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Andreas Kraniotakes: I want to get back into title contention and get that belt around Mike Hayes’ waist!

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Andreas KranotakesFollowing a heavyweight title loss to Mike Hayes’ at Cage Warriors Fighting Championships Fight Night 4 event in Dubai, Andreas ‘Big Daddy’ Kraniotakes took the time to speak about his loss, his goals, his career so far and fulfilling a childhood dream.

Hey Andreas, Firstly I’d like to offer my commiserations to you for your recent loss.
You know how it is. You live you learn… But thank you!

I watched your fight, like many others, by streaming online from What do you feel went wrong in the match and where will you go from here?
What went wrong is pretty plain and simple: I gassed. The preparation for the fight wasn’t what it supposed to be. I hate excuses, so I’m just keeping it simple by saying a lot of (bad) things came together that day.

Where will I go from here?
Well, as always when we lose fights in MMA: To the back of the line!

Mike Hayes fought a good fight and got the finish. Is there anything you would like to say to Mike Hayes and would you like to face him again?
He did a great job. Just like me, he took the fight on short notice and he finished the best heavyweight in the Cage Warriors rooster. So he deserves to be the champion. But this is the first time in my career I really would love to have a rematch. I think that Mike and I are both exciting fighters and so another bout between the two of us would make perfect sense. But first I have to position myself in that spot again though and get some wins in.

As I have said, the event was shown on MMAJunkie, How much do you feel MMAJunkie has helped and could continue to help promotions such as Cage Warriors by showing the cards live online?
I think the experience of watching fights live makes a huge difference compared to taped bouts. Just by the way my fans approach me differently, when the fight is streamed is amazing. So I think MMA Junkie is helping out a lot! MMA is the sport of the Internet and so putting it up on one of the major news sites just makes perfect sense!

You were only twelve I believe when you first started training in Judo, was this something that you wanted to do or was it pushed upon you?
Well, I always wanted to be successful in sports. Unfortunately I had no talent whatsoever for anything I tried in my youth. But that changed immediately when I stepped on a judo mat for the first time. Finally I showed some talent and so I stayed true to combat sports.

You became very successful in judo winning the Rheinland-Pfalz Judo Championships on several occasions as well as winning the Southern German Judo Championships and placing fifth in the German Judo Championships. Why didn’t you proceed with your judo career and what rank do you hold?
I’m a brown belt in judo. I stopped competing when I was getting my high school degree. The training and learning didn’t go together very well. And I didn’t want to go to the tournaments and loose to someone that I knew I would be able to beat if I trained right. Then when I picked up sports again, I tried out Kickboxing and other full contact sports. I never found the time for straight judo training again. Maybe I’m going to start it again soon.

What made you want to transition from judo and get into the MMA business?
It was the question “what if”. I always wondered what would happen if the guy could punch, kick or do whatever is taught in other combat sports. MMA presents the ultimate answer to that question. So the transition only was a matter of time!

What was your first venture into MMA?
I attended some mixed fighting event and wanted to get on the mat right away. It was a private event. The people organising it didn’t want any audience because they were afraid some competitors might die. Well, nobody died and I loved the idea.

Were you hooked immediately?
Yes, I was crazy about getting on the mat. I needed to ask my mom for permission and then I started my career.

MMA has in the past been described famously as “Human Cockfighting” with the general thought in mainstream media as fighters being thugs and bullies. How do you feel about this considering you are a well educated man who works with children with learning disorders and do you feel the public views are changing towards the sport?
I’m dedicating my life to educate the public in Germany. They still think we are animals. But I hope, that when they see me and hear me talk, that that might change their view on our sport. If I end my career and the next generation of German fighters will be able to make a living out of being a professional MMA athlete. That would be my dream!

Do you hold any ranks or belts in any other discipline other than judo?
Even though I tried out a lot of martial arts, I was never too crazy about belts or graduations. The only thing worth mentioning is my BJJ blue belt that Dean Lister and his team from Victory MMA San Diego gave me last year.

You appeared in the video game “EA Sports MMA” in 2010. Can you tell us how it felt to be on the game and have millions of fans using you as a playable character?
That was childhood dreams come true! I’m a gamer. When I was young I was addicted to beat ‘em up games like Mortal Combat and Street Fighter. I always wished to be a part of it one day. But I never thought that dream would come true so early!

What are your short term and long term goals for your career?
Short term I want to get back into title contention and get that belt around Mike Hayes’ waist. Long term I want to establish myself as one of Europe’s top competitors and continue working as an ambassador of our sport.


Cage Warriors Fight Night 4 Recap And Results

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Cage Warriors LogoCage Warriors took place tonight in Dubai where the crowned a new Heavyweight Champion Mike Hayes. Hayes was able to submit Andreas Kraniotakes late in the third round to get the win, and championship. The entire event was yet another solid showing from the growing UK promotion who continues to do shows all over the world. Below is the breakdown of the main card, and the results for the preliminary card.

Mike Hayes (16-4-1) vs. Andreas Kraniotakes (13-5) – for vacant heavyweight title

The first round was a close round, but it was Kraniotakes who was coming forward the whole time, and even getting a take down and landing some ground and pound at the end of the round. Another slow start to the second round where Kraniotakes was walking down Hayes. Hayes got the take down at the end of the round, and got some ground and pound work in before the end of the round. This time it was Hayes coming forward, and getting take downs on Kraniotakes. After attempting a triangle choke from mount, Hayes was able to frame up a kimura to get the win, and the championship belt.

Mike Hayes defeats Andreas Kraniotakes by Kimura at 4:20 of round 3 to become the new heavyweight champion.

Assan Njie (11-2) vs. Steven Ray (9-2)

After an early take down it was all Assan Njie from top position, almost effortlessly passing from guard to mount. Ray was saved by the bell from a late guillotine attempt. Njie gets the fight down again early in the second round, and it has rendered Ray almost completely useless.Njie rolled from the full mount with an arm in guillotine to get the tap.

Assan Njie defeats Steve Ray by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:29 of round 2

Kyle Baker (10-5) vs. Lucio Linhares (16-7)

In the first round it was Linhares who was landing early in the fight. Midway through the round Baker had Linhares up against the fence and landing a lot of body shots and knees for a good portion of the round. Linhares was able to break free and land a few punches before the round ended. In the second Linhares came out swinging, but after being tagged Baker got the takedown. Linhares was threatening from the bottom and got the sweep and was landing from the top. At the end of the round it was Linhares who was backing up Baker and tagging him. The third round was all Linhares who was backing up Baker and landing on him almost the whole time. Baker managed to get a takedown late in the fight, but Linhares scrambled to the feet and continued to land more shots.

Lucio Linhares defeats Kyle Baker by unanimous decision (29-28×3)

Shelia Gaff (9-4) vs. Jennifer Maia (5-1)

They both came out swinging as Jennifer Maia came out charging and Shelia Gaff met her right in the center. As Maia went for the clinch to throw knees, it was Gaff who landed over the top on Maia dropping her. After a follow up strike the ref stopped the fight.

Shelia Gaff defeats Jennifer Maia by knock out (punches) at :10 of round 1

Casey Dyer (8-2) vs. Phil Harris (20-9)

They both came out throwing punches, but is was Harris who put Dyer on his back. Harris spent most of the round in top position, but it was Dyer who was almost constantly threatening with submission attempts. Harris did land some shots from the top, but nothing that cause damaged. In the second round they started off exchanging, but Dyer was having a hard time using his reach. Harris was able to close the distance, and drag Dyer to the floor. He transitioned right into a head an arm choke that was close. In a scramble, Dyer ended up in a guillotine, but he was able to survive and finish the round with out tapping. In the third, Dyer clinched and pulled guard almost right away. After scrambling to the feet, Dyer landed a huge knee that cut open the face of Harris, but right away Harris got the takedown and worked from the top for the rest of the round.

Phil Harris defeats Casey Dyer by unanimous decision 30-27×3

Mansour Barnaoui (6-0) vs. Brad Wheeler (7-6)

The first round was all Mansour Barnaoui who immidiately scrambled to the back of wheeler. He spent a majority of the round on the back of Wheeler, but the fight was stood up. After an exchange Barnaoui dropped Wheeler, but he got back to his feet when the round ended. In the second round, After a take down, Barnaoui was able to scramble to mount while on the ground,. After some strikes Wheeler gave up his back, and Mansour Barnaoui spent most of the round on Wheeler’s back trying to get the RNC. The third round wheeler came out throwing hands and even landing on Barnaoui, but it was Barnaoui who cinched up the rear naked choke in the closing minute to get the win.

Mansour Barnaoui defeated Brad Wheeler by Submission (rear naked choke) at 4:51 of Round 3


Mok Rahman (9-3) vs. Bradley Scott (7-1)
Bradley Scott defeats Mok Rahman by TKO (strikes) after 2:45 of Round 3

Cryil Asker (0-1) vs. Adam Brearley (1-0)
Cyril Asker defeats Adam Brearley by TKO (strikes) after 4:30 of Round 1

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Cage Warriors 46 Recap and Results

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Cage Warriors LogoCage Warriors 46 took place Friday Night in Kiev, Ukrane (Friday afternoon in the states,) and was streamed live on MMAJunkie. Cage Warriors put on their third consecutive show in less than a month, and this one lived up to the excitement of the previous two. In the main event Andreas Kraniotakes got his third straight first round submission win in the Cage Warriors cage over Dmitry Poberezhets. The card was full of submission wins, but most memorably is Pavel Kusch’s 30 second omoplata submission over Alexander Starikov.

Below is how the main card played out, and the quick results for the entire card.

Main Card

Andreas Kraniotakes (12-5) vs. Dmitry Poberezhets (10-4-1)
Andreas Kraniotakes really put the pressure on  Dmitry Poberezhets from the very beginning. There was no feeling out process in this one, and after a scramble  Kraniotakes ended up in the top position. Poberezhets was able to scramble to avoid some strikes, but eventually gave up his back, and the choke came a minute or so later.

Andreas Kraniotakes defeats Dmitry Poberezhets by submission (Rear naked choke) 3:27 round 1


Diego Gonzalez (14-6) vs. Ivica Truscek (17-9) 
Truscek landed about 20 consecutive jabs on Gonzales before he ended up on his back.  Gonzales was landing from the top, and ended up in back mount threatening to choke, but not getting it. The last 20 seconds of the round was Truscek landing more jabs. Round 2 was almost exactly like round 1, in that the whole first half of the round Gonzales was eating jabs. He then got it to the floor, and was able to lock up an arm in guillotine and Truscek was forced to stap.

Diego Gonzalez defeats Ivica Truscek by submission (arm-in guillotine) 3:25 Round 2


Pavel Kusch (11-2) vs. Alexander Starikov 
Starikov immediately dove for a double leg when Kusch through a strike, and Starikov stacked him on his back up against the cage. From there Kusch locked up the omoplata, and rolled Starikov over. He was forced to tap at 31 seconds, and he may injured his shoulder.

Pavel Kusch defeats Alexander Starikov by submission (omoplata) at :31  of round 1


Phil Harris (19-9) vs. Remi Morvan (8-6)
Remi Morvan came out aggressive and he quickly got the fight to the ground, he was able to get on top and even move to mount and was landing strikes. Harris was able to recover and get up, and get a take down of his own.He landed some shots that hurt Morvan, but he was able to scramble to the top. Harris hooked up the triangle choke which he quickly sunk in, and as soon he extended the arm out he got the win.

Phil Harris defeats Remi Morvan by submission (triangle choke/arm bar) 4:22 of Round 1

Dan Hope (8-4) vs. Alexander Voitenko (7-3)
Once Voitenko was able to get ahold of Hope, he was able to get him to the ground. For the most part he wasn’t getting much offense from the top position on Hope, Voitenko started to put together strikes, and do some damage and cut Hope. Hope threw an ill advised kick right away in round 2, and ended up on his back for it. He stayed there a good part of the round, but was landing elbows from the bottom. They were stood up, and Voitenko was able to get the take down. This time Voitenko was able to gain side mount and rain down with punches that were marking up Hope. In the third round, again Hope throws another kick, and ends up on the bottom. Once Voitenko got some leverage, he opened up with hammer fists, and the ref stepped in to save him.

Alexander Voitenko defeats  Dan Hope by technical knock out (strikes) 1:11 Round 3


Neil Seery (9-8) vs. Artemij Sitenkov (13-7)
Seery who is the better of two fighters on the feet was much smaller then Sitenkov. After some feeling out, Sitenkov pressed Seery up against the fence, and dropped down and rolled into a knee bar that Seery was forced to tap to.

Artemij Sitenkov def Neil Seery by submission (Knee bar) :55 Round 1


Quick Results

Main Card
Andreas Kraniotakes defeats Dmitry Poberezhets by submission (RNC) 3:27 round 1
Diego Gonzalez defeats Ivica Truscek by submission (arm-in guillotine) 3:25 Round 2
Pavel Kusch defeats Alexander Starikov by submission (omoplata) at :31  of round 1
Phil Harris defeats Remi Morvan by submission (triangle choke/arm bar) 4:22 of Round 1
Alexander Voitenko defeats  Dan Hope by technical knock out (strikes) 1:11 Round 3
Artemij Sitenkov def Neil Seery by submission (Knee bar) :55 Round 1

Preliminary Fights:
Vladimir Katyhin defeats Anatoly Safronov by submission (rear-naked choke) :41 Round 2
Sergei Churilov defeats Anatoly Starodubtsev by submission (Achilles lock) 2:51 Round 1
James Brum defeats Leandro Gontijo by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-25)