Book Review: Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE by Brian Cain

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Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE by Brian Cain

Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE by Brian Cain

This is not a typical mixed martial arts book by any means.  Most mma books focus on one of two things: the life of a fighter or training techniques.  But Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and Pride isn’t just for mixed martial arts, and maybe that’s what sets it apart from the rest.  The book focuses on the mental game of sport, something that many coaches and fighters overlook.

Cain goes into detail about many different aspects of the mental game.  From setting goals, to focusing on the now, to how you act.  These are all especially important.  There are many little acronyms through out the book to help you remember the important lesson.  ACE and WIN are just two examples (Acting Changes Everything and What’s Important Now respectively).

There is a great deal of emphasis on what you do today.  And it makes sense that’d be a focus.  Too often people state they will do something tomorrow, or they will work on such and such later.  But in reality, there might not be a later; there might not be a tomorrow.

Quality practice, both in drills and game like situations are something that few coaches practice.  Yet it is very important, as Cain has pointed out in the book.

The only complaint I had about the book was as it was drawing to a close, the book got more and more sales pitch for Cain’s DVD set.  I am without a doubt 100% positive that any coach who purchases the DVD set will be greatly ahead of the competition that doesn’t purchase it.

As for the references of Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE?  Well you will have to read the book to see what those mean.  The book won’t take too much time to read, and I highly recommend it for any athlete, coach, or really anyone who wants to get more out of their day.

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