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Kenny Foster - via

Kenny Foster – via

Kenny Foster has been a part of Bellator since Bellator 33 when he defeated Lester Caslow to earn a spot in the third season’s featherweight tournament. After a couple setbacks, Foster made the decision to drop to bantamweight and on Friday, September 28 his first test will be against Claudio Ledesma. MMARecap caught up with Foster to talk about fighting for Bellator, his fight against Ledesma, his fight in Chicago for Bellator and more.

How’s it going today?
Pretty good. Just ready to get this fight underway. I’m ready to do this.

You’ve fought a lot for Bellator and are a long time staple for Bellator. Is this a good fit for you? Do you enjoy fighting for Bellator?
I am definitely very happy fighting for Bellator. I appreciate all the opportunities they have given me. You know as far as me having solidified myself with them, I am still trying to do that. There’s a lot of talent out there especially at my weight where we are a dime a dozen. I need to go out there and be cold. I have to perform 100% every time. I have to be electric out there. That’s one thing about making this cut down to 135, I want to make a splash in this division. I want to be consistent and get wins in an impressive way.

Now all of your fights for Bellator have been at 145lbs, is this your first time fighting at 135lbs?
Yeah absolutely. I haven’t been 135lbs since I wrestled my junior year in high school. It’s been quite sometime and a lot of trial and error with this weight cut. It has been good. I am excited, I am pumped. I am ready to get the weight cut done and over with. I want to just do this already.

That’s why I am talking to you two weeks out, cause I know next week you will be cranky.
Oh man miserable. That’s going to be brutal.

Did you do a test weight cut before accepting this fight or no?
I haven’t because I have been in camp constantly. This summer I had the chance to work a little bit and get some workouts. But before this camp started, I was in camp for another fight that fell through. That was going to be at 145 again. The one thing I have had in my favor was I have made 145 so much over a pretty short period of time. I used to be a big 145, but now over time with camp again, camp again, I think I kinda deteriorated a little bit and my body shrank a little bit. The dieting and eating I am doing now is different. I am keeping lean muscle, but I think through all those camps I turned into a 135er. The cut to 145 got easier and easier. I was sweating easier and I talked to my trainers and we thought we could make a run at this weight.

You are fighting Claudio Ledesma, is this a tournament qualifier fight or has Bellator said they want you to get two wins under your belt at this weight class before getting a spot in a tournament.
Yes this is a tournament qualifier fight.

So even more pressure to perform well?

What can you tell me about Claudio? He’s very decision heavy. The majority of his fights go the distance. Are you expecting a grinding fifteen minute fight?
This is a qualifier and I came down to this weight class for a new start. I am going to try and finish this fight. I am really expecting a finish. I don’t think anyone has finished him and for me that would be a huge deal.

Are you still training at Team Bombsquad? I know he’s out of Renzo Gracie and isn’t too far from you.
We have been on the same card before, but we never encountered each other face to face. He’s fought some of my teammates. We are familiar with each other, but that’s it.

Let’s talk a little bit about fighting here in Chicago. You took on Alexandre Bezerra as a late minute notice literally the day of the weigh-ins. Talk us through what happened.
You know I was to fight Reardanz and that was on a week, week and a half notice. No excuses for me, taking short notice fight, I wish I was in better shape. But I really needed to fight. That was a huge opportunity to get a fight with Bellator. I felt a lot more comfortable going into a fight on a week and a half notice against a 500 fighter. You know what I mean? I hadn’t had any training camp and I was out of shape. I still felt confident. I really needed that fight to get back on track. I was hoping to come out with a solid W, but then they offered the fight with Popo. I don’t want to tell you it was like Hell in a hand basket, cause there wasn’t even a doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going to take that fight. It was a tournament fight and paid extremely well. It was an awesome opportunity to challenge myself against a top tier fighter. Hell you don’t turn something like that down. It was a great opportunity.

Looking at the 135lb division, is there anyone in that division that you would like to fight be it a tournament fight or not?
I haven’t even thought of that. I watched the fights. You know they have a lot of good fighters. I can’t think of someone I would want to fight. Obviously I would like to get in the tournament and make a run at the world title and fight Dantas. I’d love to scrap with him cause if I am scrapping with him, it’s for the title. When I first got into Bellator I had these expectations. It felt so refreshing. I was living in someone’s basement fighting for pennies. Then all of a sudden I had $20,000 after the Larkin fight. My whole world changed. It was a great time. I got so complacent. I got a big win and felt on top of the world. I had money and got my own place. Then all of a sudden it crashed out. I mean now, I don’t need to get in there. It’s not about fighting amongst elite fighters, I need to win. I need to be the guy. I need the world title. I want it bad. I know this time there is nothing pushing my goals around. I know where I want to be.

Any sponsors you want to thank?
Outlaw fight gear. The local seven union. Family, friends, my team. We got such a nasty room of bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight fighters. Fans can find me on facebook and I am on twitter @kfos155.

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