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Gym Profile: Team Top Notch Fitness

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Address: 226 Stone Rd.  Villa Park, IL 60181
Phone: (630) 439-6870
Business Hours: 11am-9:30pm Monday-Saturday, Closed Sunday

Classes Offered:
Classes are offered for both fighters and non-fighters. Classes offered include Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, no-gi jiu jitsu, and wrestling.

Kids ages 8 and up are welcome.

Other programs:
Private lessons are available

Contact Matt for any special promotions currently running

In the movies you always see gyms that have these great fighters but seem like little holes in the wall.  Team Top Notch Fitness is likely the inspiration for these.  Yes when you walk in there is a nice sitting area and a small kitchen, but just past the two rooms lies the heart of the team; the gym.  When you enter the gym you see nearly wall-to-wall green wrestling matts, both on the floor and up two walls.  On one side are shelves of equipment, both for the fighters and the non-fighters.  The entire area is surrounded by heavy bags of varying sizes and shapes.  Continuing around there is a large ring to get work in.  This is unusual for an mma gym, but with a primary focus on Muay Thai, it makes perfect sense.  On the other side of the ring are some weights and cardio machines completing the workout area.  Strung around the ceiling are flags of nearly every country, likely with a story of training in each location.

On any random night there will be upwards of fifty students crammed in, kicking pads, working combinations and sweating.  It’s hard not to want to just punch or kick a bag when you see this many students all doing just that.  There’s a reason they are all there, putting in hard work, and it makes one question why they aren’t participating along.

XFO 43 Poster

XFO 43 Tickets Available at

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XFO 43 PosterXFO 43 tickets are now available here at MMA Recap. They start at just $31 for the mezzanine level and $41 for the main floor area. That includes our processing fee. These are the best prices anywhere online for XFO 43 tickets. Click here to buy your tickets.

The card is a stacked all-pro card featuring several fan favorites like Carson Beebe, Guillermo Serment, Dan Aguirre, Mike Santiago, Adam Ward, Joey Diehl, Vince Ramos, Giovanni Moljo, Matt Tobie, Christian Reynoso and many more.

The full card looks like:
Carson Beebe vs Guillermo Serment
Daniel Vizcaya vs Brandon DelPrado
Daniel Aguirre vs Ryan McIntosh
Mike Santiago vs TBD
Vincent Ramos vs Jose Pacheco
Andrew Krzeptowski vs Lawrence Dunning
Adam Ward vs Giovanni Moljo
Joey Diehl vs TBD
Matt Tobie vs Ryan Storey
Rafal Skibinski vs Jason Graves
Christian Reynoso vs James Anthony Moore
Damian Norris vs Jordan Griffin
Ramy Doud vs Johnny Coleman
Andre Feliciano vs Jerald Williams
Phil Williams vs TBD

Hoosier FIght Club 9 poster

Hoosier Fight Club – HFC 9 Fall Brawl Results

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Hoosier FIght Club 9 poster

Hoosier Fight Club returned to the Porter County Expo Center on Saturday November 5th.  The night featured an all pro card headlined by season eleven ultimate fighter runner-up Kris McCray taking on Kevin Nowaczyk.  The quick results were provided by Matt Giancarlo of

Quick Results

  • Josh Robinson defeated Giovanni Moljo by TKO at 2:20 of round 3
  • Ryan McCintosh defeated Terry House by rear naked choke at 0:20 of round 1
  • David Love defeated Jeff Golden by unanimous decision
  • Robert Nieto defeated PJ Cajigas by arm bar at 4:39 of round 2
  • Brady Hovermale defeated Nick Wayne by rear naked choke at 3:28 of round 2
  • Nick Kraus defeated Billy Johnson by unanimous decision
  • John Kolosci defeated Dan Bolden by split decision
  • James Porter defeated Jake Rosenbaum by split decision
  • Kris McCray defeated Kevin Nowaczyk by unanimous decision

Mio Fight Gear Donating $100 To A Fighter’s Charity

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Do you remember Mike Lullo’s gogoplata submission from Chicago Cagefighting Championship 1.  What about Giovanni Moljo’s inverted triangle submission from their third show?  Mio Fight Gear can’t decide which one is better and has chosen to let the fans pick.  Head over to the Chicago Cagefighting Championship facebook page and cast your vote by liking your submission of choice.  The winner will be decided by whom has the most “likes” and Mio Fight Gear will donate $100 to the fighter’s charity of choice.  For your convenience we have embedded both submissions below.

Giovanni Moljo’s Inverted Triangle

Mike Lullo’s Gogoplata

Giovanni Moljo’s Inverted Triangle Likely For 2011 Best Submission

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While we are awaiting the results of the Illinois Best of 2010 awards, it isn't too soon to be thinking of 2011's awards.  Last year we had some crazy submissions including Mike Lullo's gogoplata at Chicago Cagefighting Championship 1.  There must be something about the promotion because this past Saturday at Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3, Team Top Notch's Giovanni Moljo not only secured an inverted triangle choke on Carson Beebe but put him to sleep.

Moljo came out with a flying knee and was quickly taken down.  Fortunately for Moljo, the gameplan included going to the ground from the knee as it set up his submission.  Beebe did his best to escape, but was unable to create space and ultimately went to sleep.

Below is a photo gallery of the event courtesy of Karly the Photographer.

Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 Recap And Results

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 took place on Saturday March 5 from The Odeum Sports Complex in Villa Park Illinois.  The event featured an all pro card with a main event of Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate and a co-main event of Chase Beebe versus Steven Kinnison.  Read on for the recap of the event and the quick results.

Kicking off the night Jason Graves made his professional debut against PJ Cajigas.  Graves came out swinging hard and then quickly clinched Cajigas against the cage.  Graves had a smooth trip takedown to land in the mount.  Cajigas gave up his back and Graves immediately worked to get his hooks in as well as an arm under Cajigas’s neck.  Once the rear naked choke was secured, it was a mater of time before Cajigas was forced to tap.

Midwest Training Center’s Will Brooks took on Guillermo Serment in the second fight of the night.  Brooks looked for a touch of gloves, but Serment declined.  Brooks quickly rushed Serment and threw him to the ground.  Serment stood up, Brooks quickly grabbed a Muay Thai clinch and threw multiple knees.  The fighters separated and multiple times Brooks hurt Serment with strikes forcing Serment to attempt a takedown but was unable to get it.  Brooks started to find his range and Serment went to the ground.  Brooks quickly got his back and worked punches and elbows trying to get a choke.  Time ran out in a round that was very clearly for Brooks.  The second round started and Brooks landed an uppercut that buckled Serment’s knees.  Brooks again took Serment’s back, but this time was able to secure the choke and the tap.

Chris Haney took on Team Curran’s Joey Diehl in a rematch, only this time it was a professional fight instead of an amateur fight.  The first round Haney attempted a superman punch and over shot Diehl.  Diehl quickly worked for Haney’s back, but settled for side control.  Diehl worked elbow after elbow forcing Haney to try to escape.  Diehl was able to get the mount and again threw punches and elbows.  Diehl had a fantastic transition from mount to an armbar and the submission was in deep.  Haney was able to roll into it and finished the round in Diehl’s guard.  The start of the second round looked like both fighters wanted to stand and trade, however Haney shot for a takedown and Diehl quickly tied up a peruvian necktie.  Unable to get the choke, Diehl worked for a guillotine but Haney escaped and was in Diehl’s guard.  Diehl wanted to use a kimura from the bottom to sweep Haney, but Haney used the opportunity to get Diehl’s back and ultimately mount.  The back and forth grappling match continued as Haney nearly finished with an arm triangle choke.  Diehl escaped and Haney quickly transitioned to a triangle choke.  Diehl tried to escape, but Haney squeezed and continued the pressure giving Diehl his first loss of his professional career.

An early candidate for comeback of the year, Christian Reynoso overcame a devastating first round to secure an armbar early in the second and end the fight.  The first round started with Reynoso landing an illegal kick but Grindstaff quickly shook it off.  After the restart, Grindstaff landed a big right that dropped Reynoso.  Grindstaff quickly got the mount, but Reynoso stood up.  The fighters were clinched against the cage, and Grindstaff again took the fight to the ground.  Reynoso was able to tie up Grindstaff and prevent damage until the ref stood them up.  Again Grindstaff took the fight to the ground, but this time was able to avoid being tied up and landed many punches.  Reynoso looked for the early takedown at the start of the second, but was stuffed.  Grindstaff worked for a takedown of his own, but Reynoso locked in a guillotine choke.  The choke was in tight, but Grindstaff was able to pop his head out.  Reynoso quickly transitioned to an armbar and after a few adjustments got the tap he was looking for.

Prior to the fights, MMA Recap predicted that the fight of the night would belong to Eric Kriegermeier and Michael Santiago and the two did not disappoint.  The first round started with both fighters looking to throw bombs.  Santiago was able to get the fight to the ground and from there he landed punches in bunches and elbows galore.  Kriegermeier was visibly hurt as he had a cut above his eye and a mouse under the other.  Santiago clearly won the round with the sheer damage he was inflicting.  Like the first round, both fighters stood in the pocket to start the second round throwing massive punches.  Santiago again took the fight to the ground and had the dominant position.  Santiago had a crucifix and looked to finish the fight, but Kriegermeier was able to escape and pulled guard.  Santiago quickly passed to side control and attempted to throw a knee to the body.  Unfortunately Kriegermeier used the opportunity to slide out from under him and escape.  Kriegermeier grabbed a front headlock and then transitioned to Santiago’s back.  Kriegermeier flattened Santiago out and was landing big lefts and rights until Santiago’s neck was exposed and then squeezed to force a tap.

The undefeated Gilbert Grappling protege Carson Beebe took on Team Top Notch’s Giovanni Moljo.  Moljo started the fight with a flying knee as Beebe shot for a takedown.  Beebe shot for the takedown, but Moljo was able to secure an inverted triangle choke.  Beebe tried to escape, but Moljo held the choke until Beebe went to sleep and the fight was stopped.

After the intermission, middleweight fighters Dan Bolden and Mike Pitz were ready to throw leather.  Both fighters are known for their heavy hands and fans were expecting a knockout.  Bolden caught Pitz with a big right and Pitz looked for a takedown and got it.  Pitz worked short elbows before getting the mount.  Bolden was able to escape and both fighters stood up.  Pitz again got a takedown and while working to get mount landed an accidental knee to Bolden’s groin.  After the restart, Pitz again shot for a takedown, but Bolden was ready for it.  Bolden started unloading massive punches and nearly dropped Pitz.  Pitz got another takedown and rained down punch after punch.  The ref warned Bolden to do something.  Bolden tried to escape but caught up in a triangle choke and was forced to tap.

The women were up next as Team Curran’s Felice Herrig took on Andrea Miller.  Herrig came out with a push kick that sent Miller back.  Miller retaliated with a good stiff jab to Herrig’s nose that bloodied it up.  Herrig looked for leg kicks before clinching Miller against the cage.  Herrig dropped for a double leg takedown and got it landing in side control.  Herrig worked small strikes to set up the pass to mount.  Once in the mount Herrig threw punches and elbows over and over.  Miller covered up, but the strikes were relentless and the ref was forced to stop the action.

The co-main event of the evening featured former WEC bantamweight champion Chase Beebe taking on Steve Kinnison.  The three round fight was an all Beebe all the time performance.  The only thing doing more work than Beebe trying to pass from half guard to mount was Beebe’s elbow as the majority of his strikes were elbows.  In the second round Beebe landed a massive elbow that cut Kinnison above his eye.  More elbows were thrown by Beebe and the ref didn’t like the cut and asked the doctor to look at it.  Kinnison wanted to continue and showed a lot of heart.  Beebe easily took Kinnison to the ground in the third and again worked his elbows.  In the end, the judges had a very easy decision awarding the victory to Beebe.

The main event featured former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate.  Pulver came out and stalked Choate through out the fight.  Both fighters were respectful of the other’s power.  The first round was a great back and forth round.  Pulver landed a big kick and winced after but it wasn’t evident what was going on right away.  The second round featured the two fighters circling and trading punches and kicks.  It was an extremely close round that could go either way.  The third round Choate became the aggressor and while Pulver was stalking Choate, it was Choate who was landing punch after punch.  When the fight was over, Pulver was visibly hurt and his left foot was extremely swollen.  The judges gave their score cards and it was a split decision for Pulver.

Quick Results

  • Jason Graves defeated PJ Cajigas by rear naked choke at 0:31 of round 1
  • Will Brooks defeated Guillermo Serment by rear naked choke at 0:45 of round 2
  • Chris Haney defeated Joey Diehl by triangle choke at 3:39 of round 2
  • Christian Reynos defeated Ray Grindstaff by armbar at 1:09 of round 2
  • Eric Kriegermeier defeated Michael Santiago by rear naked choke at 3:48 of round 2
  • Giovanni Moljo defeated Carson Beebe by inverted triangle choke at 0:52 of round 1
  • Mike Pitz defeated Dan Bolden by triangle choke at 4:38 of round 1
  • Felice Herrig defeated Andrea Miller by TKO at 3:30 of round 1
  • Chase Beebe defeated Steve Kinnison by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Jens Pulver defeated Wade Choat by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28
Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 Poster

Chicago Cagefighting Championship Returns On March 5

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 PosterChicago, Illinois – Chicago Cagefighting Championship will return to action on Saturday March 5 live at the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.  For the first time, the card will feature only professional fighters, highlighting the talent in the Chicagoland area.  The main event will feature former UFC champion Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate and a co-main event of former WEC champion Chase Beebe going to battle against Steve Kinnison.

Pulver was a former UFC lightweight champion who is a fan favorite.  Pulver returned to the UFC in 2006 to become a coach on the fifth season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.  After suffering back-to-back losses as a lightweight fighter, Pulver made the drop to featherweight and moved to the WEC.  Pulver won his first fight against Cub Swanson and then ran into a streak of losses against top featherweights Urijah Faber, Josh Grispi, Javier Vasquez, Leonard Garcia and Diego Garijo.  Pulver snapped his six-fight losing streak in just 49 seconds by submitting Mike Lindquist at “XFO 38”.

Choate just snapped a five-fight losing streak of his own in August of 2010 with a win over Marco Davis at “United Cage Fighting: Unforgiven”.  Choate has been in the sport since 2003 and has fought some extremely tough regional competition including Matt Ambrose, Kevin English, and current UFC fighter Darren Elkins.  In his twenty five professional fights, Choate holds thirteen victories with the majority coming by way of submission.

Former WEC champion Beebe went 4-1 in 2010 stopping all four of his opponents in the first round.  Beebe’s lone loss came at the hands of Hiroyuki Takaya at Dream 16, a fight he took on short notice.  Beebe’s victories in 2010 include Billy Jochum, Jared McMahan, Wisconsin state champion Josh Kasee, and XFC champion Pablo Alfonso.

Kinnison will be dropping down to featherweight to take on the former champion Beebe.  Kinnison will have to deal with a bit of cage rust as his last fight was in April of 2010 where he defeated Midwest Training Center’s Ryan Williams.  Kinnison is a regional favorite holding victories over Tyler Combs, York Ash, and Ryan Bixler.  While Kinnison’s record is not a winning record, he has been inside the cage with top fighters including Jeff Curran, Jorge Gurgel, Roger Huerta, and Kurt Pellegrino.

Other notable names competing on the March 5 event include Felice Herrig, Dan Gilbert, Carson Beebe and Dennis Dombrow.  The full card is as follows:
Jens Pulver vs Wade Choate
Chase Beebe vs Steve Kinnisen
Felice Herrig vs Shimone Brooks
Dan Gilbert vs Frank Pizzirulli
Mike Pitz vs Dan Bolden
Mike Santiago vs Eric Kreigermier
Carson Beebe vs Giovanni Moljo
Dennis Dombrow vs Jeff LaValle
Chris Haney vs Joey Diehl
Christian Reynoso vs Ray Grindstaff
Dan Stittgen vs TBD
Will Brooks vs TBD

For more information on Chicago Cagefighting Championship visit their website at  Fans of Chicago Cagefighting Championship on Facebook ( are treated to weekly contests featuring prizes of tickets, t-shirts, autographed memorabilia and more.  For tickets to the event visit the website or call 630-373-CAGE.

Kriegermeier out, Ramon Barber In To Fight Mike Santiago At Ruckus 4

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Eric Kriegermeier suffered an undisclosed injury less than a week out for his fight against Mike Santiago at Ruckus 4.  Stepping up on short notice is HIT Squad fighter Ramon Barber for the “Black Wednesday” event at Venuti’s in Addison, Illinois.

Barber is on a three-fight losing streak after winning his first two fights as a pro.    Barber’s most recent loss came in September at XCF 13.  His opponent locked in a fight ending triangle choke in the second round, giving Barber his third loss.

Santiago is also coming off a loss from his fight at XFO Outdoor War in August.  Santiago trains out of Team Top Notch and is 2-1 as a professional.

Ruckus 4 is now re-finalized with the following bouts:

Carson Beebe vs Randy Fuentes

Rob Menigoz vs Giovanni Moljo

Ramon Barber vs Mike Santiago

Jeremy Czarnecki vs Jake Murphy

Bill Hill vs Joe Bunch

Chase Beebe vs Josh Kasee

Ruckus Finalizes Ruckus Pro Card

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Ruckus Entertainment has finalized their professional portion of “Black Wednesday’s” event.  Middleweight fighters Joe Bunch and Bill Hill are set to do battle inside the cage at Venutis in Addison.  Additionally Chris Garcia is out against Jake Murphy and Jeremy Czarnecki will be stepping up in his place.

Bunch trains out of HIT Squad in Granite City, Illinois along side greats such as Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler.  Bunch has won three out of his last four, finishing all three opponents.  Of his three losses, two have come from current UFC stars in Gerald Harris and CB Dollaway.

Hill has competed four times this year having won two and lost two.  His most recent fight was at King of the Cage where he lost to Sam Alvey.  Hill has competed against several local favorites including Dan Bolden, John Kolosci and Ryan Sturdy.

Czarnecki made his pro debut earlier this year winning against Steve Milliron at Beatdown at the Ballroom.  His second bout against Vito Woods was a decision loss that was an action packed three rounds.  Czarnecki is stepping up on short notice to take on Murphy.

Ruckus 4 will take place on Wednesday November 24 at Venutis in Addison, Illinois.  The full professional portion of the card now looks like:

Carson Beebe vs Randy Fuentes

Rob Menigoz vs Giovanni Moljo

Eric Kriegermeier vs Mike Santiago

Jeremy Czarnecki vs Jake Murphy

Bill Hill vs Joe Bunch

Chase Beebe vs Josh Kasee