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“FCE: Victory” Results And Recap

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Fightcard Entertainment VictoryA night of solid Amateur MMA last night for Fightcard Entertainment for FCE 35 Victory. The event had a solid attendance at the Cicero Stadium on the south side of Chicago, Illinois.

The night started out with lightweights Julius Collins vs Victor Johnson. They both came out trading early, and Collins immediately went for the take down after taking some shots. Victor showed some nice sweeps, but Julius ended up on top. He was mainly just controlling and not really trying to finish. This is how the rest of the fight went too. Collins showed some excellent control, and really exploited the top position the majority of the time. Julius grinds out the Unanimous Decision over Victor Johnson.

Middleweights Andrew Wombley and Gene Garcia were up next. As soon as Gene got his hands on Wombley he rag-dolled him across the cage. Gene took the top position and moved into a dominant position near the fence. The ref rescues Andrew from the ground and pound at 30 seconds into the first round.

Tony Ortiz and Mario Gomez were up next for a welterweight scrap. Ortiz came in looking relaxed and more focused. He took Gomez down after a small feeling out process. After Mario got in some ground and pound of his own, Ortiz created a scramble landing him in top position. Mario took advantage of a high guard turning Tony over into a slick armbar at 2:37 in to the fight.

Heavyweights Anthony Torres and Ivan Garcia came out in a hurry. This fight almost seemed one sided. Although Torres showed a lot of heart, and the ability to take punches in bunches, it was clear from the get go that Ivan was in control. After landing a questionable illegal knee I van was warned in the first, but no points were taken. Torres kept going for take downs, and drop his hand as a point of contact when he saw knees coming. In the second round Ivan kept his distance, and was landing at will. He showed an excellent clinch game, and avoiding the take downs. He was close to ending the fight at the end of the round. In the the third Ivan came out swinging and Torres finally wilted from the strikes at 30 seconds.

Steve Kozola and Chris Johnson were up for a lightweight fight. Steve had a significant reach and used it to get inside for a take down. Chris turned the tables and swept Kozola. Steve went for a kimura and used it to end up in full mount. Johnson took some heavy shots and gave up his back. Kozola sank in the rear naked choke at 1:20 in the first round.

Welterweights Yousef Al-Ghoun and Nick Watermont took the cage. This was a close round, and I only gave it to Nick for ending up on top at the end of the round and landing strikes. However at one point Yousef had Nick’s back. However, for the rest of the fight Watermont really showed off his ground game. Al-Ghoun had no answers for the big take downs from Nick, and Nick controlled him the entire time on the floor. At the end of the second Nick was landing some decent shots, but there was nothing threatening to end the fight. Nick grinds out the Unanimous Decision over Al-Ghoun.

Quincy Smith and Matt Tierney started with a short feeling out period. The welterweights finaly got in close and Matt pinned Smith up against the fence. Matt created distance and started landing big shots on Quincy. The ref almost stopped the fight a few times but Quincy kept coming forward. Matt finally dropped Quincy with a big right hand earning a solid knock out at 2:15 in the first. Tierney holds on to his undefeated amateur record.

Heavyweight champ Jeff Burdof and Shane Bumbar were up next for the FCE heavyweight crown. Burdof came out and immediatelyput the pressure on Shane. Jeff goes for a take down after avoiding some punches, and drags Shane up to the cage. Burdof went to work from half guard after stacking up Shane and started landing big shots. Bumbar tapped to strikes at 2:15 in the first frame.

Although no awards were given, Matt Tierney clearly had the KO of the night, Mario Gomez had the submission of the night, and Fight of the night to Al-Ghoun and Watermont. It was a solid outing by the FCE, and they are planning on being back early to mid summer at Cicero Stadium.

Quick Results:

Julius Collins wins U. Decision over Victor Johnson
Gene Garcia wins 1 TKO :30 over Andrew Womble
Mario Gomez wins 1 Sub 2:37 over Tony Ortiz
Ivan Garcia wins 3 TKO :20 over Anthony Torres
Steve Kozola wins 1 Sub 1:20 over Chris Johnson
Nick Watermont wins U Decision over Yousef Al-Ghoun
Matt Tierney wins 1 TKO 2:15 over Quincy Smith
Jeff Burdorf wins Heavy Weight Title by 1 Tap to strikes 2:15 over Shane Bumbar

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