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What To Do When Your Show Gets Cancelled

In light of the recent cancelation of an mma event, I have decided to pen the proper way to handle such a thing should it ever happen in the future. By no means is this a be-all-end-all must do list, but it will take a very bad situation, minimize the damage, and help secure your […]Read More »

Episode 2: MMARecap Weekly Recap

This week’s Weekly Recap starts out with results from Legacy FC 20, Cage Warriors 55, Colosseum Combat and Hoosier Fight Club. News includes changes made to TUF, UFC 160 salaries and suspensions, new signings to several promotions and more. Fight announcements include several UFC cards, a change to Bellator 96, and Nick Diaz Promotions. We […]Read More »

Episode 1: MMARecap Weekly Recap

MMARecap is back with a brand new weekly podcast. This is the only incarnation that makes sense for bringing back MMARecap so look for a new podcast on Sunday night or Monday morning of each week. Please leave feedback below and it could be read on the next week’s show. This week’s topics include results […]Read More »

Brent Todd - MMARecap’s Long Goodbye

It is a funny thing, saying goodbye to someone or to something. There is part of you that is happy it is over, part of you that is sad that it is ending, and then another part that still wants to try to keep it for the fear of what lies next. It is those […]Read More »

The Man Behind The Lens - Tom Barnes

Sitting cage-side at almost any boxing or MMA event in the Chicagoland area you are bound to see one person; Tom Barnes. He’s the hired photographer who goes about his business quietly and produces some of the most memorable photos in the sport. We see his pictures fly across facebook, being shared and tagged and […]Read More »

The Right Ways Of Trying To Get Sponsorships

The first article in this series was about the wrong ways of getting a sponsorship from a company. But it wouldn’t be fair to just point out the wrong without pointing out the right. With that said, this is not a be all end all list of obtaining sponsorships correctly. What it is, is proven […]Read More »

Float On Sensory - A Secret Weapon Of Fighters

A couple of years ago, Joe Rogan posted a youtube video talking about sensory deprivation tanks.  The idea is that you float in a tank that is devoid of light, sound and the water is warm so that you are just floating.  What this does is help one visualize any number of things, be it […]Read More »

Audie Attar - This is a Team Effort

Paradigm Sports has been around since 2009 and has reached a level of success within management companies that few are able to obtain.  Some would point to the amount of experience that president Audie Attar was able to bring with him before starting the firm, others would say it was his hard work.  But Attar […]Read More »

Mark Slater - Colosseum Combat is Family First

Stories surround many promotions in the state of Indiana. Some good, some bad. Many promotions have come and gone quickly, others took their time and either died a slow death or have managed to thrive. Mark Slater who owns Colosseum Combat was doing well enough that it was worth his time and energy. All looked […]Read More »

Ask MMA Recap Reminder, Win A Free Art By JMC Print

Last week, David from New York asked about the UFC adopting UFC rankings and won a free Art By JMC print. What will the question be this week that wins another print from famous Sharpie Artist Justin McAllister? The prints include some of the best UFC fighters including GSP, Anderson Silva, the Diaz brothers, Cain […]Read More »

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