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Hoosier FIght Club 6 Poster

Hoosier Fight Club 6 Recap and Results

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Hoosier FIght Club 6 PosterHoosier Fight Club put on their sixth show “New Years Nemesis” on Friday January 14.  The event was headlined by Bobby Reardanz and Andy Main with a co-main event of Felice Herrig taking on Barb Honchak.  The night of action saw ten professional fights.  Read on for the night’s full recap and results.

The first fight of the night was a heavyweight matchup featuring Tim Hemmingway and Joel Wyatt.  Hemmingway came out with loaded strikes, but was missing the mark.  After a high kick by Hemmingway that was blocked by Wyatt, Wyatt caught Hemmingway with a left hook and then clinched up against the cage.  Wyatt worked several knees before taking Hemmingway down with a single leg.  Once on the ground, Wyatt was relentless with his elbows until the ref stopped the action.

Jake Rosenbaum came out with a massive uppercut that just missed against Brandon Wood.  After missing the uppercut, Rosenbaum took the fight to the ground and quickly passed to side control.  Without hesitation, Rosenbaum mounted Wood.  Wood bucked and gave up his back, and Rosenbaum went after his neck with a rear naked choke.  Wood defended the choke well, but Rosenbaum readjusted and forced Wood to tap.

Team Top Notch’s Mike Santiago took on Jeff Green in a lightweight contest.  Green came out swinging, but Santiago ducked under and had a big slam takedown.  Santiago landed in side control but quickly passed to mount.  Santiago worked several strikes and Green defended by giving up his back and then turning back into mount.  Each time Green changed his position, Santiago’s strikes landed with more power and more damage.  The third time that Green gave up his back, Santiago locked in a rear naked choke and forced Green to tap.

An exciting back and forth battle featured Adam Ward and Lydell Rhodes.  In the first round Rhodes was throwing big overhands and Ward would counter with multiple kicks.  Ward took Rhodes down three separate times, but Rhodes was able to pop up very quick.  At the end of the round, Rhodes went for a takedown, but Ward countered and took Rhodes’s back.  Ward looked for a rear naked choke while standing, but time ran out.  The second round Rhodes landed a big overhand right to start the fight.  Ward started landing his jab-kick combo and Rhodes quickly took the fight down.  Rhodes threw several punches just missing and then Ward threw up his legs for a triangle choke.  Rhodes defended well and tried slamming  and punching his way out.  Ultimately though Ward would make small adjustments until Rhodes was forced to tap.

Nick Wayne literally just shoved Bobby Emmons down to the ground at the start of the fight.  Wayne worked ground and pound, but Emmons was able to nearly finish the fight with a triangle choke.  Both fighters looked to improve their position, but Wayne was the one who escaped.  Wayne stood up and landed some big shots before diving down into Emmons’s guard.  Wayne finished the round with elbows.  After the round was over, Emmons had to crawl to his corner and then could not answer the bell for the start of round two, giving Wayne the victory.

*UPDATE* Bobby Emmons sliped a disc in his back when attempting for a second triangle choke over Wayne.  This left him in a lot of pain and defended the strikes well, but left him without the ability to work for the submission.  It is also the reason that he was unable to answer the bell as the slipped disc made it difficult for him to walk.

Ken Jackson was very upset after his fight against Joe Benoit.  Jackson quickly took the fight to the ground and was working a smothering top game not allowing Benoit to do anything.  Jackson started working small shots from within Benoit’s guard, when Benoit threw his legs up and secured an armbar forcing Jackson to tap.

Tony Wisnieski and Robbie Nieto’s fight started off slow, but ended with a bang.  Both fighters looked like they were looking to counter the other in the first round and neither fighter threw much.  Wisieski had the longer reach and his jab started to land more often than Nieto’s.  The second round the action picked up more as both fighters were throwing combos with Wisnieski landing and causing more damage.  Knowing he was down two rounds to one, Nieto came into the third round stalking Wisnieski.  Nieto was landing several combos and seemed to stagger Wisnieski at one point.  Wisnieski pushed through and landed a big right hook that dropped Nieto to the canvas.  Wisnieski followed up with another strike, even though it wasn’t needed as Nieto was out.

The first round of Aaron Novel and Ed Smith was very lackluster.  Both fighters were circling trying to find their range with their jab.  The most action came when Smith landed a spinning backlist and Novel returned the with a good combo of his own.  MMA Recap scored the round for Novel.  Round two Smith looked for a takedown on multiple occasions, and was finally successful near the end of the round.  Novel was able to land good jabs and he bloodied up Smith.  MMA Recap scored the round for Novel.  The third round Smith came out and really worked for a takedown and was able to get it.  Smith worked punches and a guillotine choke, but Novel would counter and stand.  By the end of the round Smith was extremely tired and very bloodied up, but had landed several shots on Novel.  MMA Recap scored the fight for Novel with a score of 29-28, but the judges were split in favor of Smith.

The women were up next as Felice Herrig took on Barb Honchak in an exciting women’s fight.  The first round Honchak’s gameplan was to tie up Herrig against the cage and throw knees.  Herrig would land several punches and kicks through out. The first round was extremely close to score, but ultimately should have gone to Herrig for landing the more damaging blows.  The second round Honchak continued her gameplan of clinching Herrig against the cage and throwing knees.  The few times the fighters were separated, Herrig would land leg kicks and jabs before being tied up.  With the fight arguably tied at one round a piece, both women came out with bad intentions.  Herrig started landing her combos and Honchak tried to counter her way out.  Herrig went in for a body shot and Honchak landed a big knee.  Herrig was successful in escaping the clinch.  With time running out, both corners were calling for a knockout.  Honchak landed a spinning backlist that stumbled Herrig with ten seconds left and won the round and the fight.

The main event saw Andy Main take on Bobby Reardanz in a lightweight fight.  The first round Main took Reardanz down and worked a vicious ground and pound.  Main would stand to try and pass but Reardanz was able to defend well.  Reardanz was successful with pushing Main off, but Main was too quick to with a followup takedown.  The second round Main got a trip takedown and landed in mount.  Reardanz was able to reverse, but Main threatened with a triangle choke armbar combo.  Reardanz slammed his way out of the submission and let Main stand up.  Main dived in for the takedown, but Reardanz sprawled well.  Reardanz looked for a guillotine choke and then transitioned to Main’s back.  Main spun and pulled guard, and quickly secured a fight ending armbar.

Quick Results

Joel Wyatt defeated Tim Hemmingway by TKO at 1:59 of round 1

Jake Rosenbaum defeated Brandon Wood by rear naked choke at 1:17 of round 1

Mike Santiago defeated Jeff Green by rear naked choke at 2:37 of round 1

Adam Ward defeated Lydell Rhodes by triangle choke 2:02 at of round 2

Nick Wayne defeated Bobby Emmons by TKO (Emmons did not answer the bell) at 0:00 of round 2

Joe Benoit defeated Ken Jackson by armbar at 2:22 of round 1

Tony Wisnieski defeated Robbie Nieto by KO at 3:51 of round 3

Ed Smith defeated Aaron Noel by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Barb Honchak defeated Felice Herrig by unanimous decision

Andy Main defeated Bobby Reardanz by armbar at 4:40 of round 2

Hoosier Fight Club 6 Full Line Up

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Valparaiso, Indiana– Hoosier Fight Club presents “HFC 6” will take place on Friday, January 14 at the Porter County Expo Center in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Top fighters from the Midwest will be on the card including Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig, Bobby Reardanz, Adam Ward, and Mike Santiago.

Tickets start at just $35 for general admission, but discounts are available for students.  Tickets can be purchased at LA Boxing in Merrillville, Indiana.

In the night’s main event, Bobby Reardanz will be taking on Andy Main.  Main trains at AMA Fight Club in Whippany, New Jersey as well as Renzo Gracie’s gym in New York.  Main defeated Jason Brenton to earn a spot in the house on season twelve of “The Ultimate Fighter”.  Main has made a name for himself competing 80% of the time for Ring of Combat based in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Reardanz who turned pro in October of 2009 will be fighting for the twelfth time in fifteen months.  Reardanz has been very active in the Midwest mma scene having fought the likes of Randy Fuentes, Peter Grimes and Matt Fiordirosa.  Reardanz trains out of Gilbert Grappling in Chicago, Illinois.

The co-main event features two exciting female fighters in Felice Herrig and Barb Honchak.  Honchak trains out of Steve Berger’s MMA in St. Louis, MO.  Honchak is 1-1 in her career, most recently losing a three-round hard fought battle against Cat Zingano.  In her debut at King of the Cage, Honchak was able to secure a rear naked choke in the second round to earn the victory.

Herrig is widely considered one of the top female fighters in the world.  Having won her last three fights, Herrig has caught the eye of many promotions.  Herrig was considered for season three of Bellator after defeating Jessica Rakoczy at Bellator 14.  Herrig trains out of Team Curran in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  Earlier this year Herrig competed in a jiu jitsu tournament winning three of the four tournaments she entered.

The rest of the fight card for Hoosier Fight Club is as follows:

·      Aaron Noel vs Ed Smith

·      Robbie Nieto vs Tony Wisnieski

·      Joe Benoit vs Rob Washington

·      Nick Wayne vs Bobby Emmons

·      Adam Ward vs Lydell Rhodes

·      Jeff Green vs Mike Santiago

·      Jake Rosenbaum vs Josh Epps

·      Joel Wyatt vs Tim Hemmingway

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