MASS Suit Experiment: Day 1 – Getting Started

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I have been given a great opportunity to add the MASS Suit to my physical training regiment. When I first saw the MASS Suit, I was instantly intrigued by the concept of resistance training for the major joints of knees, foot, elbow and hand. I fully subscribe to the general concept that if you train under greater than normal resistance that you would see results faster. This suit brings me as close as I’m going to get to training in G2 (gravity x2), just like I saw Goku and Vegita do in DragonBall Z when I was in high school.

Quick bio: I am 29 years old and have been involved in BJJ, Muay Thai Kick Boxing and MMA training off-and-on since 2008 when I started in Carrollton, Texas. White Belt in all disciplines. I moved to the Chicago area in September of 2011 and quickly found a local gym where I could pick these disciplines back up. Conviction Fitness was my best option given my area, so I signed up in October for one year.


  • Two months of straight usage; July and August 2012
  • Take one hour long Muay Thai Kick Boxing class with all four major bands
  • Take one hour long BJJ class with all four major bands
  • Add additional sets of bands every week; legs, knees, elbows and then hands
  • Work with the whole suit for all of August
  • Weekly written updates

Class Schedule

  • Monday: Muay Thai Class: One Hour
  • Tuesday: Optional/Rest
  • Wednesday: Personal Trainer for Strength and Conditioning
  • Thursday: No Gi BJJ and MMA Class; one hour each
  • Friday: Optional/Rest
  • Saturday: Personal Trainer for Strength and Conditioning; one hour
  • Sunday: Weight Lifting with small group; one hour

For July I will do additional exercises with the MASS Suit bands on my own after my regularly scheduled program that is listed above. For today’s first run, I started with what I believe is my strengths; low kicks with the heavy bag and then with a partner holding the kick pad. Putting on the lower section of the MASS Suit was more time consuming than I would have thought. However, over time I believe this will not be an issue and become second nature. After I put on the suit and stood up for the first time, I instantly felt the bands pull. I quickly had to adjust my posture. I straightened by back rolled my shoulders back to align my spine. From there I felt solid and in control to freely walk around the gym. The presents of the suit is still new, but controllable. On to the heavy bag!

I set myself very simple goals for the first run: 25 low kicks with both legs and 25 high knees with both legs. I completed these with in minutes and felt the pull of the bands with every strike. Instantly I had to rely on technique and not power and I love the suit for it. I feel I have to over exaggerate my movements to accomplish the same results of not having the MASS Suit on. My left kicks are way worse than my right kicks, however with the MASS Suit I felt I did better because I had to put more focus on lifting my leg and turning over my hip more than ever because of the resistance bands.  The downside I see with this is that the bands want me to put my feet back in proper fighting stance after each strike as they want to return to their normal position.  The bands also maintain a certain level of balance that I know I will miss once I stop using the MASS Suit.

Working with the MASS Suit with the high knees was great because it forces you to focus on your standing leg and, hopefully over time, strengthen that base leg when delivering the strike.

The suit doesn’t offer much resistance when striking with the knees because the natural position of the band is to short. With my quick experiment, the bands were almost the same distance when standing as it was delivering the strike. I did feel a slight pull from the resistance bands. I felt a greater challenge to control my balance with the base leg.

For a first day of a long journey, I feel good and excited for the results!

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