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Ask MMA Recap Reminder, Win A Free Art By JMC Print

Last week, David from New York asked about the UFC adopting UFC rankings and won a free Art By JMC print. What will the question be this week that wins another print from famous Sharpie Artist Justin McAllister? The prints include some of the best UFC fighters including GSP, Anderson Silva, the Diaz brothers, Cain […]Read More »

Ask MMARecap - What About UFC Rankings?

The absolute hardest thing that can be agreed upon by members of the media, promoters, fans and managers are rankings. And that’s what makes this week’s question from David in New York so interesting. He writes, “How do you feel about the UFC adopting an actual ranking system for their fighters?” He goes on to […]Read More »

Ask MMA Recap Reminder, Win A Free Art By JMC Print

Ask MMA Recap is back and better than before. Each week at least one person’s question will be picked and given the best possible answer we can come up with. Each person will win a free Art By JMC print that features any number of UFC fighters including GSP, Anderson Silva, the Diaz brothers, Cain […]Read More »

Ask MMARecap: What Would Be Your Ideal Stacked Card

This week’s Ask MMARecap question is one that has been asked time and time again from fan to fan. And it has to do with how stacked one could make a card. The question is asked by Matt Hughes (no not the fighter) and he asks, “What type of lineup would you set up to […]Read More »

Ask MMARecap: Is Fighter Insurance To Blame For Rash Of Injuries

As the year draws to a close, many journalists try to figure out the “story of the year” for MMA. This year it is likely to be all the changes to events due to injuries and that has Chuck Fabio asking a specific question with regards to them. “Do you think all the injuries have […]Read More »

Ask MMARecap: What Would Jon Jones Have To Do If He Loses To Belfort

This week were are going to skip our regularly scheduled Friday edition of Ask MMARecap and bring one today, Monday. The question asked by William Fithen of Missouri was just too good to wait, especially considering how close we are to the fight. Will asks, “What do you think Jones will have to do should […]Read More »

Ask MMARecap: Will Bellator’s Format Be Their Downfall?

Ask MMARecap is back and this week’s question comes to us from Dave Ellinger out in California. He asks a valid question, one that has been debated time and time again about the number two promotion, Bellator. Dave asks, “I like the tournament basis to help find a title contender, but I think it will […]Read More »

Who's next for the lightweight title?

Who deserves the next lightweight title shot? Heading into UFC 136 there were still a lot of questions being asked about the lightweight division in the UFC. Questions like what would happen if Edgar and Maynard fight to a draw again, what if Maynard wins or who’s next in line? But a lot of those […]Read More »

What impact will a flyweight division have on the UFC's bantamweight fighters?

What a difference a year makes in the eyes of the fans of the sport and in the UFC. Last year around this time, Zuffa, the parent company to the UFC, announced that it was going to fold the WEC into the UFC and that we would now have seven UFC champions with the addition […]Read More »

Will the UFC buy out Bellator at some point?

This week’s Ask MMA Recap question comes to us from Sean Dunn and asks an intriguing question. Sean asks, “Do you think the UFC will buy out Bellator at some point?” With Dana White recently stating that he has no problems with Bellator and that he only goes after promotions that “start a fight”, one […]Read More »

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