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Ten Days With TapouT XT

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TapouT XT Logo

The hardest part of any new workout or diet program is starting it and continuing it for the first ten days. It’s because of this that nearly every 90 day program wants you to take results at the ten day mark. But first, let’s take a look at what TapouT XT offers and how it differs from other 90 day programs.

Because of the name TapouT it’s obvious that they are trying to tap into the mixed martial arts fan base. And rightfully so. Many fans will automatically connect with seeing some of their favorite fighters not only in the promotional materials, but also working out. TapouT XT also says that there are no weights, no pull ups and no gym memberships. This is a great cost saver for those that have considered P90X which does require weights and a pullup bar.

Everything one needs is in the box for TapouT XT. This includes 13 DVDs, a nutrition guide, a 10 day slim down guide, 12 week workout guide, two resistance bands, a towel and some promotional materials. What’s not included in the box that are extras are hand weights and tighter bands.

The first thing one needs to tackle is the nutrition guides. They are vital to your success. I started with the 10 day slim down guide and I was a bit disappointed. Yes it had 10 days worth of meals planned for me, but it was in the form of Breakfast, Snack, Lunch or Dinner. Yes the last part said Lunch or Dinner. Was this supposed to be a “pick one meal to have and skip the other” or was I supposed to pick a lunch or dinner from a different day for the opposite meal?

Because of how I was eating prior, I opted to have three meals a day and up to two snacks. Most every meal I ate was modeled after the 10 day slim down guide; few carbs that weren’t a fruit, and a lot of salad and protein.

The regular nutrition guide is not without it’s flaws either. This guide doesn’t include snacks, but does offer the benefit of stating three meals per day. One thing that becomes immediately apparent is the portion size and what is really needed versus what we are used to eating.

Ten days worth of workouts and you tackle a variety of them. One great thing that is said a lot in the videos is that you shouldn’t be able to keep up with the people in the video, that they have been doing it for 90 days. Mike mentions taking breaks when you need it, which is a good thing for those just starting out.

Previous workout plans that I have tried to tackle seemed to focus on working specific muscles each day without overlapping much. TapouT XT likes to make you think that’s the case, but in doing the workouts, you realize that nearly every workout is a full body workout. While the first workout is Cross Core Combat and works your core, you will likely be sore everywhere. Moving onto day two of Strength Force Upper and Ultimate Abs, your core is still sore but you must push through it.

The third day is arguably the hardest workout in Plyo XT. This workout is made harder for a variety of reasons that could be fixed. Mike consistently calls the workout Legs instead of Plyo. He only mentions that it is Plyo one time. Additionally there are some edits in the video that make you wonder if your pace is completely off as they cut from person to person.

After Plyo, you are treated to a nice day of stretching in Yoga. Yoga will likely be the hardest day for many. Maybe not from a calories burned stand point, but it is very difficult to hold a pose for as long as is needed. And after the previous day’s Plyo, one of the first poses is a genie pose and one’s legs and gluts are on fire the entire time.

Legs & Back and Sprawl & Brawl round out the first week and these seem like cake walks compared to the previous four days. They aren’t easy workouts by any means, but they are placed there to make you feel like you are getting better. Repeat the first four workouts, and that’s where I am at after ten days.

So what are my results? In ten days I dropped 8.8lbs, lost 1.5 inches around my chest, 1 inch around my hips and 2 inches around my belly. By no means am I anywhere close to what they are calling a TapouT body, but maybe by day 90 I will get there. Next update will be at day 30 and look for videos and pics to be posted by then as well.

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