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Breaking News: Lance Surma versus Eric Oria Off Bellator 60; Oria Has Warrant Out For His Arrest

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Bellator 60 PosterLance Surma and Eric Oria were both supposed to make their professional debut at Bellator 60. Unfortunately that fight is now off as Oria has a warrant out for his arrest. According to sources, Oria’s warrant is for an accessory to a crime, though the crime was not specified.

One source speaking of knowledge of the situation said Oria has been in hiding the last several days and police have been looking for him. When it was realized he was scheduled to be fighting on Friday for Bellator, the police reached out to see if Oria was still apart of the show.

The likely scenario for the police was that they were going to bring Oria into custody prior to the weigh-ins.

Surma is now without an opponent and due to the late outcome of the fight being removed, a replacement is highly unlikely.

No official word on if Oria has been arrested nor the specific incident that the warrant was issued for.

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