Book Review: Brock Lesnar Death Clutch

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Brock Lesnar - Death Clutch Book Cover

Brock Lesnar – Death Clutch Book Cover

When news first broke that Brock Lesnar was writing an autobiography I knew that all a person reading would get is a tiny glimpse into the life of Lesnar.  Through out his career he has been very vocal about wanting to keep his private life private and the book further solidifies that.

The details that previous fighters have given such as Couture, Liddell and Ortiz, are not found in this book.  Lesnar is a private individual and asking him to reveal anything about his life is likely to receive a no-comment.

But Death Clutch gives a peek into the mind of the former UFC heavyweight champion.  Like many fighter autobiographies it starts out with a brief bit about his childhood and life through college.  Unlike what many people assume, Lesnar is not from a wealthy family.  Between his parents and wrestling, he learned several of life lessons that he takes with him today.

The biggest of these lessons is the mindset of striving to be the best.  As Lesnar says, there’s first and then there are the losers.  Every time Lesnar has failed to achieve that first place finish, it further solidified a drive in him to be better.  The scary part about this motivation is how much he has succeeded every time.

Lesnar details his journey through wrestling at college and the decision to join the WWE.  This section of the book is one that many fans will be looking forward to.  Lesnar was told early on by the late Curt Henning that you “get in to get out” when it comes to the WWE.  This means that you need to get in, make your money and get out before the WWE consumes you.

It was very clear that Lesnar wanted to “get in to get out”.  Many wrestlers have said how difficult the life on the road is, and Lesnar pulls no punches when he details what it was like traveling.  The more he traveled the more he wanted out.  The only gripe with this section is the lack of details.  Lesnar had so many memorable matches and storylines in his short period of time in the WWE, but sadly they were left out.  This is probably due to the lack of influence these had on his life.  The important details that he can share are there, but this is definitely a section where the reader is left wanting.

When Lesnar left the WWE, headlines were made.  There are several details of this story that had to be left out due to clauses in contracts and settlements.  This is unfortunate because everyone has wanted to know what exactly happened and again we are not allowed to find out.

Lesnar talks a brief bit about his time trying to become an NFL player.  Everyone knows he was the last one cut and could have become a player had he gone to Europe.  There’s brief bit in his life wasn’t considered a failure, just a step towards competitive fighting.

One of the most successful men in business is Jack Welch.  He stated that while he knew he didn’t know anything about certain aspects of his company, he knew enough to hire the right people to surround himself to be successful.  Lesnar is of a similar mindset.  When he started his fighting career, he decided to build a team and a camp around him first and foremost.

The details of his fights and the preparation leading up to them give fans even more to either love or hate about him.  He holds nothing back when he talks about his disdain for Frank Mir and his respect for Couture.

Fans who want to learn more about the person Brock Lesnar get their chance when he talks about his bout with diverticulitis.  This is the one section where Lesnar actually talks about his personal life and what he was going through at the time.  What many don’t understand is how bad it was and how close his career almost came to an end at that time.

There are two things that are lacking in this book depending on your expectations of the book.  Lesnar doesn’t give many thoughts on his loss to Carwin (though he does mention it) and we don’t learn much about him as a person.  There are several details and stories that could have been told, but were left out on purpose.  As stated, Lesnar is a private man, and for him to reveal the details he did were impressive.

Overall Death Clutch provides exactly what I thought it was going to and more.  Knowing how closed off Lesnar is, I was surprised at what was revealed.  Someday I hope Lesnar is able to reveal more details of what transpired in his WWE career and UFC career.  But if not, this is worth a read by any fan of his.

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