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Hoosier FIght Club 9 poster

Hoosier Fight Club – HFC 9 Fall Brawl Results

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Hoosier FIght Club 9 poster

Hoosier Fight Club returned to the Porter County Expo Center on Saturday November 5th.  The night featured an all pro card headlined by season eleven ultimate fighter runner-up Kris McCray taking on Kevin Nowaczyk.  The quick results were provided by Matt Giancarlo of

Quick Results

  • Josh Robinson defeated Giovanni Moljo by TKO at 2:20 of round 3
  • Ryan McCintosh defeated Terry House by rear naked choke at 0:20 of round 1
  • David Love defeated Jeff Golden by unanimous decision
  • Robert Nieto defeated PJ Cajigas by arm bar at 4:39 of round 2
  • Brady Hovermale defeated Nick Wayne by rear naked choke at 3:28 of round 2
  • Nick Kraus defeated Billy Johnson by unanimous decision
  • John Kolosci defeated Dan Bolden by split decision
  • James Porter defeated Jake Rosenbaum by split decision
  • Kris McCray defeated Kevin Nowaczyk by unanimous decision

XFO 39 Results and Recap

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The Xtreme Fighting Organization put on the largest mixed martial arts event since November of 2009 in the greater Chicagoland area.  The night of action saw eleven professional contests headlined by Jeff Curran versus Billy Vaughan.  Read on for the full recap and results.

The first fight of the night was extremely quick as Hector Garcia needed just thirteen seconds to knock Nicholas Scotti out.  Both fighters went to the center of the cage and looked to throw combos.  Garcia landed a right hand that sent Scotti to the canvas.  Garcia pounced quickly and landed three more shots before the Scott Fischer called a halt to the action.

Lightweights Will Brooks and Bobby Reardanz were up next.  In the first round Reardanz looked to throw Brooks off with spinning attacks.  Brooks quickly found his range and hurt Reardanz with a straight right.  Brooks controlled the rest of the round with varied strikes including knees, elbows and punches.  The second round Brooks came out with a big body kick and followed it up with a one-two and a knee that sent Reardanz to the canvas.  Brooks took Reardanz down again worked to secure his back.  As Reardanz was standing up, Brooks landed a massive belly to back suplex.  Brooks finished the round with knees to the body while on the ground.  Reardanz was clearly hurt as the third round started and Brooks looked to capitalize on it with a flying knee followed with four more knees.  Reardanz looked to pull guard, but did nothing from the position and the ref stood them up.  Brooks dropped Reardanz again and this time passed to side control.  Brooks was working for a rear naked choke and couldn’t get it but transitioned to a beautiful armbar forcing Reardanz to tap.

Middleweights Kent Rexford and PJ Cajigas were up next.  Cajigas looked to establish his striking skills and hurt Rexford with a hook.  Rexford decided to put the fight in his realm and took Cajigas down.  Once on the ground, Rexford worked short elbows and strikes.  Cajigas tried to escape, but Rexford kept heavy pressure on him.  Cajigas attempted to roll to break free, but Rexford was able to just take his back and lock in a rear naked choke ending the fight.

The first of two women’s fights were up next as Amanda LaVoy took on Michele Gutierrez.  The first half of round one Gutierrez used her boxing to keep LaVoy at bay.  Gutierrez continually countered LaVoy’s leg kicks with big rights that sent LaVoy to the canvas.  After being knocked on her butt twice, LaVoy changed tactics and went after Gutierrez.  A big knee by LaVoy in a clinch was immediately noticeable as Gutierrez’s left eye started to swell.  The second round started out much like the first ended with the two women clinching.  LaVoy landed a big knee and when the ladies separated a huge gash was visible on Gutierrez.  The ref called the doctor in who stopped the fight.

Jason Graves opened up his fight with Dan Stittgen with a good one-two combo.  Stittgen just laughed it off and Graves immediately took him to the ground.  Graves was looking to pass his guard when Stittgen shifted and locked in an armbar to end the fight.

Fight of the night featured Lucas Gwaltney and Jon Murphy.  Murphy through out the fight press forward and score takedown after takedown.  Once on the ground he would work small strikes but it was Gwaltney who would work his way back to the feet where he was landing punch after punch.  The first round was clearly for Murphy and the second seemed likely for him as well after a cut was examined by the doctor.  The third round was a very close round and MMA Recap scored the fight 29-28 for Murphy.  When the judges’ scorecards were read, it was a unanimous decision for Gwaltney.

Bantamweights were up next with Terrance Kinney and Dan Aguirre.  Kinney shot for a takedown and Aguirre looked for a guillotine.  Aguirre attempted to pull guard with the choke, but Kinney escaped into his guard.  Aguirre used his wiry legs to lock up a triangle choke.  Kinney defended well until Aguirre started to transition to an armbar.  Aguirre again readjusted this time pulling down on his opponent’s head and forced a tap.

Mike Stumpf returned to action after a nearly three year layoff against Dan Bolden.  The three round fight saw Bolden land his powerful right hand when the fight was standing.  But it was Stumpf who controlled the fight as he had takedown after takedown.  Once on the ground Stumpf landed several small strikes to keep the fight on the ground.  Many times it looked like the ref was going to stand it up, but Stumpf was able to keep it there.  In the end the judges didn’t have a difficult decision as Stumpf clearly controlled the fight.

The women were up again as Felice Herrig took on Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc.  Rivera-Calanoc quickly rushed Herrig and pushed her up against the cage, but Herrig reversed and bullied her against the cage.  Both fighters looked to throw knees and when they separated, it was Herrig who landed a big overhand right.  Rivera-Calanoc shot for a takedown, but couldn’t get it.  Round two and again Rivera-Calanoc rushed but this time she landed a left hand that found it’s mark.  Herrig looked to throw straight punches while her opponent wanted the overhand variety.  Herrig started to change levels and work shots to the body, Rivera-Calanoc against rushed her to the cage.  Herrig scored a big takedown and threw a couple of elbows forcing Rivera-Calanoc to try to escape.  In the ensuring scramble, Herrig was able to get her back and finished the round working for a rear naked choke.  The final round Herrig was able to get her back while standing, but in the scramble out, Herrig found herself in a deep guillotine choke.  Rivera-Calanoc squeezed to end the fight, however Herrig was able to pop her head out.  Once again Herrig worked to get Rivera-Calanoc’s back and finished the round working towards a rear naked choke.

The co-main event featured former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner taking on Tyler Combs.  Varner came out with a fast combo to set up his takedown.  He then landed several strikes ranging from elbows to hammer fists.  Combs tried to escape, but Varner moved to north-south and locked in a choke.  Combs looked like he was defending well, and then went unconscious.

Billy Vaughan stepped up on short notice to fight Jeff Curran in the main event of the evening.  Vaughan looked to have a reach advantage, but Curran used his kicks to keep Vaughan in the position he wanted.  Curran landed several striking combos as he clearly wanted a knockout victory.  At the end of the first round Curran showcased some of his jiu jitsu when Vaughan shot in for a takedown and Curran was able to secure a guillotine.  Vaughan started to escape so Curran went for an armbar as time expired in the round.  The second round both fighters wanted to finish the fight in highlight reel fashion, but both were just missing with their strikes.  Vaughan at one point threw six punches in a row to just have Curran dodge and avoid them.  The second round clearly for Curran like the first due to his consistent ability to land his strikes.  Vaughan came into the third round like he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Both fighters quickly clinched and Curran started to work his dangerous knees.  Vaughan decided to risk his chances on the ground, but Curran immediately attacked his arm with a kimura attempt.  After some readjusting, the kimura looked really deep, but Curran just used it to pass to get back control.  Curran nearly had a rear naked choke though Vaughan rolled out of it into an inverted triangle choke.  Vaughan tried to free himself by grabbing ahold of Curran’s foot and cranked it.  The fight ended with both fighters trying to finish with a flurry of strikes.  In the end, the fight went to Curran and he announced it was the last time we would see him inside the XFO cage.

Quick Results

Hector Garcia defeated Nicolas Scotti by TKO at 0:13 of round 1

Will Brooks defeated Bobby Reardanz by armbar at 3:22 of round 3

Kent Rexford defeated PJ Cajigas by rear naked choke at 4:47 of round 1

Amanda LaVoy defeated Michele Gutierrez by doctor stoppage at 0:34 of round 2

Dan Stittgen defeated Jason Graves by armbar at 1:10 of round 1

Lucas Gwaltney defeated Jon Murphy by unanimous decision

Dan Aguirre defeated Terrance Kinney by triangle choke at 2:20 of round 1

Mike Stumpf defeated Dan Bolden by unanimous decision

Felice Herrig defeated Nicdali RIvera-Calanoc by unanimous decision

Jamie Varner defeated Tyler Combs by north south choke at 1:30 of round 1

Jeff Curran defeated Billy Vaughan by unanimous decision

XFO 39 Poster

XFO 39 Updates

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XFO 39 PosterXFO 39 is almost finalized as the card is filing up quickly.  Newly announced fights by the promotion include: Jon Murphy versus Ryan Bixler, Will Brooks versus Chris Garcia, Mike Stumpf versus Dan Bolden, Jacob McClintock verson Dan Gilbert, Dan Stittgen versus Jason Graves, Christian Reynoso versus Daniel Aguirre, and Kent Rexford versus Brandon Saling.

XFO 39 takes place on Friday, May 13 at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  Tickets are available at  The event will be headlined in a bantamweight fight between Joe Pearson and Jeff Curran.

The lineup currently includes:

Jeff Curran vs Joe Pearson
Jamie Varner vs Tyler Combs
Felice Herrig vs Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc
Jon Murphy vs Ryan Bixler
Michele Gutierrez vs Amanda LaVoy
Will Brooks vs Christopher Garcia
Mike Stumpf vs Dan Bolden
Jacob McClintock vs Dan Gilbert
Dan Stittgen vs Jason Graves
Nicholas Scotti vs Frank Pizzirulli
Christian Reynoso vs Daniel Aguirre
Kent Rexford Jr. vs Brandon Saling

Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 Recap And Results

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 took place on Saturday March 5 from The Odeum Sports Complex in Villa Park Illinois.  The event featured an all pro card with a main event of Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate and a co-main event of Chase Beebe versus Steven Kinnison.  Read on for the recap of the event and the quick results.

Kicking off the night Jason Graves made his professional debut against PJ Cajigas.  Graves came out swinging hard and then quickly clinched Cajigas against the cage.  Graves had a smooth trip takedown to land in the mount.  Cajigas gave up his back and Graves immediately worked to get his hooks in as well as an arm under Cajigas’s neck.  Once the rear naked choke was secured, it was a mater of time before Cajigas was forced to tap.

Midwest Training Center’s Will Brooks took on Guillermo Serment in the second fight of the night.  Brooks looked for a touch of gloves, but Serment declined.  Brooks quickly rushed Serment and threw him to the ground.  Serment stood up, Brooks quickly grabbed a Muay Thai clinch and threw multiple knees.  The fighters separated and multiple times Brooks hurt Serment with strikes forcing Serment to attempt a takedown but was unable to get it.  Brooks started to find his range and Serment went to the ground.  Brooks quickly got his back and worked punches and elbows trying to get a choke.  Time ran out in a round that was very clearly for Brooks.  The second round started and Brooks landed an uppercut that buckled Serment’s knees.  Brooks again took Serment’s back, but this time was able to secure the choke and the tap.

Chris Haney took on Team Curran’s Joey Diehl in a rematch, only this time it was a professional fight instead of an amateur fight.  The first round Haney attempted a superman punch and over shot Diehl.  Diehl quickly worked for Haney’s back, but settled for side control.  Diehl worked elbow after elbow forcing Haney to try to escape.  Diehl was able to get the mount and again threw punches and elbows.  Diehl had a fantastic transition from mount to an armbar and the submission was in deep.  Haney was able to roll into it and finished the round in Diehl’s guard.  The start of the second round looked like both fighters wanted to stand and trade, however Haney shot for a takedown and Diehl quickly tied up a peruvian necktie.  Unable to get the choke, Diehl worked for a guillotine but Haney escaped and was in Diehl’s guard.  Diehl wanted to use a kimura from the bottom to sweep Haney, but Haney used the opportunity to get Diehl’s back and ultimately mount.  The back and forth grappling match continued as Haney nearly finished with an arm triangle choke.  Diehl escaped and Haney quickly transitioned to a triangle choke.  Diehl tried to escape, but Haney squeezed and continued the pressure giving Diehl his first loss of his professional career.

An early candidate for comeback of the year, Christian Reynoso overcame a devastating first round to secure an armbar early in the second and end the fight.  The first round started with Reynoso landing an illegal kick but Grindstaff quickly shook it off.  After the restart, Grindstaff landed a big right that dropped Reynoso.  Grindstaff quickly got the mount, but Reynoso stood up.  The fighters were clinched against the cage, and Grindstaff again took the fight to the ground.  Reynoso was able to tie up Grindstaff and prevent damage until the ref stood them up.  Again Grindstaff took the fight to the ground, but this time was able to avoid being tied up and landed many punches.  Reynoso looked for the early takedown at the start of the second, but was stuffed.  Grindstaff worked for a takedown of his own, but Reynoso locked in a guillotine choke.  The choke was in tight, but Grindstaff was able to pop his head out.  Reynoso quickly transitioned to an armbar and after a few adjustments got the tap he was looking for.

Prior to the fights, MMA Recap predicted that the fight of the night would belong to Eric Kriegermeier and Michael Santiago and the two did not disappoint.  The first round started with both fighters looking to throw bombs.  Santiago was able to get the fight to the ground and from there he landed punches in bunches and elbows galore.  Kriegermeier was visibly hurt as he had a cut above his eye and a mouse under the other.  Santiago clearly won the round with the sheer damage he was inflicting.  Like the first round, both fighters stood in the pocket to start the second round throwing massive punches.  Santiago again took the fight to the ground and had the dominant position.  Santiago had a crucifix and looked to finish the fight, but Kriegermeier was able to escape and pulled guard.  Santiago quickly passed to side control and attempted to throw a knee to the body.  Unfortunately Kriegermeier used the opportunity to slide out from under him and escape.  Kriegermeier grabbed a front headlock and then transitioned to Santiago’s back.  Kriegermeier flattened Santiago out and was landing big lefts and rights until Santiago’s neck was exposed and then squeezed to force a tap.

The undefeated Gilbert Grappling protege Carson Beebe took on Team Top Notch’s Giovanni Moljo.  Moljo started the fight with a flying knee as Beebe shot for a takedown.  Beebe shot for the takedown, but Moljo was able to secure an inverted triangle choke.  Beebe tried to escape, but Moljo held the choke until Beebe went to sleep and the fight was stopped.

After the intermission, middleweight fighters Dan Bolden and Mike Pitz were ready to throw leather.  Both fighters are known for their heavy hands and fans were expecting a knockout.  Bolden caught Pitz with a big right and Pitz looked for a takedown and got it.  Pitz worked short elbows before getting the mount.  Bolden was able to escape and both fighters stood up.  Pitz again got a takedown and while working to get mount landed an accidental knee to Bolden’s groin.  After the restart, Pitz again shot for a takedown, but Bolden was ready for it.  Bolden started unloading massive punches and nearly dropped Pitz.  Pitz got another takedown and rained down punch after punch.  The ref warned Bolden to do something.  Bolden tried to escape but caught up in a triangle choke and was forced to tap.

The women were up next as Team Curran’s Felice Herrig took on Andrea Miller.  Herrig came out with a push kick that sent Miller back.  Miller retaliated with a good stiff jab to Herrig’s nose that bloodied it up.  Herrig looked for leg kicks before clinching Miller against the cage.  Herrig dropped for a double leg takedown and got it landing in side control.  Herrig worked small strikes to set up the pass to mount.  Once in the mount Herrig threw punches and elbows over and over.  Miller covered up, but the strikes were relentless and the ref was forced to stop the action.

The co-main event of the evening featured former WEC bantamweight champion Chase Beebe taking on Steve Kinnison.  The three round fight was an all Beebe all the time performance.  The only thing doing more work than Beebe trying to pass from half guard to mount was Beebe’s elbow as the majority of his strikes were elbows.  In the second round Beebe landed a massive elbow that cut Kinnison above his eye.  More elbows were thrown by Beebe and the ref didn’t like the cut and asked the doctor to look at it.  Kinnison wanted to continue and showed a lot of heart.  Beebe easily took Kinnison to the ground in the third and again worked his elbows.  In the end, the judges had a very easy decision awarding the victory to Beebe.

The main event featured former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate.  Pulver came out and stalked Choate through out the fight.  Both fighters were respectful of the other’s power.  The first round was a great back and forth round.  Pulver landed a big kick and winced after but it wasn’t evident what was going on right away.  The second round featured the two fighters circling and trading punches and kicks.  It was an extremely close round that could go either way.  The third round Choate became the aggressor and while Pulver was stalking Choate, it was Choate who was landing punch after punch.  When the fight was over, Pulver was visibly hurt and his left foot was extremely swollen.  The judges gave their score cards and it was a split decision for Pulver.

Quick Results

  • Jason Graves defeated PJ Cajigas by rear naked choke at 0:31 of round 1
  • Will Brooks defeated Guillermo Serment by rear naked choke at 0:45 of round 2
  • Chris Haney defeated Joey Diehl by triangle choke at 3:39 of round 2
  • Christian Reynos defeated Ray Grindstaff by armbar at 1:09 of round 2
  • Eric Kriegermeier defeated Michael Santiago by rear naked choke at 3:48 of round 2
  • Giovanni Moljo defeated Carson Beebe by inverted triangle choke at 0:52 of round 1
  • Mike Pitz defeated Dan Bolden by triangle choke at 4:38 of round 1
  • Felice Herrig defeated Andrea Miller by TKO at 3:30 of round 1
  • Chase Beebe defeated Steve Kinnison by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Jens Pulver defeated Wade Choat by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28
Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 Poster

Chicago Cagefighting Championship Returns On March 5

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Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 PosterChicago, Illinois – Chicago Cagefighting Championship will return to action on Saturday March 5 live at the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois.  For the first time, the card will feature only professional fighters, highlighting the talent in the Chicagoland area.  The main event will feature former UFC champion Jens Pulver taking on Wade Choate and a co-main event of former WEC champion Chase Beebe going to battle against Steve Kinnison.

Pulver was a former UFC lightweight champion who is a fan favorite.  Pulver returned to the UFC in 2006 to become a coach on the fifth season of “The Ultimate Fighter”.  After suffering back-to-back losses as a lightweight fighter, Pulver made the drop to featherweight and moved to the WEC.  Pulver won his first fight against Cub Swanson and then ran into a streak of losses against top featherweights Urijah Faber, Josh Grispi, Javier Vasquez, Leonard Garcia and Diego Garijo.  Pulver snapped his six-fight losing streak in just 49 seconds by submitting Mike Lindquist at “XFO 38”.

Choate just snapped a five-fight losing streak of his own in August of 2010 with a win over Marco Davis at “United Cage Fighting: Unforgiven”.  Choate has been in the sport since 2003 and has fought some extremely tough regional competition including Matt Ambrose, Kevin English, and current UFC fighter Darren Elkins.  In his twenty five professional fights, Choate holds thirteen victories with the majority coming by way of submission.

Former WEC champion Beebe went 4-1 in 2010 stopping all four of his opponents in the first round.  Beebe’s lone loss came at the hands of Hiroyuki Takaya at Dream 16, a fight he took on short notice.  Beebe’s victories in 2010 include Billy Jochum, Jared McMahan, Wisconsin state champion Josh Kasee, and XFC champion Pablo Alfonso.

Kinnison will be dropping down to featherweight to take on the former champion Beebe.  Kinnison will have to deal with a bit of cage rust as his last fight was in April of 2010 where he defeated Midwest Training Center’s Ryan Williams.  Kinnison is a regional favorite holding victories over Tyler Combs, York Ash, and Ryan Bixler.  While Kinnison’s record is not a winning record, he has been inside the cage with top fighters including Jeff Curran, Jorge Gurgel, Roger Huerta, and Kurt Pellegrino.

Other notable names competing on the March 5 event include Felice Herrig, Dan Gilbert, Carson Beebe and Dennis Dombrow.  The full card is as follows:
Jens Pulver vs Wade Choate
Chase Beebe vs Steve Kinnisen
Felice Herrig vs Shimone Brooks
Dan Gilbert vs Frank Pizzirulli
Mike Pitz vs Dan Bolden
Mike Santiago vs Eric Kreigermier
Carson Beebe vs Giovanni Moljo
Dennis Dombrow vs Jeff LaValle
Chris Haney vs Joey Diehl
Christian Reynoso vs Ray Grindstaff
Dan Stittgen vs TBD
Will Brooks vs TBD

For more information on Chicago Cagefighting Championship visit their website at  Fans of Chicago Cagefighting Championship on Facebook ( are treated to weekly contests featuring prizes of tickets, t-shirts, autographed memorabilia and more.  For tickets to the event visit the website or call 630-373-CAGE.

Utlimate Fight Tour

Peter Grimes To Main Event Ultimate Fight Tour Against Dustin Phillips

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Utlimate Fight TourUltimate Fight Tour “The Proving Ground” is set to kick off on Saturday October 9 at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. HIT Squad fighter, Peter Grimes will headline against Xtreme Couture fighter Dustin Phillips.

The Ultimate Fight Tour is to consist of 32 fighters from multiple schools competing across the US in a series of events spread over eight months. The first school versus school matchup features the Matt Hughes school HIT Squad taking on Randy Couture’s gym, Xtreme Couture.

Phillips is coming off a loss to Douglas Evans at a Shark Fights event in March of this year. The loss puts Phillips at 4-2 since 2009. Phillips’s a well rounded fighter with even victories by submission and knockout.

Grimes most recently competed at Ruckus 3 where he earned the unanimous decision victory over Charles Wilson. Grimes is now on a two fight win streak and is 4-3 since 2009.

The rest of the card for “Proving Ground” includes:

  • Main Event Dustin Phillips (Extreme Couture) vs. Pete Grimes (Hit Squad)
  • Rodrigo Bottie (Extreme Couture) vs. Mike Jackson (Hit Squad)
  • Nik Fekete ( Extreme Couture) vs. Charles Hackman ( Hit Squad)
  • Eric Irvin vs. Jeremy Small
  • Ray Clayton vs. Kenneth Biggs
  • Ben Davis vs. Bobby Brents
  • Moses Avery vs. Jason Bosler
  • Matthew Smart vs. Coltin Cole
  • Mitchell Harris vs. Dan Bolden
  • Matt Roewer vs. Jamell Austin
  • Nathan McCoy vs. Kieth Musgrove
  • Jose Tezanos vs. Paul McAdams
  • Jermey Freeman vs. Josh Epps

*Card and fighters subject to change

XFO 35 Results And Recap

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XFO 35 took place at the Copernicus Theatre in downtown Chicago, Illinois last night.  The action saw one amateur fight and eight professional fights.  Many notable guests were in attendance including Felice Herrig, Bart Palaszewski, Ricardo Llams and both Pat and Jeff Curran.  Read on for the full recap and results of the night’s competitions.

The first fight of the night didn’t take long at all.  Mike Ryan needed just twenty seconds to force Billy Blackwell to tap.  After a low kick by Ryan, Ryan took the fight to the ground and locked in the fight ended armbar.

The second amateur bout was to feature Chris Hartwig taking on Sean Martin.  Unfortunately Martin did not show up to the fight and Hartwig won by default.

The first professional fight of the night saw Carson Beebe take on Joe Voitik.  Voitik tried to grapple with Beebe but Beebe was the better grappler.  After a some punches both fighters stood and clinched.  Voitik worked some good knees, but Beebe responded with knees of his own forcing Voitik to shoot for a takedown.  Beebe sprawled and then spun to Voitik’s back and secured both hooks.  After about twenty punches, Voitik gave up his neck and Beebe locked in the fight ending rear naked choke.

Bill Hill defeated Dan Bolden in a controversial fashion.  In the first round, Hill controlled most of the action defending Bolden’s takedowns.  Bolden was able to reverse position a couple of times, but would not be able to capitalize on it.  In the second round both fighters clinched and Bolden had a failed hip toss takedown which look like it hurt him.  Hill ran in for an attack and the ref stopped it shortly after saying Bolden tapped out.

Ryan Bixler took on Jonatas Novaes in a catch-weight bout.  Novaes shot for a takedown but Bixler defended well.  Novaes was able to secure double undercooks and then completed the takedown.  Bixler was able to get to his feet and Novaes took him down again.  Bixler defended well as there was little action.  The crowd kept calling for a stand up, but the ref kept them on the ground.  Novaes was able to move from side control to mount to Bixler’s back.  Unable to secure a rear naked choke, Novaes transitioned to a slick armbar and forced the tap out.

In a very exciting fight Mike Santiago took on Jake Murphy.  Both fighters came out with large entourages who were very vocal through out the fight.  Murphy quickly took the fight to the ground and pressed Santiago up against the cage.  From there he worked a good ground and pound.  But Santiago wasn’t without his own tricks as he was able to reverse position more than once and almost had a reverse triangle choke.  The end of the first round saw Santiago work elbows from the bottom.  Round two Santiago rocked Murphy with a big right hand before Murphy went for the takedown again.  For the first minute or so Santiago controlled the action but Murphy was able to reverse and controlled the rest of the round from within Santiago’s guard landing multiple shots that were not very damaging.  The final round saw the crowd go wild for both fighters and Murphy again looked to his wrestling to control the action.  After a lull in the action, the ref stood both fighters up and Santiago caught Murphy with a fantastic knee that crumpled Murphy.  Unfortunately Santiago wasn’t able to capitalize on it and Murphy recovered quickly .  MMA Recap scored the fight 29-28 for Murphy but the judges were split and awarded the victory to Santiago.

Peter Grimes took on Bobby Reardanz in the next bout of the night.  The first round saw Grimes take Reardanz down early and worked a good ground a pound from within Reardanz’s guard.  Reardanz would use the cage to try to get his legs up and lock in an armbar, but Grimes would just punch his way out each time.  The second round both fighters looked to stay on their feet for a bit as they were both landing big kicks.  Grimes was getting the better kicks in and then easily took the fight to the ground.  After a lull in action, the ref stood both fighters up.  Grimes came in with a fancy spinning kick, followed it up with some punches and ended the combo with a knee.  Reardanz would retaliate with a knee of his own, but then Grimes dropped him with a big right hand.  Grimes quickly got Reardanz’s back landed three powerful shots before the ref halted the action.

In what was sure to become the fight of the night Matt Tobie and Kevin Nowacyzyk went the distance.  The three round war saw both fighters throwing big punches and landing several kicks.  Tobie was able to open up a cut under the right eye of Nowacyzyk in the second and bust open his ear in the third.  In the end the three judges scored it for Kevin Nowacyzyk in a split decision.

The heavyweights were the co-main event and featured Boban Simic taking on Rashad Brooks.  The two fighters exchanged heavy bombs in the first round with neither fighter being able to land that power shot to finish it.  In the second round, Simic was the fresher of the two fighters and punished Brooks’s body with multiple punches.  In the third round, Simic took the fight to the ground, passed to mount, and unloaded punches until the referee stopped the action.

The main event kicked off just after 11:30pm and saw Ted Worthington taking on Keith Wisniewski.  In the first round Wisniewski used takedowns to control the action.  Once on the ground he would use short punches and elbows to maintain his position over Worthington.  In the second round Wisniewski again took the fight to the ground but this time Worthington had an answer as he tried to lock in a heel hook submission.  Unfortunately for Worthington when he rolled to apply more pressure to Wisniewski’s leg, Wisniewski applied a heel hook of his own and forced Worthington to tap out.

Quick Results
Amateur Bouts
Mike Ryan defeated Billy Blackwell via armbar :20 of round 1
Chris Hartwig defeated Sean Martin by no show

Professional Bouts
Carson Beebe defeated Joe Voitik by rear naked choke 1:49 of round 1
Bill Hill defeated Dan Bolden by tap out 1:06 of round 2
Jonatas Novaes defeated Ryan Bixler via armbar 3:25 of round 1
Mike Santiago defeated Jake Murphy by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28
Peter Grimes defeated Bobby Reardanz by technical knockout 4:07 of round 2
Kevin Nowacyzyk defeated Matt Tobie by split decision 30-27, 28-29, 30-27
Boban Simic defeated Rashad Brooks by technical knockout 1:30 of round 3
Keith Wisniewski defeated Ted Worthington by heel hook 3:56 of round 2

XFO Returns To The Copernicus Center

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Chicago, IL (USA): The Xtreme Fighting Organization (XFO), one of the most respected MMA promotions in existence, has announced today their fight card for their upcoming fight event. On May 8th, MMA is overtaking the Copernicus Center in Chicago as fight fans will be treated to nine professional fights and four amateur bouts. Headlining the event are welterweight veterans Keith Wisniewski (25-12-1) and Ted “Red” Worthington (27-20). Wisniewski is coming into this fight on a three-match win streak, and he hasn’t allowed an opponent to go the distance during that span, winning two bouts by submission and one by TKO (strikes). Worthington has had an active year in 2010 thus far, fighting three times within the first four months and earning two victories, one by submission and one by knockout. Each warrior has proven throughout his career that he will fight his heart out to win, so fans can expect an epic battle when these two meet.

This exciting card features fighters from all different points in their career, and with a vast arsenal of skills. Some of the veterans will be looking to get back to their winning ways, while others will be looking to continue the strong start to their young careers. In what may be the 170 lb. fight of the night, Matt Tobie (2-0) will be putting his unbeaten record on the line as faces his toughest opponent to date in Quinton McCottrell (4-5). McCottrell is known for his heavy hands and ability to end the fight with one shot. Also on the main card will be a fight at 150 lbs. as former WEC fighter Rafael Dias (12-7-1) will be looking to get back on track after losing his last two fights, as he’ll be facing Ryan “Bones” Bixler (15-7). Dias is known as a submission specialist, while “Bones” is more of an all-around fighter. Regardless, both fighters will look to impose their will on the other.

The full card is as follows:

170-Keith Wisniewski vs. Ted “Red” Worthington
155-Rafael Dias vs. Ryan “Bones” Bixler
HVY-Boban Simic vs. Rashad Brooks
170-Matt Tobie vs. Quinton McCottrell
135-Carson Beebe vs. Chris Clark
145-Bobby Reardanz vs. Gustavo Rodriguez
185-Dan Bolden vs. Bill Hill
155-Chris Garcia vs. Glenn Hanson
155-Mike Santiago vs. Chris Tickle

The amateur card features hungry up-and-coming fighters as well as future stars looking to shine as they put their futures on the line.

145-Alex Martinez vs. Mike Ryan
HVY-Ivan Garcia vs. Ken Fresbee
145-Steve Kozola vs. Joaquin Sanchez
170-Jonathan Melecio vs. Brian Kalsto

XFO—the Midwest’s premiere MMA show— features the best up-and-comers in the Midwest circuit and young fighters from all over the United States will look to hone their skills in the XFO cage. Tickets for the event are on sale now for $50 for Main Floor Seats and $35 for Mezzanine Level and are available for purchase by visiting Doors open at 6:00 PM, and the fights will begin at 7:30 PM.

Information on the pre-event press conference and weigh-ins will be made public soon, as well. The Xtreme Fighting Organization is sure to electrify local fight fans so purchase your tickets now before the event is sold out!

About the XFO
The Xtreme Fighting Organization is operated by “The Big Frog” Jeff Curran, a veteran of the UFC, WEC, PRIDE, and StrikeForce, and has showcased some of the top talent in the sport of MMA today. Fighters such as Pat Militech, Ben Rothwell, Kevin Jordan, Jason Dent, Terry Martin, Tara LaRosa, Nick Thompson, Naoyuki Kotani, Ryan McGivern, Chase Beebe, Mike Russow, Travis Wiuff, Shonie Carter, Luke Zachrich, Sherman Pendergarst, amongst others, have all fought in the XFO cage. The promotion puts on regular events, and is committed to entertaining local fight fans with quality production values and exciting events. In addition, the XFO is dedicated to introducing some of the top young talent in the Midwest to the MMA masses. For additional information on the Xtreme Fighting Organization, please visit

XFO 33 Poster

XFO 33 Results And Recap

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XFO 33 PosterOn Saturday January 23, the Chicago based XFO held their 33rd event.  A total of twenty-eight fighters made their way to the cage and fourteen winners were decided.  Six amateur fights and eight professional fights capped off the night’s festivities.

The opening bout saw Steve Bingham take on Martin Villafuerte.  The first round Villafuerte used powerful leg kicks to stumble Bingham.  At the end of the round, Villafuerte scored a big takedown that easily earned him the round.  The second round Bingham opened up his striking and landed several power shots.  While Villafuerte was able to score a takedown at one point and get full mount, it was too little too late.  With the balance of the fight hanging in the third, Villafuerte went back to what was working for him in the first with several leg kicks.  Bingham tried to load up the single knockout punch but Villafuerte’s chin proved too tough even against multiple kicks.  Villafuerte won the unanimous decision 29-28 on all three judges score cards.

Josh Estrada made quick work of Jesse James Love needing only forty-six seconds to submit Love.  Estrada opened the bout with a big overhand right that dropped Love and then followed it up with a double leg take down.  After some posturing by both fighters, Estrada grabbed Love’s neck and forced the tapout.

Joey Diel shot in and quickly scored the double leg takedown on Jake Gilski.  After a quick punch Diel moved from side control to full mount.  Multiple shots were landed before Gilski decided to give up his back and Diel locked in a rear naked choke forcing the tapout at just fifty-one seconds into the first round.

Chris Miller decided that he wanted to show up the two previous fights by submitting Casey Irvin in just 26 seconds.  Miller stormed Irvin and Irvin ducked to avoid a punch, but exposed his neck.  Miller quickly tightened a choke and got the victory.

Jeff Lavallee continued his winning streak over Arty Hong.  After a brief touch of gloves Lavallee quickly landed a straight right.  Hong tied up Lavallee until Lavallee took the fight to the ground.  Lavallee had an arm in guillotine but it wasn’t in deep.  As Hong escaped the bad position he caught Lavallee with a big right and followed it by a leg kick overhand right combo.  Lavallee then landed a big right hand of his own that ended the match.

Blaine Podkowa and Craig Pineo had a stand up war.  Early in the first round, Podkowa had an arm in guillotine but gave it up in order to put the fight standing.  Both fighters landed several shots with Podkowa landing the majority of blows.  The second round Pineo shot for a takedown and failed to get it.  Instead Podkowa scored a trip takedown and quickly postured up and threw nearly thirty shots with several landing before the ref called a halt to the action.

Kicking the night off for the professional fighters was Bryan Neville and Chris Garcia.  Garcia shot for a takedown but left his neck exposed as Neville tried to lock in a guillotine choke.  Garcia stood up to try and get out of the choke but it made it worse.  Garcia used a great hip throw to get out of the choke and landed in side control.  After a couple of punches he easily moved to mount.  Neville bucked and gave up his back and Garcia locked in a rear naked choke to the crowds delight.

Matt Tobie made his pro debut against Jake Meyer.  In the first round Meyer wanted to establish his power shot and force Tobie to feel his power.  Tobie however had the better strikes that landed with more power through out the first round.  The start of the second saw Meyer score a takedown only to have Tobie stand up and score his own takedown.  Tobie quickly moved from half guard and got the mount.  Several shots were landed, the ref warned Meyer, and then called the fight.

Ryan Sturdy and Dan Bolden had more of a grappling match for the first three minutes of the fight.  While both fighters were able to land impressive shots, neither could finish the other before they quickly clinched up.  Sturdy landed a big takedown and used peppering shots before Bolden tried to escape.  While Bolden tried to escape, he gave up his back and Sturdy quickly locked in a rear naked choke and force Bolden to tap before he went to sleep.

Bobby Reardanz came out with a big high kick that just barely missed it’s mark.  As he landed a leg kick, Bruce Johnson landed a big right.  After a flurry by Johnson, both fighters clinched and looked for a takedown.  Johnson got the takedown, but Reardanz attempted an armbar.  After standing up, Reardanz used a spinning backlist to again clinch.  Once clinched, Reardanz landed several knees forcing Johnson to verbally submit.

Chris Clark came out strong and landed a high kick, leg kick, high kick, straight right combo against Yusup Saadulaev.  Unfortunately that was about the only offense that Clark was able to land as Saadulaev landed a big right that dropped Clark.  After a quick spin, Saadulaev landed in side control and locked in a key lock forcing the tap just fifty five seconds into the first round.

After the match, Llyod Carter called out Saadulaev wanting a rematch.  Saadulaev told Carter to improve his record and he would see what the match makers say about a rematch.

Heavyweights were on display when Boban Simic and Alex Rozman stepped into the cage.  Simic used his wrestling base to nullify Rozman’s size and reach advantage through out the first round.  At the end of the first, Simic scored a takedown and almost won the fight.  Simic quickly scored a takedown in the second round and easily moved to the mount position.  From the dominant position, he secured an arm triangle choke forcing Rozman to tap.

In the night’s co-main event Mark Miller took on LeVon Maynard.  Maynard worked a series of high kicks throughout match to keep Miller at bay.  Miller caught Maynard with a big right that dropped Maynard and followed to the ground.  Once on the ground, Miller worked a good ground and pound game for most of the round.  With about ninety seconds left Maynard was able to kick Miller off and stand up.  Miller landed several big shots, but Maynard landed a flush left hook that knocked Miller out and ended the fight.

A lightweight matchup between Daniel Straus and Gideon Ray capped off the night’s action.  Straus showed that he was just on another level through out the fifteen minutes than Ray.  Straus took Ray to the ground with ease through out the fight.  While Ray tried to work submissions, Straus just powered his way out of the potentially dangerous situations.  When the fight was standing, Straus used multiple kicks to keep Ray at bay before setting up the takedown.  In the end, Straus won the unanimous decision.

Quick Results

Amateur Results

Martin Villafuerte defeated Steve Bingham by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Josh Estrada defeated Jesse James Love by guillotine choke :46 of round 1

Joey Diehl defeated Jake Gilski by rear naked choke :51 of round 1

Chris Miller defeated Casey Irvin by guillotine choke :26 of round 1

Jeff Lavallee defeated Arty Hong by technical knockout at 1:38 of round 1

Blain Podkowa defeated Craig Pineo by technical knockout at 1:47 of round 2

Pro Results

Chris Garcia defeated Bryan Neville by rear naked choke at 1:19 of round 1

Matt Tobie defeated Jake Meyer by technical knockout at 1:49 of round 2

Ryan Sturdy defeated Dan Bolden by rear naked choke at 3:50 of round 1

Bobby Reardanz defeated Bruce Johnson by verbal submission at 1:58 of round 1

Yusup Saadulaev defeated Chris Clark by keylock at :55 of round 1

Boban Simic defeated Alex Rozman by arm triangle submission at 2:07 of round 2

LeVon Maynard defeated Mark Miller by knockout 4:14 of round 1

Daniel Straus defeated Gideon Ray by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27