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Jeremy Godina

Fightcard Entertainment “No Mercy” Results And Recap

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Jeremy Godina

photo by Brent Todd

Fightcard Enterainment “No Mercy” took place on Saturday October 17 from the Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois.  A total of thirteen fighters took place including a team versus team challenge, a woman’s Muay Thai fight and a main event for the middleweight title.  Read on for the results and recap of the night’s action.

Pre-fight entertainment kicked off with rapper Vision.  Vision performed two original songs.  After Vision’s act, two fighters made their way inside the cage.  At first fans were confused as the fighters looked more like an exhibition match than a real fight.  But then it was revealed that one of the fighters was in fact, PRism.

PRism set the energy level with his two high-energy songs.   In addition to his performance, two extreme martial arts fighters were inside the cage to enhance the show.  After the three-song set, the action began.

The first fight of the night saw Billy Carrol taking on Nick Barton.  After a brief exchange, Barton took Carrol to the ground.  Carrol showed some Brazilian jiu jitsu skills, but Barton was just too powerful and kept escaping the submission attempts.  In the second round, Barton again took the fight to the ground and workedsome ground and pound.  Barton passed guard and got the full mount.  Carrol tried to buck out to escape, but Barton grabbed ahold of Carrol’s neck and forced a tapout at 2:52 in the second round.

Joaquin Sanchez looked like he wanted to rip off Tom Breen’s head before the fight began.  Breen went to touch gloves, but Sanchez didn’t want any of it.  Both fighters stand and trade power shots, before clinching.  From the clinch, Breen got a massive takedown and landed in guard.  Sanchez held Breen close, which resulted in no action.  The ref warned the fighters to do something and then stood them.  After the stand up, Breen tried a spinning back fist but missed.  Sanchez unloads and just throws Breen into the cage.  Fighters standing toe-to-toe exchanging before Sanchez lands a massive right hand that knock Breen out cold.  After the fight Breen was not all there and the medics brought in a stretcher for precautionary reasons.  Breen was able to walk out of the cage on his own.  Official time of the contest was 1:45 of the first round.

Walter Junior Rochet and Jason Todd had one of the hardest rounds of the night to score.  In the first round Todd took the fight to the ground quickly.  Todd controlled the action from the top for the round, but didn’t do much more than keep pressure on Rochet.  Rochet on the other hand threw strikes from the bottom and was doing more damage.  At the end of the round Rochet locked in an arm bar but the bell rang and Todd was saved.  MMA Recap scored the round for Rochet.  Round two Todd quickly took the fight to the ground again.  Todd in Rochet’s full guard working some strikes, but Rochet threw his legs up and locks in a triangle choke.  Rochet started punching Todd’s head while still tightening his choke.  The ref warns to escape, but Todd is unable and taps at 2:10 in the second round.  After the fight, Todd was still out of it and took a bit of time to leave the cage.

The action stopped at this point due to Todd Breen being taken to the hospital for precautionary measures.  Due to Illinois’s state laws, an ambulance must be present for all fights and thus the un-expected intermission.

When the action resumed, Mike Long took on Mik Wojtulewicz.  After a brief touch of gloves, Long landed a big leg kick and followed it up with an overhand right that buckled Wojtulewicz.  Long followed up with a series of punches and the ref was forced to stop the action just 26 seconds into the first round.

Ken Hanson and Nick Parker quickly made their way to the cage.  In the first round both fighters decided to come out swinging.  Hanson hurt Parker with a combo, but Parker came back and hurt Hanson.  Hanson then clinches, but Parker took him down with ease.  Working from the top, Parker kept unloading punch after punch.  While many weren’t doing much damage, those that found their mark were inflicting a lot of punishment.  At the start of round two Hanson has an obvious swollen right eye.  Parker landed a straight right hand that drpped Hanson to the mat.  Parker followed Hanson down and worked some ground and pound.  After trapping Hanson’s right arm with his knee, Parker landed eight solid shots before the ref stopped the action.

Tony Ortiz and Anthony Inendino both went to high school together and this was somewhat of a grudge match between the two.  Unfortunately both fighters had very small gas tanks and it showed.  The first round saw Ortiz take Inendino down, but Inendino was able to buck and switch position.  Inendino would get mount and then Ortiz’s back, but couldn’t secure anything.  At the end of the round, Ortiz bucked and was able to escape much to the crowd’s pleasure.  After the round, both fighters looked worn out.  Round two saw a decent wrestling match as against Ortiz got the takedown, and Inendino rolled and then got Ortiz’s back.  After not being able to get the choke, Inendino started throwing shots to the body.  This forced Ortiz to roll and give up mount again.  Inendino knocked out Ortiz’s mouth guard, but couldn’t finish the fight.  After not doing much damage, the ref stood them up and gave Ortiz his mouth guard back.  With ten seconds left, both fighters went for and missed a high kick.  After the round Inendino taunted Ortiz and offered a high-five, but Ortiz shrugged him off.  The third round both fighters were visibly gassed.  Neither fighter could muster up the strength to do much of anything and the ref warned them to do something.  Inendino shot for a takedown got it, which was the highlight of the round.  The official result was a unanimous decision (30-27) for Inendino.

The next five fights were all apart of the team challenge.

In the first fight of the team challenge, Team Top Notch’s Richard Mcdole took on Team PAC’s Joe Voitik.  The first round of action Mcdole lands a big leg kick and Voitik shot for a takedown.  Mcdole sprawled well and went for a guillotine choke, but Voitik popped out and landed in mount.  Voitik attempting some ground and pound, but Mcdole rolled one way and then the other and was able to pull guard.  The rest of the round saw Mcdole attempting submission after submission, but Voitik kept just powering his way out of them and landed blow after blow.  In the second round, Voitik took the fight to the ground again and started to work his ground and pound.  Mcdole shifted his hips and attempted an arm bar, but Voitik caught the legs and pushed them to the side as if to unload.  However he didn’t throw any punches as Mcdole left his neck exposed and Voitik sunk in a rear naked choke forcing Mcdole to tap 1:13 in the second round.  Team PAC 1-0.

Steven Kick of Team PAC was a last minute replacement opponent for Randel Myers.  After a brief exchange of punches, Myers locked in a standing guillotine and attempted to pull guard with it.  Unfortunately Kick just power slammed his way out of the choke and landed in side control.  While he was working some ground and pound, Myers capitalized on a mistake by Kick and secured a triangle choke.  Kick started to buck and roll to escape, but Myers held onto his choke.  After about fifteen seconds or so, Kick was finally able to roll correctly and Myers now had a top mounted triangle.  From this position Kick bucked and escaped, only to have Myers land in his guard.  Myers worked some ground and pound and was able to pass into full mount.  Kick gave up his back and Myers looked to sink in a rear naked choke, but Kick turned into the choke and reverses positions landing in Myers’s guard.  Kick, knowing he has lost this round, unloads several powerful punches.  Myers wasn’t able to do much, but got saved by the bell.  At the start of the second round, Myers looked gassed and Kick took advantage of it.  A big left kick by Kick to start the action off and Myers quickly looked to get this fight to the ground.  But Kick revered the takedown and landed in guard.  More punches by Kick and Myers gave up his back.  A lot of blood just starts coming out of Myers’s nose and the ref halts the action to have the ringside doctor check it out.  After a brief moment, the doctor calls the action.  Official time was 35 seconds into the second round for Kick.  Team PAC is now 2-0.

After the cleanup of blood, the mat was very slippery for Nate Heiser and Elvin Leon Brito.  Both fighters looked to exchange blows, but kept slipping on the mat.  After some quick exchanges, Brito landed a body-head-combo that forced Heiser to shoot in for a takedown.  Brito looked to pull guard, but Heiser decided to stand up.  While attempting to get up, Brito grabbed ahold of Heiser’s neck and got a standing guillotine choke that forced the tap out at 2:09 of the first round.  Team PAC has won the team challenge and is up 3-0.

Some more cleanup was done on the mat, but this time to make sure it wouldn’t be as slippery.  Knowing that team Top Notch was already eliminated, Ian Rammel still wanted to give his team their first victory.  Chris Sizemore had other plans as he wanted to ensure that team PAC went 5-0 in the team challenge.  In the first round Rammel went for a very telegraphed takedown that Sizemore easily sprawled to defend.  Sizemore landed some serious shots as Rammel gave up his back.  The rest of the round saw Rammel attempting to roll out, but Sizemore kept on his back the entire time landing punch after punch.  Round two started and Sizemore landed some big strikes that dropped Rammel.  Sizemore didn’t rush in and for some reason let Rammel stand up and gave him a chance to recover.  The fighters exchanged jabs before clinching and exchanging knees.  Sizemore then pushed Rammel into the cage and got a double-leg takedown.  Sizemore landed a couple of shots before Rammel would tie him up.  Eventually the fighters stood up and with ten seconds left Rammel attempted a huge uppercut that just barely missed.  The third round Sizemore continued to do what was working for him and took the fight to the ground.   Rammel had some offense in this round from the bottom, but it wasn’t enough as Sizemore landed more damaging shots from the bottom.  Official decision was 30-27,30-27, 29-28 for Sizemore.  Team PAC has won 4 now.

With no pressure on the team aspect, Team PAC’s Danny Morales looked very calm before his fight against Chris Kleman.  The first round saw both fighters standing up and exchanging punches and kicks.  After a big straight right, Kleman attempted to pull guard, but Morales just slammed him into the mat.  Morales didn’t want anything to do with Kleman’s ground game and let Kleman stand up.  Both fighters again were fairly even with their strikes, but at the end of the round Kleman rocked Morales and Morales went to clinch.  As the final seconds of the round ticked off, Kleman landed three knees to Morales’s body.  While a close round, MMA Recap scored it for Morales.  The second round Kleman ate a big right hand before taking down Morales.  Morales looked to use a form of rubber guard, but Kleman used this to pass into half guard, before attempting a guillotine from top position.  Unable to choke him out, Kleman lets go and starts to punch Morales.  Morales was able to pull full guard when Kleman attempted to get mount.  Kleman unhappy with the guard position decided to punish Morales with some punches.  Morales grabbed a hold of one of Kleman’s arms and attempted an arm bar.  It looks like it is in tight, but Kleman isn’t tapping as he isn’t fully extended yet.  Kleman sneaked his foot in-between Morales’s arms and breaks the submission attempt.  Morales quickly got into the mount position but Kleman gave up his back.  Morales attempted to end the fight with another arm bar after landing ten solid hammer fists to Kleman’s head.  Unfortunately for Morales, time ran out and he wasn’t able to fully extend the arm.  It was very close round as both fighters were in dominant position equally.  MMA Recap scored this round a draw.  Round three started and the crowd was really behind Morales.  Neither fighter is able to land anything and looks almost more like they are shadowboxing for at least thirty seconds.  Finally Kleman pushes forward and takes control of the cage.  Both fighters exchange leg kicks.  Kleman faked the overhand right and then shot in and got the takedown.  Neither fighter doing much of anything and the ref stood them up.  Morales hurt Kleman a bit in an exchange at the end, but it wasn’t enough to earn him the round.  MMA Recap scored this round for Kleman and predicted a split decision.  Official decision is 30-29, 28-29, 29-28 for Kleman giving team Top Notch their only victory in the team challenge.

The co-main event of the night featured a woman’s Muay Thai fight between Ginger Galardo and Andrea Caines.  To many in the audience, this fight did not look very technical at first as it seemed more like both fighters were just throwing whatever combo of punches and kicks they could muster.  By the end of the third round it was very clear that was not the case for Galardo as she landed several combinations of the punch-punch-kick variety that hurt Caines.  At one point during the fight it looked like the ref was going to stop the fight, but Caines put up a tough fight.  In the end, Galardo earned the unanimous decision (30-27).

The main event featured a FCE middleweight champion Ron Ermillo defending his belt against Jeremy Godina.  The start of the first saw both fighters wanting to show each other how good their striking game was.  Neither fighter landed a devastating blow, but Godina forced Ermillo up against the cage.  After a couple of punches to the head of Ermillo, Godina shot down and grabbed both of Ermillo’s legs.  He then carried Ermillo across the cage and slammed him down.  The rest of the round Godina was in mount landing blow after blow and Ermillo having no answer.  Round two the fighters clinched early and exchanged knees.  Godina grabbed a hold of one of Ermillo’s knees and used it to take the fight to the ground.  Godina controlled Ermillio from side control through out most of this round, but Ermillio bucked and was able to stand up.  While standing up, Godina jumped on Ermillio’s back and tried to lock in a rear naked choke.  But Ermillio turned into the choke and was able to finish the round landing punches from within Godina’s guard.  The final round Ermillio looked tired and quickly shot for a takedown.  Godina had a fantastic sprawl and was able to lock in a darse choke.  After some struggling, Ermillio tapped, crowning Godina the new FCE middleweight champion.

Check back later for a picture gallery as well as exclusive videos from the event.

Official results:
•    Nick Barton defeats Billy Carrol by guillotine choke 2:52 of Round 2
•    Joaquin Sanchez defeats Tom Breen by knock out 1:45 of Round 1
•    Walter Junior Rochet defeated Jason Todd by triangle choke 2:10 of Round 2
•    Mike Long defeated Mike Wojtulewicz by TKO :26 of Round 1
•    Nick Parker defeated Ken Hanson by submission due to strikes :32 of Round 2
•    Anthony Inendino defeated Tony Ortiz by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
•    Joe Voitik defeated Richard Mcdole by reverse naked choke 1:13 of Round 2
•    Steven Kick defeated Randel Myers by TKO :35 of Round 2
•    Elvin Leon Brito defeated Nate Heiser by guillotine choke 2:09 of Round 1
•    Chris Sizemore defeated Ian Rammel by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
•    Chris Kleman defeated Danny Morales by split decision (30-29, 28-29, 29-28)
•    Andrea Caines defeated Ginger Galardo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
•    Jeremy Godina defeated Ron Ermilio by darse choke :46 Round 3

Fightcard Entertainment No Mercy

Fightcard Entertainment Announces Public Weigh-Ins For No Mercy

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Fightcard Entertainment No MercyFightcard Entertnainment announced today that Shoeless Joe’s Ale House and Grill will host the public weigh-ins for this Saturday’s “No Mercy” event.  Fans of the sport will be able to meet and talk to the fighters.

The public weigh-ins kick off at 6:30pm at Shoeless Joe’s.  Food and drink specials will be featured through out the weigh-ins.

Tickets are still available for “No Mercy” and start at just $20.  “No Mercy” features four teams of five fighters competing against each other with the winning team moving on to December’s event.

In addition to the team versus team fights, a middleweight title fight between Ron Ermillio and Jermey Godina will headline the action.

Shoeless Joe’s is located at 10290 W. Higgins Road in Rosemont, IL.

No Mercy takes place at the Cicero Stadium located at 1909 S. Laramie St., Cicero, Il.

Fightcard Entertainment Announces “No Mercy”

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FCE LogoChicago based Fightcard Entertainment has announced the teams for their upcoming event “No Mercy”.  “No Mercy” takes place on Saturday October 17 from the Cicero Stadium in Cicero, Illinois.

“No Mercy” will feature four teams of five fighters competing against each other.  The teams included are Team PAC, Team No Comment, Team Top Notch and Elite Fight Team.

The five fights will be in the featherweight, bantamweight, lightweight, welterweight and middleweight weight classes.

The winning teams will move on to fight each other at the December 10 event that will take place at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago, Illinois.

Also scheduled for the night will be Ron Ermillio taking on Jeremy Godina for the FCE middleweight title.