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XFO 43 Final Poster

Receive A Free X-Treme Ring Girls Calendar At XFO 43

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XFO 43 Final Poster

XFO 43 Final Poster

On Friday, April 13, XFO returns to the Copernicus Center for XFO 43. The night of action is scheduled to feature an all pro mixed martial arts card with thirteen fights. The first 1,500 fans to arrive will receive a free 2012 X-Treme Ring Girls calendar.

Fans of mixed martial arts in Chicago will not be disappointed as the card is stacked with local talent. Established pros like Dan Aguirre, Mike Santiago, Adam Ward, Joey Diehl, and Christian Reynoso all will be looking to not only improve their fan base, but increase their fans.

Phil Williams, Andre Feliciano, Jerald Williams and Damian Norris are names many have seen on the amateur circuit in the Chicagoland area. All of them are battle tested and will try to start their pro careers with a win.

Doors open at 6pm and the first fight is set to start at 7:30pm. The full card now includes:
Daniel Vizcaya vs Brandon DelPrado
Daniel Aguirre vs Ryan McIntosh
Mike Santiago vs Tory Bogguess
Adam Ward vs Bobby Ferrier
Andrew Krzeptowski vs Lawrence Dunning
Joey Diehl vs Dominic Blanco
Matt Tobie vs Ryan Storey
Rafal Skibinski vs Jason Graves
Christian Reynoso vs Brandon Wood
Damian Norris vs Jordan Griffin
Ramy Daoud vs Johnny Coleman
Andre Feliciano vs Jerald Williams
Phil Williams vs James Smith

Chicago Cage Fighting Championship 1 Results And Recap

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Chicago Cage Fighting Championship held their first event at The Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.  The night was headlined by Mike Lullo taking on Jeremy Castro and saw a total of five professional fights and six amateur bouts.  Read on for the full results and recap.

The first amateur bout of the night got the crowd on their feet as Chris Miller made quick work of Dylan Thomas.  After a leg kick by Thomas, Miller clinched and had a failed takedown attempt with Thomas landing in his guard.  But Miller threw up his legs and was able to lock in a fight ending triangle choke just 36 seconds into the fight.

Two local fighters Darcy Laminy out of MTC and Stefan Ivanov out of Hackney’s were up.  The lightweight bout started with Laminy catching Ivanov with a right hand that hurt him.  Ivanov tried to clinch, but Laminy dropped down and grabbed a double leg takedown.  After a big slam, Laminy worked to trap one of Ivanov’s arms under neath him.  But Ivanov worked through the bad position and eventually stood up.  Both fighters threw caution to the wind and stood in front of each other throwing big hooks.  Laminy shot for a takedown, but this time Ivanov was ready as he sprawled, then spun to get Laminy’s back.  From there he grabbed a rear naked choke forcing Laminy to tap.

Submission were on a hot streak as Dustin Pierson was able to defeat Chris Haney by rear naked choke in the second.  But the fight wasn’t going in Pierson’s way at all until then.  The first round Haney used superior wrestling to keep Pierson on his back.  Haney attempted multiple submissions, but Pierson continued to escape.  The second round Haney jumped on Pierson’s back and tried to secure a rear naked choke, but Pierson fell back slamming Haney into the matt.  Pierson quickly rolled to get Haney’s back and was able to get an arm deep under Haney’s chin and ended the fight.

Kamil Broda had the crowd behind him in his fight against Ray Grindstaff.  Both fighters clinched quickly and worked short knees and each attempted a takedown.  After a very quick takedown and pop right back up, the fighters separated and looked to exchange.  Broda landed a left hook that hurt Grindstaff.  Broda however rushed in too quickly and over estimated how hurt his opponent was as Grindstaff quickly grabbed Broda’s arm and forced a tapout due to arm bar.

A very interesting ending happened when Jeff Lavalle took on Shawn West in a featherweight contest.  The first round Lavalle used his strength to over power West landing multiple punches from within West’s guard.  The round saw Lavalle posture out of any submission West attempted and throw big left hands.  The second round Lavalle landed two leg kicks before taking the fight to the ground again.  West attempted a triangle choke but couldn’t get Lavalle’s head trapped as Lavalle popped out of it.  Lavalle stood up forcing West to stand as well.  Another overhand right by Lavalle and a takedown.  Lavalle with a single punch and West taps.

The last amateur fight of the night saw Dennis Dombrow take on James Smith.  And like the five previous fights, this one ended by submission.  Dombrow quickly took the fight to the ground and worked several shots.  Smith got hurt and gave up his back.  Dombrow quickly took the back and squeeze a rear naked choke until Smith tapped.

After an intermission we start the action on the professional side.  Carson Beebe made short work of Danny Black.  Beebe shot in for a takedown, picked Black up, carried him from one side of the cage to the other and slammed him down.  From there he moved from side control to mount and started raining down elbows.  Black defended well for a little while but Beebe was relentless with his punches and elbows.  Black was forced to give up his back and Beebe locked in a rear naked choke to end the fight.  Black’s face was clearly messed up as he needed help getting out of the cage.

The next pro fight saw Ryan Williams take on Jay Ellis.  In the first round Williams took the fight to the ground and worked several different strikes from within Ellis’s guard.  Ellis did a good job of controlling Williams’s wrist as not much damage was inflicted.  At the end of the round, Williams was able to Ellis’s back and was squeezing a rear naked choke as time ran out in the round.  The second round Ellis dropped Williams with a high kick, but Williams recovered quickly.  After both fighters stood back up, Ellis attempted a high kick again, this time slipping and Williams took advantage.  Williams started throwing powerful shots, but couldn’t finish the fight.  Like the first round, Williams was able to get the back of Ellis only this time he worked for an armbar as time ran out.  The third round Ellis came out with a high kick again, followed with a big left and spinning backlist.  Williams grabbed a single leg and brought the fight back down to the canvas.  Once there, Williams secured a kimura and force Ellis to tap.

Anthony Marti and Matt Horning were up next in a catchweight bout at 140lbs.  Marti let his hands fly at the beginning of the first round before rocking Horning.  Marti spent most of the rest of the round either on Horning’s back or working for mount.  From the dominant position, Marti attempted multiple submissions but couldn’t lock anything in.  With about thirty seconds left, both fighters stood up and Marti is gassed.  Horning starts dropping bombs but time runs out.  The second round Marti is still winded as Horning is just landing big punch after big punch.  Marti threw a big overhand right that missed and Horning landed a beautiful counter.  Marti shot for a takedown and Horning sprawled to defend.  Horning attempted to get Marti’s back but Marti defended and wound up in Horning’s guard.    Horning attempted to get up, but Marti transitioned to his back and locked in a rear naked choke.  Horning was tapping for several seconds before the ref stopped the fight.

The co-main event saw the return of Jared McMahan taking on Seth Marquez.  Both fighters were a little hesitant to commit to anything.  McMahan stalked down Marquez who circled away from McMahan for the first minute plus. Marquez attempted a superman punch, but McMahan defended it and rocked Marquez dropping him.  McMahan started to throw elbow after elbow and punch after punch until the ref was forced to stop the action.

The main event featured Mike Lullo taking on Jeremy Castro.  Both fighters exchange a series of leg kicks before Castro clinched and took Lullo down.  Lullo worked some sick rubber guard and Castro wasn’t able to do anything.  Lullo worked short elbows and punches from the rubber guard until he let it go.  Once out of the rubber guard, Castro stood up and let Lullo do the same.  Again Castro took the fight down, but this time Lullo worked an even better rubber guard and was able to get his leg under the throat of Castro.  Lullo kept pulling down on Castro’s head and force Castro to tap due to a gogoplata.
Quick Results

Amateur Bouts

Chris Miller defeated Dylan Thomas by triangle choke 0:36 of round 1

Stefan Ivanov defeated Darcy Laminy by rear naked choke 2:27 of round 1

Dustin Pierson defeated Chris Haney by rear naked choke 1:01 of round 2

Ray Grindstaff defeated Kamil Broda by arm bar 1:20 of round 1

Jeff Lavalle defeated Shawn West by submission (strikes) 1:12 of round 2

Dennis Dombrow defeated James Smith by rear naked choke 0:59 of round 1

Professional Bouts

Carson Beebe defeated Danny Black by rear naked choke 1:54 of round 1

Ryan Williams defeated Jay Ellis by kimura 1:03 of round 3

Anthony Marti defeated Matt Horning by rear naked choke 1:17 of round 2

Jared McMahan defeated Seth Marquez by technical knockout 2:00 of round 1

Mike Lullo defeated Jeremy Castro by gogoplata 3:25 of round 1