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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 2 Results And Recap

Written by MMARecap Staff on . Posted in Results

Chicago Cagefighting Championship 2 PosterThe second installment of Chicago Cagefighting Championship took place on Saturday October 16 at The Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.  The night saw four amateur bouts and seven professional bouts.  Read on for the full results and recap.

The first amateur bout kicked off the night of action with heavy handed heavyweights.  James Gleissner had the superior wrestling, while Ricky Johnson was the stronger and more dangerous striker.  The opening round Johnson tagged Gleissner and dropped him, but to Gleissner’s credit he had a powerful shot as he stood back up.  After he got on his feet, Gleissner shot in and secured the takedown.  From there he worked from full mount to Johnson’s back and secured a rear naked choke.  The choke looked deep, but Johnson pushed threw and was able to get out of the submission attempt.  With seconds left Johnson rocked Gleissner and opened him up.  The second round started and neither fighter wanted to do much.  Gleissner secured a takedown, but Johnson powered his way out of it and into full mount.  Johnson rained down heavy lefts and rights until the ref stopped the fight.

PJ Casillias from Top Notch took on Colton Martin in a welterweight matchup.  Casillias came out with a flying knee and worked several knees from a Muay Thai Clinch.  Martin would work free and land some good hooks, but Casillias kept going back to the clinch to work knees to Martin’s body.  At the end of the round Martin took Casillias down and secured mount, but Casillias bucked and reversed the position.  Martin caught Casillias with a two big right hooks that woke Casillias up and he unloaded several shots.  Martin, pushed up against the cage, took several shots before attempting a takedown.  Casillias sprawled and landed in side control.  From there he trapped an arm, and unloaded peppering shots till Martin turned and gave Casillias the opening he needed to throw heavy rights.  The ref had no choice but to halt the action.

Nate Patrick was a far superior wrestler to Kris Blainey and that’s what made all the difference in the fight.  Patrick took the fight to the ground and the first round was mostly Patrick holding Blainey down.  The second round Patrick again scored a takedown, but this time worked several punches to the side of Blainey’s head until the fight was ended.

Nic Thompson and Matt Hong ended the amateur fights with a crowd pleasing heavyweight fight.  Both Thompson and Hong were finding their range and at times rocked the other where a good follow up would have ended it.  But they both had granite chins and were able to withstand the damage.  As Hong had Thompson in trouble, Thompson landed a punch flush on Hong’s head that crumbled his knees.  Thompson moved in, secured mount and and threw big punches until the ref stopped it.

The professional bouts were kicked off with a lightweight fight featuring Adam Ward and Bryan Fielder.  The three round battle saw action every where.  In the first both fighters exchanged big punches.  Ward rocked Fielder and Fielder shot for a takedown.  Ward defended it well and got Fielder’s back.  The round ended with Ward working for a rear naked choke which was how he spent most of the round.  The second round the fighters again exchanged punches before Fielder attempted another takedown.  Ward again worked a rear naked choke, but couldn’t secure it.  Fielder stood up and both fighters threw kicks that just missed.  Fielder again shot for a takedown, but Ward defended and ended up on top of Fielder.  Ward worked elbows before going to the rear naked and he nearly finished it, but let go in exchange for throwing some punches to bloody up Fielder.  The third round Fielder changed game plans and clinched Ward against the cage.  But Ward was able to open a cut above Fielder’s eye and then took Fielder down.  Little action and the ref separated the fighters.  Fielder took Ward down, but Ward threw his legs up and Fielder was in trouble as he was within a triangle choke.  Ward couldn’t secure the choke all the way so opted for throwing elbows and punches from the bottom.  The ref halted action to check on Fielder’s eye, and then restarted in the same position.  Ward continued his elbows and punches from the bottom to secure the third round and the judges’ decision.

Wanting to ensure their fight didn’t go the distance, Dennis Dombrow and Ray Grindstaff came out swinging.  Grindstaff worked for a takedown and got it.  Grindstaff worked small shots from Dombrow’s guard, but Dombrow countered with a heel hook.  Grindstaff retaliated with heel kicks but Dombrow used the opportunity to escape the bad position and put Grindstaff on his back.  Dombrow worked diligently to get the position he wanted which was Grindstaff’s back.  From there Dombrow threw punches in bunches, but used a slick transition to secure a triangle choke.  With the choke secured, Dombrow torqued Grindstaff’s arm forcing the tapout.

LVRG owner German Reyes returned to action against Frank Pizzirulli.  The three round affair saw Reyes successfully take Pizzirulli down each round and transitioned to mount.  Reyes was unable to do too much damage as Pizzirulli was doing a fantastic job of controlling Reyes’s head and wrists.  In the third round Pizzirulli was able to reverse and land in Reyes’s guard.  Reyes worked hard for a sub and with fifteen seconds left he locked in a triangle choke.  The bell rang and Pizzirulli tapped out after, but the judges made their decision and it was Reyes all the way.

The last fight before an intermission saw Ryan Williams take on Ryan Bixler.  The three round fight was very competitive.  In the first round Williams controlled the action by forcing Bixler against the cage.  But Bixler would escape and land a punch only to receive a big leg kick by Williams.  A big welt appeared on Bixler’s leg as the round ended.  The second round Williams again pushed Bixler against the cage.  Williams worked for a single leg takedown, but was in danger as Bixler grabbed a hold of Williams’ neck.  Williams switched from a single to a double leg and got the big takedown and stayed there for the rest of the round.  The third round Bixler tried to find his range, but Williams stayed just out of it.  Williams worked for a takedown, secured it.  With ten seconds left, both fighters threw elbows without a care and the time ran out for Bixler as the judges’ cards all read for Williams.

After an intermission light heavyweights were in action.  Jason Guida and Nick Rossborough went all three rounds.  Rossborough who had the superior reach advantage used it through out the three round fight.  Guida had no answer for Rossborough’s straight left that kept the shorter Guida at bay.  Guida would try to use the clinch to his advantage, but Rossborough would keep Guida pushed up against the cage and worked several body shots to Guida’s body.  In the second round Guida attempted a single leg, but wasn’t able to get it.  As the third round was ending, Guida nearly had Rossborough’s back while standing, but couldn’t secure it.  In the end, Rossborough’s reach proved too much and the judges’ gave the fight to him.

In the night’s co-main event, Mike Lullo took on Tyler Combs in lightweight action.  The fight of the night by far as this saw the most action.  The first round Lullo and Combs started off trading shots.  Combs attempted a takedown, but Lullo pushed Combs against the cage and took him down.  Lullo worked multiple punches and elbows but Combs countered with a good rubber guard.  Lullo stood up and worked multiple kicks to Combs’s legs.  Combs tried to protest a low shot and Lullo rushed in and rocked Combs as the round ended.  The second round Lullo took the fight to the ground and quickly passed to side control.  From the dominant position he worked several knees to Combs’s shoulder and body.  Combs escaped and stood up and threw several haymakers but couldn’t find the target.  The third round Lullo landed a big knee that dropped Combs.  Lullo quickly tied up Combs and secured his back.  Lullo was working for a triangle choke and an armbar and after a couple of adjustments was able to force Combs to tap.

The main event saw Chase Beebe taking on Jared McMahan.  Beebe quickly found his range with his left jab and right hook.  Beebe stalked McMahan around the cage and McMahan had no answer.  McMahan threw a low kick that landed in Beebe’s groin and after the restart Beebe was a man on a mission.  Beebe caught McMahan with a right that dropped McMahan and quickly secured a fight ending guillotine choke that forced McMahan to tap.

Amateur Quick Results
Ricky Johnson defeated James Gleissner by TKO at 1:25 of round 2
PJ Casillias defeated Colton Martin by TKO at 1:23 of round 2
Nate Patrick defeated Kris Blainey by TKO at 1:24 of round 2
Nic Thompson defeated Matt Hong by TKO at 2:09 of round 1

Professional Quick Results
Adam Ward defeated Bryan Fielder by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Dennis Dombrow defeated Ray Grindstaff by triangle armbar at 4:46 of round 1
German Reyes defeated Frank Pizzirulli by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Ryan Williams defeated Ryan Bixler by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Nick Rossborough defeated Jason Guida by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Mike Lullo defeated Tyler Combs by armbar at 1:17 of round 3
Chase Beebe defeated Jared McMahan by guillotine choke at 1:20 of round 1