One Week With 5-Round Fury

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5-Round Fury Logo

5-Round Fury Logo

5-Round Fury is a new supplement that states it helps improve “Endurance, Stamina, Power, Strength, Lean Muscle, Nitric Oxide Stimulation, and Mental Focus”. Of course those claims come with a giant * next to each one stating that they have not been evaluated by the FDA. So what’s the true case of this supplement and what does it do?

The first test of using any supplement is to see what it does to you for a single or two day trial. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried a new supplement and the first two days knock me on my butt for one reason or another. So going forward I always do a two day test to get a baseline for the effects (if any) I should notice. On a two day experimenet I had zero bad side effects. No shakes, no extra energy or bouts of hyper activity, or increased heart rate. In fact, after the first day, I doubted that it did ANYTHING as I didn’t notice a difference in my performance in my workouts or daily activity. Day two, that was a different story. While running a four mile run, suddenly I was extremely focused on what it was I was doing. My mind wasn’t wandering thinking about other things, but was actually pointed directly at the track in front of me. For nearly the last two miles I was in tune with my strides and fully aware of the people on the track to avoid. It was an impressive result, but could I duplicate it?

After a two day trial, the next step is taking a week off. Why? Because I want the supplement out of my system. So I continued my workouts as normal for a week, but without taking 5-Round Fury. Nothing appeared different in my workouts, though that near tunnel like vision while working out wasn’t there. What else wasn’t there? A crash from stopping the supplement. That is a good thing.

So after a week off of the supplement it was time to put it to the test. I started by taking the directed amount the day before my first workout. Based on my previous two day test, this was crucial as the focus wouldn’t kick in until day two. Without working out and taking a full day’s worth of the supplement, like the previous test, nothing changed for day one. Day’s two through six however, things got interesting.

Nothing physical changed as far as I could tell from taking the supplement. That is to say, nothing like increased muscle mass, or a change in my heart rate (both resting and active), or anything else one can have while taking a supplement. But the mental side of things was interesting. When not working out, everything was as normal. But once I got my heart rate up from exercise and sustained it for a period of time, my mental focus became much sharper.

In my first test, it wasn’t until after two miles that I noticed it or it kicked in. In this week long test, similar results were happening. It took a good 15-20 minutes before it would kick in, but it did. One day I swam for thirty minutes. The workout was going to be an increasing amount of distance between rest breaks. After a warm up and a couple more laps in the pool, the decision was made to try to swim a total of 500 yards. For many this seems small, and to a swimmer it is, but to someone who hasn’t swam in years, it’s a crazy long distance. After the first 100 yards, I knew I could easily get to 500. Even when I was done with 500, I thought about just continuing forward, but I didn’t want to over do it.

The next test came in the form of a two-tiered workout. The first part was swimming, then after that workout, change and run for a distance of four miles. The break in between swimming and running was set to be no more than fifteen minutes and in my case was just under twelve.

While swimming, the focus came in near the end of the workout. Mentally I felt like I could finish anything. Then after the workout, I changed and went to run. Would the focus be there for the entire run? Would I need to build it back up? The answer was it took only about three quarters of a mile before I retained my focus ability and it lasted the entire workout.

Amazing results. Even if it doesn’t help with anything else other than mental focus, I was certain that this product was working. But then I looked at my workouts and saw they were over a period of max forty five minutes. While I am still building up my workouts, it was time to run a bigger run.

Seven miles? How would I feel with running seven miles? When would it kick in and would it last? For the first time I was anticipating the change while running. I hit two miles and I remember thinking it would kick in any minute. But it didn’t. Three miles in and again there wasn’t this ultra clear focus like before. I started to wonder what was going on. Where was it? But then something crazy happened while I was thinking that it wasn’t working. I looked to see where I was in my run and I was nearly done. I had just passed the six mile mark of a seven mile run, but it didn’t feel like it. In fact, it felt like I had only ran three miles. By the time I completed the seventh mile I was still ready to continue running and my splits were getting FASTER. And not just a little faster, but my mile seven split was nearly thirty seconds faster than my mile one split.

So what happened? I liken it doing something on an unconscious level. That you have done something so many times it is like a second nature. But this run I was on, it wasn’t a path I had been on before. It was through both my neighborhood and two others that I hadn’t run through, let alone drive through. And when I realized where I was, I was able to recall the entire run. My mental recall of the run was there, but I wasn’t mentally fatigued by a laser like focus.

So for a week’s test, not only did it improve my focus, but I will say that it helped my endurance and stamina as well. While my workouts should have made me tired, the truth of the matter was at the end of them I not only was physically able to do more, but mentally I almost wanted to.

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TapouT XT 60 Day Review And 90 Day Update

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Many people have been questioning where the 60 day results are and what about my 90 day results. The 60 day results are in, but alas the 90 day won’t be in for another 90 days. This is due in part to the success of the 60 day results and as such I was asked to be apart of a challenge group. The group is competing against two other groups and the group with the best overall results will win some amazing prizes. As such, my 90 day results will be postponed as I have started the program over.

Below are my 60 day results though:
Weight: 165.2
Chest: 36.5
Hips: 38
Belly: 33.5

For a grand total of 13.8lbs lost in 60 days and 11.5 inches lost.

Overall the program has its ups and downs. As the program is progressing, I am finding I am enjoying the cardio workouts much more than the strength building workouts. There’s something about building a good sweat and having a good heart rate for 40-60 minutes worth of work versus the strength building workouts.

Because of the challenge group participation, I will be updating the workout progress at days 30, 60, and 90 for that.

MASS Suit Experiment: Day 1 – Getting Started

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I have been given a great opportunity to add the MASS Suit to my physical training regiment. When I first saw the MASS Suit, I was instantly intrigued by the concept of resistance training for the major joints of knees, foot, elbow and hand. I fully subscribe to the general concept that if you train under greater than normal resistance that you would see results faster. This suit brings me as close as I’m going to get to training in G2 (gravity x2), just like I saw Goku and Vegita do in DragonBall Z when I was in high school.

Quick bio: I am 29 years old and have been involved in BJJ, Muay Thai Kick Boxing and MMA training off-and-on since 2008 when I started in Carrollton, Texas. White Belt in all disciplines. I moved to the Chicago area in September of 2011 and quickly found a local gym where I could pick these disciplines back up. Conviction Fitness was my best option given my area, so I signed up in October for one year.


  • Two months of straight usage; July and August 2012
  • Take one hour long Muay Thai Kick Boxing class with all four major bands
  • Take one hour long BJJ class with all four major bands
  • Add additional sets of bands every week; legs, knees, elbows and then hands
  • Work with the whole suit for all of August
  • Weekly written updates

Class Schedule

  • Monday: Muay Thai Class: One Hour
  • Tuesday: Optional/Rest
  • Wednesday: Personal Trainer for Strength and Conditioning
  • Thursday: No Gi BJJ and MMA Class; one hour each
  • Friday: Optional/Rest
  • Saturday: Personal Trainer for Strength and Conditioning; one hour
  • Sunday: Weight Lifting with small group; one hour

For July I will do additional exercises with the MASS Suit bands on my own after my regularly scheduled program that is listed above. For today’s first run, I started with what I believe is my strengths; low kicks with the heavy bag and then with a partner holding the kick pad. Putting on the lower section of the MASS Suit was more time consuming than I would have thought. However, over time I believe this will not be an issue and become second nature. After I put on the suit and stood up for the first time, I instantly felt the bands pull. I quickly had to adjust my posture. I straightened by back rolled my shoulders back to align my spine. From there I felt solid and in control to freely walk around the gym. The presents of the suit is still new, but controllable. On to the heavy bag!

I set myself very simple goals for the first run: 25 low kicks with both legs and 25 high knees with both legs. I completed these with in minutes and felt the pull of the bands with every strike. Instantly I had to rely on technique and not power and I love the suit for it. I feel I have to over exaggerate my movements to accomplish the same results of not having the MASS Suit on. My left kicks are way worse than my right kicks, however with the MASS Suit I felt I did better because I had to put more focus on lifting my leg and turning over my hip more than ever because of the resistance bands.  The downside I see with this is that the bands want me to put my feet back in proper fighting stance after each strike as they want to return to their normal position.  The bands also maintain a certain level of balance that I know I will miss once I stop using the MASS Suit.

Working with the MASS Suit with the high knees was great because it forces you to focus on your standing leg and, hopefully over time, strengthen that base leg when delivering the strike.

The suit doesn’t offer much resistance when striking with the knees because the natural position of the band is to short. With my quick experiment, the bands were almost the same distance when standing as it was delivering the strike. I did feel a slight pull from the resistance bands. I felt a greater challenge to control my balance with the base leg.

For a first day of a long journey, I feel good and excited for the results!

Mass Suit Logo

Mass Suit Workout Experiences

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Mass Suit Logo

Mass Suit Logo

At last year’s Fight Summit there was one product that seemed to have everyone buzzing with excitement. There were several resistance band products that were being shown, but one stood out because it was more than just a single band. It was a full body suit with resistance bands connected to your ankles, knees, elbows and hands. It is the Mass Suit.

The Mass Suit is a one-of-a-kind piece of workout equipment designed to help you increase your results faster than any other type of equipment.

I decided to try the Mass Suit out for a variety of experiences. The first was just putting it on and doing a couple of minor exercises. This included pushups, pull ups, short sprints, stairs, squats and punches. People asked how quickly I felt the effects of the suit, and the short answer is immediately.

Doing a pushup was completely different than doing it without the suit on. The downward motion of the pushup was almost forced upon me as the bands wanted to be in the shortest possible position. Pushing up with it on added a good deal of resistance, much like doing pushups with a child on my back or a weighted vest.

Pull ups were by far my favorite exercise as it was the only one that made the exercise easier. Everyone who has gone to a gym has seen the pull up machine where there is a selectable weight stack and it helps to do the pull UP part and you are supposed to go slow down. That’s exactly what the Mass Suit does, but without the crazy machine at home.

Continuing on with regular activities, I helped a friend who was moving load her car with some boxes. I figured, why not try the suit to see what it could really do. I did a test of four boxes with the suit, then four boxes without the suit on. Both sets were about equal weight and there were similar weighted boxes in each set; meaning if the first set had boxes weighing 20lbs, 10lbs, 10lbs, 8lbs, then the second set was close in its boxes also weighed around 20lbs, 10lbs, 10lbs, 8lbs.

Mass Suit On

Mass Suit On

I was immediately winded just lifting the first box and getting it down the stairs and into the car. The other three boxes were lighter and thus a bit easier, but it was crazy how much of a workout it was just moving a box from point A to point B. After the four I took the suit off, it was like the world was anew. The next four boxes seemed extremely light compared to the previous four and that was what I had expected.

I also decided to do part of a TapouT XT workout with the suit on. After about 15 minutes, the suit needed to come off. It was just too much with the intensity of the TapouT workout. But it was a great way to step up the intensity level.

There is a downside to the suit and that is figuring out how to get it on correctly. I was given the new suit, but the video and print documentation show images from the older version. It isn’t a big deal as Mass Suit customer service was quick to answer any and all questions I had.

Overall my experiences with the suit were positive and the effects were immediately noticed. The suit is now going to another writer to test it out in other settings and we will have another review of the product.

TapouT XT Logo

TapouT XT Bands & Glove List

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TapouT XT Logo

TapouT XT Logo

The biggest question that seems to be asked when it comes to the TapouT XT workouts, is what bands do I need for the workouts. It helps to have the bands out and ready before the workout, rather than scramble to find the band mid workout.  In addition to which workouts require which bands, I’ve also included a list of which workouts to wear the gloves and where you can purchase 3rd party of each item.  The workouts are listed in order that you do them during the program

Workout Resistance Band Leg Band Weighted Glove
Cross Core Combat Yes No No
Strength & Force Upper Yes No No
Ultimate Abs No No No
Plyo XT No No If you want
Yoga XT No No No
Legs and Back Yes Yes No
Sprawl & Brawl No No Yes
Competition Core Yes No No
Cardio XT No No Yes
Buns & Guns Yes Yes No
Muay Thai No No Yes
Ripped Conditioning Yes No No

Third Party Items

ProSource Resistance Band Set of 5


GoFit Power Loops Set of 3


j/Fit Weighted Cardio Gloves

TapouT XT Day 1 to Day 30

TapouT XT 30 Day Review

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TapouT XT Logo

TapouT XT Logo

In the previous product review of TapouT XT, I was just 10 days in. Now, 20 days later, it is time to see how well this program is working. But before we get into results, it’s time to tackle the workouts that have been added due to the increase number of days.

At day 10, the Cardio XT DVD hadn’t been put in yet, but finished that second week’s worth of workouts. This is a lot of people’s favorite workout, and rightfully so; it’s just a good old fashioned get the heart rate up and keep moving workout. This is also the only DVD that was filmed in a different location and only has test group people in the video. Because of this setting change, personally it is one of my favorites. Additionally this video actually shows people having to stop mid workout to either get water, remove the hand weights, or just take a breather. Because of these things, people will be able to relate to this video a lot more.

Continuing on the next new DVD was Buns & Guns on week 4, day 2. This is the shortest workout, but just because it is only just over 30 minutes long, doesn’t mean you won’t get a workout in. The workout is broken down into three segments, buns, guns, then more buns. Ideally this DVD would be extended in future releases to be another 10 minutes or so to include a second guns routine. Because of these things, several people on message boards have mentioned they do the workout twice.

The next day Muay Thai is on the docket and it is a fun workout. Much like Cardio XT, this is just a get your heart rate up and keep moving. Nothing that wasn’t doable in this DVD and nothing that you wouldn’t see in a standard gym class offering the same thing. The benefit to this one though is it is at home. If you want a good sweat, this is one of the three videos that will bring it out in you.

The last video to complete of the 12 that come with the package is Ripped Conditioning. This workout is a lot different than the other workouts in that it is run more as a strength training session, than a cardio session. There’s a lot of great movements and band exercises, but getting the heart rate up doesn’t seem to be the goal here. Instead it is all about building that muscle.

So after 30 days there’s been a lot of mental changes for me with regards to the DVDs. Plyo for instance was always a bad one, but for whatever reason on day 29 it clicked and became a lot of fun. Ultimate Abs is always a killer and it seems to go back and forth between being one of my least favorite fifteen minutes to being able to crush most of it.

Hand weights are essential for several of the workouts and while they don’t come in the box, they are worth getting. Amazon has them for $15 and once you do a workout with them on, you will be asking yourself why aren’t they on for more. Seriously, I am thinking of wearing them during the next plyo workout.

The leg band is still a pain, but a trick to keep it from sticking to itself is to cover it in baby powder. The only downside is that likely by the halfway point of the workout, you will need to do it again, or just deal with the rolled up band like many.

The normal band that comes in the box is a good starting point, but likely by day thirty you will either be wrapping it around your feet a lot, or have gone out to buy more bands. Mike is always saying to use the right band, and this makes a huge difference.

Results are in after thirty days and the photos are below. When I started this journey I weighed in at 179.0 pounds, had a 40.5inch chest, 40inch hips and a 39inch gut (belly would be too nice of a word). At day 10 the weight was dropped down to 170.2, chest down to 39inches, hips down to 39inches and gut was at 37inches. Add another 20 days to the day 30 results and we have the following crazy results. Weight is 168.6, chest is now 37.5 inches, hips are 38.5 inches and belly is now 34.5 inches. In total in 30 days I lost 9 inches and 10.4lbs of fat.

TapouT XT Day 1 to Day 30

TapouT XT Day 1 to Day 30

TapouT XT Day 1 to 30 Side profile

TapouT XT Day 1 to 30 Side profile

TapouT XT Day 1 to 30 Flex

TapouT XT Day 1 to 30 Flex