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5-Round Fury Logo

5-Round Fury Logo

5-Round Fury is a new supplement that states it helps improve “Endurance, Stamina, Power, Strength, Lean Muscle, Nitric Oxide Stimulation, and Mental Focus”. Of course those claims come with a giant * next to each one stating that they have not been evaluated by the FDA. So what’s the true case of this supplement and what does it do?

The first test of using any supplement is to see what it does to you for a single or two day trial. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried a new supplement and the first two days knock me on my butt for one reason or another. So going forward I always do a two day test to get a baseline for the effects (if any) I should notice. On a two day experimenet I had zero bad side effects. No shakes, no extra energy or bouts of hyper activity, or increased heart rate. In fact, after the first day, I doubted that it did ANYTHING as I didn’t notice a difference in my performance in my workouts or daily activity. Day two, that was a different story. While running a four mile run, suddenly I was extremely focused on what it was I was doing. My mind wasn’t wandering thinking about other things, but was actually pointed directly at the track in front of me. For nearly the last two miles I was in tune with my strides and fully aware of the people on the track to avoid. It was an impressive result, but could I duplicate it?

After a two day trial, the next step is taking a week off. Why? Because I want the supplement out of my system. So I continued my workouts as normal for a week, but without taking 5-Round Fury. Nothing appeared different in my workouts, though that near tunnel like vision while working out wasn’t there. What else wasn’t there? A crash from stopping the supplement. That is a good thing.

So after a week off of the supplement it was time to put it to the test. I started by taking the directed amount the day before my first workout. Based on my previous two day test, this was crucial as the focus wouldn’t kick in until day two. Without working out and taking a full day’s worth of the supplement, like the previous test, nothing changed for day one. Day’s two through six however, things got interesting.

Nothing physical changed as far as I could tell from taking the supplement. That is to say, nothing like increased muscle mass, or a change in my heart rate (both resting and active), or anything else one can have while taking a supplement. But the mental side of things was interesting. When not working out, everything was as normal. But once I got my heart rate up from exercise and sustained it for a period of time, my mental focus became much sharper.

In my first test, it wasn’t until after two miles that I noticed it or it kicked in. In this week long test, similar results were happening. It took a good 15-20 minutes before it would kick in, but it did. One day I swam for thirty minutes. The workout was going to be an increasing amount of distance between rest breaks. After a warm up and a couple more laps in the pool, the decision was made to try to swim a total of 500 yards. For many this seems small, and to a swimmer it is, but to someone who hasn’t swam in years, it’s a crazy long distance. After the first 100 yards, I knew I could easily get to 500. Even when I was done with 500, I thought about just continuing forward, but I didn’t want to over do it.

The next test came in the form of a two-tiered workout. The first part was swimming, then after that workout, change and run for a distance of four miles. The break in between swimming and running was set to be no more than fifteen minutes and in my case was just under twelve.

While swimming, the focus came in near the end of the workout. Mentally I felt like I could finish anything. Then after the workout, I changed and went to run. Would the focus be there for the entire run? Would I need to build it back up? The answer was it took only about three quarters of a mile before I retained my focus ability and it lasted the entire workout.

Amazing results. Even if it doesn’t help with anything else other than mental focus, I was certain that this product was working. But then I looked at my workouts and saw they were over a period of max forty five minutes. While I am still building up my workouts, it was time to run a bigger run.

Seven miles? How would I feel with running seven miles? When would it kick in and would it last? For the first time I was anticipating the change while running. I hit two miles and I remember thinking it would kick in any minute. But it didn’t. Three miles in and again there wasn’t this ultra clear focus like before. I started to wonder what was going on. Where was it? But then something crazy happened while I was thinking that it wasn’t working. I looked to see where I was in my run and I was nearly done. I had just passed the six mile mark of a seven mile run, but it didn’t feel like it. In fact, it felt like I had only ran three miles. By the time I completed the seventh mile I was still ready to continue running and my splits were getting FASTER. And not just a little faster, but my mile seven split was nearly thirty seconds faster than my mile one split.

So what happened? I liken it doing something on an unconscious level. That you have done something so many times it is like a second nature. But this run I was on, it wasn’t a path I had been on before. It was through both my neighborhood and two others that I hadn’t run through, let alone drive through. And when I realized where I was, I was able to recall the entire run. My mental recall of the run was there, but I wasn’t mentally fatigued by a laser like focus.

So for a week’s test, not only did it improve my focus, but I will say that it helped my endurance and stamina as well. While my workouts should have made me tired, the truth of the matter was at the end of them I not only was physically able to do more, but mentally I almost wanted to.

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