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Fightcard Entertainment “FCE 38: Cross the Line” Results and Recap

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Fight Card Entertainment invaded Joe’s Bar and Grill on Weed street in downtown Chicago.  “FCE 38: Cross the Line” featured eight amateur mixed martial arts fights with a stellar main event featuring Matt Tierney and Danny Morales for the FCE welterweight title.  Read on for the full recap of the action and quick results.

The first fight of the night was an exciting welterweight matchup featuring Robert Lewis and Tom Kriplin.  In the first round Lewis and Kriplin looked to exchange, but Lewis quickly attempted a takedown.  Kriplin reversed and scored a takedown of his own.  Kriplin looked for ground and pound, but Lewis was able to push off and stand up.  Once on their feet, Lewis clinched and landed a big knee that took Kriplin’s legs out.  Lewis quickly jumped on the back, but Kriplin somersaulted and reversed the position.  Kriplin was able to get the mount as time ran out in the round.  The second round Kriplin quickly got a takedown and worked vicious ground and pound.  Kriplin landed some serious knees to the body of Lewis while trying to pass to the mount.  Kriplin got the mount and started raining down strikes.  Kriplin nearly ended the fight, but time expired in the round.  The third round Kriplin landed a right hand before taking Lewis down.  From half guard, Kriplin worked several strikes to the body and head until the ref was forced to stop the action.

Heavyweights were up next and Maurice Greene and Jason Miller put on a fantastic fight.  In the first round Greene tried to utilize his reach advantage on Miller, but Miller was able to frustrate Greene with his movement and closed the distance.  Greene landed a left high kick that excited the crowd.  With time running out Miller shot for a takedown, but ate a big knee instead.  In the second round Miller looked to throw leg kicks to throw Greene off his balance.  Greene landed a fantastic front kick that sent Miller to the canvas.  Greene quickly pounced and landed several short uppercuts that bloodied up Miller.  Greene stood up and threw a massive knee to the body and then continued his punches sending blood into the crowd.  Miller couldn’t defend and the ref halted the action.

After an intermission to clean up all the blood shed in the last fight, lightweight Logan West and Charlie Radtke went to battle.  Radtke came out with a big right and West shot for a takedown.  Radtke defended and worked for a guillotine, but West was able to escape and stand up.  Radtke continued the pressure with strikes and West stalled him with a big body kick.  Radtke then shot for a takedown and never let up the pressure as he threw multiple lefts.  After standing up and landing some heavy shots, Radtke landed several big rights and then was like a machine gun with his punches forcing a stop to the fight.

Wanting to follow his brother’s victory, Brian Radtke looked for the victory over Franco Martinez.  The first round Radtke looked for a double leg takedown and got it.  Martinez had a high guard looking to quickly submit Radtke, but Radtke stood up and slammed him to the ground.  Radtke worked multiple strikes and Martinez threatened with submission.  Radtke stood up to drop a big right hand, but instead went for a heel hook.  Martinez punched his way out, but Radtke remained on top. Martinez had a beautiful sweep to get the mount on Radtke, however Radtke then swept Martinez and was back in his guard.  Radtke finished the round with punches and the round ended with Martinez nearly getting an armbar.  The second round started and the fighters quickly clinched.  Radtke landed a big knee and then quickly got Martinez’s back while standing.  Radtke worked for a rear naked choke while standing and got it.  The fighters fell to the canvas and Radtke was able to tighten the choke forcing Martinez to tap.

Lightweight Omar Diaz was the crowd favorite against Ken Hansen.  The first round  had the crowd really going as both fighters were causing damage to each other.  Diaz grabbed a clinch and threw multiple knees that found Hansen’s face.  Hansen would land uppercuts from the clinch, forcing Diaz to separate and create distance.  Diaz continued with jabs and Hansen looked to be in trouble, but was able to recover and land punches of his own.  In the second round Diaz continued his jab and quickly bloodied Hansen up.  Seeing the blood just flow from Hansen’s nose, Diaz was relentless with his punches.  Hansen never went down, but ate several shots and was unable to intelligently defend himself forcing the ref to stop the striking clinic.

After another brief intermission, featherweights Richard Dey and Rudy Behena were up next.  Dey landed a high kick, one-two, high kick combo, but Behena defended and was able to get Dey’s back.  Behena had a fantastic belly to back suplex and quickly got the mount.  Behena nearly finished the fight with his ground and pound, but Dey was able to buck and stand up.  Once on the feet, they clinched and Dey landed two knees before working for an omoplata.  Unable to get the tap, Dey transitioned to a heel hook.  Behena was tough to finish and continued to punch his way out of the submissions.  Dey was able to put Behena in his guard, and quickly worked an armbar.  The submission was in deep, but Behena defended well.  Dey rolled and the arm looked to be in bad shape.  Behena, sensing his arm was about to break, verbally submitted.

The co-main event featured light heavyweights Ivan Garcia and Andrew Navickis.  The exciting three round fight had the crowd going crazy.  In the first round Navickis used leg kicks to keep Garcia at bay.  When Garcia would rush in and clinch, Navickis landed several knees.  Navickis used a guillotine choke to take Garcia down, but both fighters quickly stood.  Navickis looked like he had a standing guillotine choke, however Garcia was able to escape.  Navickis scored another takedown with time running out in the round and tried to finish it with strikes but was unable to.  Round two was extremely close.  Garcia again attempted a takedown, but it was Navickis who was able to get it.  Garcia defended well with submission attempts but Navickis threw the legs to the side and got Garcia’s back.  Garcia countered by spinning into Garcia and able to get the mount.  Navickis bucked and was able to stand up.  An extremely close round that could have been scored for either fighter.  The final round Navickis came out with a spinning backlist that just missed.  Both fighters were swinging wildly looking for a finishing blow.  Garcia was stalking Navickis and able to close the distance working knees and punches from the clinch.  Garcia was clearly controlling the fight at this point and with time running out, both fighters attempted big strikes but neither landed.  With a close second round that could go either way, it was no surprise that the judges were split in their decision for Garcia.

The main event featured undefeated Matt Tierney taking on Danny Morales for the FCE welterweight title.  Both fighters came out swinging and looking to cause damage.  Morales used leg kicks to set up his punches.  Tierney was able to clinch and take Morales down on two separate occasions, but Morales just popped back up.  Both fighters started to find their range when Morales landed a spinning backlist sending Tierney down to the floor.  Morales quickly jumped on the wounded Tierney and landed two strikes before the ref could stop the action.  Morales became the new FCE welterweight champion with the knockout victory.

Quick results
Tom Kriplin defeated Robert Lewis by TKO at 1:14 of round 3
Maurice Greene defeated Jason Miller by TKO at 1:22 of round 2
Charlie Radtke defeated Logan West by TKO at 2:02 of round 1
Brian Radtke defeated Franco Martinez by rear naked choke at 0:59 of round 2
Omar Diaz defeated Ken Hansen by TKO at 1:14 of round 2
Richard Dey defeated Rudy Behena by armbar at 2:29 of round 1
Ivan Garcia defeated Andrew Navickis by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Danny Morales defeated Matt Tierney by KO at 1:30 of round 1

Fightcard Entertainment Final Conflict

“Fightcard Entertainment: Final Conflict” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment Final ConflictFightcard Entertainment put on their twenty-eighth show last night and it was another sold out venue.  Over 600 fans were in attendance at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago to watch the action.

The first fight of the night saw Aaron Beyers take on Jacob Brewick.  It was only one of two fights that went the distance but had many entertaining spots through out.  Brewick took Beyers down with ease numerous times through out the fifteen minute affair much the crowds approval.  Beyers would answer with some good reversals and ground and pound, but in the end Brewick did more damage and won a judges decision victory 29-28.

Chris Garcia showed his impressive jiu jitsu skills against Phil Hunter in the second fight of the night.  After some quick jabs by Hunter, Garcia shot for a takedown but left his neck exposed.  Hunter grabbed a hold of hit, but could not tighten the choke enough before Garcia popped his head out.  Garcia quickly passed to side control before transitioning to an arm bar.  Hunter tried to escape, but Garcia kept rolling with him and locked in a reverse triangle.  Again Hunter tried to escape and Garcia kept on him, this time catching him in a fight ending kimura submission.

The third fight of the evening saw Manny Camacho take on Steven Kick.  In the first two rounds Kick attempted many takedowns and strikes, but Camacho was very elusive and had a very good sprawl.  Camacho utilized a great counter-striking game plan that threw Kick off of his game.  By the start of the third round, Kick had been mentally broken and Camacho took the fight down and forced the referee to stop it after unloading eight unanswered punches.

The final fight before the first intermission saw Joe Zuniga take on LaRoyce Tankston.  Tankston used a series of combos through out the first two rounds to control the action.  Many jab, jab, kick, clinch, takedown or similar variations were used.  Zuniga had some good strikes of his own, but Tankston just shrugged them off like they were nothing.  In the third round Zuniga got a takedown of his own and ended up in full mount.  Several shots forced Tankston to give up his back and Zuniga continued the assault trying to secure a rear naked choke.  Unfortunately time was not on Zuniga’s side and Tankston would go on to win the judges’ decision 29-28.

There were originally scheduled to be a total of five fights for the team challenge.  Pac MMA had to forfeit their 135lb fight due to several fighters being unable to participate for various reason.  This left only four fights in the team challenge and gave Team No Comment a 1-0 lead before the action started.

Pedro Velasco and Johny Torres delivered what the fans wanted to see: a knockout.  After a very brief exchange on the feet, Torres took the fight to the ground.  However Velasco quickly stood right back up and grabbed a hold of Torres’s neck.  Torres tried to slam his way out of the standing guillotine, but it just put the choke in tighter.  Velasco kept shifting his position to try and finish the fight with the choke, but Torres was relentless with his punches and hip movements.  Finally in a last ditch effort, Torres summersaults to escape the choke and does.  Both fighters quickly make it back to their feet and Torres unloads a massive high kick that knocks Velasco out cold.  Torres’s victory ties up the team challenge 1-1.

After the amazing knockout of the first fight, Luis Robles and Omar Diaz knew the crowd was excited.  And both fighters were very anxious themselves as they were pacing back and forth before the start of the fight.  Both fighters stood toe-to-toe swinging at each other not doing much damage.  Diaz shot in for a takedown, but Robles grabbed a guillotine choke.  Robles quickly changes his grip and has an arm in guillotine choke and pulls guard slamming Diaz on his head.  Diaz quickly taps as the force of the choke and slam dislocated his shoulder.  Team No Comment is now up 2-1.

Needing only one victory to secure the team championship, Team No Comment fighter Percy Hicks wanted to deliver that victory.  In his was stood Team Pac MMA’s Chris Sizemore.  Hicks opened the fight with a big right hand that forced Sizemore to shoot in for a takedown.  At this point a mouth guard falls out, but it is unclear who it belongs to.  Hicks quickly pushed Sizemore into the cage and both fighters were looking for a takedown.  Sizemore succeeded and landed in side control.  Sizemore started throwing hammer fists and then was able to trap Hick’s arm in a crucifix position.  Several shots were thrown and Hicks was in trouble.  The ref calls a timeout and Sizemore thinks he won the fight.  Instead the ref stopped the action because Sizemore was utilizing forearm blows (illegal in amateur bouts) and gave Hicks back his mouth guard.  A quick reset and the fight was back underway.  Hicks went straight for Sizemore, but Sizemore sidestepped and then landed a massive flying knee sending Hicks to the canvas ending the fight.  Hicks remained on the canvas for several seconds unaware of what had just happened.  Team Pac MMA has tied the team competition now 2-2.

In the final battle for which team would rein supreme, Quincy Smith took on Danny Morales.  The first round, both fighters were a little hesitant to try and unload anything as they respected each other’s power.  Morales landed more solid shots with some good combos earning him the first round.  At the start of the second round, both fighters went to the center and threw a huge right hand.  Both fighters went down hurt, but Morales recovers quickly and jumps at the situation.  Morales landed four punches and the referee stopped the action.  Smith was holding his eye and yelling that he couldn’t see.  The crowd gets very angry and calls Morales a cheater and the referee pulls all the judges to discuss what the official ruling should be.  After a deliberation, the official ruling was Morales won a technical knock out victory due to Smith’s inability to continue on with the fight.  The crowd really started booing at this point and Morales in his post fight interview said that it was the referee’s job to ensure what was happening and that he wasn’t a cheater.  The win earned Team Pac MMA the team challenge.

Highlighting some women’s mma, Ginger Galardo took on A.J. McAvoy.  The start of the action saw Galardo quickly take McAvoy to the ground.  After a bit of posturing, Galardo was in full mount, but McAvoy just used strength to push up and out of the position.  Once back on their feet, McAvoy showcased her superior striking skills landing several 1-2 combos over and over.  McAvoy faked a takedown only to land a devastating combo that hurt Galardo.  While still standing, McAvoy quickly unloaded several solid shots forcing the referee stoppage.

The co-main event was a number one contenders match for the FCE middleweight title.  Mickey Martin and Luke Austin both knew what was on the line and wanted to send a message to current middleweight champion Jermey Godinia.  Austin started the fight with a big right hand and then clinched.  Martin started peppering Austin’s body while in the clinch and was able to get separation.  Austin again with a big punch only this time it hurts Martin and throws him off balance.  Austin quickly grabs a guillotine choke and has it in tight.  Martin tried to punch his way out, but couldn’t and tapped.

The main event saw Christian Reynoso defend his FCE featherweight belt against Mike Long.  The first round saw Reynoso take Long down multiple times.  Long tried to lock in submissions, but Reynoso was able to either power his way out or punch his way out of the attempts.  In the second round Long opened up with a big flying knee as Reynoso was shooting for a takedown.  Reynoso held on and sort of got it but it was more like Long just sat down.  Long shifted his hips to attempt more submissions, but Reynoso was relentless with the punches and hammer fists.  Several shots landed to the back of the head and Reynoso was warned.  Long tried to roll to escape, but Reynoso went with him and was able to secure Long’s back.  Reynoso worked to get a rear naked choke in while at the same time locked in a body triangle.  Reynoso arches as much as he can and Long was forced to tap out.

Overall the fans left more than happy after a long night of action.  MMA Recap, Dos Lunas Tequilla and Team Finisher MMA Clothing were all sponsoring the event.  Fightcard Entertainment will be back at Joe’s Sports Bar on January 21 for “Counter Strike” which will be the first hybrid MMA and Kickboxing event under the Fightcard banner.  Stay tuned to MMA Recap for videos of some of the night’s fights.

Quick Results
•    Jacob Brewick defeats Aaron Beyers by unanimous decision 29-28
•    Chris Garcia defeats Phil Hunter by kimura 1:30 round 1
•    Manny Camacho defeats Steven Kick by technical knock out :36 round 3
•    LaRoyce Tankston defeats Joe Zuniga by unanimous decision 29-28
•    Johny Torres defeats Pedor Velasco by knock out (high kick) 2:16 round 1
•    Luis Robles defeats Omar Diaz by guillotine choke :29 round 1
•    Chris Sizemore defeats Percy Hicks by knock out (flying knee) 1:35 round 1
•    Danny Morales defeats Quincy Smith by technical knock out :15 round 2
•    A.J. McAvoy defeats Ginger Galardo by technical knock out 2:01 round 1
•    Luke Austin defeats Mickey Marting by guillotine choke :41 of round 1
•    Christian Reynoso defeats Mike Long by rear naked choke 2:36 of round 2