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Episode 2: MMARecap Weekly Recap

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This week’s Weekly Recap starts out with results from Legacy FC 20, Cage Warriors 55, Colosseum Combat and Hoosier Fight Club. News includes changes made to TUF, UFC 160 salaries and suspensions, new signings to several promotions and more. Fight announcements include several UFC cards, a change to Bellator 96, and Nick Diaz Promotions. We end with listener feedback, including Ask MMARecap.

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MMA Independent Link Club August 7 2012

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Today’s Independent Link club features some of the best stories from around the smaller mixed martial arts circuit that you may not have read.

Cage Warriors sign unbeaten featherweight prospect Chris Fishgold [The MMA Review]

Ultimate Evolution: UFC Must Adapt to Maintain Quality as it Increases Quantity [The MMA Corner]

A talk with ‘Babysitter to the Stars’ UFC Hype Man Burt Watson *Video* [Pro MMA Now]

Joe Lauzon ties Anderson Silva w/ two UFC on FOX 4 Fight Night Bonuses [MMA Valor]

Technique of the Week, Frankie Edgar shows how to use the Slip a Jab [The Fight Nerd]

ONE FC names Matt Hume the New Vice President of operation and Competition [The Fight Nation]

Cage Warriors Fight Night 6 Results: Grimaud Defends Belt

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Cage Warriors Fight Night 6 took place Thursday in Bahrain to kick off a busy summer. In the main event it was Welterweight Champion Gael Grimaud who was being dominated on the floor for two rounds against former Ultimate Fighter contestant Jesse Taylor. In the third round it was Grimaud who pressured a gassed out Taylor, and secured an arm bar to get the finish to retain his belt. In the co main even it was Jim Alers who overwhelmed Matteus Lahdesmaki with strikes in the second round.

In one of the most bizarre submissions I have seen in a while, it was Eddy Bengtsson who submitted Jay Mortimore by what I can only describe as a smother. The commentators referred to the submission as “mother’s milk,” but after asking a few Jiu Jitsu black belts including Vinny Mahgales, we have decided it was called a smother choke. From mount, Bengtsson grabbed the back of the head of Mortimore and pressed it into his stomach and chest, cutting off the air supply and preventing him from breathing to get the submission. Below are the full results for the


Welterweight Title Bout
Champion: Gael Grimaud vs. Challenger: Jesse Taylor
Gael Grimaud defeats Jesse Taylor by submission (arm bar) at :55 of round 3.

Featherweight Bout
Jim Alers vs. Matteus Lahdesmak
Jim Alers defeats Matteus Lahdesmaki by TKO (strikes) at 3:01 of Round 2

Lightweight bout
Ivan Buchinger vs. Diego Gonzalez
Ivan Buchinger defeats Diego Gonzalez by technical knockout (strikes) at 1:51 of round 2

Heavyweight Bout
Eddy Bengtsson vs. Jay Mortimore
Eddy Bengtsson defeats Jay Mortimore by submission (smother/mothers Milk) at 2:41 of round 1

Middleweight Bout:
Tomas Penz vs. John Phillips
John Phillips defeats Tomas Penz by submission (Triangle choke) at 3:21 of round 2


Middleweight Bout
Alan Carlos vs. Mike Ling
Alan Carlos defeats Mike Ling by majority decision (29-28, 28-28, 29-28)

Bantamweight Bout
Dino Gambatesa vs. Olivier Pastor
Olivier Pastor defeats Dino Gambatesa by knock out (strikes) at :51 of round 1

Middleweight Bout
Allan Love vs. Ignas Petkus
Allan Love defeats Ignas Petkus via technical knock out (strikes) at 3:03 of round 1

Cage Warriors Fight Night 5: Results And Recap

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Cage Warriors brought the cage to Amman, Jordan for Cage Warriors Fight Night 5 for what turned out to be a great night of mixed martial arts for fans at the New Boxing arena and around the world. The main event featured heavyweight DJ Linderman, who took the fight on one weeks notice, who defeated Bobby Brents. Linderman has now earned himself a shot at the Cage Warriors Heavyweight title against Mike Hayes. If Cage Warriors ever had the opportunity to play up the bad blood scenario, this is the time.

The fight of the night went to Liam James vs. Jean N’Doye who put on a 3 round back and forth war. For the full 15 minutes both James and N’Doye were trying to end the fight, and it looked like both could have done it. In the end, James’ hand was raised winning the split decision. The crowd didn’t agree with the verdict. Hopefully Cage Warriors puts this bout online. (MMARecap scorecard 29-28 N’Doye)

The night also featured the semi final round of the Cage Warrior’s Middleweight division. The winner of the tournament walks away with the vacant middleweight strap. In a high pace fight, it was Victor Cheng who used his striking to win round after round over Faycal Huccin to get the decision. He will face Pavel Kusch who attacked John Phillips right out of the gate, and they were quickly in a scramble on the floor. Kusch dove for the knee bar, and switched it up to the heel hook. He got the tap at 25 seconds into the fight, and the Cage Warriors Submission of the Night. Below are the full results:

The official Cage Warriors Fight Night 5 Results:


Heavyweight Bout

DJ Linderman vs. Bobby Brents

DJ Linderman defeats Bobby Brents by unanimous decision (30-27×3)
 Middleweight bout:
Pavel Kusch vs. John Phillips (middleweight-tourney semifinal)

Pavel Kusch defeats John Phillips by submission (heel hook) :25 of round 1

Middleweight Bout:
Victor Cheng vs. Faycal Hucin (middleweight-tourney semifinal)

Victor Cheng defeats Faycal Hucin via unanimous decision (30-27×2, 30-26)

Featherweight Bout:

Liam James vs. Jean N’Doye

Liam James defeats Jean N’Doye by split decision 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

(judges: Weir 29-28LJ Cartlidge 29-28 JN Sledge 29-28LJ)

Catch-weight 188lbs bout:

Eric Cebarec vs. Mike Ling

Mike Ling defeats Eric Cebarec by TKO at 2:11 of round 2*

*submission (strikes/elbows from guard)

Light heavyweight Bout:

Kevin Donnelly vs. Piotr Hallman

Piotr Hallman defeats Kevin Donnelly by submission (rear naked choke) 4:10 of round 3

Bantamweight Bout:

Thomas Back vs. James Brum

James Brum defeats Thomas Back by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-25)


Light heavyweight Bout:

Mohamed Ali vs. Doo Hwan Kim

Mohamed Ali defeats Doo Hwan Kim by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Bantamweight Bout:

Kris Edwards (6-3) vs. Janne Elonen-Kulmala (4-2-0)

Kris Edwards defeats Janne Elonen-Kulmala by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Andreas Kraniotakes: I want to get back into title contention and get that belt around Mike Hayes’ waist!

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Andreas KranotakesFollowing a heavyweight title loss to Mike Hayes’ at Cage Warriors Fighting Championships Fight Night 4 event in Dubai, Andreas ‘Big Daddy’ Kraniotakes took the time to speak about his loss, his goals, his career so far and fulfilling a childhood dream.

Hey Andreas, Firstly I’d like to offer my commiserations to you for your recent loss.
You know how it is. You live you learn… But thank you!

I watched your fight, like many others, by streaming online from What do you feel went wrong in the match and where will you go from here?
What went wrong is pretty plain and simple: I gassed. The preparation for the fight wasn’t what it supposed to be. I hate excuses, so I’m just keeping it simple by saying a lot of (bad) things came together that day.

Where will I go from here?
Well, as always when we lose fights in MMA: To the back of the line!

Mike Hayes fought a good fight and got the finish. Is there anything you would like to say to Mike Hayes and would you like to face him again?
He did a great job. Just like me, he took the fight on short notice and he finished the best heavyweight in the Cage Warriors rooster. So he deserves to be the champion. But this is the first time in my career I really would love to have a rematch. I think that Mike and I are both exciting fighters and so another bout between the two of us would make perfect sense. But first I have to position myself in that spot again though and get some wins in.

As I have said, the event was shown on MMAJunkie, How much do you feel MMAJunkie has helped and could continue to help promotions such as Cage Warriors by showing the cards live online?
I think the experience of watching fights live makes a huge difference compared to taped bouts. Just by the way my fans approach me differently, when the fight is streamed is amazing. So I think MMA Junkie is helping out a lot! MMA is the sport of the Internet and so putting it up on one of the major news sites just makes perfect sense!

You were only twelve I believe when you first started training in Judo, was this something that you wanted to do or was it pushed upon you?
Well, I always wanted to be successful in sports. Unfortunately I had no talent whatsoever for anything I tried in my youth. But that changed immediately when I stepped on a judo mat for the first time. Finally I showed some talent and so I stayed true to combat sports.

You became very successful in judo winning the Rheinland-Pfalz Judo Championships on several occasions as well as winning the Southern German Judo Championships and placing fifth in the German Judo Championships. Why didn’t you proceed with your judo career and what rank do you hold?
I’m a brown belt in judo. I stopped competing when I was getting my high school degree. The training and learning didn’t go together very well. And I didn’t want to go to the tournaments and loose to someone that I knew I would be able to beat if I trained right. Then when I picked up sports again, I tried out Kickboxing and other full contact sports. I never found the time for straight judo training again. Maybe I’m going to start it again soon.

What made you want to transition from judo and get into the MMA business?
It was the question “what if”. I always wondered what would happen if the guy could punch, kick or do whatever is taught in other combat sports. MMA presents the ultimate answer to that question. So the transition only was a matter of time!

What was your first venture into MMA?
I attended some mixed fighting event and wanted to get on the mat right away. It was a private event. The people organising it didn’t want any audience because they were afraid some competitors might die. Well, nobody died and I loved the idea.

Were you hooked immediately?
Yes, I was crazy about getting on the mat. I needed to ask my mom for permission and then I started my career.

MMA has in the past been described famously as “Human Cockfighting” with the general thought in mainstream media as fighters being thugs and bullies. How do you feel about this considering you are a well educated man who works with children with learning disorders and do you feel the public views are changing towards the sport?
I’m dedicating my life to educate the public in Germany. They still think we are animals. But I hope, that when they see me and hear me talk, that that might change their view on our sport. If I end my career and the next generation of German fighters will be able to make a living out of being a professional MMA athlete. That would be my dream!

Do you hold any ranks or belts in any other discipline other than judo?
Even though I tried out a lot of martial arts, I was never too crazy about belts or graduations. The only thing worth mentioning is my BJJ blue belt that Dean Lister and his team from Victory MMA San Diego gave me last year.

You appeared in the video game “EA Sports MMA” in 2010. Can you tell us how it felt to be on the game and have millions of fans using you as a playable character?
That was childhood dreams come true! I’m a gamer. When I was young I was addicted to beat ‘em up games like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. I always wished to be a part of it one day. But I never thought that dream would come true so early!

What are your short term and long term goals for your career?
Short term I want to get back into title contention and get that belt around Mike Hayes’ waist. Long term I want to establish myself as one of Europe’s top competitors and continue working as an ambassador of our sport.