Ricardo Lamas

Ricardo Lamas – I Was Offered Aldo, Then The UFC Went With Edgar

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Ricardo Lamas

Ricardo Lamas is arguably the number two featherweight in the UFC after defeating Hatsu Hioki in June. In speaking to Steve Muehlhausen of SportsTownChicago.com today, Lamas revealed the plans that the UFC had for him.

While he was the number two guy, there was a fight already booked for the champ in Eric Koch. Lamas wasn’t one to wait and was actively seeking a fight. When word got out that former lightweight champ Frankie Edgar was dropping to his weight class, he was ready for that match.

“The UFC offered me a fight with Edgar in December and we had accepted. We were waiting to hear back from Sean Shelby on Edgar’s side. We accepted and were waiting for confirmation before we could announce it. This took place about two weeks ago but wasn’t signed.”

When Koch became injured and had to withdraw from the fight, the UFC of course went searching for a replacement fighter. One of the first people they called was Lamas.

“They called me and said Koch was injured. They needed an answer that night if I would fight Aldo. Of course we said yes right away and got everything they wanted in order. Then around 9pm they called me back and said they decided to go a different direction.”

That different direction of course was Edgar stepping in for the injured Koch. Lamas was quick to point out that he could see why.

“I was disappointed that I was out of the fight. I was excited for that fight. That’s an opportunity that guys wait their entire career for. It came out of no where so I can’t be super mad. I wasn’t promised for months and this came in last minute. I can see from the UFC’s perspective where it would be a better fight. he’s a former champ and more well known. Of course people want to see him fight Aldo over me.”

Lamas has been offered another fight for the end of the year, but wouldn’t reveal any other details as it isn’t signed yet.

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