Chris Tickle – He Doesn’t Have Any Flashy Submissions

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Chris Tickle - via

Chris Tickle – via

Chris Tickle will be taking on Chase Beebe at Flawless Fighting Championships on Saturday December 15th. According to Tickle, it’s a fight he has wanted for a long time, but it never materialized. Now after his stint on The Ultimate Fighter and unable to earn a UFC contract, Tickle is doing everything he can to get into the UFC and he knows that a win over Beebe could be the ticket to doing that.

How’s it going today?
Great, man.

Let’s talk about your nickname. I once heard it suggested that your nickname might be better as Chris “Tickle Me Elmo” instead of Chris “Bad Boy” Tickle. What do you have to say to that?
All my friends used to call me that back when I was a kid. But I’m the Bad Boy. My fighting style says it all, so I like it the way it is.

So you are fighting Chase Beebe on December 15that the Flawless Fighting Championship 2 in Chicago. This is a big fight for you, isn’t it?
Yeah, it is. This is a fight I’ve been wanting for about a year, before I was on the TUF show. Chase is a tough fighter, but he’s just a one-dimensional fighter. He’s a straight wrestler. His ground’s okay, he doesn’t have any really flashy submissions. He’s just looking to take it back and get a rear naked choke, that’s about it.

Is this fight taking place at 135 lbs?
No, this fight’s at ’45. Chase jumped up in weight to ’45 and has been fighting the circuit at ’45. I’m still at ’45… and hoping to get a nutritionist soon and see if I can make ’35.

We know that Chase loves to take people down and control the action from there, whereas you’ve got knock-out power. What do you do to counteract somebody who has the wrestling skills that Chase has?
You know, ’45, I don’t really see anybody as strong as me or as fast. The guys that have better wrestling, that I’ve fought, are walking around 180. Chase Beebe’s not that big. Counteracting his wrestling, I’m a wrestler, too. I wrestled back in the day, but not at his level. But I don’t think he’s going to be able to take me down. I’ll avoid take-downs. If he does, I’ll sweep him. ’45s are actually what I’ve been fighting my whole career… I just while cutting weight till the middle of my career. So I don’t think he’s as strong as me. He’s gonna have problems taking me down. And if he does, I got a big knee or kick in the face for him if when he comes in.

Do you think the fight will go the full 15 minutes, or will you get the finish?
No, I’m gonna sleep him. He throws wild; he’s sloppy. I’m just gonna take my time, pick him apart. When he throws a hay maker I’m gonna knock him out.

I know Chase is being considered for Bellator Season 8. With a win over Chase, would you be looking to try and get your name in for that instead of his?
No, Bellator’s not even on my radar. The only thing on my radar now is UFC. UFC is where I should be fighting – it’s where the money’s at. Sean Shelby watched my last fight, where I fought in Texas, and one more knockout win and I should be right back in the UFC.

In The Ultimate Fighter, you unfortunately lost the unanimous decision to Daron Cruickshank, and the UFC always has their conditions for getting back in after a loss like that.
They all knew that I was a ’45er, and Cruickshank was probably the number one fighter on the whole show. That kid’s a monster. He knocked out Mike Ricci – or he beat him – and Riccii will probably win the whole show at 170. Cruickshank was no joke. That dude’s a beast. He’s a division 1 wrestler; he’s a champion. And he took me down, what, in the first round. Second round he got me down… swept him, got up… and I don’t think Beebe’s wrestling is as good as Cruickshank’s.

So the plan then is to beat Beebe and get into the UFC?
Yup. That’s the main goal.

Say the UFC says they want you to get one more win in, since 145 is a very full division right now. Is there anyone else currently not in the UFC that you’d like to go up against?
At 45? You know, that’s a good question. I really don’t know. I haven’t really watched names around here. Beebe is very talented. He’s ranked like 26th in the world right now. He’s somebody I’ve wanted to fight for a while. I guess after I beat Beebe, if they deny me, I’ve gotta find one more big name.

The title of this fight card is Hated. Is this a properly-titled card for you to fight on?
Oh, hell yeah. It’s perfect, man. It fits me perfect.

Where can the fans find you at?
They can find me @badboytickle on Twitter and also on Facebook at Chris Tickle. Look me up, find me on Twitter. I’m always posting where my fights are at and training, so follow me up

Any sponsors or people you want to thank?
Yeah I want to thank Car-X, Bamjac Computers, Wemo Solutions, E-ssential Solutions, Werner Automotive, Planet Green Cremations, American Bully, Kennel Fight Club and Dr. Nick Kellerman

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