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Ruckus 5 Results and Recap

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Ruckus returned to action with Ruckus 5 at the Alhambara Palace in downtown Chicago.  Eleven non-stop exciting amateur fights had the crowd on their feet through out most of the night.  Read on for the full recap and results of the action.

Kicking off the night of action was Terry House taking on Jordan McDaniel.  McDaniel quickly took the fight to the ground however House was able to get butterfly guard.  McDaniel while trying to pass, allowed House to stand up and McDaniel immediately went for a single leg takedown.  House defended the takedown and was able to suplex McDaniel over his head.  Working from side control House moved to mount and McDaniel immediately gave up his back.  House worked punches until he was able to get the fight ending rear naked choke.

Next up was an exciting battle between Tony Guerrero and Jon Barney.  Guerrero landed a great combo to start, but Barney looked to land heavy shots to counter.  Guerrero clinched and landed three knees before pulling guard.  Out of no where Guerrero's right leg came under the chin of Barney for a gogoplata, but Barney was able to slide out and stand.  Once standing both fighters were trading shots with each other and Guerrero landed a big overhand right that knocked out Barney's mouth piece.  Guerrero landed several more shots to finish the round.  Barney opened the second finding his range and frustrating Guerrero.  He countered by clinching and quickly taking the fight to the ground.  Guerrero was able to posture and started landing big punches.  Barney was impressive with his defense, but after nearly a minute of defending, Guerrero was getting the better of him.  The ref warned Barney several times to defend himself and Guerrero landed a big right that forced an end to the fight.

Matt Wilcox needed just over a minute to choke Travis Gaut unconscious. Gaut came out very anxious and was bouncing around missing with several shots.  Wilcox picked his shot and landed a big body kick that made the crowd go "OOOhhh".  Gaut went for a big right, but Wilcox ducked under and took Gaut down.  Wilcox quickly got Gaut's back and locked in a rear naked choke choking him out cold.

Dennis Sherman landed a high kick to start the fight against Kurt Robinson.  Robinson laughed it off and Sherman immediately went for a takedown.  Robinson stood up but Sherman was able to get the back.  Sherman jumped on Robinson's back and locked in a standing rear naked choke.  Robinson singled he was okay and then collapsed to the canvas unconscious.

Controversy erupted between Brandon Andriola and Shaun Sanchez.  Andriola landed some big shots before Sanchez shot for a takedown.  Andriola defended by threatening a guillotine and then landing knees.  Sanchez came out of the clinch swinging, backing Andriola all the way across the cage.  Sanchez landed a right hook that buckled Andriola's knees and the ref called the fight.  Andriola was clearly not out, but the ref had stopped the fight.  The crowd immediately voiced their opinion of the stoppage.

Heavyweights were up next as Joe Walker took on Mike Colatorti.  Walker quickly shot for a takedown and Colatorti sprawled.  Colatorti looked for a D'rce choke but used it to get the mount.  From there Colatorti landed several shots that Walker had no answer for.  The ref warned and then stopped the fight as Walker was clearly not defending himself.

Zach Tuneberg and Matt Vance both attempted to finish the fight with a guillotine choke.  Tuneberg worked for a takedown, but Vance secured a guillotine choke.  Tuneberg defended by forcing Vance to have a mounted guillotine, giving him enough space.  When Vance was able to reverse and get guard, Tuneberg popped his head out.  Tuneberg landed several shots before the fighters stood up.  Vance looked for a takedown of his own, but Tuneberg locked in a standing guillotine choke.  It looked like Tuneberg was about to pull guard, but Vance tapped to the standing choke.

Heavyweights were back in the cage as Maurice Green took on Dave Schultz.  Schultz looked to land a big right hand, but Green was smart and avoided well.  Green ducked under and clinched Schultz against the cage and then powered Schultz to the ground with a belly to belly suplex.  Green quickly got the mount, but Schultz defended well.  Green postured and started to rain down punches before Schultz gave up his back.  Green immediately went for a rear naked choke and force a very quick tapout from the submission.

The ladies were up next as Kim Novak took on Katherine Richter in the fight of the night.  Novak came out landing straight right hands there were finding their mark and quickly bloodied up the left eye of Richter.  Richter just smiled at the blood and put a mouse on Novak's forehead.  The first round was clearly for Novak as she landed the crisper shots.  The second round Richter found her range with hooks that forced Novak's left eye to swell up.  Richter continued her taunting and landing of hooks and dropped Novak at one point in the round.  The crowd was on their feet for the third round as neither girl wanted to back down.  Novak worked her straight punches and Richter looked to land her right hook on the badly bruised eye of Novak.  A very close round that could have been scored either way and the judges ruled it for Richter.  After the fight Richter said it was fun and wanted to Facebook Novak.

The co-main event featured welterweights Andy Clutteut taking on Ankeedo Shamoun.  The crowd was heavily in favor of Shamoun and had to be told to calm down.  Clutteut came out with a body kick and Shamoun responded by clinching and landing a knee.  Clutteut shot for a takedown, but couldn't get it and ate a right hand.  Shamoun continued the pressure and landed several more knees.  Clutteut appeared to slip after a loaded shot, and Shamoun quickly pounced.  From within Clutteut's half guard, Shamoun postured and started to bring punches in bunches.  Clutteut was not intelligently defending himself and the ref was forced to stop the action.

After the pause from the fight, the main event was up next as Austin Allen took on the crowd favorite Johnny Odishio.  Odishio landed a straight right and then slammed Allen to the canvas.  Odishio worked small strikes from side control while looking for an opening.  Odishio passed to mount and then the big punches started coming down.  Allen tried to defend, but the damage was just too much and the ref was forced to stop the fight.

Quick Results
Terry House defeated Jordan McDaniel by rear naked choke at 2:59 of round 1
Tony Guerrero defeated Jon Barney by TKO at 1:59 of round 2
Matt Wilcox defeated Travis Gaut by rear naked choke at 1:10 of round 1
Dennis Sherman defeated Kurt Robinson by rear naked choke at 0:31 of round 1
Shaun Sanchez defeated Brandon Andriola by TKO at 0:46 of round 1
Mike Colatorti defeated Joe Walker by TKO at 1:05 of round 1
Zach Tuneberg defeated Matt Vance by standing guillotine at 1:42 of round 1
Maurice Green defeated Dave Schultz by rear naked choke at 1:21 of round 1
Katherine Richter defeated Kim Novak by unanimous decision
Ankeedo Shamoun defeated Andy Clutteut by TKO at 1:06 of round 1
Johnny Odishio defeated Austin Allen by rear naked choke at 1:47 of round 1

XFO: Havoc at the Highlands 2 – Results and Recap

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XFO Amateurs return to the Tilted Kilt in Elgin, Illinois on Thursday November 18.  The night of action saw three grappling matches and five amateur mixed martial arts.  Read on for the recap of the night and the quick results.

The first mma bout saw Johnny Nevettes take on Kamil Broda.  Nevettes came out with a big right hand that just missed and Broda quickly slammed him to the ground.  Nevettes tried to squeeze a guillotine choke, but Broda stayed calm and waited till Nevettes wore his arms out.  Broda quickly went from mount to Nevettes’s back.  From there Broda threw three punches and sunk in a fight ending rear naked choke.

If you blinked you missed the fight between Nick Horner and Jay Mattox.  Horner and Mattox came out swinging and Mattox was on the bad end of the strikes.  Mattox quickly clinched, but Horner took him down and landed in mount.  From there Horner threw punches in bunches until the ref stopped the action.

After an intermission Ryan Matte and Talin Bostic came back to excite the crowd.  Matte came out with a body kick and a superman punch but Bostic countered with big overhands.  Matte picked up Bostic and slammed him to the ground.  Matte worked ground and pound and got Bostic’s back, but Bostic was able to escape and unloaded several big right uppercuts on his way up.  Matte took the fight to the ground again, but was threatened by a guillotine choke as time expired in the round.  As the second round started, Matte was clearly the more gassed fighter and Bostic took advantage by taking the fight down.  Unfortunately for Bostic, Matte was able to get his legs up and lock in a triangle choke that frost Bostic to tap.

The co-main event saw Chris Appleton take on Lenon Carpenter in a light heavyweight matchup.  Appleton came out with a huge belly to belly slam and landed in half guard.  Appleton started throwing heavy punches that were hurting Carpenter.  Carpenter gave up his back and Appleton wasted no time in trying to get his arm under Carpenter’s neck.  Once the rear naked choke was in, Appleton flattened out Carpenter and forced the tap.

The main event saw Kim Novak take on Katie Pacard.  Novak needed just thirty-seven seconds to finish the fight.  Novak came out with a big right hand that hurt Pacard.  Pacard tried to clinch to close the distance, but Novak separated and punished her opponent.  Pacard tried to take Novak down, Novak defended and ended up in mount and hammer fisted her way to her first victory.

Grappling Quick Results
Russ Tabaka and Jake Traux went to a no contest
Dan Almario defeated Emil Matasarcano by split decision
Alex Delonis defeated Edir Navarez by unanimous decision

Mixed Martial Arts Quick Results
Kamil Broda defeated Johnny Nevettes by rear naked choke at 1:23 of round 1
Nick Horner defeated Jay Mattox by TKO at 1:29 of round 1
Ryan Matte defeated Talin Bostic by triangle choke at :40 of round 2
Chris Appleton defeated Leonon Carpenter by rear naked choke at 1:21 of round 1
Kim Novak defeated Katie Pacard by TKO at :37 of round 1

Ruckus Entertainment “Ruckus 2” Results And Recap

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Ruckus Entertainment put on their second show “Ruckus 2” last night.  Many fans praised the production of the first show, and the second surpassed the first.  Local DJ Julian “Jumpin” Perez kept the beats rocking through out the night of action.  Four amateur fights were capped off with six professional bouts.  Read on for the full results.

Nick Porter and Tyler Bird wanted to set the pace for the night.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of action as most of the fight was spent on the ground.  Bird easily got the fight to the ground, but once there, couldn’t find a way to finish the fight as his opponent did a good job of controlling his head and arm.  While Porter was able to defend well, that didn’t earn him any points and all three judges scored it 30-27 for Bird.

Before the match started, Kevin Switella looked like Sean Anderson had just done something horrible to his family.  When the bell rang, both fighters respected each other’s striking game as they were both hesitant to throw a big shot.  Near the end of the first round, Anderson got a takedown but didn’t do much with it.  In the second round, Switella responded with a takedown of his own.  He was able to get full mount, but Anderson was able to roll out of it and punished Switella’s forehead with shots.  It was a close round and could have gone either way.  The third round Sitella spent most of the round trying to choke Anderson out.  While he couldn’t secure the tap, he was able to win the round.  Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t enough as the judges awarded the fight to Anderson.

The women were up next with Marcia Allen taking on Kim Novak.  Through out the entire three rounds, the women were typically jockeying for position from within the clinch.  Both fighters were able to take the other down, and in the end it came down to who did more damage.  The judges awarded the victory to Marcia Allen after three rounds of action.

The final amateur fight of the night saw Dan Borke take on Kris Blayney.  The first round was extremely close as Blayney scored a takedown, but Borke was able to get out of the troublesome position and secure Blayney’s back.  The second round showed the grappling skills of both fighters as they were able to sweep and reverse the position on each other.  Blayney wound up the better of the two as he ended the second round in full mount unloading punches.  The final round Borke used a trip takedown to land in side control.  From there he worked an arm triangle submission, but he couldn’t get the leverage he needed to finish the fight.  In the end, the judges saw Blayney as the victor.

Professional bouts
The opening professional fight saw Carson Beebe make his pro debut against Nate Williams.  Beebe controlled the action for the full fifteen minutes.  The rather lackluster affair saw Williams being taken down by Beebe, Beebe working to get a dominant position, Williams giving up his back, and rinse and repeat.  While there were some good strikes by both fighters, the fighters were rather predictable by the end of the third round.  In the end the judges awarded Beebe the victory.

Danny Black and Vince Ramos were both making their professional debut and only one could come away as the victor.  Ramos quickly shot for a takedown and got it.  Ramos then worked to get mount and threw punches in bunches.  Black bucked and rolled to escape and brought the fight back to his feet.  Unfortunately Ramos quickly worked a takedown and while Black attempted a submission, he wasn’t able to get it.  From the takedown, Ramos worked a kimura that looked bad, but Black didn’t give up.  Black gave up his back attempting to get out of the hold and Ramos locked in the fight ending rear naked choke.

Bobby Reardanz needed less than ninety seconds to submit Randy Fuentes.  Both fighters exchanged kicks before Fuentes worked for a takedown.  After the takedown, Fuentes postured up, but Reardanz threw his legs up and was able to secure the choke.

Jay Ellis wanted to punish Tyler Combs as was evident in the stare down between the two before the bell started.  Ellis came out with a flying kick that missed.  Combs kicked Ellis’s leg, but Ellis caught the kick and used it to take the fight down.  From there he quickly moved to mount and landed several shots.  But Combs was able to sweep Ellis.  After a couple of short shots, Combs stood up and Ellis followed leaving his neck open.  Combs grabbed a guillotine choke and it looked deep, but Ellis broke free.  After escaping, the referee called time out and deducted a point from Ellis for grabbing the glove to break the choke.  At the restart, Combs caught a kick of Ellis, but Ellis jumped over Combs to get Combs’s back.  Again Comb’s rolled out of it and this time he started landing powerful shots. Ellis curled up and the ref called a halt to the action.

The co-main event saw Dustin Neace take on Toni Marti.  Marti opened the fight with a big overhand right followed by a takedown.  Neace defended well as Marti worked for a choke.  Neace pushed through it and wound up in Marti’s guard, but the choke was still there.  Neace forced his head out and grabbed Marti’s neck.  Marti reversed the position and again attempted a choke from within Neace’s guard.  Neace threw his legs up working for an arm bar, but Marti spins and worked for a leg lock of his own.  Neace spun out of the leg lock and was able to get Marti’s back.  Once there he sunk in a rear naked choke forcing Marti to tap.

The main event saw former “Ultimate Fighter” cast member, Jeremy May take on Chris Albandia.  Albandia landed a nice leg kick and then worked for a single leg takedown.  May defended it well and both fighters were clinched.  May with a big knee, followed it up with a good 1-2 combo another knee and finished it off with upper cuts.  Albandia looked to be in trouble and he shot for a takedown.  Albandia got the takedown, but May showcased his jiu jitsu by locking in a triangle choke.  Albandia didn’t give up and May worked several punches to Albandia’s head before being able to pull down on Albandia’s head sinking the choke in as tight as possible and earning the tapout victory.

Quick Results
Amateur Bouts

  • Tyler Bird defeated Nick Porter by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Sean Anderson defeated Kevin Switella by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Marcia Allen defeated Kim Novak by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Kris Blayney defeated Dan Borke by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Professional Bouts

  • Carson Beebe defeated Nate Williams by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-27)
  • Vince Ramos defeated Danny Black by rear naked choke 3:18 of round 1
  • Bobby Reardanz defeated Randy Fuentes by triangle choke 1:22 of round 1
  • Tyler Combs defeated Jay Ellis by TKO (ref stoppage) 3:13 of round 1
  • Dustin Neace defeated Toni Marti by rear naked choke 3:53 of round 1
  • Jeremy May defeated Chris Albandia by triangle choke 2:53 of round 1

All Fighters Make Weight For Ruckus 2

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The weight-ins for tomorrow night’s event took place earlier tonight at Venuti’s Banquet Hall in Addison, Illinois.  MMA Recap was on scene to witness all the fighters step on the scale.  All fighters were on weight for their fights with the exception of both main event fighters, Jeremy May and Chris Albandia.  Both fighters weighed in at 188lbs and agreed to have the bout contested at that weight.

With less than 24 hours until the event takes place, less than 70 tickets remain for the 1400 capacity event.  All fighters expressed excitement for their fights tomorrow.

Full Weigh In Results include:
Amateur Bouts
    •    Nick Porter 145 vs Tyler Bird 145
•    Sean Anderson 145 vs Kevin Switella 145
•    Wilbert Jones vs Tim Duggan (weight was under the max 265 for both fighters, no weight specified)
•    Marcia Allen 135 vs Kim Novak 135
•    Kris Blayney 185 vs Dan Borke 184.5
•    Aaron Plumley 150 vs Dennis Dombrow 150 (catchweight)

Professional Bouts
    •    Demitrius Richards 205 vs Luke Burton 205
•    Carson Beebe 135 vs Nate Williams 135
•    Danny Black 145 vs Vince Ramos 145
•    Bobby Reardanz 152 vs Randy Fuentes 150 (catchweight)
•    Jay Ellis 165 vs Tyler Combs 165 (catchweight)
•    Dustin Neace 145 vs Tony Marti 145
•    Jeremy May 187.7 vs Chris Albandia 187.8

Ruckus Entertainment Finalizes Card

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Ruckus IIRuckus Entertainment will put on their second show “Ruckus 2” on Friday March 12 from Venuti’s Banquet Hall in Addison, Illinois.  Six amateur bouts will kick off the night before eight professional bouts end the night.

Headlining the night’s action will be “Ultimate Fighter” veteran Jeremy May battling Chris Albandia.  Carson Beebe, brother to Chase Beebe, will be making his professional debut.  Another local fighter to make his professional debut at the event is Vince Ramos who went 7-0 as an amateur fighter.

The full card looks like:
Amateur Fights:

  • Tyler Burd vs. Nick Porter
  • Kevin Switalla vs. Sean Anderson
  • Wilburt Jones vs. Tim Duggan
  • Kim Novak vs. Marcia Allen
  • Dan Borke vs. Kris Blayney
  • Dennis Dombrow vs. Logan Anderson

Professional Fights:

  • Adam Ward vs. TBD
  • Ed Carpenter vs. Harley Hiner
  • Luke Burton vs. Demetrius Richards
  • Vince Ramos vs. Danny Black
  • Carson Beebe vs. Nate Williams
  • Toni Marti vs. Dustin Neace
  • Tyler Combs vs. James Seipel
  • Jeremy May vs. Chris Albandia