Brent Todd - MMARecap’s Long Goodbye

It is a funny thing, saying goodbye to someone or to something. There is part of you that is happy it is over, part of you that is sad that it is ending, and then another part that still wants to try to keep it for the fear of what lies next. It is those […]Read More »

The Man Behind The Lens - Tom Barnes

Sitting cage-side at almost any boxing or MMA event in the Chicagoland area you are bound to see one person; Tom Barnes. He’s the hired photographer who goes about his business quietly and produces some of the most memorable photos in the sport. We see his pictures fly across facebook, being shared and tagged and […]Read More »

Steve Muehlhausen - I Never Thought I Would Be An MMA Journalist

A big question that people ask others when they are interested in another person’s profession is “How did you get into that line of work?” For many, it was a passion growing up that lead to going to school to eventually get a job in the field. Others it was due more to a life […]Read More »

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