Book Review: Fighter The Unauthorized Biography of Georges St-Pierre

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Fighter - The Unauthorized Biography of Georges St-Pierre Cover

Fighter – The Unauthorized Biography of Georges St-Pierre Cover

One of my favorite categories of books is without a doubt biography.  There’s just something about learning what makes a person tick and what made them get to where they are today that is intriguing.  This marks the first time that I have read an “unauthorized” biography, but “Fighter The Unauthorized Biography of Georges St-Pierre” does not fail to deliver on several points.

Before we divulge into what the book gets into, a bit of a background on myself.  My first UFC PPV was UFC 56.  Prior to watching “Boiling Point” I had never watched a single minute of mma.  But UFC 56 was my launching point and there has yet to be an event that I have missed.

Being the fanatic that I am, I knew most of the history of the UFC and several of its high profile fighters.  But finding information about a fighter outside of the UFC can and is difficult.  That’s where “Fighter The Unauthorized Biography of GSP” comes into play with the current UFC welterweight champion.

The book starts out with a history lesson on the UFC and how it came about.  While some people may already know the story, there are arguably more fans who do not know a thing about that very first historical event.  Considering how many fighters will mention seeing UFC 1 and what Royce Gracie was able to do is their inspiration, the fans should know and understand this.

The book then chronicles the career path of GSP from his amateur fights all the way through his fight against Josh Koscheck at UFC 124.  The details of each fight make those who remember the fight relive it, and those who hadn’t seen it, be able to picture it crystal clear.

Where the book lacks compared to other biographies I have read of fighters is due in part to the fact that this is an unauthorized biography where as the others were autobiographies.  And by that I mean we do not get to understand what was going through GSP’s head.  Where this would be most interesting would be after his losses to Hughes and Serra.  Both of which provided to be a turning point in his career.

Other insights that would be great to learn about include the changing of his diet, changes in training camps, if he really was partying before the Serra fight just to name a few.

For fans of GSP, this is a must read.  Even if you have personally watched every single fight of his, this will be a great trip down memory lane.  Normally when I read a fighter’s autobiography I can say that I respect a fighter a lot more due to learning what makes him tick.  With this unauthorized version I can honestly say that I am even more impressed with what he has accomplished in his career.

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