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Episode 1: MMARecap Weekly Recap

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MMARecap is back with a brand new weekly podcast. This is the only incarnation that makes sense for bringing back MMARecap so look for a new podcast on Sunday night or Monday morning of each week. Please leave feedback below and it could be read on the next week’s show. This week’s topics include results from UFC 160, CFA 11, Fightcard Massacre 2013, and Praetorian Fighting Championships 1. Then the news of the week covers fighters retiring, being signed, and involved in lawsuits. The show then goes on to talk about fight announcements and is finished with listener feedback. Sit back and enjoy.

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Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes Signs New Contract With UFC

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Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes (43-7) recently signed a 6 fight contract with the UFC. This news likely insures that the H.I.T. Squad leader will finish his career within the octagon.

Hughes announced the contract signing on his website.

“Last week I went out to Vegas and I signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC, which is much like my last contract,” Hughes stated. “I also brought up the fact that I wanted to do a hunting show and they thought that would be a good thing.”

Much speculation has been done as to whom the former champ will fight next. Hughes mentioned that he still needs to find out who his next opponent will be and when the fight will take place. UFC president Dana White said that he anticipates an early 2010 return for Hughes.

Hughes is coming off a unanimous decision victory over arguably his biggest rival in Matt Serra. Although, Hughes is just 2-3 in his last five fights, and another run at the title seems unlikely. We will all have to wait and see if Hughes can adapt his style to defeat the younger, faster, and more explosive talent that the UFC has in the division.

Matt Serra

Matt Serra Not Retired

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Matt Serra

Matt Serra

MMAWeekly caught up with Matt Serra to find out what his plans were for the future.  Serra talks about his training camp regimen, his fight with Matt Hughes, and when he expects to compete again.

Matt Serra last fought at “UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida” against longtime rival Matt Hughes.  The rivalry started back when Serra was watching season two of “The Ultimate Fighter” and said he found Hughes to be annoying and a dick.

Season four brought Serra back into the UFC fold with other “comeback” fighters.  Hughes made a guest stop during the show and Serra’s dislike of the champion grew even more.  He went on to win that season and upset Georges St. Pierre to win the welterweight title.

The upset set the stage perfectly for season six of the show when Serra and Hughes became opposing coaches.  But the fight that was supposed to happen at the end of the show did not happen due to Serra getting injured.  Nearly eighteen months later Hughes and Serra would finally meet in the octagon.

The fight would end up winning the coveted “Fight of the Night” award, but Serra did not earn the victory and still feels that it should have been in his favor or at least a draw.
“I’m not going to sit here and bad mouth the guy because we did fight. I’m not going to attack him personally, but at the same time I do feel I won that fight, or at least I should have got the nod. If not, it’s a draw and let’s do it again.”

Serra has been in discussions with Joe Silva about who his next opponent will be and when it will happen.  Serra told Silva “Look man, let’s talk about it, it’s just that I need a two and a half month to three month period to be were I want. That’s what I like to train. That’s how I like to do it. I felt so good in my last fight that that’s the recipe for the rest of my fights. That’s what I’m doing. As soon as you’ve got a date and you know what’s up, just give me that window of two and a half month – three month training camp.’ So that’s it. The ball is in their court, and we’re going to talk about it. I’m not done, that’s for sure.”

As for who his next opponent is, Serra obviously wants a rematch with Hughes, but any of the more recognized fighters will do.  He loved the adrenaline rush of seeing his name in the lights so to speak and feels that fighting someone with less recognition wouldn’t be the same.

“I’ve made my whole career fighting whoever they put in front of me, and that hasn’t really changed, but it has to be kind of exciting now. You know what I mean? I’ve got to see my name up there with someone else where I’m like, ‘Whew. I’d want to see that as a fight fan myself. I like that match up, and I like that name. He’s a legend.’ I want that type of thing around it. That’s what I want.

“A new guy is just as tough as some of these other guys, so it’s like why not at this stage of my career fight guys that, your name is up there, like when they had me versus Hughes. That was exciting. That’s what I’m looking for. I know Frank Trigg is back in the mix. That would be interesting.

“I want a fight that on paper is exciting as hell and a name that’s like a cemented name where it’s like ah, that’s a fight I’ve been wanting to see.”

Hopefully we will get to see the New York brazilin jui-jitsu ace before years end.