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Chris Bergeron at Invasion - photo by Brent Todd

Cut Throat: Invasion Chicago Recap and Results

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Chris Bergeron at Invasion - photo by Brent Todd

Chris Bergeron at Invasion - photo by Brent Todd

Friday night at the Congress Theater, Cut Throat MMA presented “Invasion Chicago” that delivered a night of amateur MMA and Muay Thai action. Nearly 3,000 people were in attendance for the four hours of competition. Here’s what happened…

Darrel Edmonson (Team No Comment) vs Chris Bergeron (Emerald Smoke)
ref – Carlos Diaz

Round one: Edmonson took the center of the cage as the two trade punches. First knockdown came from Edmonson, but he was unable to capitalize on a downed opponent. Both fighters stood and banged away with single punches and kicks. Bergeron landed a solid punch that rattled Edmonson. Bergeron tried to swarm and got caught coming in with a right hook and dropped. Edmonson swarmed and landed several hammer fists. Bergeron managed to get up, but was bloody and dizzy. Bergeron tried to hulk up and threw a kick. Edmonson caught it and dropped him with a cross. Bergeron was seriously bleeding as the round ended.

Round two: Bergeron still had blood all over his left ear as the round started. Bergeron dove in for a takedown, but it was stuffed by Edmonson. Bergeron took the center, but Edmonson was moving fast around him on the outside. Bergeron started to land his cross punch. Edmonson landed more than Bergeron. A solid right hook from Edmonson and the crowd felt it. Bergeron was still standing and pushed forward. Edmonson for the countless time caught the right kick from Bergeron and landed a straight cross to the jaw. Bergeron landed a push kick to Edmonson’s abs. Both fighters slowed towards the end. Edmonson caught another kick and landed with the cross again.

Round three: Edmonson took the center, but both fighters were selective with strikes. Bergeron ducked under a jab and secured a double leg takedown into guard. Soft punches from Bergeron from the top. Edmonson struggled to get out from under Bergeron. Edmonson struggled for wrist control and over hooks. More soft punches from Bergeron. Edmonson tried to use the cage to wall walk. Edmonson countered another takedown attempt into mount, but Bergeron swept Edmonson at the last fifteen seconds of the fight. Doctor came right in after the end of the round to check on Bergeron with the cut over his left eye.

Result: Darrel Edmonson via Unanimous Decision

Andrew Potapenko (Counterstrike MMA) vs Bobby Kpa (Independent)
ref – Carlos Diaz
Round one: Potapenko took the center and started landing punches. Kpa dove in for at takedown and countered by Potapenko with choke attempt. Good clinch work with punches from both fighters. Kpa fell trying to get away and Potapenko jumped on him for hammer fists. Back to their feet and Potapenko landed punches as Kpa covered up. Overhand rights from Kpa who threw bombs instead of technical strikes. Potapenko softened up Kpa with leg kicks and pushed him up against the cage for more knee strikes. Guillotine choke from Kpa as a counter against the takedown from Potapenko. Close work against the cage as the crowd booed and the round ended.

Round two: Potapenko took the center and opened up with a body kick and straight cross that landed on the chin. More overhand strikes from Kpa. Potapenko clinched and moved the fight to the cage. Kpa did a lot of unnecessary covering and Potapenko swarms in to land punches. The ref stops the fight with unanswered strikes.

Result: Andrew Patapenko ref stoppage at 1.10 of round two

Justin Mora (Duneland Vale Tudo) vs TJ Whalen (Emerald Smoke)
ref – Carlos Diaz
Round one: Whalen took the center and they started to trade right away. Mora with a quick mount from a double leg takedown. Moved to back, but could finish the choke and Whalen used it to stand up. Mora with another jab-takedown combo that ended in Whalen’s guard. Thoughtful movement from both fighters while on the ground. Whalen worked with an open guard and Mora landed soft hammer fists to stay busy. Whalen held down Mora for a good period of time with in the three-minute round. Punches to the body and head from Mora to end the round.

Round two: Whalen showed some damage under the right eye. Mora opened up with another takedown and into side control against the cage. Another mount secured from Mora and landing heavy punches. Whalen round some space and snuck out and landed punches on Mora. Mora looked tired and held Whalen against the cage, but didn’t do any damage. Crowd called for knees and either fighter landed. Mora started to show damage around the mouth and nose. Solid right hand punch from Mora to Whalen’s chin against the cage. Mora just pinned Whalen against the cage and delivered strikes as the round ended.

Round three: Whalen jabbed Mora to open, but Mora countered with another double leg takedown into half guard. They worked against the cage as Whalen secured full closed guard. Mora worked from the top with short hammer fists. Whalen tried to gain wrist control, but Mora was too active. Mora postured up and landed heavy strikes on Whalen’s head. Stand up from the ref. Then Mora delivered another spinning takedown at the end of the fight.

Result: Just Mora via Unanimous Decision

Jason Crose (New Beginnings MMA) vs Matt Giancarlo (Gilbert Grappling)
ref – Carlos Diaz
Round one: Crose opened up with a push kick that was reversed by Giancarlo with a takedown in to side control. Punches landed from Giancarlo to the head and the right side of the body of Crose. Giancarlo moved to strike his knees to the left side of the body. Crose turtled and took punishment to the side of the head. Giancarlo tried to get hooks in, but Crose blocked those advances. Giancarlo was able to capture the neck for a RNC as Crose lightly tapped out.

Result: Matt Giancarlo via Tapout due to a RNC at 1.44 of round one


Michelle Profit vs. Breea Gilbert
Ref – Dave Duset
Round one: Gilbert took the center and landed punches that pushed Profit back. Gilbert landed a solid right hand that would have dropped Profit if the cage wall didn’t catch her. Gilbert owned the center and landed hard punches. Profit tried to find space to work but Gilbert was in close and did not let her get away. Solid takedown from Gilbert against the cage to end in side control. Profit tried to counter with a choke, but Gilbert reversed into mount and landed punches. Ref called for a stand up because Gilbert struck the back of the head. After the restart Profit stopped right before Gilbert struck her in the face.

Result: Breea Gilbert via verbal Tapout at 2.19 of round one


Zach Sesko (MMA Underground) vs Aaron Brooks (Carlson Gracie)
ref – Dave Duset
Round one: Sesko ended up in full guard against the cage after a huge scramble to start the fight. Brooks went for an arm bar from the bottom early and Sesko picked him up and slammed him down. The hold was not released. Brooks used the arm bar attempt to counter and move into side control. Still in side control, Brooks was content to land punches and knees to the body. Sesko tried to explode for a reversal, but Brooks maintained control. Brooks had a failed arm bar attempt that Sesko countered to end the round on top and landed punches.

Round two: Brooks took the center and threw leg kicks, but Sesko had maintained a far enough distance to not take damage. Sesko landed a heavy cross but Brooks was unfazed. Sesko pushed the bigger Brooks against the cage until Brooks reversed and exploded off the cage into a takedown. Brooks worked from half guard to land punches to the body then moved to side control. Sesko had Brooks’s head trapped under his armpit and secured his hands around Brooks’s back. Brooks gained mount but was unable to posture up to land damage. Sesko used his position to revers and end the round in Brooks’s guard.

Round three: Good and heavy leg kick from Brooks to start and he took the center. Sesko clipped Brooks and he went in for a takedown as a counter against the cage. Sesko countered with a guillotine choke as Brooks picked him and slammed him down. Sesko released the choke and started working from guard. Brooks tried to stand up, but Sesko countered with a leg lock then switched it to a heel hook. Brooks moved into top position and took an arm home with him.

Result: Aaron Brooks via Tapout due an arm bar at 2.45 of round three.


Patrick Murphy (Counterstrike MMA) vs. Aaron Hammons (Tear)
ref – Dave Duset
Round one: Hammons shot in for a takedown, but stuffed by Murphy. Murphy tried to take the back a few times and finally got it. Snuck in the hooks and started landing punches. Punches to the body and head landed. Hammons with unanswered punches and the ref stopped the fight.

Result: Patrick Murphy by ref stoppage due to strikes at 1.01 of round one.


Faith Profit vs. Audrey Pang
ref – Dave Duset
Round one: Pang took the center, but Profit came out with punches and bunches. Pang secured a takedown into side control then easily moved to mount. Ground and pound came from Pang with Profit flat on her back. Pang moved the fight to the cage and unloaded everything he had on her opponent. The ref finally stepped to rescue Profit. Crowd went crazy.

Result: Audrey Pang via stoppage due to strikes at 1.17 of round one.

Bantamweight Tourney Quarterfinal
Sean Gee (Glen Hudson Academy) vs Jerald Williams (Team No Ego)
ref – Carlos Diaz
Round one: Williams took the center and pushed Gee back for a single leg. Not a full takedown as Gee has his back against the cage. Williams moved to half guard and landed body shots. There was a large struggle to stand up from Gee as Williams tried to hold him down. Williams was able to get Gee flat on his back and in half guard. Little damage from each fighter but a lot of work for position. Gee able to escape from the space given by Williams. As Gee was backing up Williams came forward and Gee delivered a knee to the body to drop Williams. Gee with a huge double leg takedown as the round ends.

Round two: Gee caught Williams with a right hook when he came forward. Gee went in for a takedown and Williams countered with a guillotine attempt. Gee worked in Williams’s guard until he backed away and asked Williams to stand up. Williams got desperate for a takedown with only half effort. Williams worked and pushed Gee against the cage for another takedown. Williams did not advance or land damage. Gee worked to stand up, and then tried to control Williams for a stand up. Williams broke for a stand up and Gee sprang back to his feet. Williams rushed in for a takedown and Gee countered with a deep guillotine choke that would have ended the fight, but the round ended first.

Round three: Williams with a failed takedown attempt and Gee used the opportunity to land body shots. Gee landed a knee to the stomach, but Williams said it was an illegal blow and the ref gave Williams time to recover. Williams with a solid takedown into Gee’s full guard. Action moved to the cage wall with little damage from Williams. Gee fought back with punches to the body. Gee was able to stand up, but was brought right back down. Gee stood up again and Williams moved to half guard. Gee moved to a neck choke and the Gee corner screamed that Williams went out, but the ref didn’t stop the fight as Williams wasn’t out. The fight ended with Williams landing punches from the top position.

Result: Jerald Williams via Split Decision

Bantamweight Tourney Quarterfinal 2
Anthony Guerrero (Team Tomchek) vs Manny Camacho (Full Mount MMA)
ref – Carlos Diaz
Round one: Guerrero took the center and landed jab to Camacho’s face. Guerrero pushed the fight against the cage and landed a left hook from the break. Guerrero again pushed the fight against the cage, but Camacho switched positions on him. Guerrero tried to inside leg trip, but was countered by Camacho to stay on top. Not a lot of damage at this point, but heavy work for position. Ref took a point away from Guerrero for grabbing the shorts too many times. Strong kicks from Guerrero then moved in the clinch for heavy knees to the body. Strong head kick that was block by Camacho and more accurate punches from Guerrero to end the round.

Round two: strong jab from Guerrero to start the second. Camacho with good body movement t get in close to Guerrero and secure a body lock takedown. Quickly moved into mount, Guerrero rolled into turtle. Guerrero started to bleed, but still fought on. Guerrero turned back into his opponent as Camacho got the mount. Guerrero slowly worked his way out of mount and into the bottom of north-south on the knees. Camacho grabbed the neck for a guillotine attempt. Guerrero lost balance and Camacho fell into full mount. Punches from the top as Camacho has control of the back. Camacho with another RNC attempt but Guerrero had good defense with two-on-one hand control. Guerrero snuck out he back and retains full guard as round ended.

Round three: Guerrero came in but Camacho met him with a left hook to the chin. Guerrero pushed the action to the cage as Camacho defended the takedown. More hard work on the cage wall for position and not damage. Guerrero dropped for a double and Camacho countered with a choke attempt. Camacho switch to a single, but was unable to bring Guerrero down. Camacho moved back to a body lock as Guerrero started to land punches. Camacho switched to a double leg takedown against the cage. Guerrero used butterfly guard to keep Camacho at bay. Camacho landed a few punches from this position. Fight ends with both guys punching to the face.

Result: Manny Camacho via Majority Decision


John Reid (LA Fitness) vs Bill Jessie (Team Immortal)
ref – Carlos Diaz
Round one: Jessie took the center and delivered the first strike on the outside leg. Jessie caught Reid with an overhand left to make Reid stumble backwards under his own feet and fell ass first on the mat. Jessie moved in and landed punches, Reid fell over and tapped out.

Result: Bill Jessie via Tapout due to strikes at .32 of round one.


Main Event
Muay Thai match
Andrew Ballenger (Contemporary Martial Arts in Savannah, Georgia) vs Mike Reid (Carlson Gracie)
ref – Carlos Diaz

Round one: Ballenger took the center and engaged the action first. The fight moved into the clinch and both fighters landed knees to the body. Spinning back heel kick from Reid that just missed. Ballenger pushed the fight to the cage. Reid with a strong side kick that landed to the body. Reid unleashed the spinning strikes and a strong combo to finish from Reid to end the round.

Round two: Ballenger pushed forward with spinning back kicks and heavy straight punches. Reid closed the distance and worked into the clinch, but not much damage given. Reid landed hard to the body with punches and half blocked kicks. Reid pinned Ballenger to the cage with knees to the body and dropped him with a knee to the liver. Reid dropped Ballenger again with cage pressure and punches to the body. Reid landed everywhere on Ballenger, head, body and legs. Ballenger was knocked down right at the bell and took most of his break to walk back to his corner.

Round three: Reid came right in and delivered a hard punch to Ballenger’s head. Reid landed more strikes to the body, then Ballenger fell over. Ref called the fight.

Result: TKO Mike Reid at .12 of the third


Quick Results:
• Darrel Edmonson defeated Chris Bergeron via Unanimous Decision.
• Andrew Patapenko defeated Booby Kpa via ref stoppage at 1.10 of round two.
• Justin Mora defeated TJ Whalen via Unanimous Decision.
• Matt Giancarlo defeated Jason Crose via Tapout due to a RNC at 1.44 of round one.
• Breea Gilbert defeated Michelle Profit via verbal Tapout at 2.19 of round one.
• Aaron Brooks defeated Zach Sesko via Tapout due an arm bar at 2.45 of round three.
• Patrick Murphy defeated Aaron Hammons via ref stoppage due to strikes at 1.01 of round one.
• Audrey Pang defeated Faith Profit via stoppage due to strikes at 1.17 of round one.
• Jerald Williams defeated Sean Gee via Split Decision.
• Manny Camacho defeated Anthony Guerrero via Majority Decision.
• Bill Jessie defeated John Reid via Tapout due to strikes at .32 of round one.
• Mike Reid defeated Andrew Ballenger via TKO at .12 of the third.

Night’s Best
• Submission: Matt Giancarlo
• T/KO: Patrick Murphy
• Fight: Edmonson & Bergeron

Cut Throat MMA Invasion Chicago poster

Cut Throat MMA Returns with Invasion Chicago on March 16th

Written by MMARecap Staff on . Posted in News

Cut Throat MMA Invasion Chicago posterOn Friday, March 16, Cut Throat MMA returns to action with Invasion Chicago. The night of mixed martial arts fights will take place at the Congress Theater in downtown Chicago. Doors will open to the public at 6:30pm with the first fighter stepping into the cage at 8pm.

Several notable locals on the card include Patrick Murphy, Matt Giancarlo, Bill Jessie and Jeremiah Pollock. Additionally the start of the bantamweight tournament will kick off with the likes of Camacho, Guerrero, Williams and Gee.

Teams represented on the card include Emerald Smoke MMA, Team No Comment, G2, Carlson Gracie, Counterstrike MMA and more.

For more information visit or watch the video below.

Fightcard Entertainment Final Conflict

“Fightcard Entertainment: Final Conflict” Results And Recap

Written by MMARecap Staff on . Posted in Results

Fightcard Entertainment Final ConflictFightcard Entertainment put on their twenty-eighth show last night and it was another sold out venue.  Over 600 fans were in attendance at Joe’s Sports Bar in Chicago to watch the action.

The first fight of the night saw Aaron Beyers take on Jacob Brewick.  It was only one of two fights that went the distance but had many entertaining spots through out.  Brewick took Beyers down with ease numerous times through out the fifteen minute affair much the crowds approval.  Beyers would answer with some good reversals and ground and pound, but in the end Brewick did more damage and won a judges decision victory 29-28.

Chris Garcia showed his impressive jiu jitsu skills against Phil Hunter in the second fight of the night.  After some quick jabs by Hunter, Garcia shot for a takedown but left his neck exposed.  Hunter grabbed a hold of hit, but could not tighten the choke enough before Garcia popped his head out.  Garcia quickly passed to side control before transitioning to an arm bar.  Hunter tried to escape, but Garcia kept rolling with him and locked in a reverse triangle.  Again Hunter tried to escape and Garcia kept on him, this time catching him in a fight ending kimura submission.

The third fight of the evening saw Manny Camacho take on Steven Kick.  In the first two rounds Kick attempted many takedowns and strikes, but Camacho was very elusive and had a very good sprawl.  Camacho utilized a great counter-striking game plan that threw Kick off of his game.  By the start of the third round, Kick had been mentally broken and Camacho took the fight down and forced the referee to stop it after unloading eight unanswered punches.

The final fight before the first intermission saw Joe Zuniga take on LaRoyce Tankston.  Tankston used a series of combos through out the first two rounds to control the action.  Many jab, jab, kick, clinch, takedown or similar variations were used.  Zuniga had some good strikes of his own, but Tankston just shrugged them off like they were nothing.  In the third round Zuniga got a takedown of his own and ended up in full mount.  Several shots forced Tankston to give up his back and Zuniga continued the assault trying to secure a rear naked choke.  Unfortunately time was not on Zuniga’s side and Tankston would go on to win the judges’ decision 29-28.

There were originally scheduled to be a total of five fights for the team challenge.  Pac MMA had to forfeit their 135lb fight due to several fighters being unable to participate for various reason.  This left only four fights in the team challenge and gave Team No Comment a 1-0 lead before the action started.

Pedro Velasco and Johny Torres delivered what the fans wanted to see: a knockout.  After a very brief exchange on the feet, Torres took the fight to the ground.  However Velasco quickly stood right back up and grabbed a hold of Torres’s neck.  Torres tried to slam his way out of the standing guillotine, but it just put the choke in tighter.  Velasco kept shifting his position to try and finish the fight with the choke, but Torres was relentless with his punches and hip movements.  Finally in a last ditch effort, Torres summersaults to escape the choke and does.  Both fighters quickly make it back to their feet and Torres unloads a massive high kick that knocks Velasco out cold.  Torres’s victory ties up the team challenge 1-1.

After the amazing knockout of the first fight, Luis Robles and Omar Diaz knew the crowd was excited.  And both fighters were very anxious themselves as they were pacing back and forth before the start of the fight.  Both fighters stood toe-to-toe swinging at each other not doing much damage.  Diaz shot in for a takedown, but Robles grabbed a guillotine choke.  Robles quickly changes his grip and has an arm in guillotine choke and pulls guard slamming Diaz on his head.  Diaz quickly taps as the force of the choke and slam dislocated his shoulder.  Team No Comment is now up 2-1.

Needing only one victory to secure the team championship, Team No Comment fighter Percy Hicks wanted to deliver that victory.  In his was stood Team Pac MMA’s Chris Sizemore.  Hicks opened the fight with a big right hand that forced Sizemore to shoot in for a takedown.  At this point a mouth guard falls out, but it is unclear who it belongs to.  Hicks quickly pushed Sizemore into the cage and both fighters were looking for a takedown.  Sizemore succeeded and landed in side control.  Sizemore started throwing hammer fists and then was able to trap Hick’s arm in a crucifix position.  Several shots were thrown and Hicks was in trouble.  The ref calls a timeout and Sizemore thinks he won the fight.  Instead the ref stopped the action because Sizemore was utilizing forearm blows (illegal in amateur bouts) and gave Hicks back his mouth guard.  A quick reset and the fight was back underway.  Hicks went straight for Sizemore, but Sizemore sidestepped and then landed a massive flying knee sending Hicks to the canvas ending the fight.  Hicks remained on the canvas for several seconds unaware of what had just happened.  Team Pac MMA has tied the team competition now 2-2.

In the final battle for which team would rein supreme, Quincy Smith took on Danny Morales.  The first round, both fighters were a little hesitant to try and unload anything as they respected each other’s power.  Morales landed more solid shots with some good combos earning him the first round.  At the start of the second round, both fighters went to the center and threw a huge right hand.  Both fighters went down hurt, but Morales recovers quickly and jumps at the situation.  Morales landed four punches and the referee stopped the action.  Smith was holding his eye and yelling that he couldn’t see.  The crowd gets very angry and calls Morales a cheater and the referee pulls all the judges to discuss what the official ruling should be.  After a deliberation, the official ruling was Morales won a technical knock out victory due to Smith’s inability to continue on with the fight.  The crowd really started booing at this point and Morales in his post fight interview said that it was the referee’s job to ensure what was happening and that he wasn’t a cheater.  The win earned Team Pac MMA the team challenge.

Highlighting some women’s mma, Ginger Galardo took on A.J. McAvoy.  The start of the action saw Galardo quickly take McAvoy to the ground.  After a bit of posturing, Galardo was in full mount, but McAvoy just used strength to push up and out of the position.  Once back on their feet, McAvoy showcased her superior striking skills landing several 1-2 combos over and over.  McAvoy faked a takedown only to land a devastating combo that hurt Galardo.  While still standing, McAvoy quickly unloaded several solid shots forcing the referee stoppage.

The co-main event was a number one contenders match for the FCE middleweight title.  Mickey Martin and Luke Austin both knew what was on the line and wanted to send a message to current middleweight champion Jermey Godinia.  Austin started the fight with a big right hand and then clinched.  Martin started peppering Austin’s body while in the clinch and was able to get separation.  Austin again with a big punch only this time it hurts Martin and throws him off balance.  Austin quickly grabs a guillotine choke and has it in tight.  Martin tried to punch his way out, but couldn’t and tapped.

The main event saw Christian Reynoso defend his FCE featherweight belt against Mike Long.  The first round saw Reynoso take Long down multiple times.  Long tried to lock in submissions, but Reynoso was able to either power his way out or punch his way out of the attempts.  In the second round Long opened up with a big flying knee as Reynoso was shooting for a takedown.  Reynoso held on and sort of got it but it was more like Long just sat down.  Long shifted his hips to attempt more submissions, but Reynoso was relentless with the punches and hammer fists.  Several shots landed to the back of the head and Reynoso was warned.  Long tried to roll to escape, but Reynoso went with him and was able to secure Long’s back.  Reynoso worked to get a rear naked choke in while at the same time locked in a body triangle.  Reynoso arches as much as he can and Long was forced to tap out.

Overall the fans left more than happy after a long night of action.  MMA Recap, Dos Lunas Tequilla and Team Finisher MMA Clothing were all sponsoring the event.  Fightcard Entertainment will be back at Joe’s Sports Bar on January 21 for “Counter Strike” which will be the first hybrid MMA and Kickboxing event under the Fightcard banner.  Stay tuned to MMA Recap for videos of some of the night’s fights.

Quick Results
•    Jacob Brewick defeats Aaron Beyers by unanimous decision 29-28
•    Chris Garcia defeats Phil Hunter by kimura 1:30 round 1
•    Manny Camacho defeats Steven Kick by technical knock out :36 round 3
•    LaRoyce Tankston defeats Joe Zuniga by unanimous decision 29-28
•    Johny Torres defeats Pedor Velasco by knock out (high kick) 2:16 round 1
•    Luis Robles defeats Omar Diaz by guillotine choke :29 round 1
•    Chris Sizemore defeats Percy Hicks by knock out (flying knee) 1:35 round 1
•    Danny Morales defeats Quincy Smith by technical knock out :15 round 2
•    A.J. McAvoy defeats Ginger Galardo by technical knock out 2:01 round 1
•    Luke Austin defeats Mickey Marting by guillotine choke :41 of round 1
•    Christian Reynoso defeats Mike Long by rear naked choke 2:36 of round 2