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Colosseum Combat 21 Poster

Colosseum Combat XXI Finalizes Card

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Colosseum Combat 21 Poster

Colosseum Combat 21 Poster

Colosseum Combat XXI will be taking place on Saturday, May 12 at the Kokomo Events Center in Kokomo, Indiana. The night’s main event featuring Chase Beebe versus Cory Mahon is signed and ready to go, as are five other pro fights that will follow the night’s amateur portion of the card.

Several fighters who competed at CC20 will be in action again at CC21. Both Tyson Triplett, Sr and Robert Nieto were victorious in March and now look to throw down to see who will move up in the Colosseum Combat ranks. Nieto earned a unanimous decision over Jamey Scruggs in a hard fought three-round battle and Triplett scored the TKO victory over Michael Eikenberry in the first round.

Evan DeLong scored the biggest win of his career when he earned a unanimous decision over Daniel Head. Head was the considered by many to not only be the fan favorite, but also the favorite to win the fight. His opponent is Luke Taylor who has competed for Colosseum Combat before, earning a TKO victory over Michael Eikenberry at CC 17 in June of 2011. Taylor will likely have a bit of ring rust as it has been a year since his last fight.

Casey Craft will do battle with another CC vet as he takes on Atsuhiro Takano. Takano made his pro debut in January, earning an arm triangle submission over Michael Shields. Craft is 2-1 as a pro, and holds a two-fight win streak in 2012 with stoppages in all his fights.

The full lineup for Colosseum Combat 21’s card includes:
Pro Card
Main Event: Chase Beebe vs Cory Mahon
Roberto Nieto vs Tyson Triplett
Devin Miller vs Bobby Emmons
Atsuhiro Takano vs Casey Craft
Brady Hovermale vs Ryan Smith
Evan DeLong vs Luke Taylor

Amateur Card
Jacob Hurlock vs Zach Edington
Adam ‘Gonzo’ Gonzales vs Clint Maclin
Robert Duke vs Enrique Nunez
Drew Walters vs Reece Stepler
Patrick Ruby vs Brandon Slabaugh
Ryan Kenworthy vs Deryck Rothenberger
Andrew Ferguson vs Josh Sorrels
Clint Hoskins vs David Booth

Colosseum Combat 16 Results and Recap

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Colosseum Combat XVI took place on Saturday February 19 at the Kokomo Event Center in Kokomo, Indiana.  The night of action saw seven amateur fights and six professional bouts.  Read on for the full results and recap of Colosseum Combat 16.

Kicking off the amateur card was a fight between Derek Cook and Shawn Bottoms.  After a touch of gloves, Bottoms threw and nearly landed a flying knee and then transitioned to pulling guard.  Cook stood out of the guard and Bottoms followed him up.  Both fighters exchanged knees before Bottoms tripped Cook and landed in full mount.  Bottoms was working for an angle when Cook gave up his back.  Bottoms quickly moved his arm under the chin of Cook and squeezed until Cook was forced to tap.

An exciting fight was up next as Drew Walters took on Dustin Conley.  Conley came out with leg kicks that were throwing Conley off until Conley caught one and took the fight to the ground.  Once on the ground, Walters transitioned from guard to half guard, to side control to mount.  Once in the mount, Walters was relentless with his strikes.  Conley gave up his back to try and escape, but Walters continued until the ref halted the action.

A bit of controversy between Jacob Hurlock and Jordan Crider.  The first two rounds were back and forth with each fighter getting one round a piece by our account.  In the third round Hurlock shot for a takedown and Crider sprawled and landed a big right that hurt Hurlock.  Crider worked multiple strikes and Hurlock threw up his legs and secured an armbar.  Crider worked to get out of it by putting his hand on the canvas.  At this point Hurlock’s corner started yelling that Crider tapped.  The ref didn’t see a tap and didn’t stop the action.  Hurlock gave up his back and Crider nearly finished with a rear naked choke.  Hurlock was able to escape and both fighters were stood up.  Crider took Hurlock down and worked ground and pound until time ran out.  In the end, all three judges scored it for Crider.

Rod Cole took a beating from Mike Walker.  In the first round Walker quickly took Cole to the ground and got the mount.  From there Walker was both patient and relentless with his strikes when they came.  Walker opened up a cut on Cole’s face.  With time running out of the round, Walker tried to finish the fight with an arm triangle choke.  At the start of the second, Cole came out swinging, knowing his only hope was to land the knockout punch, but Walker took the fight to the ground.  Once Walker got mount again, Cole said he had enough and verbally submitted.

The amateur fight of the night went to Devin Miller and Markous Smith.  The first round Smith and Miller spent the first half in the clinch against the cage where they both were landing knees.  After a separation, Miller caught a leg kick by Smith and took him down.  Smith however was working multiple strikes and submissions and Miller didn’t do much with the dominant position.  As time was running out, Smith nearly locked in an armbar but time wasn’t on his side.  The second round Smith was utilizing his reach advantage with his kicks before Miller took the fight to the ground.  Miller landed some serious ground and pound through out the rest of the round.  Many in attendance had the fight one round a piece and erupted for the start of the third round.  Miller immediately came out and got a takedown, but Smith defended and worked for a triangle.  With neither fighter advancing their position, the ref stood the fighters up.  Miller again went for the takedown, this time however Smith defended and threw nearly twenty knees to end the round.  MMA Recap scored it 29-28 for Smith.  The score cards were read and it was a split decision for MIller.

Nicholas Anderson has one of the best chins in the game.  Matthew Perry came out in the first round and clinched and landed several knees that hurt Anderson, but didn’t finish him.  Most of the round saw Perry utilizing a Thai clinch and landing knees while Anderson would land body shots and uppercuts.  With time running out Anderson was swinging and nearly caught Perry with a hook.  The second round Perry controlled the action with takedowns and passing to side control.  Anderson was able to minimize the damage and defended the position well each time he was taken down, but couldn’t do any damage of his own.  The third round was a back and forth round with both fighters taking each other down, only to have the other stand up quickly.  Perry was able to land knees in the transitions between the takedowns and won the third round as well.

The final amateur fight saw Henry Goonen take on Michael Shields.  Goonen was landing leg kicks and Shields looked to clinch.  From the clinch, Shields took Goonen down with a big slam.  Shields worked small strikes to create distance and then started to unload.  While Goonen was covering up, he did little else and the ref was forced to halt the action.

The first professional fight saw Mark Neville take on James Porter who was making his professional debut.  Porter came out in a Muay Thai stance and quickly established his kick.  Porter landed a spinning heel kick that made the crowd go crazy.  Porter then took the fight to the ground and quickly passed to mount.  Neville was able to escape by feinting giving up his back and then spinning back into Porter’s guard.  Porter quickly countered by throwing his legs up and locked in a fight ending armbar.

Brady Hovermale made his professional debut against Ryan Mcintosh.  The fighters quickly clinched and were landing multiple knees.  As they separated Hovermale nearly landed a high kick.  Mcintosh attempted a push kick, but Hovermale grabbed it and took the fight to the ground.  Once on the ground, Hovermale dominated with multiple punches.  Mcintosh attempted submissions, but Hovermale was able to escape.  As the round ended, Hovermale let his hands fly to ensure the round went to him.  As the second round was about to start, Mcintosh stated he couldn’t see out of his right eye and the fight was ended.

The next fight had many confused as Mike Eikenberry took on Mike Berry.  Eikenberry came out strong and landed a big left that stumbled Berry.  Eikenberry attempted to get the back, but was unable.  As the fighters separated, Eikenberry tagged Berry with another couple of solid shots.  Once they squared away, Berry then took control with body kick, one-two combo.  Berry followed that up with a high kick and Eikenberry dropped to the canvas.  Berry followed it up with several strikes until the ref could stop the action.

If you blinked you missed the fight between Josh Kinser and Greg Miller.  Miller came out with a body kick.  Kinser circled to the right and threw an overhand right that knocked Miller out cold.

The night’s co-main event featured Dustin Neace taking on David Love.  The first round Love landed several leg kicks before the two clinched.  Neace landed several knees before Love took Neace to the ground.  While on the ground Love worked several punches and hammer fists, while Neace looked for short elbows.  Neace worked for an armbar, but Love just slammed his way out.  The action stalled and the ref stood the fighters up.  Love was swinging wildly and caught Neace with a kick to the grown.  After the restart, Love continued his barrage of strikes as time ended.  The second round Love rocked Neace with a kick and let Neace back up.  Love started throwing with bad intentions and Neace caught him with an overhand right.  Neace started to find his range and Love was in trouble.  Neace took Love down but Love grabbed a guillotine choke.  Neace worked out of the choke and against picked Love up for a slam takedown.  Again, Love worked for a guillotine choke, but couldn’t get it.  Love was visibly tired and Neace started working his strikes.  Love threw his legs up to work for an armbar, and it was in deep.  Neace tried to escape, but was forced to tap.

The main event featured Daniel Head moving up in weight to take on Ryan Thomas in a welterweight matchup.  Both fighters came out with kicks and then Head took the fight to the ground.  Head was working punches and Thomas was able to sneak his legs passed one of Head’s arms, to secure a triangle choke. Head tried to work his way out, but Thomas worked punches and elbows before pulling Head’s head down and squeezing until Head tapped.

Amateur Quick Results
Shawn Bottoms defeated Derek Cook by rear naked choke at 2:03 of round 1
Drew Walters defeated Dustin Conley by tko at 1:56 of round 1
Jordan Crider defeated Jacob Hurlock by unanimous decision
Mike Walker defeated Rod Cole by verbal submission at 1:28 of round 2
Devin Miller defeated Markous Smtih by split decision 30-27, 27-30, 29-28
Matthew Perry defeated Nicholas Anderson by unanimous decision
Michael Shields defeated Henry Goonen by tko at 2:35 of round 1

Professional Quick Results
James Porter defeated Mark Neville by armbar at 2:31 round 1
Brady Hovermale defeated Ryan Mcintosh by fighter not able to continue after round 1
Mike Berry defeated Mike Eikenberry by KO at 1:08 of round 1
Josh Kinser defeated Greg Miller by KO at 0:13 of round 1
David Love defeated Dustin Neace by armbar at 3:45 of round 2
Ryan Thomas defeated Daniel Head by triangle choke at 2:04 of round 1