What To Do When Your Show Gets Cancelled

In light of the recent cancelation of an mma event, I have decided to pen the proper way to handle such a thing should it ever happen in the future. By no means is this a be-all-end-all must do list, but it will take a very bad situation, minimize the damage, and help secure your […]Read More »

The Right Ways Of Trying To Get Sponsorships

The first article in this series was about the wrong ways of getting a sponsorship from a company. But it wouldn’t be fair to just point out the wrong without pointing out the right. With that said, this is not a be all end all list of obtaining sponsorships correctly. What it is, is proven […]Read More »

The Wrong Ways Of Trying To Get Sponsors

One of the hardest things of being a fighter is obtaining a sponsorship. We all know how important they are, and if done right, they are important to both sides of the party. Ideally the fighter is successful enough both in and outside of the cage to bring some attention to that brand and at […]Read More »

The Importance Of Wearing A Suit

If I have one piece of advice for any fighter, be it an up-and-coming amateur fighter, or a UFC champion, it is wear a suit when promoting your fight. The exception of course is if you are doing a workout in front of cameras. But the rest of the time, if you are promoting your […]Read More »

Keeping Your Ego In Check

Dana White said something along the lines of having to deal with all the fighters is a nightmare because of all the egos involved. Granted the sport is that of fighting and the question is who is the better fighter. It is in our DNA to try to be the alpha male. But sometimes, a […]Read More »

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