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Movie Review: Brawler

Competitive fighting has been apart of the movie scene for nearly as long as I can remember it. There are several movies that have secured a fond memory and several that were just flat out ridiculous. Thankfully, Brawler doesn’t fall into that second category. The story revolves around two brothers; Charlie and Bobby Fontaine. Both […]Read More »

Book Review: Hook and Shoot By Jeremy Brown

Book two of the Woodshed Wallace series Hook and Shoot isn’t due out until November, but we were able to secure an advanced copy of it. Hook and Shoot takes place right after the conclusion of Suckerpunch, and the story is non-stop from till the end. One thing needs to be made clear, and Hook […]Read More »

Book Review: Suckerpunch By Jeremy Brown

As the sport of mixed martial arts continues to grow, many people will try to capitalize on it from various angles and other businesses. There have been several movies made about the sport, some good, most bad and now it seems like it is the time for fictional stories to be published. While I am […]Read More »

Book Review: Jason Steed Revenge

Normally when you think of books in the mixed martial arts world one thinks of autobiographies and how-to books. But every now and then an author comes along and writes a fiction novel with ties to the mma community. And when I was presented with the chance to review a fiction book, I jumped at […]Read More »

Book Review: Let's Get It On by Big John McCarthy

When it comes to the sport of mixed martial arts, many people don’t realize how long of a road it has been to get to where we are today. The first UFC event took place on November 12, 1993 and was deemed a huge success at the time. It also was vastly different from what […]Read More »

Book Review: Brock Lesnar Death Clutch

When news first broke that Brock Lesnar was writing an autobiography I knew that all a person reading would get is a tiny glimpse into the life of Lesnar.  Through out his career he has been very vocal about wanting to keep his private life private and the book further solidifies that. The details that […]Read More »

Book Review: Fighter The Unauthorized Biography of Georges St-Pierre

One of my favorite categories of books is without a doubt biography.  There’s just something about learning what makes a person tick and what made them get to where they are today that is intriguing.  This marks the first time that I have read an “unauthorized” biography, but “Fighter The Unauthorized Biography of Georges St-Pierre” […]Read More »

Book Review: Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and PRIDE by Brian Cain

This is not a typical mixed martial arts book by any means.  Most mma books focus on one of two things: the life of a fighter or training techniques.  But Toilets, Bricks, Fish Hooks and Pride isn’t just for mixed martial arts, and maybe that’s what sets it apart from the rest.  The book focuses […]Read More »

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