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One Week With 5-Round Fury

5-Round Fury is a new supplement that states it helps improve “Endurance, Stamina, Power, Strength, Lean Muscle, Nitric Oxide Stimulation, and Mental Focus”. Of course those claims come with a giant * next to each one stating that they have not been evaluated by the FDA. So what’s the true case of this supplement and […]Read More »

PunchTown 16oz Sparring Gloves

Get a great deal on PunchTown 16oz Sparring Gloves for $60 (normally $90), today only PunchTown Sparring Gloves Stun your partners, stagger your padman, and bruise that bag with our unmistakable BXR MKII gloves. PunchTown – Take it Too Far.Read More »

BJJ Gi Sale

  Gameness Air Gi for $80 Today on BJJHQ for $80 (normally $120) is the Gameness Air Gi gi. Gameness Jiu Jitsu Gi. Fast shipping worldwide, $5 in the US, $30-$45 to the rest of the world. If you miss the sale, check out KD’s BJJ uniforms where you can find Gameness, Tatami and Manto […]Read More »

TapouT XT 60 Day Review And 90 Day Update

Many people have been questioning where the 60 day results are and what about my 90 day results. The 60 day results are in, but alas the 90 day won’t be in for another 90 days. This is due in part to the success of the 60 day results and as such I was asked […]Read More »

MASS Suit Experiment: Day 1 - Getting Started

I have been given a great opportunity to add the MASS Suit to my physical training regiment. When I first saw the MASS Suit, I was instantly intrigued by the concept of resistance training for the major joints of knees, foot, elbow and hand. I fully subscribe to the general concept that if you train […]Read More »

MMA Shirt Sale

Show your Mixed Martial Arts Love Today on MMAHQ is the Do or Die Don’t Hunt Tee for $15. Not your style? There are mma shirts from a huge range of brands. Check MMAHQ everyday, or follow them on twitter to stay up with the deals.Read More »

Mass Suit Workout Experiences

At last year’s Fight Summit there was one product that seemed to have everyone buzzing with excitement. There were several resistance band products that were being shown, but one stood out because it was more than just a single band. It was a full body suit with resistance bands connected to your ankles, knees, elbows […]Read More »

TapouT XT Bands & Glove List

The biggest question that seems to be asked when it comes to the TapouT XT workouts, is what bands do I need for the workouts. It helps to have the bands out and ready before the workout, rather than scramble to find the band mid workout.  In addition to which workouts require which bands, I’ve […]Read More »

Mass Suit: Unboxing and First Impression

Mass Suit was kind enough to send us their product for review. Here’s the unboxing and first impressions with this incredible piece of equipment. For more information visit www.masssuit.comRead More »

TapouT XT 30 Day Review

In the previous product review of TapouT XT, I was just 10 days in. Now, 20 days later, it is time to see how well this program is working. But before we get into results, it’s time to tackle the workouts that have been added due to the increase number of days. At day 10, […]Read More »

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