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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 Poster

Chicago Cagefighting Championship Returns On March 5

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 PosterChicago, Illinois – Chicago Cagefighting Championship will return to action on Saturday March 5 live at the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.  For the first time, the card will feature only professional fighters, highlighting the talent in the Chicagoland area.  The main event will feature former UFC champion Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate and a co-main event of former WEC champion Chase Beebe going to battle against Steve Kinnison.

Pulver was a former UFC lightweight champion who is a fan favorite.  Pulver returned to the UFC in 2006 to become a coach on the fifth season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.  After suffering back-to-back losses as a lightweight fighter, Pulver made the drop to featherweight and moved to the WEC.  Pulver won his first fight against Cub Swanson and then ran into a streak of losses against top featherweights Urijah Faber, Josh Grispi, Javier Vasquez, Leonard Garcia and Diego Garijo.  Pulver snapped his six-fight losing streak in just 49 seconds by submitting Mike Lindquist at “XFO 38”.

Choate just snapped a five-fight losing streak of his own in August of 2010 with a win over Marco Davis at “United Cage Fighting: Unforgiven”.  Choate has been in the sport since 2003 and has fought some extremely tough regional competition including Matt Ambrose, Kevin English, and current UFC fighter Darren Elkins.  In his twenty five professional fights, Choate holds thirteen victories with the majority coming by way of submission.

Former WEC champion Beebe went 4-1 in 2010 stopping all four of his opponents in the first round.  Beebe’s lone loss came at the hands of Hiroyuki Takaya at Dream 16, a fight he took on short notice.  Beebe’s victories in 2010 include Billy Jochum, Jared McMahan, Wisconsin state champion Josh Kasee, and XFC champion Pablo Alfonso.

Kinnison will be dropping down to featherweight to take on the former champion Beebe.  Kinnison will have to deal with a bit of cage rust as his last fight was in April of 2010 where he defeated Midwest Training Center’s Ryan Williams.  Kinnison is a regional favorite holding victories over Tyler Combs, York Ash, and Ryan Bixler.  While Kinnison’s record is not a winning record, he has been inside the cage with top fighters including Jeff Curran, Jorge Gurgel, Roger Huerta, and Kurt Pellegrino.

Other notable names competing on the March 5 event include Felice Herrig, Dan Gilbert, Carson Beebe and Dennis Dombrow.  The full card is as follows:
Jens Pulver vs Wade Choate
Chase Beebe vs Steve Kinnisen
Felice Herrig vs Shimone Brooks
Dan Gilbert vs Frank Pizzirulli
Mike Pitz vs Dan Bolden
Mike Santiago vs Eric Kreigermier
Carson Beebe vs Giovanni Moljo
Dennis Dombrow vs Jeff LaValle
Chris Haney vs Joey Diehl
Christian Reynoso vs Ray Grindstaff
Dan Stittgen vs TBD
Will Brooks vs TBD

For more information on Chicago Cagefighting Championship visit their website at  Fans of Chicago Cagefighting Championship on Facebook ( are treated to weekly contests featuring prizes of tickets, t-shirts, autographed memorabilia and more.  For tickets to the event visit the website or call 630-373-CAGE.

Chicago Cage Fighting Championship 1 Results And Recap

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Chicago Cage Fighting Championship held their first event at The Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.  The night was headlined by Mike Lullo taking on Jeremy Castro and saw a total of five professional fights and six amateur bouts.  Read on for the full results and recap.

The first amateur bout of the night got the crowd on their feet as Chris Miller made quick work of Dylan Thomas.  After a leg kick by Thomas, Miller clinched and had a failed takedown attempt with Thomas landing in his guard.  But Miller threw up his legs and was able to lock in a fight ending triangle choke just 36 seconds into the fight.

Two local fighters Darcy Laminy out of MTC and Stefan Ivanov out of Hackney’s were up.  The lightweight bout started with Laminy catching Ivanov with a right hand that hurt him.  Ivanov tried to clinch, but Laminy dropped down and grabbed a double leg takedown.  After a big slam, Laminy worked to trap one of Ivanov’s arms under neath him.  But Ivanov worked through the bad position and eventually stood up.  Both fighters threw caution to the wind and stood in front of each other throwing big hooks.  Laminy shot for a takedown, but this time Ivanov was ready as he sprawled, then spun to get Laminy’s back.  From there he grabbed a rear naked choke forcing Laminy to tap.

Submission were on a hot streak as Dustin Pierson was able to defeat Chris Haney by rear naked choke in the second.  But the fight wasn’t going in Pierson’s way at all until then.  The first round Haney used superior wrestling to keep Pierson on his back.  Haney attempted multiple submissions, but Pierson continued to escape.  The second round Haney jumped on Pierson’s back and tried to secure a rear naked choke, but Pierson fell back slamming Haney into the matt.  Pierson quickly rolled to get Haney’s back and was able to get an arm deep under Haney’s chin and ended the fight.

Kamil Broda had the crowd behind him in his fight against Ray Grindstaff.  Both fighters clinched quickly and worked short knees and each attempted a takedown.  After a very quick takedown and pop right back up, the fighters separated and looked to exchange.  Broda landed a left hook that hurt Grindstaff.  Broda however rushed in too quickly and over estimated how hurt his opponent was as Grindstaff quickly grabbed Broda’s arm and forced a tapout due to arm bar.

A very interesting ending happened when Jeff Lavalle took on Shawn West in a featherweight contest.  The first round Lavalle used his strength to over power West landing multiple punches from within West’s guard.  The round saw Lavalle posture out of any submission West attempted and throw big left hands.  The second round Lavalle landed two leg kicks before taking the fight to the ground again.  West attempted a triangle choke but couldn’t get Lavalle’s head trapped as Lavalle popped out of it.  Lavalle stood up forcing West to stand as well.  Another overhand right by Lavalle and a takedown.  Lavalle with a single punch and West taps.

The last amateur fight of the night saw Dennis Dombrow take on James Smith.  And like the five previous fights, this one ended by submission.  Dombrow quickly took the fight to the ground and worked several shots.  Smith got hurt and gave up his back.  Dombrow quickly took the back and squeeze a rear naked choke until Smith tapped.

After an intermission we start the action on the professional side.  Carson Beebe made short work of Danny Black.  Beebe shot in for a takedown, picked Black up, carried him from one side of the cage to the other and slammed him down.  From there he moved from side control to mount and started raining down elbows.  Black defended well for a little while but Beebe was relentless with his punches and elbows.  Black was forced to give up his back and Beebe locked in a rear naked choke to end the fight.  Black’s face was clearly messed up as he needed help getting out of the cage.

The next pro fight saw Ryan Williams take on Jay Ellis.  In the first round Williams took the fight to the ground and worked several different strikes from within Ellis’s guard.  Ellis did a good job of controlling Williams’s wrist as not much damage was inflicted.  At the end of the round, Williams was able to Ellis’s back and was squeezing a rear naked choke as time ran out in the round.  The second round Ellis dropped Williams with a high kick, but Williams recovered quickly.  After both fighters stood back up, Ellis attempted a high kick again, this time slipping and Williams took advantage.  Williams started throwing powerful shots, but couldn’t finish the fight.  Like the first round, Williams was able to get the back of Ellis only this time he worked for an armbar as time ran out.  The third round Ellis came out with a high kick again, followed with a big left and spinning backlist.  Williams grabbed a single leg and brought the fight back down to the canvas.  Once there, Williams secured a kimura and force Ellis to tap.

Anthony Marti and Matt Horning were up next in a catchweight bout at 140lbs.  Marti let his hands fly at the beginning of the first round before rocking Horning.  Marti spent most of the rest of the round either on Horning’s back or working for mount.  From the dominant position, Marti attempted multiple submissions but couldn’t lock anything in.  With about thirty seconds left, both fighters stood up and Marti is gassed.  Horning starts dropping bombs but time runs out.  The second round Marti is still winded as Horning is just landing big punch after big punch.  Marti threw a big overhand right that missed and Horning landed a beautiful counter.  Marti shot for a takedown and Horning sprawled to defend.  Horning attempted to get Marti’s back but Marti defended and wound up in Horning’s guard.    Horning attempted to get up, but Marti transitioned to his back and locked in a rear naked choke.  Horning was tapping for several seconds before the ref stopped the fight.

The co-main event saw the return of Jared McMahan taking on Seth Marquez.  Both fighters were a little hesitant to commit to anything.  McMahan stalked down Marquez who circled away from McMahan for the first minute plus. Marquez attempted a superman punch, but McMahan defended it and rocked Marquez dropping him.  McMahan started to throw elbow after elbow and punch after punch until the ref was forced to stop the action.

The main event featured Mike Lullo taking on Jeremy Castro.  Both fighters exchange a series of leg kicks before Castro clinched and took Lullo down.  Lullo worked some sick rubber guard and Castro wasn’t able to do anything.  Lullo worked short elbows and punches from the rubber guard until he let it go.  Once out of the rubber guard, Castro stood up and let Lullo do the same.  Again Castro took the fight down, but this time Lullo worked an even better rubber guard and was able to get his leg under the throat of Castro.  Lullo kept pulling down on Castro’s head and force Castro to tap due to a gogoplata.
Quick Results

Amateur Bouts

Chris Miller defeated Dylan Thomas by triangle choke 0:36 of round 1

Stefan Ivanov defeated Darcy Laminy by rear naked choke 2:27 of round 1

Dustin Pierson defeated Chris Haney by rear naked choke 1:01 of round 2

Ray Grindstaff defeated Kamil Broda by arm bar 1:20 of round 1

Jeff Lavalle defeated Shawn West by submission (strikes) 1:12 of round 2

Dennis Dombrow defeated James Smith by rear naked choke 0:59 of round 1

Professional Bouts

Carson Beebe defeated Danny Black by rear naked choke 1:54 of round 1

Ryan Williams defeated Jay Ellis by kimura 1:03 of round 3

Anthony Marti defeated Matt Horning by rear naked choke 1:17 of round 2

Jared McMahan defeated Seth Marquez by technical knockout 2:00 of round 1

Mike Lullo defeated Jeremy Castro by gogoplata 3:25 of round 1

Fightcard Entertainment “Ruthless” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment visited The Sundance Saloon in Waukegan on Saturday March 20 and put on “Ruthless”.  The night saw a total of fifteen and a half fights capped off with a Bantamweight title fight between Dimitrius Williams and Pedro Velasco.  Read on for the full results and recap.

The first fight of the night set the pace for the rest of card.  Juan Zenzero needed only seventy six seconds to defeat John Lovejoy.  Both fighters exchanged kicks before clinching.  From there Zenzero worked a massive ground and pound forcing the ref to stop the fight.

Jeff Clark was set to take on Andy Kaine, but Kaine refused to come out.  By default Clark won the fight

In the third fight, Tyler Badali took on Brit Frankel.  The first round both fighters exchanged multiple kicks.  Frankel caught a kick by Badali and took the fight to the ground.  Badali was able to stand up rather quickly and both fighters worked knees from within the clinch.  The end of the round, Badali sort of got a takedown and both fighters worked for a heel hook submission as time ran out.  The second round, Frankel landed two straight rights that dropped Badali.  Frankel quickly worked to pin the right arm of Badali and from there landed several small punches forcing the ref to stop the fight due to the inability to defend himself.

Hoping to make a better impression than his teammate Andy Kaine, Quinton Sanders took on Mathew Pulley.  After a quick exchange by both fighters, Sanders took the fight to the ground.  Unfortunately for Sanders, Pulley was able to sweep Sanders and got the mount.  From there Pulley worked several shots until Sanders gave up his back.  Shortly after, Pulley locked in the fight ending rear naked choke.

If you blinked you might have missed the next fight.  After a quick touch of gloves between Daniel Ciesnowski and Joey Sydeow, both fighters stood toe-to-toe throwing bombs.  Sydeow saw an opportunity for a standing guillotine choke and took it.  Trying to break free of it, Ciesnowski had a big slam but that only locked the choke in deeper and ten seconds after hitting the mat, Ciesnowski was sleeping.

A big right hand by Jeff Lavalle that just Missed Anthony Woodall.  Woodall countered with a guillotine that threatened Lavalle for a bit.  After breaking free from the choke, Lavalle had a big slam but Woodall quickly stood up.  Lavalle jumped on Woodall’s back, another big takedown and locked in a rear naked choke that forced Woodall to tap.

A quick change up in the fight saw a Pankration match between Dan Mueller and Robert Lee.  The rules for this fight state no strikes to the head.  Lee punished Mueller’s legs with brutal leg kicks, but Mueller responded with some good shots to the body.  Lee worked some good knees from inside a clinch and then after briefly separating, locked in a guillotine choke.  Mueller tried to force his way out, but nearly went to sleep and tapped.

Returning back to full mixed martial arts rules, Jason Montez took on Patrick Fish in a middleweight bout.  A big right hand by Montez dropped Fish.  Montez landed in side control and from there he worked multiple shots.  After a quick transition, Montez switched to an armbar submission and earned the victory.

Edgar Velasco wanted a win bad for his team and he was up against stiff competition in Chad Monyelle.  Monyelle came out with a big leg kick, but Velasco grabbed a guillotine choke and brought the fight to the ground.  Monyelle was able to pop out and Velasco used the transition to stand up.  Once standing, Monyelle had a quick takedown, but Velasco worked a triangle choke and multiple shots to the head of Monyelle.  Monyelle was persistent and worked his way out of the choke and brought the fight back to his feet.  Monyelle tried a spinning back kick, but Velasco countered with a good right hand that dropped Monyelle.  Velasco quickly moved to mount and landed several shots forcing the ref to stop the fight.

In the most exciting bout of the night up to this point, Cory Forshaw defeated Chris Hayden.  For the first ninety seconds, Hayden had Forshaw in trouble after dropping him with a high kick.  Once on the ground, Hayden worked multiple punches and even had in a deep rear naked choke.  But Forshaw was able to roll out of it.  Hayden kept his dominant position and had Forshaw mounted, but Forshaw threw his legs up and slipped out underneath Hayden.  Once back on the feet, Forshaw landed a big right hand followed by a knee that dropped Hayden.  Forshaw continued to throw punch after punch forcing the ref to stop the action.

Continuing the trend of quick fights, Chris Nagy needed only thirty seconds to defeat Aderlain Lopez.  After eating a knee by Lopez, Nagy got the fight to the ground, postured up and started to rain down multiple punches.  Unable to defend himself properly, the ref was forced to halt the action and give the victory to Nagy.

The women were up next and they did not disappoint.  In arguably the best fight of the night Rachel Smith took on Liz Roig.  The first round Smith found her range and unloaded several powerful shots bruising Roig’s left eye and breaking her nose.  Roig caught Smith in an arm bar but Smith was saved by the bell.  The second round, Roig attempted a takedown, but Smith continued a devastating ground and pound.  Roig again worked for an armbar, but couldn’t secure it.  The third round, both fighters exchanged big rights.  Roig was able to take Smith down, but Smith pulled out an armbar of her own.  Roig persisted and was able to slip out of the submission as both fighters worked for a heel hook.  The end of the round saw Smith sit up and land several devastating blows as time expired.  The crowd was on their feet giving both fighters the standing ovation they deserved.

In another exciting battle, Aki Matsuda took on Camron Monyelle.  In the first round Matsuda quickly took the fight to the ground and worked ground and pound for the full three minutes.  Monyelle defended well taking very few actual shots and worked some shots from the bottom.  In the second round, Monyelle was able to get a takedown and worked for a choke but Matsuda broke free and reversed the position.  Due to lack of action, the ref stood them up and Monyelle quickly tried to attack with a high kick.  Matsuda was ready for it and took the fight back to the ground and worked peppering shots as time ran out.  The third round, Monyelle opened his hands up, but Matsuda caught him with a straight right forcing Monyelle to to shoot for a takedown.  Unfortunately he left his neck open and Matsuda grabbed a fight ending guillotine choke.

In a very lackluster fight, Javier Vega took on Matt Mark.  At the start of the fight, Mark landed a low blow on Vega.  After the restart, both fighters showed their footwork and were unable to do any damage as both fighters were quick and elusive.  The second round Vega returned the low kick favor and the ref warned both fighters.  After the restart, Vega took the fight to the ground and spent the rest of the round trying to improve his position landing very few shots but enough to win the round.  The final round, Vega took the fight to the ground again, and worked most of the fight from side control.  Vega spent a good portion of the round trying to pass to mount, but Mark was successful in defending his position.  In the end the judges awarded the fight to Vega.

Bringing excitement back to the crowd, Chris Flach took on Jordan Yunis.  The first round saw both fighters throwing haymakers and kicks.  Yunis got the better of Flach dropping him on multiple occasions.  By the end of the round both fighters were visibly tired and had their hands by their side.  In the second round, Yunis landed a big left that dropped Flach.  Flach shot for the takedown but Yunis grabbed a guillotine choke and forced Flach to tap extremely fast.

The main event saw Pedro Velasco take on Dimitrius Williams for the FCE bantamweight title.  Williams quickly got a takedown, but Velasco stood right back up.  After an illegal elbow caused a timeout, Velasco unloaded a big right hand.  Williams ducked it and had a powerful slam takedown.  But Velasco was able to reverse the position and got the mount.  From there, Velasco unleashed a fury of punches forcing the ref to stop the action.

Quick Results

  • Juan Zenzero defeated John Lovejoy by TKO 1:16 of round 1
  • Jeff Clark defeated Andy Kaine by no show
  • Brit Frankel defeated Tyler Badali by TKO :43 of round 2
  • Mathew Pulley defeated Quinton Sanders by rear naked choke 1:09 of round 1
  • Joey Sydeow defeated Daniel Ciesnowski by guillotine choke :33 of round 1
  • Jeff Lavalle defeated Anthony Woodall by rear naked choke 1:12 of round 1
  • Robert Lee defeated Dan Mueller by guillotine choke 2:03 of round 1
  • Jason Montez defeated Patrick Fish by armbar :38 of round 1
  • Edgar Velasco defeated Chad Monyelle by TKO 2:35 of round 1
  • Cory Forshaw defeated Chris Hayden by TKO 2:01 of round 1
  • Chad Nagy defeated Aderlain Lopez by TKO :30 of round 1
  • Rachel Smith defeated Liz Roig by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Aki Matsuda defeated Camron Monyelle by guillotine choke :38 of round 3
  • Javier Vega defeated Matt Mark by unanimous decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-27)
  • Jordin Yunis defeated Chris Flach by guillotine choke 1:29 of round 2
  • Pedro Velasco defeated Dimitrius Williams by TKO 1:09 of round 1
XFO 33 Poster

XFO 33 Results And Recap

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XFO 33 PosterOn Saturday January 23, the Chicago based XFO held their 33rd event.  A total of twenty-eight fighters made their way to the cage and fourteen winners were decided.  Six amateur fights and eight professional fights capped off the night’s festivities.

The opening bout saw Steve Bingham take on Martin Villafuerte.  The first round Villafuerte used powerful leg kicks to stumble Bingham.  At the end of the round, Villafuerte scored a big takedown that easily earned him the round.  The second round Bingham opened up his striking and landed several power shots.  While Villafuerte was able to score a takedown at one point and get full mount, it was too little too late.  With the balance of the fight hanging in the third, Villafuerte went back to what was working for him in the first with several leg kicks.  Bingham tried to load up the single knockout punch but Villafuerte’s chin proved too tough even against multiple kicks.  Villafuerte won the unanimous decision 29-28 on all three judges score cards.

Josh Estrada made quick work of Jesse James Love needing only forty-six seconds to submit Love.  Estrada opened the bout with a big overhand right that dropped Love and then followed it up with a double leg take down.  After some posturing by both fighters, Estrada grabbed Love’s neck and forced the tapout.

Joey Diel shot in and quickly scored the double leg takedown on Jake Gilski.  After a quick punch Diel moved from side control to full mount.  Multiple shots were landed before Gilski decided to give up his back and Diel locked in a rear naked choke forcing the tapout at just fifty-one seconds into the first round.

Chris Miller decided that he wanted to show up the two previous fights by submitting Casey Irvin in just 26 seconds.  Miller stormed Irvin and Irvin ducked to avoid a punch, but exposed his neck.  Miller quickly tightened a choke and got the victory.

Jeff Lavallee continued his winning streak over Arty Hong.  After a brief touch of gloves Lavallee quickly landed a straight right.  Hong tied up Lavallee until Lavallee took the fight to the ground.  Lavallee had an arm in guillotine but it wasn’t in deep.  As Hong escaped the bad position he caught Lavallee with a big right and followed it by a leg kick overhand right combo.  Lavallee then landed a big right hand of his own that ended the match.

Blaine Podkowa and Craig Pineo had a stand up war.  Early in the first round, Podkowa had an arm in guillotine but gave it up in order to put the fight standing.  Both fighters landed several shots with Podkowa landing the majority of blows.  The second round Pineo shot for a takedown and failed to get it.  Instead Podkowa scored a trip takedown and quickly postured up and threw nearly thirty shots with several landing before the ref called a halt to the action.

Kicking the night off for the professional fighters was Bryan Neville and Chris Garcia.  Garcia shot for a takedown but left his neck exposed as Neville tried to lock in a guillotine choke.  Garcia stood up to try and get out of the choke but it made it worse.  Garcia used a great hip throw to get out of the choke and landed in side control.  After a couple of punches he easily moved to mount.  Neville bucked and gave up his back and Garcia locked in a rear naked choke to the crowds delight.

Matt Tobie made his pro debut against Jake Meyer.  In the first round Meyer wanted to establish his power shot and force Tobie to feel his power.  Tobie however had the better strikes that landed with more power through out the first round.  The start of the second saw Meyer score a takedown only to have Tobie stand up and score his own takedown.  Tobie quickly moved from half guard and got the mount.  Several shots were landed, the ref warned Meyer, and then called the fight.

Ryan Sturdy and Dan Bolden had more of a grappling match for the first three minutes of the fight.  While both fighters were able to land impressive shots, neither could finish the other before they quickly clinched up.  Sturdy landed a big takedown and used peppering shots before Bolden tried to escape.  While Bolden tried to escape, he gave up his back and Sturdy quickly locked in a rear naked choke and force Bolden to tap before he went to sleep.

Bobby Reardanz came out with a big high kick that just barely missed it’s mark.  As he landed a leg kick, Bruce Johnson landed a big right.  After a flurry by Johnson, both fighters clinched and looked for a takedown.  Johnson got the takedown, but Reardanz attempted an armbar.  After standing up, Reardanz used a spinning backlist to again clinch.  Once clinched, Reardanz landed several knees forcing Johnson to verbally submit.

Chris Clark came out strong and landed a high kick, leg kick, high kick, straight right combo against Yusup Saadulaev.  Unfortunately that was about the only offense that Clark was able to land as Saadulaev landed a big right that dropped Clark.  After a quick spin, Saadulaev landed in side control and locked in a key lock forcing the tap just fifty five seconds into the first round.

After the match, Llyod Carter called out Saadulaev wanting a rematch.  Saadulaev told Carter to improve his record and he would see what the match makers say about a rematch.

Heavyweights were on display when Boban Simic and Alex Rozman stepped into the cage.  Simic used his wrestling base to nullify Rozman’s size and reach advantage through out the first round.  At the end of the first, Simic scored a takedown and almost won the fight.  Simic quickly scored a takedown in the second round and easily moved to the mount position.  From the dominant position, he secured an arm triangle choke forcing Rozman to tap.

In the night’s co-main event Mark Miller took on LeVon Maynard.  Maynard worked a series of high kicks throughout match to keep Miller at bay.  Miller caught Maynard with a big right that dropped Maynard and followed to the ground.  Once on the ground, Miller worked a good ground and pound game for most of the round.  With about ninety seconds left Maynard was able to kick Miller off and stand up.  Miller landed several big shots, but Maynard landed a flush left hook that knocked Miller out and ended the fight.

A lightweight matchup between Daniel Straus and Gideon Ray capped off the night’s action.  Straus showed that he was just on another level through out the fifteen minutes than Ray.  Straus took Ray to the ground with ease through out the fight.  While Ray tried to work submissions, Straus just powered his way out of the potentially dangerous situations.  When the fight was standing, Straus used multiple kicks to keep Ray at bay before setting up the takedown.  In the end, Straus won the unanimous decision.

Quick Results

Amateur Results

Martin Villafuerte defeated Steve Bingham by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Josh Estrada defeated Jesse James Love by guillotine choke :46 of round 1

Joey Diehl defeated Jake Gilski by rear naked choke :51 of round 1

Chris Miller defeated Casey Irvin by guillotine choke :26 of round 1

Jeff Lavallee defeated Arty Hong by technical knockout at 1:38 of round 1

Blain Podkowa defeated Craig Pineo by technical knockout at 1:47 of round 2

Pro Results

Chris Garcia defeated Bryan Neville by rear naked choke at 1:19 of round 1

Matt Tobie defeated Jake Meyer by technical knockout at 1:49 of round 2

Ryan Sturdy defeated Dan Bolden by rear naked choke at 3:50 of round 1

Bobby Reardanz defeated Bruce Johnson by verbal submission at 1:58 of round 1

Yusup Saadulaev defeated Chris Clark by keylock at :55 of round 1

Boban Simic defeated Alex Rozman by arm triangle submission at 2:07 of round 2

LeVon Maynard defeated Mark Miller by knockout 4:14 of round 1

Daniel Straus defeated Gideon Ray by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Laquin Smith - photo by Brent Todd

Mayhem Promotions “Disorderly Conduct 4” Results

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Mayhem Promotions “Disorderly Conduct 4” proved to be another exciting night of fights in the Chicagoland area.  The co-main event and main event didn’t fail to deliver and had the crowd on their feet through out most of the fights.  At the end of the night the fans all left more than satisfied.
Laquin Smith - photo by Brent Todd

Laquin Smith - photo by Brent Todd

Josh Dawson vs Laquinn Swift
This fight was brought to us by Bodylock Sports Wear.

Round 1 – Dawson opened the round with a leg kick and then tried to follow it up with a high kick.  Swift countered by charging in and going for a takedown.  Dawson grabbed ahold of Swift’s neck as he was being taken down.  Swift in Dawson’s guard worked some shots and tried to pass but was unable to.  Dawson, working a high guard, sneaked a leg past Swift’s arm and was able to get a triangle choke.  Swift rolled and Dawson held on to a top mount triangle choke.  Swift bucked out of the position and was able to escape and took top position.  Dawson attempted numerous submissions, but Swift kept posturing up and escaping.  The end of the round saw Dawson trying to throw some punches from the bottom, but they had little effect.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Laquinn Swift

Round 2 – At the start of the round we were able to see that Dawson was bloodied up.  Like the first round, Dawson tried some kicks before Swift shot in and got a double leg takedown.  Dawson was holding Swift down better than last time, but both fighters were very active trying to secure a better position.  Swift eventually passes Dawson’s guard and then secured the full mount.  Dawson quickly gave up his back and Swift tried to get the rear naked choke.  Unable to do so, he started throwing punches to the side of Dawson’s head.  Several punches landed clearly and the ref finally warns Dawson to get out.  Ten seconds later, the referee ended the fight.  Laquinn Swift wins by TKO.

Official Decision – Laquinn Swift wins by TKO (referee stoppage) at 2:23 of the 2nd round.

Ryan Robison - photo by Brent Todd

Ryan Robison - photo by Brent Todd

Mark Mack vs Ryan Robison

Round 1 – Both fighters touched gloves and Mack looked hesitant to do anything.  Robison had a great punch to Mack’s body and Mack responded with a one-two combo that connected.  Robison seemed unfazed by the punches, and went for a high kick.  Mack then unloaded a barrage of punches followed by a body kick and finished off with another four punches.  Robison defended this attack well and pressed forward.  Robison was having trouble finding his distance, as Mack was just ducking and dodging Robison’s punches.  Mack landed three more solid shots, and Robison is still unaffected.  Ryan faked a punch and then shot in for a takedown, got it, and was in side control.  Mack did his best to neutralize Robison’s punches, but Robison was able to land some punches.  After some great wrist control by Mack, Robison elected to throw some massive knees to the body of Mack as the round ended.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Ryan Robison.

Round 2 – Robison decided that he needed to open the round with some good strikes and lands a leg kick, followed by a big right hand that forced Mack to try and clinch up.  While in the clinch, Robison landed some big uppercuts and Mack decided to let go of the clinch to try and recover.  Robison faked an overhand right and tried for a single leg takedown.  Mack was able to defend it well and threw a couple of punches to help his defense.  Robison switched from a single leg to a double leg and got the takedown.  Robison landed some knees to the body before switching to the north-south position.  Unable to secure a choke, Robison switched back to side control and threw more knees to Mack’s body.  The crowd at this point really got into the fight and started chanting for more knees.  Robison ignores the crowd and tried to get the mount, but Mack was able to pull half guard.  Robison landed two big punches to Mack’s body as time ran out in the round.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Ryan Robison.

Round 3 – Robison used a big overhand right to set up a takedown but couldn’t get it.  The fighters separated and Robison landed a loud body kick.  Mack started to back peddle and Robison shot in for a takedown.  Robison was in side control and heard the crowd as he landed at least six knees to Mack’s body.  Mack postures a bit from the bottom and is able to trap Robison’s left arm with his legs but can’t do much with it.  Robison threw two punches to free his trapped arm and Mack rolled to escape but ended up giving up his back.  Robison tried to get the rear naked choke, but time ran out.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Ryan Robison.

Official Decision – Ryan Robison wins via unanimous decision 30-27, 30-26, 30-27

Buddy McGinnis - photo by Brent Todd

Buddy McGinnis - photo by Brent Todd

Alfred Eddy Arnold vs Buddy McGinnis

Round 1 – Both fighters exchanged jabs before Arnold takes the fight to the ground.  McGinnis defended well, but Arnold pushed McGinnis up against the cage.  McGinnis attempts a triangle, but Arnold postures up and lands two big punches.  McGinnis took advantage of his opponent’s position and grabbed Arnolds left leg and used that to get a slam takedown.  McGinnis unloaded some knees to Arnold’s body.  As Arnold defended the knees, McGinnis passed from side control into full mount.  McGinnis punched Arnold about eight times before Arnold gave up his back.  The end of the round saw McGinnis trying to secure a choke, but he couldn’t as time expired.  MMA Recap scores it 10-9 for McGinnis.

Round 2 – Both fighters clinch right away and McGinnis got a great Greco Roman wrestling takedown giving him Arnold’s back.  The entire three minutes saw McGinnis attempting to secure a choke, and many times it looked like he got it.  However Arnold showed his toughness and was able to pry the arm out from under his chin numerous times.  Arnold landed several backwards hammer fists to McGinnis’s face, but McGinnis persisted with attempting the choke.  The end of the round Arnold nearly escaped by turning into McGinnis, but time expired before he could change his position.  MMA Recap scores it 10-9 for McGinnis

Round 3 – Arnold came out swinging, as he knew he was down two rounds.  His first overhand right missed and McGinnis shot in for the takedown.  While the takedown was successful, Arnold was able to grab onto McGinnis’s neck.  Even though McGinnis was in side control, the choke looked to be tight.  McGinnis punched Arnold’s body hard to get out of the choke and was successful.  Neither fighter doing much as they are visibly tired at this point and the ref warned them to do something or he will stand them up.  Both fighters weakly attempted to improve their position before the ref stood them up.  Once on the feet, Arnold again threw some big punches, this time a massive overhand right finds its mark and drops McGinnis.  Arnold follows up by attempting a shoulder lock submission, which doesn’t work and ended up on the bottom with McGinnis in side control.  Arnold scrambled and worked his way up and got a takedown with thirty seconds left in the fight.  Arnold threw a punch and left his arm out just long enough for McGinnis to secure a triangle choke.  Arnold was in danger and started to try and punch his way out of submission as the bell rang.  MMA Recap scored the round 10-9 for McGinnis.

Official Decision – Buddy McGinnis defeats Eddy Arnold by unanimous decision 30-27, 20-27, 29-28.


Jeff LaValle - Photo by Brent Todd

Jeff LaValle - Photo by Brent Todd

Anthony Whalen vs Jeff Lavallee
This fight brought to us by Good and Evil clothing.

Round 1 – Lavallee came out quick with some jabs and then took the fight down down to the ground.  Whalen quickly tied Lavallee up and was neutralizing any attack by Lavallee.  Lavallee isn’t able to free his hands, so he moved the fight up against the cage.  Once against the cage, Whalen let go of one of Lavallee’s hands and Lavallee landed a big straight job, followed with two accidental hits to the back of the head.  However the ref didn’t see the accidental blows.  Lavallee stands up and lands another big shot before Whalen just stood up.  Lavallee quickly clinched and landed multiple knees and punches before taking Whalen down again.  Lavallee landed big punches from within Whalen’s guard.  Lavallee again stood up and as Whalen was getting up, Lavallee grabbed ahold of him and threw him to the other side of the cage.  Lavallee followed and clinched Whalen to get a take down in full mount.  Lavallee caused some major damage while Whalen tried to buck out, but he was unable to.  Whalen tried to buck a second time, but Lavallee was ready for it and rocked Whalen.  Three punches later, the ref stopped the action due to strikes.

Official Decision – Jeff Lavallee wins via technical knock out at the 2:38 in round 1

Percy Hicks - photo by Brent Todd

Percy Hicks - photo by Brent Todd

Sonny Bordonado vs Percy Hicks

Round 1 – If you blinked from the opening bell you could have missed what happened.  In fact, many of the fans in attendance did miss what happened.  The bell rang and Hicks quickly rushed to the center of the cage with an arm extended to touch gloves.  Bordonado declined to touch gloves and Hicks responded with a big right hand that knocked Bordonado out and the ref was forced to stop the action.  Bordonado’s corner wanted clarification on the rules stating their fighter wasn’t ready and the ref stated that they were informed to “protect yourself at all times” after the bell rings.   Hicks tried to talk to Bordonado, but Bordonado’s corner called him a cheater.  The fans booed, but it was mainly due to them not realizing the fight started either.  After the fight, Hicks was visibly upset by the accusations by Bordonado’s corner and said it was Bordonado’s choice to not touch gloves.

Official Decision – Percy Hicks wins via knock out at :06 in round 1

Editors Update: The above report about a lack of touch of gloves is innacurate.  From our original angle, that is what it looked like.  However upon re-watching the fight, Bordonado did attempt to touch gloves and Hicks used the opportunity to attack.  While his strikes were legal, many would argue that they were unsportsman like.


Greg Reddington - photo by Brent Todd

Greg Reddington - photo by Brent Todd

Greg Reddington vs Mike Letteri

Round 1 – Both fighters came out to the center and touched gloves.  Letteri with a big punch that forces Reddington to shoot for the takedown.  Reddington’s wrestling background came into play as he got the takedown.  Letteri trying to hold Reddington down, but Reddington just picked him up and slammed him again.  Reddington turned it into a wrestling match and was just smothering Letteri.  Reddington postured up and landed a three-punch combo before smothering Letteri some more.  Reddington stood up to try and pass guard, and Letteri quickly followed.  Back on the feet, Letteri used his reach advantage to counter Reddington’s kicks.  Reddington clinched up again and pressed Letteri into the cage.  Letteri kneed Reddington in the body before Reddington took him down as time expired in the round.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Reddington.

Round 2 – Reddington tried to wrap things up and get this fight to the ground, but Letteri just escaped and landed several punches.  Reddington shot in for a takedown, but Letteri grabbed his neck and had a standing guillotine choke.  Letteri pulled guard to get the choke in deeper and Redding just stood up and slammed his way out of the choke.  Letteri tried to stand up, but Reddington kept pressing into him.  Letteri got up and seemed to find his range as he started to outstrike Reddington four-to-one.  Reddington starting to look tired and Letteri tried to capitalize, but time ran out in the round.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Letteri.

Round 3 – Reddington and Letteri touched gloves and Reddington tells Letteri that he (Letteri) got that round.  Letteri defended the first takedown attempt well and landed a knee, before Reddington got a better grip and took the fight to the ground.  The next minute neither fighter lands a punch or did much of anything.  Reddington was able to pass from guard into mount and Letteri gave up his back.  Reddington couldn’t capitalize on the dominant position and the crowd started asking for a stand up.  The ref doesn’t agree and let the fight continue until the bell rang.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Reddington.

Official Decision – Greg Reddington wins by unanimous decision 29-28


Anthony Goodwin - photo by Brent Todd

Anthony Goodwin - photo by Brent Todd

Anthony Goodwin vs Jordin Hinman

Round 1 – Hinman opens the fight with a big leg kick that hurt Goodwin.  Hinman rushed in and landed a knee that forced Goodwin to shoot for a takedown.  Hinman quickly wrapped his arms around Goodwin’s neck, but Goodwin shifted position and both fighters worked a clinch game.  Hinman tried for a trip takedown from the clinch, but Goodwin reversed it with a massive slam resulting in Goodwin being in side control.  Hinman tried to stand up, but Goodwin went for a guillotine and went into Hinman’s half guard.  Hinman bucked, grabbed Goodin’s right leg and stood up.  Goodwin defended the takedown defense by slamming Hinman on his head causing the crowd to get very loud.  Hinman rolled and Goodwin was within his guard.  Goodwin was able to pass and get full mount and Jordin quickly tied him up.  The crowd started to ask for a standup and Goodwin responded by giving up the mount and took side control instead.  Goodwin couldn’t do anything more while in side control and tried to get back into mount but got half guard instead.  The ref warned them about their lack of activity so Hinman went for a triangle.  Goodwin just pushed himself out of it and got Hinman’s back as the round ended.  MMA Recap scored it 10-9 for Goodwin.

Round 2 – Hinman came out and hit Goodwin with another leg kick followed by a spinning back kick that just missed its mark.  Goodwin responded with a leg kick of his own which caused Hinman to shoot for a takedown.  Goodwin grabbed Hinman’s neck and was able to get into Hinman’s half guard.  Goodwin with some small shots, but the ref again warned them he would stand them up.  A short elbow by Goodwin and Hinman bucked to get out, but ended up being mounted.  Goodwin then traps Hinman’s left arm and had him in a crucifix and punched Hinman a good twenty to thirty times before the ref was forced to stop the action.

Official Decision – Anthony Goodwin wins via technical knockout at 3:00 of round 2 and is your new lightweight champion.

Quick results

·      Laquin Swift defeats Josh Dawson by technical knock out 2:23 of round 2

·      Ryan Robison defeats Mark Mack by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-26

·      Buddy McGinnis defeats Eddy Arnold by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28

·      Jeff Laval defeats Anthony Whalen by technical knock out 2:38 of round 1

·      Percy Hicks defeats Sonny Bordonado by knock out :06 of round 1

·      Greg Reddington defeats Mike Letteri by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

·      Anthony Goodwin defeats Jordin Hinman by technical knock out 3:00 of round 2



Mayhem Promotions Logo

Mayhem Promotions “Disorderly Conduct 4” Weigh In Results

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Mayhem Promotions Logo

Mayhem Promotions Logo

At around 8:30pm last night at Alley 64 Bar and Grill in St. Charles, Illinois, the mood changed.  What started as a semi-quiet night, soon had the patrons cheering and applauding.  Renowned boxing and mixed martial arts announcer, Mike Williams was on hand to announce all of the action and kept the crowd entertained.

“Disorderly Conduct 4” features a main event of Jordin Hinman defending his lightweight championship belt against Anthony Goodwin and a co-main event of Greg Reddington looking to earn his way into a bantamweight championship fight against Mike Letteri.

Also featured on the night’s main card is Sonny Boronado taking on undefeated Percy Hicks.

All sixteen fighters successfully made weight without any issues.

The full weigh in results include:

Main Card
•    Jordin Hinman 155lbs
•    Anthony Goodwin 152lbs
•    Greg Reddington 135.2lbs
•    Mike Letteri 132.6lbs
•    Sonny Bordonado 164.8
•    Percy Hicks 169lbs

Preliminary Card
•    Anthony Whalen 141lbs
•    Jeff Lavalle 144.4lbs
•    Cesar Garcia 153lbs
•    Alejandro Martinez 155lbs
•    Eddy Arnold 152.6lbs
•    Buddy McGinnis 155.2lbs
•    Mark Mack 141.8
•    Ryan Robison 138.8
•    Josh Dawson 150.8
•    Laquinn Swift 153.6

Mayhem Promotions Disorderly Conduct 4 Poster

Mayhem Promotions Finalizes Disorderly Conduct 4

Written by MMARecap Staff on . Posted in News

Mayhem Promotions Disorderly Conduct 4 Poster

Mayhem Promotions Disorderly Conduct 4 Poster

Mayhem Promotions earlier this week finalized the fight card for “Disorderly Conduct 4”.  DC4 takes places on Saturday September 19 at the Dupage Expo center in St. Charles, Illinois.  Newly crowned lightweight champion Jordin Hinman (7-2) will defend his belt against Anthony Goodwin (12-1).  Also on the card is a bantamweight matchup between Greg Reddington (4-1) and Mike Letteri (1-0).

Hinman defeated Javier Vega at “Disorderly Conduct 3” to win the lightweight championship.  When asked about his thoughts on his fight, the Team Conflict fighter stated, “Fighting for Mayhem feels like home.  They take care of me, and I just want to go out there and put on a good show.  I want to defend my title as much as possible and prove that I am the best.  I know that as a competitor that no one is better than me and I prove it inside the cage.”

Goodwin who has been training in mixed martial arts twice as long as Hinman said, “Every fight I go into I could possibly lose.  I look at each fight as if I am 0-0 and don’t want to be on the losing end.  Each fight I train for as if it will be a war.”

At “Disorderly Conduct 3” Mike Letteri made his amateur debut and was the victor in the fight of the night.  Now he faces Reddington in what has the potential to decide who will be the number one contender for the Mayhem Promotion bantamweight belt.  Letteri thoughts on the fight, “The guys who run Mayhem make it very comfortable to go out and fight for them.  Greg fought a great fight and I can’t wait to take a shot at him.  Right now I am training for Greg and I am not looking past him.”

Reddington responded with “Letteri is a really good fighter.  He’s going to be a big challenge for me.  He’s very strong and talented.  I am hopeful that win over him will give me a shot at Welch (bantamweight champion).  I just want to be the best.  I’ve been putting in a lot of time and effort and I just want to prove that I am.”

“Disorderly Conduct 4” tickets are available now at  The evening is scheduled to showcase twenty amateur fighters in ten fights.  The full card includes:
Main Event for the Mayhem Promotions lightweight championship

•    Anthony Goodwin vs Jordin Hinman

Co Main Event

•    Greg Reddington vs Mike Letteri

•    Sonny Boronado vs Percy Hicks

•    Anthony Whalen vs Jeff Lavalle

•    Ceaser Garcia vs Alejandro Martinez

•    Ryan Robinson vs Alfonso Dematteo

•    Danny Lews vs Ronnie Chapman

•    Alfred Eddy Arnold vs Buddy McGinnis

•    Marck Mack vs TBD

•    Josh Dawson vs Laquin Swift