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Mark Hominick – My Back Is Against The Wall

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Mark Hominick - via

Mark Hominick – via

Mark Hominick is one of the most exciting featherweights in the UFC. His battles with Eddie Yagin and Jose Aldo are memorable to many, though he was on the losing end of them. He is set to fight Pablo Garza at UFC 154 in his home country where he started fighting and he took time out of his day to talk about the importance of getting a victory, how the fight will go and more.

How’s it going today?

You are fighting Pablo Garza at UFC 154 on November 17th. Is it better to fight in Canada even if it isn’t in your Province?
100% for myself. It is nicer to get cheered than booed. There’s a comfort level of fighting in your area. Montreal where we are fighting is where I started my career. I defended the Canadian title there nine times. The fans are crazy.

I’ve read about the Canadian fans are more excitable than the US fans. Similar to how we know the Brazilian fans are passionate. Is it true, the Canadian fans are different than the US fans?
I think it is different. The fans at a hockey game are a different than say fans at a baseball game. The fans do a lot of chants. They make a spectacle of an event. But being in Brazil, I haven’t felt any environment like that. There were times I was scared, times I was pumped up. But yeah each country has an element.

Now both you and Garza at a cross-roads with unfortunately being on loosing streaks. How important is a win for you at this point?
No question my back is against the wall. I’ve been blessed that the UFC has given me the opportunity to be on the PPV. I think I went out there and performed. With Aldo I took him to his limit and we got fight of the night. The last fight was a split decision that I could have earned and we got fight of the night. Now I have to lay it on the line but get in the win column.

Garza is more known for his submissions, do you see this fight hitting the ground or do you think it will be mostly standing?
I always go into a fight thinking that my opponent is going to take me down because my strength is primarily on the feet. I like when people sleep with me on the ground cause there’s been lots of bouts where I pull off submissions and people just doubt me there. It’s always nice to be overlooked. In this fight I want to show my experience. I want to prove it.

Are you striving for Fight of the Night?
I am striving for a win. That’s the mindset I go in with every fight. I don’t go in thinking about putting on an exciting fight. I just think my style caters to that type of a bout. My teammate Sam Stout is in that same spot. He has like six or seven bonuses. That style and the way we came up it caters to an exciting bout. Any time you are more of a striker, the fans are more into those types of bouts and the UFC rewards that. I don’t go in there trying to put on an exciting fight, I just try to get the win.

Your last fight was extremely close against Eddie Yagin even earning a split decision. What do you think you should have done differently to have secured that victory?
I think there are two things. I should have added more kicks. I went in there and treated it more like a boxing match. I think I could have gone for the kill at the end. I think I had him hurt and if I had jumped on him, I would have been able to finish him. Hindsight is great. It’s easy to look back. The fight happens fast and you have to make those decisions in the instance. It was a great bout and my hat is off to Eddie.

Many people know you from your fight with Jose Aldo back at UFC 129 for a multitude of reasons. For me it wasn’t so much the large hematoma rather how well you looked against Aldo in the later rounds. How much confidence did that give you?
For sure. He is one of the best in the world. Any bout you have ever seen me in, as the rounds progress, that’s when my strength progresses. Even in my last, the first round was my worst and in the third I came back and killed it. It’s good to have that ability, but I have to come guns blazing so fighters don’t get ahead on the scorecards. As a fighter, I enjoy that moment when you are looking at your opponent when you are in the trenches and you know that he doesn’t want to be there. That’s the moment the fight becomes more competitive for me.

Where can the fans find you at?
On twitter is the best. That’s at markhominick

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
Fear the fighters, Xyience, Dinero Sports Marketing, and all the fans that keep it going.

RecapRadio: Morning Commute 10-31-2012

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PRIDE 24 Poster

PRIDE 24 Poster

Morning Commute today  has two epic PRIDE events as the day in history.  Also stories on Chris Weidman and his Long Island home, ref issues from Bellator 78, Frankie Edgar is getting the title shot against Jose Aldo and more.  Use the player below or download the file to listen to later.

RecapRadio: Morning Commute 10-25-2012

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UFC 90 Poster

UFC 90 Poster

Today’s Morning Commute features a bit of sad news as former UFC commentator and US Olympic Gold Medalist Jeff Blatnick died yesterday.  He is survived by his wife, his brother, his mother and his kids.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.  Also on the podcast, lots of news about UFC and Brazil, the Superbowl card looks to have it’s first fight, Koscheck is running his mouth again and of course this day in history.  Use the player below or download the mp3 for later listening.

Charles Oliveira – I Just Like To Fight

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Charles Oliveira - via

Charles Oliveira – via

Charles Oliveira fought Cub Swanson at UFC 152 on September 22nd and the outcome was not the one he was looking for. Swanson blasted him with a body punch and then landed a right hook flush. At first it seemed like Oliveira was fine, but moments later he collapsed and the fight was over. MMARecap caught up with Oliveira to discuss the fight, his submission of the night back at UFC on Fox, and the status of his division.  Special thanks to Oliveira’s manager Wade Hampel for providing translation.

How are things going now that it’s been about a week since the loss to Cub Swanson?
I will be in the gym training, in a week. Getting ready for my next fight.

It was reported that you fought with a knee injury is this true? If so, what’s the status of your knee?
Every fight I have been in I have some kind of injury. This fight was no different.

The fight with Swanson you seemed happy to stand and trade punches with him, was that the game plan for the fight?
I wanted to strike with him, but if I saw a opening for the take down, I would take it.

There was a big body punch that landed a little bit before the overhand right that was the finish to the fight. Was that body punch what really sent you stumbling?
In a fight, things go to fast. Its really hard to figure out what details lead up to the result.

You both were reported to be near the top of the featherweight division. Where do you see yourself in the rankings?
I just fight, don’t really worry about rankings. That is for my management.

I want to go back to January when you locked in a calf slicer at UFC on Fox 2. I knew what it was, but a lot of people on media row questioned what the submission actually was. Do you think it is an underutilized submission?
The knee cracker is not a primary attack. It really depends on the when your opponent is trying to escape a let lock. It would be very hard to say that I am going out and put my opponent in a knee cracker, the knee cracker just happens, you can make it happen.

Frankie Edgar is now dropping to featherweight after two losses at lightweight, do you think he is deserving of the title shot against Jose Aldo or do you think someone else should be fighting Aldo for the title?
I really just like to fight. I really don’t worry about those things. I just worry about my next opponent.

Who do you think poses the biggest problem for Aldo at featherweight?
HA HA… Aldo will give big problems to who every he fights!

Another former lightweight, Clay Guida said he is looking to drop down to featherweight. Being that both you and him lost your last fight, is this a fight you would like?
I will fight who ever they tell me to fight.

Where can the fans find you at online?

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
Like to thank Venom, HeadRush, Training Mask. Also would like my trainers Erickson Cardoso, Macaco, and my manager Wade Hampel

Ricardo Lamas

Ricardo Lamas – I Was Offered Aldo, Then The UFC Went With Edgar

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Ricardo Lamas

Ricardo Lamas is arguably the number two featherweight in the UFC after defeating Hatsu Hioki in June. In speaking to Steve Muehlhausen of today, Lamas revealed the plans that the UFC had for him.

While he was the number two guy, there was a fight already booked for the champ in Eric Koch. Lamas wasn’t one to wait and was actively seeking a fight. When word got out that former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar was dropping to his weight class, he was ready for that match.

“The UFC offered me a fight with Edgar in December and we had accepted. We were waiting to hear back from Sean Shelby on Edgar’s side. We accepted and were waiting for confirmation before we could announce it. This took place about two weeks ago but wasn’t signed.”

When Koch became injured and had to withdraw from the fight, the UFC of course went searching for a replacement fighter. One of the first people they called was Lamas.

“They called me and said Koch was injured. They needed an answer that night if I would fight Aldo. Of course we said yes right away and got everything they wanted in order. Then around 9pm they called me back and said they decided to go a different direction.”

That different direction of course was Edgar stepping in for the injured Koch. Lamas was quick to point out that he could see why.

“I was disappointed that I was out of the fight. I was excited for that fight. That’s an opportunity that guys wait their entire career for. It came out of no where so I can’t be super mad. I wasn’t promised for months and this came in last minute. I can see from the UFC’s perspective where it would be a better fight. he’s a former champ and more well known. Of course people want to see him fight Aldo over me.”

Lamas has been offered another fight for the end of the year, but wouldn’t reveal any other details as it isn’t signed yet.

Frankie Edgar - Art By JMC - Drawn by Justin McAllister

Erik Koch Out, Frankie Edgar In Against Jose Aldo

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Frankie Edgar - Art By JMC - Drawn by Justin McAllister

Frankie Edgar – Art By JMC – Drawn by Justin McAllister

And the injuries keep on happening to main event fighters. This time, Erik Koch had to withdraw from his scheduled UFC 153 bout with Jose Aldo. But unlike UFC 151 where the champ declined a fight with a potential challenger, 153 is still arguably even more in tact as Frankie Edgar will be dropping down to fight Aldo.

News of the injury and replacement was first reported by USA Today and MMAJunkie. Koch’s injury has not been disclosed.

Edgar has long been asked about dropping down to the featherweight division, even while he was having a very successful run at lightweight. He holds notable wins over Gray Maynard, BJ Penn, Sean Sherk, and Jim Miller. Even his back-to-back losses to Ben Henderson were close fought battles, but it was enough to have the former champ think seriously about dropping to featherweight.

Many thought he would have to fight a challenger before getting a shot at Jose Aldo, but Aldo has been vocal enough about the potential fight that none was needed in this case. While Edgar was lightweight champ, many fans wanted this super fight, but Aldo repeatedly stated that Edgar would have to drop down to his weight and it wouldn’t be fought at 155lbs.

Aldo is one of the most dominant champions under the Zuffa banner. He entered the WEC with a 10-1 record and quickly rose to fan fame with five knockout victories. The five knockouts earned him a shot at the title and like his previous fights, Aldo knocked out the champ. He then battled for twenty five minutes with Urijah Faber and followed that up with another knockout victory over Manny Gamburyan.

After those eight fights, the WEC was merged with the UFC and Aldo went back to work. He compiled back to back decision victories over Mark Hominick and Kenny Florian, the former earning him fight of the night honors. Just when fighters thought they found chinks in Aldo’s defense, he knocked Chad Mendes out with just one second remaining in the first round, reminding everyone how dangerous he is.

UFC 153 takes place on Saturday, October 13 in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

UFC Logo

UFC 2012 Quarter 1 Recap

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UFC Logo

While we are approaching the end of March and it seems like it has been forever since an actual UFC event other than The Ultimate Fighter, it is time to recap what has transpired in the first quarter of 2012 with regards to the UFC.

From January 1st through March 31 the UFC held seven events. The first of which took place on January 14th and the span ended on March 3rd. That was seven events in seven weeks. No wonder the UFC decided to take some time off as the next event scheduled isn’t until April 14th.

Looking back at the events, there were several memorable moments. From fights to knockouts to submissions, the first quarter did not disappoint in the least. Let’s take a look at some of the best of the best through out this quarter.

During the quarter there were a total of seventeen submissions. Some were obviously more memorable than others. But there was something special about our top five submissions. It could be because a fighter stuck to his bread and butter, it could have been a submission that hasn’t been seen before, or it could have been just from the sheer fact that the fighter got the submission. In all cases, just mentioning the fight and the submission it is likely to bring images of people tapping to the forefront of your brain.

5. Jim Miller defeated Melvin Guillard by rear naked choke at UFC on FX: Guillard vs Miller
4. Dustin Poirier defeated Max Holloway by mounted triangle armbar at UFC 143
3. Martin Kampmann defeated Thiago Alves by guillotine choke at UFC on FX: Alves vs Kampmann
2. Rousimar Palhares defeated Mike Massenzio by heel hook at UFC 142
1. Charles Oliveira defeated Eric Wisely by calf slicer at UFC on Fox: Evans vs Davis

Nothing gets the crowd going more than a crazy knockout. Sometimes a ref is merciful and is able to stop the barrage of attacks and other times, a single shot sends a foe to the canvas stiff as a board. No matter how the knockout happened, fans will always place the fighter that delivered the finishing strike on a new pedestal wanting him to take on a step up in competition.

5a. Stephen Thompson defeated Dan Stittgen by head kick at UFC 143
5b. Anthony Pettis defeated Joe Lauzon by head kick at UFC 144
4. Tim Boetsch defeated Yushin Okami by TKO at UFC 144
3. Lavar Johnson defeated Joey Beltran by uppercuts at UFC on Fox: Evans vs Davis
2. Jose Aldo defeated Chad Mendes by knee at UFC 142
1. Edson Barboza defeated Terry Etim by spinning heel kick at UFC 142

While there were several memorable fights across all the cards, there is just something extra about the fights that received fight of the night honors from the UFC. Some fights were quick, others were one sided beatings, and others were great back and forth battles. With that said, here’s the top 5 fights from the first quarter.

5. Evan Dunham vs Nik Lentz at UFC on Fox: Evans vs Davis
4. Diego Sanchez vs Jake Ellenberger at UFC on Fuel TV: Sanchez vs Ellenberger
3. Roy Nelson vs Fabricio Werdum at UFC 143
2. Demetrious Johnson vs Ian McCall at UFC on FX: Alves vs Kampmann
1. Frankie Edgar vs Ben Henderson at UFC 144

Overall Card
Pay per views always tend to have a higher ranking as far as star power is concerned, and justifiably so; they require someone to purchase the event instead of watch it for free. But sometimes the free cards can out perform their pay per view counter parts on the fact that the fighters want to be on the main card of a pay per view instead of televised card. It was a difficult decision to rank the cards, but here’s the top 5.

5. UFC on Fuel TV: Sanchez vs Ellenberger
4. UFC on FX: Guillard vs Miller
3. UFC on FX: Alves vs Kampmann
2. UFC 142: Aldo vs Mendes
1. UFC 144: Edgar vs Henderson

Frankie Edgar - Art By JMC - Drawn by Justin McAllister

Art By JMC Slashes Prices

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Jose Aldo - drawn by Justin McAllister

Jose Aldo – drawn by Justin McAllister

Art By JMC has decided that with the economy hurting the way it is, why should you have to pay more for fantastic artwork? Instead of costing $25 per print before, prices are now just $10 each.

But that’s not all. If you want to purchase the entire set of current UFC champions including Junior Dos Santos, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Frankie Edgar, Jose Aldo, and Dominick Cruz, you can but the entire set for just $50!

And if you want to purchase the entire set of prints, consisting of all seven UFC champions as well as Chuck Liddell, Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar, and Nick Diaz, you can for the low price of $77. That’s a savings of $33 for the entire set.

Head on over to now to take advantage of the prices!

Jose Aldo - drawn by Justin McAllister

UFC 142: Aldo vs Mendes Post Fight Recap

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Jose Aldo - drawn by Justin McAllister

For the first time in UFC history, the featherweight championship headlined a pay-per-view event this past Saturday night. For the second time in five months the UFC put on a card for the Brazilian natives; which is widely considered the birthplace of modern MMA. The crowd was again electric as four straight victories went in favor to the fighters from Brazil on the main card. This was leading to the main event Jose Aldo, a Brazilian native himself, defending his championship against Chad “Money” Mendes, a United States native.

You could definitely see the intense excitement from the champ during his walk out to the octagon. I was curious to see if that would lead to him over extending himself and ending up in bottom position. Having an experienced wrestler with punching power like Mendes in your guard when you are exhausted is the best way to lose your title. However, once he entered the Octagon and went to his corner he closed his eyes and lowered his head. The dangerous and experienced Aldo started to take over the body of the personally excited Aldo. On the other hand Mendes had a great blend of excited but focused at the same time.

The fight began with Mendes landing low leg kicks to Aldo’s lead leg. Both fighters used an enormous amount of hand and upper body faints early in the bout. Mendes tried to throw combinations to have Aldo respect his striking to no doubt set up takedowns later in the round and fight. Aldo was able to control the distance and avoid any major striking blows from the challenger. Mendes started to shoot in for takedowns after trying to land his combinations, but Aldo was able to escape all single leg takedown attempts. However, Mendes did manage to drag the champion to the ground a few times, but Aldo quickly returned to his feet and separate.

Aldo knees Mendes

Image via Iron Forges Iron

Mendes finally is rewarded for his efforts and got a hold of Aldo’s back and claps his hands around the waist of Aldo. With less than ten seconds left in the round Aldo broke the hands of Mendes turned around quickly to face his opponent. With “Money” seeing another opportunity for a takedown, he lowered his head and dove forward. With Aldo’s excellent timing, he threw a left knee that connected with Mendes’ face, under the right eye. Mendes’ upper body and head went flying backwards to the mat as his legs went limp from the hit. Aldo pounced in for the finish and the ref ended the fight with one-second left on the clock.

UFC 142 Aldo goes into the crowd

Image via Iron Forges Iron

Aldo could no longer hold his excitement with in himself immediately after the ref calls an end to the fight. The champion sprinted to the nearest and least guarded octagon door. He directly headed into the crowd who begins to swarm all over their native son. Security tried desperately to secure the fighter and bring him back to the cage. It is not until a fan put Aldo on his shoulders that the security could even see him.

Official Result:
Jose Aldo wins via knockout at 4:59 of round 1 to retain the featherweight championship

Next Training Session:
Aldo needs to continue what he has been doing since 2005.

Mendes needs to work on setting up takedowns with his striking.

Next Opponents:
Aldo is well on his way to cleaning out the division. At this point it may only take a few fight win streak to challenge for the title. With the integration of The Ultimate Fighter Season 14 cast, the pool just got bigger. Look for someone from that group to make a statement fast and challenge Aldo.

Mendes could challenge Mark Hominick to solidify who is back on the title hunt.

Multiple Finishes at UFC 142 Made Bonus Awards Difficult

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After every UFC event, bonuses are handed out for submission, knockout, and fight of the night giving a fighter an extra paycheck, sometimes far more than what they were contracted for. Lately it has become rather easy to predict which fights will earn the bonuses, with more and more fights going the distance. At UFC 142, that was not the case.

During the FX prelims, Gabriel Gonzaga made a successful return to the octagon after being released in late 2010. Initially he seemed a little hesitant against Ednaldo Oliveira, but once he was able to get ahold of Oliveira and sink his hooks in, it was all but over with a rear naked choke.

Palhares submitting MassenzioOf course he had to know that there was at least one more person with amazing submission skills in Rousimar Palhares later on in the night. Mike Massenzio had stated in a previous interview that the trick to beating Palhares is to be just as crazy as he Palhares is. Unfortunately that didn’t help maters as Palhares worked for a single leg takedown, and then pulled guard. Instead of working to actually get Massenzio in his guard, he went after the leg. A quick torque of his heel and Massenzio was tapping. This marked his sixth victory by heel hook.

Belfort submitting JohnsonMany thought that would be the end of submission victories, but Vitor Belfort decided to throw his name into the category for the bonus against Anthony Johnson and even our own Mike Finch predicted as much. Johnson failed to make weight even after moving up a weight class and looked extremely sluggish. It didn’t help matters that every time the action stalled just a bit, Dan Miragliotta stood them back up. Johnson tried for a single leg takedown, but Belfort sprawled, spun to the back, and locked in a fight ending rear naked choke.

With three great submissions, many wondered who would win the submission of the night victory. In the end, it was deemed Palhares’s heel hook was worth an extra $65,000.

Pyle TKO FunchLike submission of the night, knockout was just as difficult to predict. The second fight of the night, and first fight on the FX broadcast featured Mike Pyle taking on Ricardo Funch. Pyle landed a straight right that hurt Funch and followed it up with a knee that sent his opponent crumbling to the canvas. Pyle finished the assault up with three more punches before Mario Yamasaki was forced to stop the action.


Barboza heel kick EtimKicking off (no pun intended) the pay per view broadcast was a lightweight matchup between Edson Barboza and Terry Etim. Many felt that Etim was going to have his hands full with the dangerous striker in Barboza, but that didn’t stop Etim from coming forward and attacking Barboza. In fact, the first two rounds were extremely close, even prompting UFC commentator Joe Rogan to say he felt Etim was winning the fight. But in the third round Barboza landed a spinning heel kick that lands flush and Etim was completely locked up and unconscious as he fell to the floor.

Aldo knees MendesIn our preview of the main event between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes, we stated that Aldo needs very little time to throw and land a knee to win a fight and that is just what happened. After Mendes worked for a takedown, Aldo spun out of the grip of Mendes, turned around and landed a knee to Mendes’s head. Aldo followed it up with three punches before Mario Yamasaki stopped it, but it was clear Mendes was in la-la land before the stoppage.

Even though Aldo’s knee will be featured in several highlight packages for him, it will be Barboza’s spinning heel kick that will likely be an early candidate for knockout of the year in 2012. As such, it was Barboza’s knockout over Terry Etim that earned the extra $65,000.

Fight of the night was just as difficult to predict. Exciting fast paced action was seen through out Yuri Alcantara and Michihiro Omigawa. Alcantara nearly finished Omigawa on several occasions, both by strikes and submissions, but somehow Omigawa always found an escape.

Sam Stout always brings a fight to his opponent, and that was true in his fight against Thiago Tavares. Only issue was that Tavares brought the fight first winning the first round. Stout turned up the action in the second and clearly won the third, with the second round being a toss up round. In the end Tavares was awarded the unanimous decision in another exciting matchup.

But it was the back-and-forth between Terry Etim and Edson Barboza that UFC officials liked the most and as such gave both of them an extra $65,000.

Animated images from Iron Forges Iron