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Jens Pulver Victorious, Full XFO 38 “Supremacy MMA” Results And Recap

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XFO 38 PosterXFO 38 was held on Saturday January 22 at Woodstock Harley Davidson in Woodstock, Illinois.  The night of action saw four professional fights and nineteen amateur bouts.  Jens Pulver took on Mike Lindquist in the night’s main event.  Read on for the full recap of the professional card and quick results of all fights.

The first professional fight of the night saw Midwest Training Center’s Will Brooks making his pro debut against JR Hines.  Hines was trying to work feints to set up his jab, but Brooks quickly shot in for the takedown and dumped Hines on his back.  Brooks worked relentlessly from half guard to pass to the mount.  Once he was able to get the mount, Brooks rained down punches and elbows.  Hines tried to spin out to give up his back, but Brooks continued the punches and forced the ref to stop the action.

Team Curran’s Joey Diehl made his pro debut against Dexter Wright.  Wright started the fight landing his jab first, but Diehl was countering his strikes.  Diehl landed a leg kick and Wright went for a counter, but Diehl took Wright down.  Diehl transitioned from side control to mount.  He then postured up, landed a big right hand and Wright gave up his back.  Diehl quickly looked for the rear naked choke and after an adjustment was able to force Wright to tap.

The co-main event featured Tom Ahrens taking on Mike Corey.  The three round fight was all Corey all the way.  The first round Corey used his strikes to set up a takedown.  Once on the ground Corey worked knees to the body from within half guard.  Ahrens scrambled to escape, but Corey was able to get his back.  Corey couldn’t secure a choke and both fighters stood.  Corey worked for a standing kimura and couldn’t get it.  As time was running out, Corey took Ahrens down again and finished the round with strikes.  The second round Ahrens tried to take Corey down and was successful.  Corey quickly reversed the position and stood up.  Corey landed a high kick forcing Ahrens to attempt a takedown.  Corey looked for a guillotine, but settled for landing within Ahrens’s guard.  Corey worked small strikes and elbows as time ran out.  The third round Corey was able to land strikes almost at will.  Corey landed three head kicks that should have sent Ahrens to the canvas.  Big credit to Ahrens’s chin.  Corey took the fight to the ground and was relentless with his strikes as Ahrens really had no answer.  In the end, the judges all scored the bout for Corey.

The main event saw Jens Pulver make his return to the cage as he took on Mike Lindquist.  Lindquist was able to catch Pulver with a big punch to start the fight.  Pulver quickly covered up but was able to recover.  The two fighters scrambled for position and Pulver was able to end up on Lindquist’s back.  Pulver worked for a rear naked choke and synched it in forcing Lindquist to tap.

Professional Quick Results
Will Brooks defeated JR Hines by TKO at 2:09 of round 1
Joey Diehl defeated Dexter Wright by rear naked choke at 2:53 of round 1
Mike Corey defeated Tom Ahrens by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-26, 30-26
Jens Pulver defeated Mike Lindquist by rear naked choke at 0:49 of round 1

Amateur recap article will be up on Monday January 24.

Amateur Quick Results
Timmy LaGray defeated Richard Martin by TKO at 1:43 of round 3
Vince Romadine defeated Jake Gilski by rear naked choke at 1:38 of round
Tyler Reece defeated Mike Blake by TKO at 0:14 of round 1
Andre Felicano defeated Zach Tuneberg by guillotine choke at 0:48 of round 1
Scott Goldberg defeated Mike Upson by armbar at 0:09 of round 1
Zak Ottow defeated Kyle Schlise by knee choke at 1:26 of round 2
Johnny Otzleberger defeated Mikey Philllips by TKO at 0:21 of round 1
Phil Williams defeated Kevin Switalla by unanimous decision
David Williams defeated Brett Hedrington by TKO at 0:48 of round 1
Bobby defeated Brian Giles by TKO at 0:46 of round 1
Talin Bostic defeated Brian Tomac by TKO at 1:32 of round 1
John Fuller defeated Jason Bottenhagen by rear naked choke at 1:36 of round 2
Tommy LaGray defeated Nick Santiago by keylock at 1:45 of round 2
Cory Price defeated Don Singleton by unanimous decision
Antonio Luna defeated Nick Horne by rear naked choke at 0:39 of round 1
Cory Galloway defeated Jerad Karlen by triangle choke at 2:22 of round 1
Kenny Booker defeated Asmar Pace by KO at 2:24 of round 1
Daniel Szwab defeated Tony Campen at 0:14 of round 1
Robert Couillard defeated Darius Yancy at 0:23 of round 1

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“XFO 37: Road To Glory” Results and Recap

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XFO 37 Poster

The Xtreme Fighting Organization held their 37th event “Road to Glory” on Saturday December 4.  The night of action saw four professional fights and ten* amateur contests.  The professional bouts were headlined by David Love taking on Jeff Curran.  Read on for the full recap and the quick results.

In a change of pace, Dan Lardy decided to put the professional bouts in between the amateur fights.  This was done so the professionals could fight at a time when they typically train, and to prevent a professional from fighting so late in the evening.  Our results will be written in the order that they happen but separated by professionals first followed by amateurs.

The first professional bout saw Vince Ramos take on late replacement Chris Bennett in a lightweight matchup.  Bennett lead with a low kick followed by a high kick that forced Ramos to shoot for the takedown.  Bennett then grabbed a standing guillotine choke and put Ramos to sleep.  Bennett stated in his post-fight interview “I knew he was a D1 wrestler and most wrestler’s leave their neck open.  The gameplan was for me to grab that neck when he went for the takedown and I did.”

The second fight saw MTC fighter Mike Pitz take on Frank “The Strength” Pizzirulli.  Pizzirulli landed with some short jabs and Pitz quickly took the fight to the ground.  Pitz worked elbows and knees from side control until he was able to get the mount.  From there Pitz postured up and threw multiple right hands, many finding their mark.  Pizziruilli gave up his back to avoid the strikes, but Pitz was relentless with his punches.  Pitz was able to trap one of Pizzirulli’s arms, making him unable to intelligently defend himself and the ref stopped the fight.

The women were up next as Felice Herrig took on Amanda LaVoy.  LaVoy slipped on her first kick and Herrig quickly pounced to LaVoy’s half guard.  Herrig worked multiple strikes including punches and elbows before she was able to get the mount.  From the mount, Herrig worked strikes and transitioned to an armbar.  LaVoy was not without her tricks as she was able to work a reverse triangle to escape the submission.  LaVoy would end up on top, but Herrig locked in a triangle choke.  LaVoy tried to stand out of the choke, but Herrig worked for an armbar as well.  LaVoy continued to look for an escape until Herrig transitioned to a full armbar forcing LaVoy to tap.

The fight of the night was easily Jeff Curran versus David Love.  The three round battle was a non-stop back and forth fight.  The first round was super close and MMA Recap actually scored it for Love.  Love was able to land heavy leg kicks that would spin Curran.  With the time running out in the round, Love started throwing wildly but Curran was able to land his counters, blooding up Love.  Love opened the second round with a flurry of punches, but Curran weathered the storm and was able to pick Love apart.  Curran continuously was able to land a one-two combo and started to follow up the two punch combo with other strikes.  In the third round Curran landed a low kick and time out was called.  After the restart, Curran landed a big overhand right and winced in pain and many thought his right hand was broken.  Curran toughed it out and threw any other strike he could.  As the time was nearing the end, Curran re-added his right hand and was picking Love apart at ease.  With the fate of the fight in the judges’ hands, MMA Recap scored it 29-28 for Curran, but all three judges were unanimous giving it to Curran 30-27.
The first amateur fight of the evening saw Darren Finely take on Charlie Richardson.  In the first round Finely came out with a big takedown slam, but Richardson threatened with a guillotine choke.  Richardson let go of the choke and switched to a triangle choke.  Finely stepped over to break the choke and was successful, but Richardson would end up on top for the rest of the round.  The second round opened and Richardson countered Finely’s takedown attempt with his own.  Finely attempted a knee bar, but Richardson punched his way out and transitioned to an arm triangle.  After a quick adjustment Finely tapped.

The second amateur bout saw Zac Babiarz take on Randy McMahel.  McMahel was the aggressor as he was landing multiple combos.  But Babiarz held steady and found his range landing three straight jabs that rocked McMahel.  A straight right dropped McMahel and Babiarz quickly grabbed McMahel’s back and locked in a fight ending rear naked choke.

Jason Bottenhagen did not get a chance to fight after going through  full training camp as his opponent Josh Key did not come out.  In a first for MMA Recap a fight was called off due to the opponent getting injured during warm up.

Anthony Angel came out with a big push takedown on Rob Couillard.  Couillard held his composure and worked for a knee bar and up kicks but Angel dropped down with a big right.  Couillard had a high guard and was able to get his legs up and over for an armbar.  Angel tried to stand out of the armbar and Couillard was able to torque the submission forcing Angel to tap.

The first amateur fight back after the professionals saw Mike Finch take on Timmy Lagray. The first round Lagray used his strength to over power Finch’s takedown attempt.  Lagray landed some big shots before Finch was able to tie up Lagray with rubber guard.  In the second round Finch attempted high kicks, but Lagray was just pushed him down each time.  Lagray worked for a guillotine after the third failed high kick.  Finch was able to escape and quickly passed to mount.  Finch postured up and threw bombs forcing Lagray to give up his back.  Finch needed a readjustment on his rear naked choke but was able to get the tap.

Evain Rodriguez needed less than a minute to submit Russ Tabaka.  Tabaka looked for a takedown and was able to get it, but Rodriguez was able to get his legs and hips up for an armbar and forced the quick tapout.

Trying to outdo the previous fight, Tommy Lagray came out with bad intentions against James Garber.  Lagray dropped Garber with a right hook but Garber quickly recovered.  After a scramble, both fighters were on their feet and lagray quickly grabbed a big double leg takedown slam.  Lagray landed two punches and Garber tapped.  Garber laid in the cage pointing to his ribs, probably damaged from the takedown.

If you thought the last two fights ended fast, then this was even faster.  Jake Klipp needed just 49 seconds to finish Ryan Moore.  Kilpp came out with a takedown and landed in mount.  From there he threw punches non-stop.  Moore briefly gave up his back, but ate even more punches and went back to being mounted.  Several strikes later the ref was forced to halt the action.

The main event of the amateur fights saw Cory Galloway defeat Casey Bybee.  Galloway started the fight landing good jabs.  Bybee had his hands up high so Galloway looked for a takedown.  He pushed through and was able to complete the takedown, but Bybee reversed and wound up in Galloway’s guard.  Galloway ate a couple of punches but waited patiently for the right opportunity to sneak his legs up for an armbar.  Once able to secure the submission, it was just a couple of seconds before Bybee was tapping.

Three amateur bouts that were scheduled did not happen.  Robbie Bock, Phil Williams, and Josh Eckmann were all scheduled to fight on the amateur portion of the card.  Unfortunately their opponents either left after showing up or no-showed the event.

Amateur Quick Results
Charlie Richardson defeated Darren Finely by arm triangle at 1:15 of round 2
Zac Babiarz defeated Randy McMahel by rear naked choke at 1:41 of round 1
Jason Bottenhagen defeated Josh Key by default as Key got injured during warmup.
Rob Couillard defeated Anthony Angel by armbar at :52 of round 1
Jared Karlen defeated Mikey Phillips by D’arce choke at :46 of round 1
Mike Finch defeated Timmy Lagray by rear naked choke at  1:45 of round 2
Evian Rodriguez defeated Russ Tabaka by armbar at :58 of round 1
Tommy Lagray defeated James Garber by tapout at :58 of round 1
Jake Klipp defeated Ryan Moore by TKO at :49 of round 1
Cory Galloway defeated Casey Bybee by armbar at 2:51 of round 1

Professional Quick Results
Chris Bennet defeated Vince Ramos by guillotine at :17 of round 1
Mike Pitz defeated Frank Pizzirulli by TKO at 2:00 of round 1
Felice Herrig defeated Amanada LaVoy by armbar at 3:35 of round 1
Jeff Curran defeated David Love by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)