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The Importance Of Wearing A Suit

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Richard Hale - photo by Brent Todd

Richard Hale – photo by Brent Todd

If I have one piece of advice for any fighter, be it an up-and-coming amateur fighter, or a UFC champion, it is wear a suit when promoting your fight. The exception of course is if you are doing a workout in front of cameras. But the rest of the time, if you are promoting your fight, both before and after, wear a suit.

Why? Because of what wearing a suit implies. It says that you are professional. It says that you took the time to dress yourself nice. It shows that you have respect for yourself and in turn for what you do.

If you are trying to convince people to give you money, you want them to know that you care about what you are doing. Would you show up to an interview for that important job wearing torn jeans and a t-shirt? No.

Look at some of the greats through out history in sports. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali. All of them wore suits when speaking to the press. Yes their skills in their respective sport earned them respect, but they also commanded it with what they wear.

At UFC 69 after he was defeated, Georges St-Pierre still wore a suit to the post fight press conference. After his hard fought battle with Carlos Condit at UFC at UFC 154, he was seen wearing his suit. All because he knows that appearances matter.

Why UFC 158 Is Welterweight Heavy

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UFC 158 Poster

UFC 158 Poster

When it was announced that UFC 158 would be headlined by Georges St-Pierre taking on Nick Diaz, everyone was up in arms about it. Why on Earth was Diaz getting the shot against St-Pierre instead of Johny Hendricks. The answer is because St-Pierre asked for Diaz after defeating Condit and UFC president Dana White complied.

The two were supposed to fight back in October of 2011 when Diaz became one of the first fighters to be imported from Strikeforce. Unfortunately for Diaz, he missed multiple required pr appearances and White decided to give Carlos Condit the fight against St-Pierre. Diaz then fought BJ Penn in a new main event after St-Pierre had to withdraw from the Condit fight due to injury.

This lead to Diaz fighting Condit for an interim title in February of 2012 and Diaz was the good fighter who showed up to all of the press requirements. He lost a controversial decision to Condit, many citing Condit’s game plan wasn’t that of fighting. But it wasn’t an issue anyways because Diaz tested positive for marijuana and was given a suspension.

Unlike many who have been suspended for testing positive for a banned substance, Diaz decided to fight it and even took the athletic commission to court. His attempt to get his suspension shortened or even revoked completely was denied, and now we are nearing the end of his suspension.

So when one combines the amount of injuries that forced changes to cards in 2012 with Diaz’s erratic behavior, one needs to have insurance. In this case for UFC 158, it’s back up plans. Not just a plan B, but likely a plan C and a plan D are either in place, or have been thought of just in case.

The rest of the card that has been announced so far features three other welterweight fights. The co-main event has Jake Ellenberger taking on Johny Hendricks in what is probably Hendricks’s fourth number one contender fight. Keep in mind he has knocked out two of his last three opponents and is on a five fight win streak. Hendricks is likely the first person that will get called to the main event should something happen to either Diaz or St-Pierre. Ellenberger is a good second choice being that he is 5-1 over the last two years, but Hendricks no doubt will be getting the first call up.

Also on the card is a grudge match between Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald. In MacDonald’s second UFC fight he battled Condit and was winning on all the judges’ scorecards. That was until there was seven seconds left and Condit landed a clean punch and followed it up with more forcing the ref to stop it. Since then Condit has defeated three others before ultimately fighting St-Pierre and losing. MacDonald has stated he won’t fight St-Pierre, but should something happen to the Hendricks-Ellenberger fight, it is possible that one of these two steps up to fight whoever gets left out of the title fight.

But if the UFC decides to keep the grudge match between Condit and MacDonald, another interesting welterweight battle is on the card. Strikeforce veteran Bobby Voelker is set to take on Patric Cote in his welterweight debut. Voelker who fought only on the Challengers cards for Strikeforce amassed a 4-1 record with three finishes. Cote is coming off the DQ victory over Alessio Sakara, but realized in that fight he was too small for the UFC’s middleweight division after being away for nearly two years. And like Condit-MacDonald could replace someone, Cote and Voelker would also be interesting matchups.

Given the history that transpired not only in 2012, but with Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, this move is a smart one by the UFC. It ensures that there are several options should something happen and the fighters are also prepared for it as well. It will be interesting to see if the UFC decides to add another welterweight fight to the card and make the entire PPV a single weight class much like they did in 2012 with an all heavyweight main card.

Johny Hendricks – I’m Willing To Wait

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Johny Hendricks via

Johny Hendricks via

Johny Hendricks scored his second knockout victory in three fights at UFC 154 against Martin Kampmann. And while the finish times were different between the Kampmann and Fitch knockouts, the rest was extremely similar. The same punch caught both fighters, they both fell in similar fashion, they even landed on the canvas in nearly the exact same spot. The finish was impressive, and should put Hendricks next in line for a shot at current champion Georges St-Pierre. We caught up with Hendricks to talk about the fight, time off, and his epic bear.

How’s things going today?
They’re going good. I got home on Sunday – all I did was sleep because I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night. We had to fly out at 9:40 in the morning. And then Monday, spending time with the family, just really… I’ve done everything with my girl, so this is actually the first time I’ve broken away, and I’m about to go shoot my guns.

When we last spoke, you were about to taper off for your fight against Martin Kampmann, and you said, “If you don’t put him out, he isn’t down.” That quote was very telling, as you not only put him down, you put him out. A little bit of foreshadowing on your part, maybe?
You know, here’s the thing. I knew – I believed in my power. And, more or less, I know that no matter how tough the guy is, or how anything the person is, I’m starting to believe in myself. I’ve been saying this for a while, now. It’s just something… My confidence is growing with each fight, and, more or less, not even in the fights – the camps… The camps I’m having are just getting better, each one of them are getting better, and I feel like I’m improving. And so I go in there… I’m not worried about anything because I’m telling myself, “Hey, no matter what happens, in about five fights I’m going to be at my peak.” So from here until those five or six fights… Because whenever I hit about 20 fights, I think I’m gonna be at my peak. And that’s what I can tell myself: hey, that’s when you’re going to be at your peak. My learning curve is slowing down, but I still feel like I’m developing. And whenever you hit 20 fights, you’re sort of going to be peaked out, and you’re gonna learn, but you’re not gonna learn as fast or as much. So that’s why I’m going into these fights going hey, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the fight. There’s nothing better than waking up knowing I’m about to fight in front of millions of people. Who else gets to say that they get paid to beat somebody up – and in front of millions of people? And not only that but a fraction of them actually like you. How awesome is it that to have a job that every day you get to beat people up, and people want to watch you do it. I really am blessed. I believe I have one of the greatest jobs in the world.

It was immediately put out how eerily similar your knockout over Jon Fitch was to Martin Kampmann, almost laying them out in the exact same spot. Have you seen the side-by-side comparison of the two?
No I have not. And the reason why is because just like the Jon Fitch fight, man, I’m over it. I gave myself a couple days to celebrate it. Now, I’m already on the drawing board for another fight. I’m sitting here thinking who… I’m hoping I get to fight GSP, so I’ve already talked to Mark Layman about game planning. He won’t let me in the gym, and he won’t answer my phone calls because he doesn’t want me to think about it, but I’m already thinking about – that’s what I want, so that’s what I’m thinking about. So I’m already game-planning for my next fight. There’s nothing against my other opponents. It’s just that everybody I’ve fought has brought me to this moment. And I know that if I get too caught up on the past, then I’ll start thinking about the past. And I’ve been caught in that situation before, and I hated it and the result of it. So now I told myself this is exactly like college to me. If you do something good, guess what? Celebrate it for a day or two and then forget about it. The past’s the past, let’s move to the future.

There is a lot of hype around a possible super-fight between GSP and Anderson Silva. If the UFC comes to you and says that you are getting the next title shot against GSP, but have to wait for the super-fight, would you sit on the sidelines or take another fight while waiting?
I’m willing to wait. I’ve beaten the top guys in my division now. That’s three in a row. Now it’s just time to kick back and get a little bit better. Because breaks for me aren’t the best thing in the world, because I like fighting, but I also know that sometimes breaks are good because I get to actually develop as a fighter. I feel like I improved so much in between the last fight and this fight and that was 6 months between fights. So I had 3 months – I had 2 weeks to actually kick back and relax and then I started actually really focusing on my training. And whenever that happened, I felt like I was really able to learn because I didn’t’ have anything on my plate, I wasn’t worried about anything, all I knew that I had to do was work out. And I felt myself developing a little bit quicker – and eager to learn again. Because sometimes you get into a routine where you find somebody to fight, you prepare for them, and you don’t really do too much for yourself. And that’s one thing that I was sort of grateful to have was a little bit of time off where I could improve my own skills. And I went and trained with Marcelo Garcia for my Jiu Jitsu, and, man, the next thing I know – just training with him for a week I felt my game step up to another level. And it was awesome. So I plan to continue doing that. So some time off sometimes is always the best thing.

So this rumor regarding a fight between you and Nick Diaz is just a rumor?

I remember an interview you did about your famous—epic, actually—beard and how it serves a purpose to remind you that you are in fight mode and that you shave it off after your fight. Is that still the case, or are you keeping the beard this time?
You know, I actually did a video saying I shaved it, and I said the next time you guys see me with a beard is whenever I fight GSP. Like I said, it’s just nice to have stuff like that because there’s always an end. The beard, whenever it’s shaved, I completely feel relaxed and a nonchalant-type attitude. Because I’m so wound up so tight for those 3 months… For training and training and training and trying to be good on one night, and then as soon as I shave it, man, all of the sudden I go on a crash. Like I’ve been going to bed at like 8 or 9 o’clock and waking up at 8 o’clock in the morning. Just, my body’s been dumping constantly because of… I know my fight’s over with. There’s just so much build-up and then it is just time to relax and my body recovers.

I know you said you didn’t care who won or lost the main event, but were you able to watch it, and did you have any thoughts on the fight as a whole?
Yes, I watched it. It was an awesome fight. I though tit was a great fight. You know, Georges came back. He was strong, just as I was hoping that he would be. Carlos Condit also was stronger than I was… I knew that he could do good on his feet, but he also did very well – I knew that he had good jiu jitsu, but I didn’t know how well GSP could nullify his jiu jitsu. But Carlos Condit also did an excellent job. Both those guys would be tough fights. And that’s what I’m looking at. I just want a fight – I didn’t care who won it, I just wanted a fight – a bout. Either one of those — I was like, man, that’s a good fight for both of them.

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
I want to give a shout out to a couple people. Of course, Echo, of course they’re one of my big-time sponsors. Also, I got Bass Pro this time which is pretty sweet. I got TRX, Wildwings, MRG, and also I got a video game sponsor as well.

RecapRadio: Morning Commute 11-07-2012

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UFC on Fox Logo

UFC on Fox Logo

Morning Commute is back and today’s edition features UFC on Fox coming back to Chicago, Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp goes to town on managers, Stephan Bonnar has been suspended for a year, Dan Henderson still talking about Sonnen getting the title shot, and Anderson Silva’s potential superfight with Georges St-Pierre.  All that and a double dose of this day in history, makes for a fantastic episode.  Download it for later use, or use the player below to stream it live.

Carlos Condit – I Expect The Best George We’ve Ever Seen

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Carlos Condit - drawn by Justin McAllister

Carlos Condit – drawn by Justin McAllister

Carlos Condit is set to main event UFC 154 against Georges St-Pierre.  Being two weeks out from the fight, the final preparations are in place along side with an onslaught of interviews.  Condit had a few moments to spare and let us know his thoughts on his upcoming fight and more.

About two week’s out from the big fight at UFC 154 against George St-Pierre.  Anything change in these last couple of weeks as far as training goes?
Not really. I am just fine-tuning some things.

The fight is being fought in his home of Quebec Canada.  Does it take pressure off of you because you don’t have to perform for all of your hometown fans?
I don’t really feel that pressure in the U.S. I’m fighting one of the greatest UFC fighters ever. That’s all the pressure that should exist.

He’s been out of action for 18 months.  Some fighters have noticeable ring rust, are you expecting him to have any though?
I expect to see the best Georges we’ve ever seen.

Do you think the media has made a bigger deal out of you and him both being from Jackson’s MMA?
Not really. Coach Jackson stepped aside from working with either of us, and he and I have never trained together, so I don’t think there is any issue there.

There seems to be a lot of talk about Georges next fight with basically disregarding this fight.  What are your thoughts on that?
I don’t think a super fight disregards this fight. I think win or lose, fans would want to see Georges and Anderson Silva. This sport was built on the backs of its fans. I have no problem with that.

Who do you think wins the fight before yours between Kampmann and Hendricks?
I’m sure it will be a great fight.

Where can the fans find you at?
My web site is and my Twitter is @CarlosCondit.

RecapRadio: Morning Commute 10-22-2012

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UFC 50 Poster

UFC 50 Poster

Today’s morning commute features Bellator 77 results, GSP quotes, Demian Maia wants to fight Diaz and Fitch, Matt Riddle testing positive for marijuana and more. Of course the history lesson is another good one, going back to UFC 50 in 2004. Use the player below or download it for later listening.

RecapRadio: Morning Commute 10-16-2012

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Eric Prindle at Bellator 75 Weigh-Ins

Eric Prindle at Bellator 75 Weigh-Ins

Today’s Morning Commute features quotes from Anderson Silva on fighting Chris Weidman, GSP and Jon Jones, as well as Jake Shields being suspended and The Ultimate Fighter ratings. Sit back and listen to the short podcast or download to your favorite mp3 player and listen to it on your way to work.

UFC Logo

Ask MMARecap: What Would Be Your Ideal Stacked Card

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UFC Logo

UFC Logo

This week’s Ask MMARecap question is one that has been asked time and time again from fan to fan. And it has to do with how stacked one could make a card. The question is asked by Matt Hughes (no not the fighter) and he asks, “What type of lineup would you set up to try and make one of the most stacked fight cards in UFC history?”

So let’s start with the following assumptions for this ideal card. The card would take place at Cowboys Stadium in Texas as it seats over 100,000 fans. Let’s also assume that all fighters mentioned would be perfectly healthy and able to fight at the same time and that no one would be injured. Finally, let’s just deal with the main card of a pay-per-view and as such we can have a max of six fights on the card.

With that out of the way let’s start to figure out what we want to do. In an ideal situation you have a finish in the first fight. Preferably a knockout, but a gnarly submission is welcomed or an amazing back and forth fight. What we don’t want is a three round snooze fest. So to open the card I would put Dan Henderson versus Shogun Rua. The two had an epic battle already, and while their gas tanks dwindled by the end of the fifteen minutes, it was awesome. Only this time, I don’t see it ending by a decision and one of them getting the finish on the other.

Next up I would put a number one contender flyweight fight on the card. Why? Because these dudes can bring it. Ian McCall versus John Dodson. Hell yeah. That’s going to be fifteen minutes that looks like it is on fast forward the entire time. Sure we might not get a finish, but it will be exciting none-the-less.

The third fight I would want on this card is one that will likely have a lot of blood in it. Nothing screams fight of the night like a blood bath. So let’s put two guys in who like to throw and can also bleed a lot. Evan Dunham and Diego Sanchez come to mind here at lightweight. Just imagine what kind of carnage these two will bring inside the cage with 100,000+ fans cheering for them.

After that kind of blood bath, I want a solid striking fight but with fighters who aren’t afraid to go to the ground and with a potential title shot implication. In this scenario, I see Michael Bisping fighting Alan Belcher. Both fighters have amazing skills and the trash talk for this is likely to be amazing.

The co-main event would be a main event any other time, but due to the fact that heavyweights get top billing this fight is in the co-main slot. Anderson Silva versus Georges St-Pierre in a five-round-non-title catchweight of 178lb fight. There’s a lot to this fight and one that many have been wanting to see for a long time. Now I think is the time for this fight, and once you take out the title and make it a catchweight fight, it makes a lot of sense.

Finally in the main event we have Junior Dos Santos versus Alistair Overeem. By the time this fight happens, the build up will be intense. The two are no doubt going to slug it out and will cap off a night of action with a finish. This fight would also solidify Dos Santos as one of the best heavyweights of all time with multiple title defenses.

Clay Guida - Drawn by Art By JMC

RecapRadio: Morning Commute 9-28-2012

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Clay Guida - Drawn by Art By JMC

Clay Guida – Drawn by Art By JMC

Today is Friday September 28th and the start of Bellator, but sadly no Bellator news to report in today’s Morning Commute podcast.  However there is some good injury news updates on both Jon Jones and Shane Carwin, Lyoto Machida acting weird and calling out Georges St-Pierre and Clay Guida dropping to featherweight.  Give it a listen or download it for your commute into work.


RecapRadio: Morning Commute 9-26-2012

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UFC China Logo - via

UFC China Logo – via

Today’s edition of the Morning Commute has a variety of stories including quotes from Anderson Silva, an analysis of the top drawing fighters on the UFC roster, World Series of Fighting news, Strikeforce fighters getting paid and more.  The real gem comes from our history lesson as it features a little known card Art of War 14 held in China.  Give it a listen using the player below or download it to your iPod.