Chris Sizemore defeats Percy Hicks by knock out (flying knee) 1:35 round 1
•    Danny Morales defeats Quincy Smith by technical knock out :15 round 2
•    A.J. McAvoy defeats Ginger Galardo by technical knock out 2:01 round 1
•    Luke Austin defeats Mickey Marting by guillotine choke :41 of round 1
•    Christian Reynoso defeats Mike Long by rear naked choke 2:36 of round 2

“Fightcard Entertainment Domination” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment Domination poster“Fightcard Entertainment Domination” was held at Jesse Oaks Bar and Grill in Gages Lake, Illinois.  A sell out crowd of over 700 fans were in attendance for the night’s events.  The first fight of the night was an exciting fast paced sslugfest that set the mood for the rest of the evening.

The night opened with Steve Kozola taking on Armando Llanes.  After a brief touch of gloves, Llanes landed a big inside leg kick, but Kozola rushed in and unloaded a very quick flurry of short punches.  Kozola would use these short bursts of punches to keep Llanes off his game.  After the third rush by Kozola, Llanes backed up and started throwing big overhands and went for a takedown.  Kozola realized Llanes’s neck was exposed and grabbed a hold of it with a standing guillotine choke.  Llanes wasn’t in too much troube, but Kozola looked to his corner for advice.  His corner man told him to pull back and a second later Llanes was tapping.

Max Humseld opened his fight with front kick to Chris Volpe.  Volpe responded with a leg kick and a four-punch combo forcing Humseld to shoot for a takedown.  Volpe secured a tight arm in guillotine and dropped Humseld on his head while pulling guard.  Humseld was able to pop his head out and landed a couple of shots to Volpe’s head.  The ref warned for action and Volpe threatened Humseld with an arm triangle choke from the bottom.  With the threat of the choke, Volpe swept Humseld and reversed position.  Humseld gave up his back and Volpe locked in a rear naked choke forcing the tap.

Chris Hayden and Aderlin Lopez didn’t have much technique to their fight, but the fans loved it.  Early in the round Hayden had very impressive belly to belly suplex takedown but didn’t capitalize on his dominant position.  After both fighters stood up, they stood in the center of the cage slugging it out.  Hayden went for a clinch, but Lopez landed a big knee that hurt Hayden.  Hayden sort of stood there giving up his neck and Lopez didn’t think twice and choked him out.

The last fight before the first intermission was between Luke Foster and Bernie Vasquez.  Foster landed a nice jab forcing Vasquez to try and take the fight down.  Foster defended it very well and then got a trip takedown of his own.  Foster quickly passed to mount and Vasquez turned to give up his back.  Foster shift to a combination of back and side control and landed several punches.  Vasquez rolled and reversed the position to be in Foster’s guard.  Vasquez postured up and in a series of body, body, head punches passed from guard to side control to mount.  Several punches later, the ref was forced to stop the fight.

During the first intermission, Brian Angelo brough in many ring girls to give away t-shirts and hats from their sponsors Dos Lunas Tequilla and Finisher Clothing.

After the intermission we returned to action with Carlos Encinas and Brent Lutger.  Encinas opened the fight with a big right hand that hurt Lutger badly.  Lutger looked to clinch up, but Encinas took the fight to the ground.  Lutger quickly rolled and was able to get side control.  After a couple of pop-shots, Lutger postured up and started to throw hammer fist after hammer fist.  Encinas, hurt, turned and gave up his back.  Lutger tried to get a rear naked choke, but Encinas rolled some more to prevent it.  Lutger ended the round in mount throwing big shots looking to end the fight.  Unfortunately for Lutger the bell rang.  In the second round the fighters decided to keep the fight standing.  Encinas landed a big right hand that dropped Lutger.  Encinas looked for a guillotine choke, but then decided to stand up.  Lutger was on all fours and Encinas teed off on Lutger’s head before the ref called a stop to the fight.

The lightest fight of the night was contested at 120lbs between Camron Monyelle and Cory Forshaw.  Monyelle opened with a great combo of punch, punch, kick and then secured a Muay Thai plumb.  Forshaw tried to attack Monyelle’s body from inside the clinch, but Monyelle just responds with big knees.  Monyelle decided he was done with the a clinch game and litteraly threw Forshaw to the ground.  Monyelle quickly passed to mount and was throwing punch after punch.  Forshaw tried to defend and eventually rolled and reversed the position.  Forshaw attempting some offense from within Monyelle’s guard but Monyelle controll’s his wrists and then locks in a triangle choke.  Forshaw attempted to stand out of it, but Monyelle transitioned to an armbar.  Forshaw rolled one way to escape the submission, then tried to roll the other way, which was a mistake as it just put more torque on his arm forcing the tap.

Matt Tierney is by far the largest welterweight I have seen.  He had a serious size advantage of Steve Vignicchi who was not a small fighter by any means.  In the first round Tierney used his massive jab and straight lefts to keep Vigincchi at bay.  After the first four jabs, Vigicchi had a large mouse under his left eye.  Both fighters were landing several shots, but Tierney was the more accurate striker.  By the end of the round the mouse had doubled in size and it was very difficult for Vignicchi to even see.  In between rounds, Vignicchi’s corner does a great job of reducing the size of the mouse and the doctor checks the damage.  The doctor gave the okay to continue.  Tierney opened the round with a big body kick jab that hurt Vignichi.  Tierney then followed up with two jabs, stepped back, and then threw a huge body kick that crumbled Vignicchi.  The ref stopped the fight before Tierney could follow up with any extra punches.

Bobby Pa dominated PJ Cajigas in their fight.  Pa opened with several kicks before taking Cajigas down.  Pa had a triangle choke from side control, but Cajigas rolled out of it.  Cajigas tried to stand up, but Pa grabbed his neck and squeezed.  Pa tried to lock his hands, but it didn’t matter as Cajigas went to sleep from a single arm guillotine.

The main event was a back and forth battle that had all 700 plus fans on their feet.  Pedro Velasco dropped Mike Ryan early at the very beginning of the fight.  Ryan immediately grabbed a hold of Velasco to try and recover.  Velasco attempted a takedown, but Ryan had recovered and reverses the position and gets his back.  Ryan sinks in a standing rear naked choke, but Velasco flipped to break the hold.  Ryan still holding on after the big flip, but Velasco turned into the choke and broke free.  Both fighters stand up and exchange before Ryan again gets Velasco’s back and lands a big takedown.  Both fighters rolled to get the better position and Ryan won the battle landing in side control.  Numerous hammer fists to the side of Velasco’s head and then one hits the back of the head.  The ref calls a stop for the illegal strike and gives a warning.  Ryan landed a huge head kick as the bell rang to end the round.  The opening of the second round, Velasco attempted a kick, but Ryan countered with a kick of his own.  Velasco caught the leg and took Ryan down, but Ryan kept his leg up and locked in a triangle.  Velasco trying desperately to get out, rolls and Ryan has a top mounted triangle choke.  Ryan unloading some punches but gets sloppy as Velasco escapes.  Both fighters stand up and Ryan looks visibly tired.  Velasco lands a huge right hand that looks like it knocks Ryan out.  Velasco didn’t go after Ryan, and Ryan got right back up.  Both fighters scramble and Ryan gets Velasco’s back again.  Ryan asks Velasco “are you as gassed as I am” to which Velasco responded with “Yes”.  Unfortunately for Velasco, that was all Ryan needed to hear and he locked in a deep rear naked choke earning him the victory.

•    Steve Kozola defeats Armando Llanes by standing guillotine choke at 2:14 round 1
•    Chris Volpe defeats Max Humseld by rear naked choke at 1:40 round 1
•    Aderlin Lopez defeats Chris Hayden by rear naked choke at 1:09 round 1
•    Bernie Vasquez defeats Luke Foster by technical knockout at 1:50 round 1
•    Carlos Encinas defeats Brent Lutger by technical knockout at 1:08 round 2
•    Camron Monyelle defeats Cory Forshaw by arm bar submission at 2:45 round 1
•    Matt Tierney defeats Steve Vignicchi by technical knockout at :23 round 2
•    Bobby Pa defeats PJ Cajigas by guillotine choke at 2:24 round 1
•    Mike Ryan defeats Pedro Velasco by rear naked choke at 2:20

Fightcard Entertainment Domination poster

Fightcard Entertainment Announces “Domination”

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Fightcard Entertainment Domination posterChicago based Fightcard Entertainment announced their next show.  “Domination” will take place at Jesse Oaks in Gages Lake, Illinois on Saturday November 21.  So far seven fights have been announced including a main event of middleweight fighter Shawn Jackson taking on Mickey Martin.

The Jackson versus Martin fight will determine a number one contender in the middleweight division.  Jeremy Godinia recently won the middleweight belt at “No Mercy” when he defeated Ron Ermilio by darse choke in the third round.

Tickets are on sale now and start at just $30.  Cageside tables that seat up to six people are available and start at just $240 for the table.  To purchase tickets, call 773-745-1112 or visit for more information.

The lineup now includes:
•    Luke Foster vs. Bernie Vasquez
•    Matt Tierny vs. Dan Darby
•    Sam Rodriguez vs. Pedro Velasco
•    Walter Rochet Junior vs. Mike Ryan
•    Camron Monyelle vs. Cory Forshaw
•    Bobby Pa vs. P.J. Cajigas
•    Shawn Jackson vs. Mickey Martin