Ask MMARecap: What Would Jon Jones Have To Do If He Loses To Belfort

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Jon Jones - via

Jon Jones – via

This week were are going to skip our regularly scheduled Friday edition of Ask MMARecap and bring one today, Monday. The question asked by William Fithen of Missouri was just too good to wait, especially considering how close we are to the fight.

Will asks, “What do you think Jones will have to do should he lose to Belfort on the 22nd?

There is likely a second part to that question that should have read “to get another title shot” or Will could have meant to ask “What will Jones do should he lose to Belfort”. So with those two possible questions, let’s start breaking it down.

The first question, should he lose, what will he need to do to get another title shot. The short answer is win another fight.

Let’s side track a bit here and make mention of what happens to the title should Belfort win. His next opponent will no doubt be Dan Henderson. Do other fights make sense? Maybe, but Henderson was supposed to fight for the title, he will likely be ready and thus he gets the next shot.

Back on track as far as what Jones will have to do. Well there’s the simple fight of Machida who was told he was going to get the next title shot but that got halted after he TURNED DOWN a title fight. There’s also Shogun, Evans and Glover Teixeira who all could be potential fights. Or there’s the big elephant in the room and that’s Chael Sonnen.

All five of those fights make sense for one reason or another and all five could headline a PPV card (so long as it had a decent co-main event) or a UFC on Fox card.

Should Jones lose, in my best guess is that he headlines another card opposite Sonnen just because Dana likes to hold grudges. And no offense to Sonnen, but I don’t think a Jones victory would grant him an immediate title shot and thus Jones would be two fights out before fighting again for the title.

Now there’s the other question. What will Jones do should he lose to Belfort. I know there are a some fans out there who want to see what will happen. Will he pull a Forrest Griffin and either break down and cry inside the cage or just go running out of the arena all together? Will he have some other emotional outpour that has us looking at animated gifs for the rest of his career? Doubtful.

But that’s just inside the cage. The question then becomes what happens outside the cage. This is a guy who is arguably one of the best fighters in the world. He is talented beyond belief and has a self belief system that most don’t comprehend.

A lot of people listen to what Jones has to say (prior to the cancelation of UFC 151) and thought he sounded cocky or arrogant. Shouldn’t he though? After all he is the champ.

I am very much intrigued by what happens to Jones mentally with a true loss on his career. The question of will he spiral out of control or be able to pick himself right back up sits at the forefront of my mind. I have to believe that in general, people don’t just shatter to pieces instantly and I think Jones would be right back at it.

Do I think a loss for Jones would make him sound more humble or relatable? Doubtful. He’s just that kind of guy. Regardless of what happens though at UFC 152, Jones has cemented his place in UFC history. His career is still very young and he has a lot more left to do and prove to himself.

I think we will look back in two years from now and while many will say UFC 151 was the card that Jones took down, we will also be saying who can challenge his UFC record?

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