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The Man Behind The Lens – Tom Barnes

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tom-barnesSitting cage-side at almost any boxing or MMA event in the Chicagoland area you are bound to see one person; Tom Barnes. He’s the hired photographer who goes about his business quietly and produces some of the most memorable photos in the sport. We see his pictures fly across facebook, being shared and tagged and commented on, all with a little gold watermark of his company, Tomba Images somewhere on the picture.

It is rare to see Barnes get miffed even in the slightest, but it is easy to see him light up when he reminisces about some of the pictures he has taken. He also has a sense of when a fight is going to be larger than life, even if it is at a smaller stage, and you can see him go into his zone.

They say that it doesn’t matter what the equipment is, you have to have an artistic eye in order to truly capture the best moments. Sure the top of the line camera and lens will help, but like the fighter who has been inside the cage for twenty some odd fights, there isn’t much that Barnes isn’t aware of.

His story for shooting combat sports starts over a decade ago, but Barnes has been shooting photography for much longer. He was always a freelance photographer, shooting the odd job here, the wedding there, but one day he got tired of shooting people. He just didn’t see people with an artistic eye anymore.

So he moved on and decided to focus on architectural photography. Buildings are things of beauty, but given the right framing, angle, and focus, they shine. Barnes grew up on the west side of Chicago, and decided to shoot both the exterior and the interiors of buildings.

One day, he entered the Garfield Park Fieldhouse, a place he had been before. He went from room to room, shooting his subject with both large and medium format film. He thought he knew the building pretty well until he found a room he had never been in before. Inside the windows were all covered up, there was an American flag hung up, and also a boxing ring. The ring fascinated Barnes so much so that he went back the next day. And the next. And the next.

He struck up a conversation with George Hernandez, one of the top boxing trainers in the Chicagoland area. That lead to Barnes going to other boxing gyms such as the old Windy City Gym and Jab Gym. That lead to him shooting at the Golden Gloves, and back to shooting people again.

The transition from boxing to MMA was an easy one as there has been a lot of crossover between the sports. And while there are technical issues to shooting a boxing match or a cage fight, it is all the same for Barnes who enjoys them both.

What was harder for him was switching from film to digital. The speed of the sports world and the now of today forced him to change. But back in the early days, he was a film guy through and through. He developed his own film, worked in the traditional dark room, and printed all of his own stuff be it color or black and white. He wanted nothing to do with digital photography.

His wife Deb, whom at the time wasn’t his wife, was a photographer as well. Though she was of the digital variety instead of film. Barnes stated that he tried to shoot boxing with traditional film but it was kind of tough. He tried out her camera and then quickly upgraded to have better digital equipment.

Equipment it seems is the crux of any photographer. It seems like every week there is a new piece of equipment that can help. But it isn’t cheap. In the early goings, Barnes recalls that cost and how there isn’t an easy answer for how to purchase $30,000 worth of equipment. And ironically enough, that equipment is needed for the smaller shows, the ones in front of hundreds, not thousands of people. These shows tend to be poorly lit and require the power of the equipment. The larger shows are televised and have a lot of light, making it much easier to shoot.

And while he has had some thoughts of moving on from combat sports, he has never lost his passion or been tired of the shooting the sport. His interests are expanding, wanting to shoot other action sports such as watersports, but likely he won’t move on completely.

Why would he? He has so many memorable moments. From shooting any of the UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator events that he has been to, to the local events, there is always something for him to shoot. Being able to turn around and see the thousands of fans at these events, all cheering and screaming, it excites him.

When you ask him what his most memorable shoots were in the industry, two come to mind. The first deals in the little known studio side of the sport. These photos are rarely seen with his logo on it as they are commissioned pieces that then sometimes get enhanced. It could be a weigh-in or a promo piece, but these are the candid shots of the fighters.

felice-rosieHis favorite of these was seeing a concept from inception to completion. Felice Herrig, a fan favorite and one of the voices of women’s MMA, was the subject. The idea seemed simple at the time, shoot her as the famous Rosie the Riveter. The night before he was running around, buying clothes and trying to figure out how to make a bandana. The entire day was spent shooting to get one shot, but it quickly became famous.

Of course if you ask him what event was most memorable to him, he lights up like a kid waking up at Christmas to find a room full of presents. The event was Manny Pacquiao taking on David Diaz in Las Vegas in 2008. That night as he says, is burned into his head.

For more information on Tom Barnes, find him on Facebook under Tomba Images Photography or at

XFX 17 Apocalypse Results: Reynolds Decisions Dos Santos, Moraes KO’s Card

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XFC 17: Apocalypse took place on Friday night in Jackson, Tennessee at the Oman Arena, and aired live on HDNet. In the main event, it was Eric Reynolds who squeaked out a unanimous decision win over Luciano Dos Santos. Although Dos Santos’ winning streak was snapped, the crowd thought he won the bout, and he most certainly won over some new fans. Reynolds did put up a fight, and this was far from a robbery, but the case could easily be made that Dos Santos controlled the majority of the fight.

In the co-main event, it was Marlon Moraes who got the upper hand on Jarrod Card with strikes early in the first round, and 48 seconds in the referee was forced to jump in and save Card. In another featured bout, Felice Herrig squared off against Patricia Vidonic, and it was all sizzle and no steak. Both talked up a big game going into the fight, and although Herrig clearly won all three rounds, it was far from a dominating performance over someone she had a clear advantage over. Instead of using her ‘superior striking skills,’ it was Herrig who was taking the grappler down with inside trips, and doing just enough to win the rounds. It takes two to tango, and Vidonic must have been injured, because she just didn’t show up to fight.


Below are the full results

Eric Reynolds defeated Luciano Dos Santos by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Marlon Moraes defeated Jarrod Card by knockout (punches) round 1, :48
Nick Newell defeated Chris Coggins by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Felice Herrig defeated Patricia Vidonic by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Charles Blanchard defeated Johnny Davis by unanimous decision
Jason Wood defeated Ronnie Rogers by submission (guillotine) round 2
Joel Cooper defeated Amaechi Oselukwue by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


Teddy Holder defeated Bobby Carter by submission (armbar) Rd. 1 (3:27)
Bradley Stafford defeated Tommy Roberts by majority decision (28-28, 30-26, 29-27)
Steven Durr defeated Michael Manley by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

XFC 17: Apocalypse Fight Card Preview

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XFC 17 Poster

XFC 17 Poster

Continuing to thrive in the Southeast, Xtreme Fighting Championships is calling Tennessee home with its second of four strait shows happening throughout the volunteer state with XFC 17: Apocalypse taking place this Friday April 13, at the Oman Arena in Jackson, TN. The main card will be aired on HDnet.

Getting things started for this “must see” card will be a middleweight matchup between Joel Cooper (2-0) and Amaechi Oselukwue (5-4)
Once considered to be the best pound for pound amateur fighters in the state, the hometown favorite Joel Cooper has had a decorated amateur career holding several prestigious titles before turning pro. Cooper is coming off a decision victory in his last outing and is looking to make it two in a row.
Cooper’s opponent, Amaechi Oselukwue will be making his second appearances in the XFC cage as he too is looking for his second win in a row. Up until XFC 16, “AO” added 4 straight losses (3 by decision) to his then 2-1 record. “ The Infamous AO” impressed XFC President John Prisco at his last bout in Knoxville coming in on just a few weeks notice and knocked out the heavy handed Julio Gallegos in just over a minute. “He’s had some controversial decisions that didn’t necessarily go his way. When you watch the video of his fights, he’s so dynamic and so raw. He has a ton of upside and, in all honesty, could be the most athletic guy on the card,” stated Prisco.

Lightweights Ronnie Rogers (10-7) vs. Jason Wood (5-1) is the second fight on the card followed by another welterweight bout between Ultimate fighter 11 veteran Charles Blanchard (9-2) vs. Johnny “JJ” Davis (13-6)

Jason Wood once fought Jarrod Card for the XFC featherweight title. The weight cut to 145 proved to be to taxing on Wood. ““I felt like it killed me having to cut almost 40 pounds. I need to be at lightweight. The fight with Rogers will be at 155 and it’s a better cut. I can cut 25 pounds and still fight to my potential,” says Wood.
Charles Blanchard originally scheduled to fight UFC Vet Corey Hill in the co-main event but has now been re-routed to no face Johnny Davis in welterweight contention.

All eyes are sure to be on this “Little” fight in a Women’s 115 lb. bout as “Little” Patricia Vidonic (5-2) will battle Felice “Little Bulldog” Herrig (5-4). Felice Herrig is coming off of a very disappointing unanimous decision loss against Carla Esparza back at XFC 15 and will look to get her first win under XFC’s banner. Herrig was the IKF Women’s Bantamweight North American Champion in 2005 and 2006, she also won the 2008 Pro Muay Thai United States Bantamweight title. This skilled striker is now training under Bellator Champion Jeff Curran, and with two of her five victories coming by way of submission; she is also showing her evolution as a mixed martial artist.

Patricia Vidonic was sailing on a five fight win streak until she met with female standout and Bellator vet.,Jessica Aguilar back in Febuary. However with three of her five wins coming way of submission, Vidonic will looks to capitalize on an area she feels Herrig is weakest and bring this fight to the ground. “I have had only 2 losses in my pro career, one loss in my pro debut, to an opponent with 11 previous pro fights, and one to the #2 ranked female in the world.” Vidonic goes on to say, “So Felice, when that cage door locks, you had better hope you have been training even half as hard as I have. So for you saying that I am going to do what every other girl does, I am NOT every other girl you have ever fought. I am getting stronger, more skilled and smarter every day. See you in Tennessee.”

The nights feature fight has been getting so much buzz you would think it’s the main event. Undefeated Nick Newell (6-0) and Chris Coggins(5-1) are going to show the fans a fun fight to watch.
Newell has captured the hearts of the MMA community when he made his XFC debut last December. At XFC 15 ‘Tribute’ Newell defeated jiu jitsu ace Denis Hernandez in just over one minute. What is really impressive is the way that Newell submitted Hernandez with a heel hook, and did I mention he did it without a left forearm or hand? That is due to Newell having been born with this condition called congenital amputation, which means his left arm stopped developing just past his elbow. His story was recently featured on HDNet’s Inside MMA where he was a guest on the show.
No doubt the fan favorite in this fight will be Clarksville, TN’s own “Dodgin’Coggins”. Chris Coggins is sporting 3 fight win streak with them coming all by way submission. Coggins has a wrestling base, great ju-jitzu and explosive stand-up ability. Though not much is known about Coggins, he has assured fans he is not afraid to hand Newell the first loss of his career.

The co-main event features a Bantamweight bout as the former Featherweight champion Jerrod “The Wild Card” Card (12-5-1) faces off against Marlon Moraes (7-4-1). Card has been absent from competition since his XFC Featherweight Championship defense against Louis Palomino way back in December of 2010.
As his two Brazilian Muay Thai national championships underline, Moraes is no joke when it comes to striking skills. Moraes trains with the likes of Edson Barboza at The Armory in South Florida and has been labled by the press as the next version of Barboza.
With the Bantamweight title vacated since 2010, this fight could very well be a deciding factor in the future Bantamweight division. If Card establishes himself in the division with a win over Moraes, he may find himself in the lead for the next opportunity to wrap another the XFC strap around his waist.

Lightweight Headliners Luciano Dos Santos (9-5) Eric Reynolds (14-5) will end out the evening in the XFC 17’s main event.
Dos Santos, who makes his XFC debut, carries a three-fight win streak will be looking for his fourth straight victory at XFC 17: ‘Apocalypse’. “Macarrao” made a name for himself from submitting fighters in Brazil to knocking out opponents here in the states, 2 of the last 3 in fact, in the first round. The American Top Team product is rapidly evolving and with only two decisions in nine career victories Dos Santos has proven himself as a man who finishes fights and puts on a great showing.
Reynolds has developed a reputation as one of the most exciting lightweights in the country. Since his fist defeat in 2008 Reynolds has had a roller coaster career of wins and losses going from 9-0 to 14-5. Reynolds looked very impressive in his win in his XFC debut over Jonatas Novaes in December, and aims to secure 2 in a row and make a home for himself in the as the top lightweight under the XFC Banner.

Here is the complete fight card along with each fighter’s official weight from the weigh-ins:

Luciano Dos Santos (155lbs) vs Eric Reynolds (155lbs)
Marlon Moraes (135.2lbs) vs Jarrod Card (135.2lbs)
Chris Coggins (152.6lbs) vs. Nick Newell (151.4lbs)
Patricia Vidonic (114.6lbs) vs. Felice Herrig (114.6lbs)
Charles Blanchard (176.4lbs) vs Johnny Davis (173.6lbs)
Ronnie Rogers (153.6lbs) vs Jason Wood (154.4lbs)
Joel Cooper (183.4lbs) vs Amaechi Oselukwue (185lbs)
Preliminary Card
Teddy Holder (202.4lbs) vs. Bobby Carter (206lbs)
Bradley Stafford (186.2lbs) vs Tommy Roberts (187lbs)
Steven Durr (145.2lbs) vs Michael Manley (144.6lbs)

To learn more about the XFC, please visit and stay tuned to for more previews for your favorite fighting promotions.

Patricia Vidnonic - photo from

Little Patricia Vidonic – I see myself winning by submission

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Patricia Vidnonic - photo from

Patricia Vidnonic - photo from

On Friday, April 13th live on HDNet, Little Patricia Vidonic will be taking on Felice Herrig in a battle in the women’s 115lb division. The two were rumored to fight a couple times before, but sometimes the wait is worth it. After the back and forth banter between the two ladies, one can expect fireworks in this battle. We got the chance to sit down with Little Patricia and talk about the fight with Felice, the hype for the fight, her work with local charities and more.

How’s everything going today?
Everything is going great.

You are fighting Felice Herrig on Friday April 13 for XFC and this is a fight that many are looking forward to. How long did it take you to sign the contract to fight Felice?
It didn’t take that long. We’ve been scheduled a couple times before just last year. The fight’s been kind of in the works and brewing around. I was leaving my fight in February, and the XFC contact me on the way home. I was happy about not having to line up another fight.

This is a fight that has kind of been brewing in the works. There was a card up here in Chicago that you were one of the rumored opponents for her and when I asked Felice, she said that she went with Nicdali because she was calling her out on twitter. Were you upset about being passed up for that fight?
I wasn’t offended, but I felt like my toes were stepped on a bit because I had a contract in my email. We were getting ready to sign it. All that happened and that is part of the game. I knew that she would still fight me later on and I am sure she felt the same way. We are both game opponents. I knew it would be waiting for me.

There always seem to be certain fights where people wonder why hasn’t it happened yet, or the other way is thinking that this is the right time for this fight. I think the later is more accurate. You are both coming off of a loss and one of you will have two in a row. What’s the thought process of losing a fight and needing to regroup to get back on the winning ways?
That was the main thing. I needed to change my mental focus. That’s what happened to me in the JAG fight. I didn’t perform. I need to regain myself after that. I am glad I have that fight with Felice. All I have done is gotten better and it will be nice to showcase my skills against her standup skills.

Felice is a very accomplished Muay Thai fighter and you have amazing wrestling skills. Felice has said that you are just like all the other fighters she has fought in that they just want to try and take her down. How does that motivate you as far as your training is concerned?
Everything in the game motivates me. The silly little things like that really motivate me. The time will come on Friday the 13th when everyone will see. I am just doing my own thing and I will go in there and work.

There hasn’t seemed to be too much trash talking between the two of you until you gave your dog a new toy of a sock monkey. You are laughing about it now. Felice didn’t seem too thrilled by those photos. What was the thought process of trying to hype the fight, but wanting to trash talk?
I mean I was just poking fun here and there. She is taking it way too seriously. I told everybody on my blog a few weeks ago that I am just trying to hype the fight and having fun with it. Im not being derogatory or being rude. I haven’t called her names or done anything like that. I have just poked fun at her. She likes sell her body for publicity. To each his own. What I am saying isn’t rude. She’s actually talked crap and come off as rude and derogatory towards me, my teammates, my coach calling them wannabees. I don’t care, it’s part of the game. If she doesn’t like it, then don’t look at it.

How do you see yourself winning this fight?
I see myself winning it by submission. It’s MMA and a fight is a fight and anything can happen. I know I am going to walk away with my hand raised. I know it will go to the ground and I am sure I will snatch up a limb of hers.

Whenever there is a female fight on Strikeforce, people always say that they want to see certain female fighters fight without regards to which weight classes they are in. I know that people have said they wanted to see you fight Cris Cyborg or Gina Carano, what’s your take on when people make these comments?
I kind of just chuckle. I mean it’s Cyborg. Or anyone way bigger than me it would super cool to train with them. But as for fighting they are way out of my weight class. I’m little Patricia.

Meisha Tate and Ronda Rousey both said that because of the lack of women’s fights on a televised card, that they had to bring it more so than the guys. Do you think that’s an accurate statement they made?
I think just the fact that we are females in a man’s sport we have to give it more no matter what.

I couldn’t help but notice that you are doing a lot of charity work building up to this fight so whatever you want to say about it, it is your time.
Thanks. I am really stoked that here in Billings my manager and husband and I went down to the local St. Vincent hospital and there is a foundation here. We wanted to work with the pediatrics ward and we will be doing raffles on gear to raise more money every couple months. We are going to be doing parties down at the Ronald McDonald room for the parents and the kids that are able to come down. I am really excited to be able to do that. There are others that I will be getting into. I am really excited to be able to give back to the community as well as anyplace else I can as well.

Patricia is also getting involved with the Casey Lorenz fund.  Casey passed away recently from Rhabdomyosarcoma (muscle cancer).  Donations may still be made directly to the Cassie Lorenz Fund at Western Security Bank, 2812 1st Ave. North, Billings, MT 59101

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
I want to thank my gym Sensi Dan who owns the gym, 4th Ave Dojo. Clint and Katie with alternative athletics with cross fit during the day. My coach who is my husband who is my everything. My kid, my training partners, all their families. Prommanow for having me on as a resident blogger every week, you guys for doing this interview. Follow me on my website and on twitter @lilpatriciamma and Facebook at Little Patricia. Sponsors, Polanti Watches, Damage Control mouth guards, Nutra Bio, Super Body Care and Aces which is a local company who prints up all my shirts and rash guards. My signature shirts will be out very soon so keep your eye out for those.

Bellator 60 Post-Fight Video Interviews

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In case you missed the videos posted on our Facebook page or our Youtube channel, here’s all of the post-fight video interviews we took after Bellator 60. The list includes Bjorn Rebney, Pat Curran, Mike Corey, Kenny Foster, Marlon Sandro, Daniel Straus, Brian Butler, and Felice Herrig.

Bjorn Rebney

Pat Curran

Mike Corey

Kenny Foster

Marlon Sandro

Daniel Straus

Brian Butler

Felice Herrig

Felice Herrig versus Little Patricia Vidonic at XFC 17

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Team Curran’s Felice Herrig will be returning to action on Friday April 13th against Patricia Vidonic at XFC 17. The women’s bout is scheduled to be apart of the HDNet televised portion of the card that will be headlined by Luciano Dos Santos versus Eric Reynolds.

Vidonic is coming off the second loss of her career against top 115lb women’s fighter Jessica Aguilar. She was able to take Aguilar to the judges’ scorecards but the decision did not go her way.

Prior to the loss Vidonic had compiled a five-fight win streak finishing three of her five opponents by submission.

Herrig made her promotional debut for XFC in December and lost a unanimous decision to Carla Esparza. Prior to the loss she compiled a 5-1 record in her previous six fights. Herrig holds notable wins over Michele Gutierrez, Jessica Rakoczy, and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc.

Herrig holds a background in Muay Thai with dangerous kicks that stumble her opponents. She will likely use her striking to keep Vidonic on the outside and avoid any takedowns.

XFC 17 takes place on Friday April 13th at the Oman Arena in Jackson, Tennessee.

Jonatas Novaes versus Eric Reynolds headlines December 2 XFC

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Several friends of MMA Recap will be heading down to Florida in December to compete at XFC 15 on December 2.  Two former UFC and Bellator veterans will be squaring off against each other as Shonie Carter and Ryan Thomas are set to do battle, Team Curran’s Felice Herrig makes her XFC debut against Carla Esparza and headlining the event will be Jonatas Novaes taking on Eric Reynolds.

Reynolds competed in the Bellator’s season one lightweight tournament.  He won his quarterfinal fight, but then ran into Eddie Alvarez in the semi-finals.  After losing to Alvarez, he fought Jorge Masvidal, again dropping the fight.  Since his time in Bellator he has put together a 2-2 record with wins over Greg Loughran and Travis Cox.

Novaes is becoming a fan favorite with his aggressive style of jiu jitsu.  In his last fight at Combat USA Illinois versus Wisconsin, Novaes locked in an armbar on Sherron Leggett.  Leggett refused to tap and subsequently had his arm broken.  This marked Novaes’s third victory in four fights by armbar and holds submission victories over seven of his opponents.

Herrig has put together an impressive 3-1 record since moving to Team Curran.  Her last fight at XFO 39 she was able to out grapple her opponent as Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc seemed to want to keep the distance as close as possible.  Herrig owns an impressive kickboxing record and with her wrestling and grappling improving she is becoming even more dangerous.

Esparza holds an impressive 5-2 record with her two losses coming against top ranked women’s fighters Jessica Aguilar and Megumi Fuji.  She is a two-time All American wrestler and holds most of her victories by submission.

Carter, a long time vet of the sport with nearly 100 professional fights to his name last competed in March against Rumen Dimitrov.  In the second round he suffered a TKO loss putting him on the worst losing skid of his career.

Thomas most recently lost to Jonatas Novaes at the Combat USA state finales by armbar.  The loss makes him 2-3 in his last five, however those losses come against Ben Askren and Jim Wallhead.

XFC 15 “Tribute” will air live on HDNet on December 2.

XFO 39 Results and Recap

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The Xtreme Fighting Organization put on the largest mixed martial arts event since November of 2009 in the greater Chicagoland area.  The night of action saw eleven professional contests headlined by Jeff Curran versus Billy Vaughan.  Read on for the full recap and results.

The first fight of the night was extremely quick as Hector Garcia needed just thirteen seconds to knock Nicholas Scotti out.  Both fighters went to the center of the cage and looked to throw combos.  Garcia landed a right hand that sent Scotti to the canvas.  Garcia pounced quickly and landed three more shots before the Scott Fischer called a halt to the action.

Lightweights Will Brooks and Bobby Reardanz were up next.  In the first round Reardanz looked to throw Brooks off with spinning attacks.  Brooks quickly found his range and hurt Reardanz with a straight right.  Brooks controlled the rest of the round with varied strikes including knees, elbows and punches.  The second round Brooks came out with a big body kick and followed it up with a one-two and a knee that sent Reardanz to the canvas.  Brooks took Reardanz down again worked to secure his back.  As Reardanz was standing up, Brooks landed a massive belly to back suplex.  Brooks finished the round with knees to the body while on the ground.  Reardanz was clearly hurt as the third round started and Brooks looked to capitalize on it with a flying knee followed with four more knees.  Reardanz looked to pull guard, but did nothing from the position and the ref stood them up.  Brooks dropped Reardanz again and this time passed to side control.  Brooks was working for a rear naked choke and couldn’t get it but transitioned to a beautiful armbar forcing Reardanz to tap.

Middleweights Kent Rexford and PJ Cajigas were up next.  Cajigas looked to establish his striking skills and hurt Rexford with a hook.  Rexford decided to put the fight in his realm and took Cajigas down.  Once on the ground, Rexford worked short elbows and strikes.  Cajigas tried to escape, but Rexford kept heavy pressure on him.  Cajigas attempted to roll to break free, but Rexford was able to just take his back and lock in a rear naked choke ending the fight.

The first of two women’s fights were up next as Amanda LaVoy took on Michele Gutierrez.  The first half of round one Gutierrez used her boxing to keep LaVoy at bay.  Gutierrez continually countered LaVoy’s leg kicks with big rights that sent LaVoy to the canvas.  After being knocked on her butt twice, LaVoy changed tactics and went after Gutierrez.  A big knee by LaVoy in a clinch was immediately noticeable as Gutierrez’s left eye started to swell.  The second round started out much like the first ended with the two women clinching.  LaVoy landed a big knee and when the ladies separated a huge gash was visible on Gutierrez.  The ref called the doctor in who stopped the fight.

Jason Graves opened up his fight with Dan Stittgen with a good one-two combo.  Stittgen just laughed it off and Graves immediately took him to the ground.  Graves was looking to pass his guard when Stittgen shifted and locked in an armbar to end the fight.

Fight of the night featured Lucas Gwaltney and Jon Murphy.  Murphy through out the fight press forward and score takedown after takedown.  Once on the ground he would work small strikes but it was Gwaltney who would work his way back to the feet where he was landing punch after punch.  The first round was clearly for Murphy and the second seemed likely for him as well after a cut was examined by the doctor.  The third round was a very close round and MMA Recap scored the fight 29-28 for Murphy.  When the judges’ scorecards were read, it was a unanimous decision for Gwaltney.

Bantamweights were up next with Terrance Kinney and Dan Aguirre.  Kinney shot for a takedown and Aguirre looked for a guillotine.  Aguirre attempted to pull guard with the choke, but Kinney escaped into his guard.  Aguirre used his wiry legs to lock up a triangle choke.  Kinney defended well until Aguirre started to transition to an armbar.  Aguirre again readjusted this time pulling down on his opponent’s head and forced a tap.

Mike Stumpf returned to action after a nearly three year layoff against Dan Bolden.  The three round fight saw Bolden land his powerful right hand when the fight was standing.  But it was Stumpf who controlled the fight as he had takedown after takedown.  Once on the ground Stumpf landed several small strikes to keep the fight on the ground.  Many times it looked like the ref was going to stand it up, but Stumpf was able to keep it there.  In the end the judges didn’t have a difficult decision as Stumpf clearly controlled the fight.

The women were up again as Felice Herrig took on Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc.  Rivera-Calanoc quickly rushed Herrig and pushed her up against the cage, but Herrig reversed and bullied her against the cage.  Both fighters looked to throw knees and when they separated, it was Herrig who landed a big overhand right.  Rivera-Calanoc shot for a takedown, but couldn’t get it.  Round two and again Rivera-Calanoc rushed but this time she landed a left hand that found it’s mark.  Herrig looked to throw straight punches while her opponent wanted the overhand variety.  Herrig started to change levels and work shots to the body, Rivera-Calanoc against rushed her to the cage.  Herrig scored a big takedown and threw a couple of elbows forcing Rivera-Calanoc to try to escape.  In the ensuring scramble, Herrig was able to get her back and finished the round working for a rear naked choke.  The final round Herrig was able to get her back while standing, but in the scramble out, Herrig found herself in a deep guillotine choke.  Rivera-Calanoc squeezed to end the fight, however Herrig was able to pop her head out.  Once again Herrig worked to get Rivera-Calanoc’s back and finished the round working towards a rear naked choke.

The co-main event featured former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner taking on Tyler Combs.  Varner came out with a fast combo to set up his takedown.  He then landed several strikes ranging from elbows to hammer fists.  Combs tried to escape, but Varner moved to north-south and locked in a choke.  Combs looked like he was defending well, and then went unconscious.

Billy Vaughan stepped up on short notice to fight Jeff Curran in the main event of the evening.  Vaughan looked to have a reach advantage, but Curran used his kicks to keep Vaughan in the position he wanted.  Curran landed several striking combos as he clearly wanted a knockout victory.  At the end of the first round Curran showcased some of his jiu jitsu when Vaughan shot in for a takedown and Curran was able to secure a guillotine.  Vaughan started to escape so Curran went for an armbar as time expired in the round.  The second round both fighters wanted to finish the fight in highlight reel fashion, but both were just missing with their strikes.  Vaughan at one point threw six punches in a row to just have Curran dodge and avoid them.  The second round clearly for Curran like the first due to his consistent ability to land his strikes.  Vaughan came into the third round like he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Both fighters quickly clinched and Curran started to work his dangerous knees.  Vaughan decided to risk his chances on the ground, but Curran immediately attacked his arm with a kimura attempt.  After some readjusting, the kimura looked really deep, but Curran just used it to pass to get back control.  Curran nearly had a rear naked choke though Vaughan rolled out of it into an inverted triangle choke.  Vaughan tried to free himself by grabbing ahold of Curran’s foot and cranked it.  The fight ended with both fighters trying to finish with a flurry of strikes.  In the end, the fight went to Curran and he announced it was the last time we would see him inside the XFO cage.

Quick Results

Hector Garcia defeated Nicolas Scotti by TKO at 0:13 of round 1

Will Brooks defeated Bobby Reardanz by armbar at 3:22 of round 3

Kent Rexford defeated PJ Cajigas by rear naked choke at 4:47 of round 1

Amanda LaVoy defeated Michele Gutierrez by doctor stoppage at 0:34 of round 2

Dan Stittgen defeated Jason Graves by armbar at 1:10 of round 1

Lucas Gwaltney defeated Jon Murphy by unanimous decision

Dan Aguirre defeated Terrance Kinney by triangle choke at 2:20 of round 1

Mike Stumpf defeated Dan Bolden by unanimous decision

Felice Herrig defeated Nicdali RIvera-Calanoc by unanimous decision

Jamie Varner defeated Tyler Combs by north south choke at 1:30 of round 1

Jeff Curran defeated Billy Vaughan by unanimous decision

Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 Poster

Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 To Air On The Fight Network

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 PosterCanadian fans will get to see some of the best talent in Chicago on May 21 when Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 airs on The Fight Network.  Officials from CCC revealed the news of the broadcast on their official Facebook fan page.

CCC 3 took place on Saturday March 5 from the Odeum Sports Complex in Villa Park, Illinois.  Former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver headlined the card, while former WEC bantamweight champion Chase Beebe was the co-main event.

Several fighters whom have fought under the Chicago Cagefighting banner have caught the eye of national promotions and either will be fighting soon or recently fought for them.  The list includes:

Jens Pulver – Fighting for Titan Fighting Championship on May 27 (airs on HDNet)

Chase Beebe – Just earned his spot in the Bellator bantamweight tournament

Dennis Dombrow – Fought for Strikeforce

Mike Lullo – Signed to the UFC

Carson Beebe – Rumored participant on the next season of “The Ultimate Fighter”

Felice Herrig – Fought for Bellator

Read our full recap and results or browse our photogallery of the event.

XFO 39 Poster

XFO 39 Updates

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XFO 39 PosterXFO 39 is almost finalized as the card is filing up quickly.  Newly announced fights by the promotion include: Jon Murphy versus Ryan Bixler, Will Brooks versus Chris Garcia, Mike Stumpf versus Dan Bolden, Jacob McClintock verson Dan Gilbert, Dan Stittgen versus Jason Graves, Christian Reynoso versus Daniel Aguirre, and Kent Rexford versus Brandon Saling.

XFO 39 takes place on Friday, May 13 at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  Tickets are available at  The event will be headlined in a bantamweight fight between Joe Pearson and Jeff Curran.

The lineup currently includes:

Jeff Curran vs Joe Pearson
Jamie Varner vs Tyler Combs
Felice Herrig vs Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc
Jon Murphy vs Ryan Bixler
Michele Gutierrez vs Amanda LaVoy
Will Brooks vs Christopher Garcia
Mike Stumpf vs Dan Bolden
Jacob McClintock vs Dan Gilbert
Dan Stittgen vs Jason Graves
Nicholas Scotti vs Frank Pizzirulli
Christian Reynoso vs Daniel Aguirre
Kent Rexford Jr. vs Brandon Saling